Trump Charity Ordered To Halt Further Solicitations Due To Alleged Violations Of State Law

495px-Donald_Trump_by_Gage_SkidmoreLast night I appeared on Fox to discuss the Trump tax disclosure and my view that such use of debt or losses to avoid taxation are allowed under federal law.  This is not say that such practices are based on good tax policy but rather that such practices are not unlawful.  Conversely, I have previously stated that the allegations over the status and operation of the Trump Foundation do raise potential liability.  Now, the F0undation has been ordered by New York AG Eric Schneiderman’s office to  “cease and desist” from soliciting charity contributions.


Any charity that solicits more than $25,000 a year from the public must obtain this registration before raising money and submit to annual audits to assure that no money is used to benefit the officers through self-dealing. Schneiderman could move to enjoin the charity and even force the return of past money raised by Trump.  What is known is that the Trump Foundation took in at least $1.67 million through Trump’s website.  Trump has reportedly given at least $5.4 million between 1987 and 2006.

Now the Foundation has been ordered to “immediately cease soliciting contributions or engaging in other fundraising activities in New York” and provide financial documents to the state Charities Bureau within 15 days.

I still remain surprised that Trump attorneys did not insist on the proper certification and annual auditing required under state law after the Foundation began to solicit significant contributions.  That failure has now led to the suspension of fundraising operations at the Foundation and, while unlikely, the prosecutors could ask for all of the prior contributions to be paid back to the donors.

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  1. Autumn, One thing I notice is the Clintonistas, sent out like worker bees to attack, hardly ever defend Hillary on the posts about her. It’s just become too tough to defend her. So, they just attack Trump.

    1. Nick, they have nothing to work with – she’s like a horrific black hole =)

  2. One thing I really like about Trump is that he a prankster at heart. Just like how he lured the MSM to cover the opening of the Old Post Office hotel a week or so ago. His latest – buying the domain of is hilarious Highly recommend!

  3. “The issue of temperament has become a central theme of this year’s presidential election, with both Clinton and Donald Trump constantly accusing each other of lacking the trait many voters find so necessary to serving as the nation’s highest executive.

    Tripp said Clinton’s method of attacking Trump on temperament is “positively mind-boggling” for “those of us who did get a first-hand peek behind the Clinton curtain.”

    Stated Tripp:

    “The voting public will never see behind the Clinton mask. But if they could they would see what I saw behind closed doors all of those years ago. They’d see a completely different human being from the one presented to the voters. Because in Hillary they’d see a coarse, profane political operative. With no moral compass. And a complete willingness to manipulate the rule of law to her benefit. They would see a fearsome, paranoid individual with zero concern for the masses. She sees the voting block merely as a necessary evil to achieve her goals. She is a total impressive smoke and mirrors act.”

    A friend of mine in the USAF used to be a steward on Air Force One. He said everyone liked Bill – he was always nice, knew everyone’s name, joked around – in short treated them like decent people.

    On the other hand when HRC was on the manifest they flipped coins because no one wanted to be on a plane with her. She was hateful, not allowed to look at her directly. Even as First Lady she treated underlings horribly.

    Why would any person in the military past or present vote for her? She considers the bulk of them to be deplorables.

      1. Maybe she’s working for the FSB. Sheesh, delusionals all over this blog today!

    1. Linda’s Tripp?

      Really scraping the bottom of the barrel today. You usually do much better

      1. Not scraping at all. I go to a wide range of sources – all non MSM – to try to figure out what’s going on. I suppose you detest as well.

  4. Since when does a “cease and desist” letter from the AG constitute an official action where a citizen or an organization must comply with its demands? The fact is, only an “investigation” is in progress. While the charity has chosen to cooperate with the AG’s demand, it is being damaged NOW by the publication of the letter. We don’t know if Schneiderman will ever have a real case, but he’s reaping big rewards, politically, by pretending that he does. See today’s WSJ editorial on this.

    And what will be the outcome if the charity defied the letter? For instance, if it solicited “pledges” only from donors, with no contractual commitment, and said it would only seek the actual funds when the matter was legally settled by a judicial finding that NO laws were broken. Whether that happens or not, the charity would at least have proof of the injury it suffered from the AG’s premature and unauthorized action.

  5. The headline on this shows such an incredible bias that I had to laugh. It is NOT just alleged that he did NOT file the proper forms. IT IS A FACT which even Trump has had to admit by ceasing operations until he does. I saw the reporter who found out this FACT, and he said that the NY AG did NOT know about this until the reporter published his story! So much for the so called political bias of the AG. Granted that Trump’s faux foundation is pretty small potatoes compared to Clinton, so I can understand why the AG didn’t bother to investigate it. Clinton on the other has had the best rated charity compared to even the Red Cross and others like it. This bias is so blatant that ANY allegation of such things as so called pay to play are treated as FACT, not allegations. Then Turley forgets the FACT that Clinton’s charity actually goes to those in need, UNLIKE TRUMP’S. So donors gave NOTHING at all to Clinton, and nothing went into their pockets since they take nothing from it.

    If this were a political witch hunt, the AG should have sought criminal indictments for self dealing and paying from his ILLEGAL “foundation”. He is also guilty obviously of TAX fraud since it is NOT a legal non-profit foundation. The IRS cannot allow this to go unpunished! He also failed to report income from a debt which was being paid off through that foundation. Another illegal dodge from Trump. If anything, the NY AG has no guts since he is letting Trump off lightly and not demanding the return of money that was ILLEGALLY donated, and the IRS Cheated out of income which was sheltered by this faux charity. All of these items are NOT just alleged, but FACT. Talk about corruption and lack of character, Trump has set a US record for this, and he is not if office yet! He has surpassed every other candidate for President in this regard. He may think he is the healthiest person who ever sought the Presidency, but he is incontestably the most corrupt, and proud of it. He has no problem with touting his great health, and getting a medical deferment for the draft! Now that says everything about the man. He takes his supporters for fools and throws it in their faces and laughs at them.

    1. HW Bush was the last president we have had who actually served in the military. Bubba got a deferrment, W didn’t even show up, Obama probably never even met a military person until he became president! So thumping on the Donald because he got a deferment is ridiculous.

      Active duty service members as well as veterans are not lining up for HRC.

      1. Autumn – serving in the Reserve or National Guard is serving in the military. Bush 41 is the last President to serve in combat or active duty. Reserve units are called to active duty all the time.

          1. Autumn – Bush 43 was there long enough to learn to fly. He showed up more than Bill Clinton did.

            1. W was a spoiled brat who was protected by Daddy CIA guy HW. Fact is he did not do his time as others had to do – executive privilege and all that. W can only benefit that he was followed by Obama who is going down as the one of the worst US presidents in history. Now we see the Bushes hugging on the Obamas and HRC. Disgusting.

      2. No other candidate Republican, Democrat or Independent has mocked:
        Gold Star Families
        Prisoners of War
        Vets with PTSD.

        No one but Trump.

        1. Trump said he could stand in the middle of 5th Ave and shoot someone and he would not lose his supporters. Apparently, he was speaking the truth..The problem for him is that he needs to add to that base.

          1. swarthmoremom
            Right you are.

            At this point at least Hillary supporters are going in with their eyes wide open.

            Trump supporters have willfully blinded themselves to his myriad faults and will quite literally vote for him no matter what.

            She’s going to win, so this will be over soon. Then they can start impeachment hearings.

            1. Yes, they will hire some lawyers and waste some more money but they won’t have 60 votes in the senate so it will all be for show.

    2. randyjet – the Haitians are still waiting for their relief money from the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation sucks.

  6. Trump is a barometer that measures how dysfunctional the American system of democracy and politics truly is. A system that offers only two choices which pits one half against the other with no real choice is a failed system. That Trump even exists in this political contest illustrates just how defunct the system is. Clinton is a slime ball politician with the typical baggage peculiar to most slime ball politicians. She is a safe bet, however unsavory. That a like candidate on the right does not exist should be a warning. What if both sides could only offer up options as disgusting and dangerous as Trump? That is the next step. The US must change its system(s) of electing its leaders. In democracy and leadership, the US is nowhere near Number One.

    This is what this blog should be about. All the rest is just so much BS.

    1. What is it that you keep going on about? You trash Trump, yet he is the only one who will talk about the transfer of jobs to China and Mexico, and the import of illegal cheap labor here. Those are the primary causes for widespread financial difficulties faced by too many Americans today.

      I don’t think that you live in the real world. You sound like S.J. Munsinger in many ways, who ” . . . settled into the comfortable dotage of bourgeois desiccation, a daily rosary of minor complaints and banal observations.” (Vanity Fair)

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. Good to see you haven’t lost your sense of humor. Not only did Trump refuse to answer how he was going to bring jobs back, it turns out that he manufactures almost everything with his name on it I foreign countries. Even the Make America Great hats are made in China!
        He’s indebted to the Russians, the Saudis and probably the Mafia.
        He has no intention of helping anyone but himself.

  7. Michael Chertoff, lifelong Republican and lead counsel on the Senate Whitewater Hearings has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

    I know at this point Trump supporters are blind to his malignant temperament, his misogyny, the hyper-narcisssism he exhibits in his daily affairs.

    But Michael Reagan now supports Hillary, and Michael Freaking Chertoff!!! Hillary voted against his confirmation. He supports her.
    And she’s up six points now and with a half dozen other Trump scandals surfacing, it’s pretty much over. Charges in the rape of a 13-year-old have been refiled as a new witness has come forward. Trump is toast.

    1. Trump cleared the Republican field for her really well, and the DNC took care of Sanders. No confidence.

    2. Chertoff works at the same law firm as former AG Eric Holder. They specialize in getting their corporate clients off the hook – too big to fail, too white collar to jail

      Of course he supports HRC! Corporate cronyism.

      1. Of course everyone of the dozens of high profile Republicans supporting Clinton are either corporate cronies, RINOs or afraid they will by “suicided”.

        None of them are terrified that the monster they let into the tent might actually get elected and ruin the country.
        Nope. Not at all.

        1. Every Republican who is voting for HRC is pro TPP and lackeys for the same corporations. That’s a fact. Feathering their own nests at the expense of the citizens.

          The people are tired of being had. that’s why they are gravitating to Trump, Stein, Johnson the fake libertarian.

          1. Many are defecting because of his bigotry and could careless about the TPP

            1. Trump screwed the workers so quit pretending he is for the little guy or gal,

              1. IF Trump did indeed “screw his workers” it’s still a minor percentage versus what Bill did with NAFTA across the board

  8. @Darren:”How can a person consider themselves a progressive or liberal and blindly support the DNC when the DNC is acting like some authoritarian banana republic using election rigging to bring or continue to allow a corrupt leadership to rule a nation while having no accountability to anybody.”

    Fealty I guess. If not then maybe the slavish troops of which you have described are just truly sycophants with too much ambition and no moral fortitude of their own

      1. Wrong conclusion. The MSM is endorsing her because they are all owned by the same corporate masters who want the TPP pushed through.

  9. “It is an old strategy of tyrants to delude their victims into fighting their battles for them” FDR. Donald Trump has and always will be a con-man.

  10. All these Democrats getting in a miff about “Trump said this,” “Trump offended that” trying to deflect away from the continuing drama, corruption, and scandal that is obviously manifest for decades with Hillary and Bill Clinton is rather sickening.

    The ONLY reason that a candidate as toxic as Hillary Clinton comes to national prominence is because the Democratic Party promotes her with zeal and deliberately sabotages other, viable candidates through rigging of their own primary system to disenfranchise all other opponents. After all the sleaze proliferated by the DNC this election, why would any reasonable person vote for or promote this organization? Nobody should.

    How can a person consider themselves a progressive or liberal and blindly support the DNC when the DNC is acting like some authoritarian banana republic using election rigging to bring or continue to allow a corrupt leadership to rule a nation while having no accountability to anybody. If some no-name candidate came into this election having such baggage and sleaze as the Clintons, but not the support of the DNC, people would completely dismiss this candidate as not only a joke, but a threat to democracy. Add the surname of Clinton, all is forgiven.

    Hillary Clinton only thinks of you the voter as a useful idiot. If she had any respect for voters she would work to be the best leader of the people and for the people. Yet, so much about her has been “Me, me, me, me.” Have any of her scandals been instigated for the benefit of ordinary people? Absolutely not. It’s been influence peddling for her own benefit. She doesn’t care one bit about you unless you are either someone that will fork over large amounts of money to her charity or political campaign, or a person she views as a threat. She is serving the US “on the take”

    I have said it before. If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency her administration will not just rival the Grant Administration’s level of corruption, it will surpass it. At least with President Grant he was essentially an honest man with a corrupt administration, Hillary will be as far from benevolent as one can be.

    1. Beautifully put! Now, to answer your question,

      How can a person consider themselves a progressive or liberal and blindly support the DNC when the DNC is acting like some authoritarian banana republic using election rigging to bring or continue to allow a corrupt leadership to rule a nation while having no accountability to anybody.

      Because for many people, their allegiance to the Democratic Party is faith-based. I don’t mean through being Christians or anything like that, but a simple faith-based allegiance directly to the Democratic Party, in and of itself.

      It is how they feel good about themselves. Not through any demonstrable good works or actions or successes, but simply through their being Democrats. The Baptists, among others denominations, have a similar religious doctrine that one could simply call “once-saved always-saved.” One website describes it thus:

      The Bible teaches “once saved, always saved” — that we can be saved once and for all only through a repentant, saving faith in Jesus Christ. Once a person has accepted Christ as Savior, they may wonder if it is possible to lose that salvation. What if they commit a sin? What if they commit a lot of sins? What if they do something very, very wrong? Is it possible to be saved, and then lose that salvation? Fortunately, the answer is a resounding “no.” Once a person has accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, he/she is forever saved. This fact is referred to as the doctrine of “eternal security,” often summarized as “once saved, always saved.”

      I submit that these die-hard Democrats, have the same sort of faith in the Democratic Party. And that once they become a Democrat, it does not matter if their policies work, or don’t work. It’s irrelevant to them. They’re Democrats. Success or failure doesn’t really matter, unless it is winning an election, and then the only thing that matters is that the Democrats win.

      This is why they tangle themselves in knots to vote for Hillary. There is no logic or rational analysis, and if you question it, it is like trying to ask a madman why he thinks he is Napoleon. Whatever he says, it isn’t going to make any sense. To keep from going mad yourself, you just need to accept the fact that they are just mentally limited, in the same way that a Pentecostal snake-handler in a West Virginny hollow is mentally limited. Then like me, sit back and laugh when the snake bites the idiot.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. Great post Squeek, however, please differeniate between Liberals and Progressives. Cause the former is all about the DNC and HRC and we are so not. We do not diss Trump even though we are for Stein. We like facts unlike Liberals.

  11. This is still pay-to-play. Schnienderman is just doing Hillary’s bidding. If he was really honest he would figure out what happened to that money that went to the Clinton Foundation that was supposed to go to Haiti and never arrived.

  12. If the Trump Foundation is guilty of some filing mandates then they should be accountable. Yet, with the enthusiasm the attorney general made via such a public display, is he also so passionate about other charities having the same issues? Do other charities get hauled into the public forum for violations?

    It’s just another sign of when politicians don’t like you they will attack you more than others. It’s not just presidential candidates but ordinary people that get raked over the coals if they get out of line politically.

    1. I agree Darren. This also shows the high level of injustice that our tax code represents.

    1. Uncle Joe is such a phony. If he cares so much why hasn’t the VA been fixed? His anger is real though – knows that HRC is gonna be beat like a drum.

        1. Yup, manipulated by the crooked MSM.
          Thousands turning out for the Donald.
          0 enthusiasm for HRC.
          Jill is in SC today – curious to see how many she draws.

      1. Biden apparently thinks he’s persuading someone here. We only have one sacred obligation? To care for those we send to war? How ’bout not sending them, A-hole?

  13. Dave 137, So by your analogy it is better voting for the ho’ then the pimp? Remember the words of Snoop Dog, “It ain’t easy bein’ a pimp.”

    1. Also, it ain’t easy working the streets. Working girls need to charge the Johns for rubber protection.
      Remember what happened to former NY AG….Code named “client #9”.

  14. The reality of the situation is that while trump insists (actually brags and boasts) he hires the best people, we consistently see evidence of the poor judgment trump displays in hiring – one of his many poor judgment situations – putin, sex tapes, Mexico will pay, etc…….

    I don’t know if this is first, second or third year law school error but Trump seemingly hires based on loyalty to trump – not qualifications, knowledge or ethics. Who knows, maybe he’ll drive over to the attorneys office and sit outside demanding a letter much as a MAFIA DONald might do.

  15. Trump has placed himself above the obligations of this sort of detail for decades. He does what he wants, says what he says, with hypocrisy clear and simple. There are far more serious issues with Trump than him forgetting to dot i’s and cross t’s when transferring wealth from the rich to the poor. In one way all this does is focus on the fact that Trump is charitable, even if it is with other people’s money. This is an unfortunate waste of time and energy that would be better used to expose him as he is, a dangerous option for President. The focus should be the almost a billion dollars he maneuvered out of the government of New York City or the taxpayers in incentives for his buildings that are now worth billions and never needed the incentives in the first place, contrasted with the tax loopholes that will bring him almost a billion dollars in cash, cash that he doesn’t need and cash that that comes via a dysfunctional tax structure. For all of you Trump supporters remember Trump is the oligarch that designs the systems to the advantage of the oligarchs and rich. Are you really that delusional to believe that he will stop these advantages if he gets in? Look at his proposed tax cuts. They primarily benefit the rich, not the average citizen. Trump loves you. Trump loves the simple minded angry mob.

    1. Issac
      You cannot be this effing naive? When civil society is told what rules they must live under, are they supposed to honor the principle of the law or the law itself? You have a serious handicap in your reasoning and that is the assumption that human nature changes over time. Without laws, anarchy would prevail, right? In theory, having laws keeps anarchy at bay. The citizen, rich or poor, is expected to seek the path of least resistance to their own happiness. That is expected and the most successful at it you hold in contempt? Why wouldn’t a citizen try to “design” the system if they could? You should hold in contempt the lawmaker that will sell their position of public trust. That’s the person you should demand be OUT of office. And you should NEVER allow ANYONE that has proven themselves untrustworthy IN public service. That would be the insane move.

    2. Since mankind was able to communicate, whoever who said, most convincingly, “I know everything and I’m the only one who knows everything,” he was put in charge. Historically people apparently didn’t understand the concept of delusions of grandeur. Many today still don’t understand that concept.

    3. Issac,
      ” Trump is the oligarch that designs the systems to the advantage of the oligarchs and rich. Are you really that delusional to believe that he will stop these advantages if he gets in?”

      You are correct. Unfortunately, it does not matter. As far as I can tell, this is the art of the deal at play and he is making a heck of a deal for Clinton, a fellow establishment oligarch.

  16. The truth and reality of the matter is completely missing from this article. Eric Schneiderman is simply doing his part to support Hillary Clinton and to attack Trump in whatever ways he can. Schneiderman, in short, is simply a political-whore, as most politicians are. Does Schneiderman ever do anything that actually serves the public interest? Of course not. He knows where his bread is buttered. And he knows that if the Crooked Clintons make it to the White House, he will see a glorious payday.

    Are we clear on the political-prostitution dynamics?

    Good. Now let’s discuss some real news, not the latest tricks from political-whores.

    1. You nailed it man.
      The political-prostitution is what the game is ALL about.
      That’s why that particular class of individuals and collective kneepad wearing unions, especially the media, are terrified of a Trump win.
      They might actually have to bend over and take it from a stranger to get their buns buttered as opposed to enjoying a mutual reach around of political love.

    2. And Trump has been buying your politicians for decades. What a public patriot. Guess you don’t mind voting for the pimp.

      1. “Guess you don’t mind voting for the pimp.”

        Oh boy! Dave, the pimp does not hand out money TO the public, they take it in FROM their whores. Don’t be so naive. People buy politicians because they are buy-able. They’ve been doing so since they came into existence. AND they will continue to do so as long as the voters allow it. When it comes to politicians, the people are expected to be the regulatory agency. Unfortunately that would take more enlightenment than they currently have.

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