Canadian Man Arrested For Running Over Himself

An Ontario man may be reasonably confused this week after the 25-year-old fell out of his car while backing down his driveway and his car ran over his legs.  He was taken to the hospital and then criminally charged with impaired driving.

One would expect an element of prosecutorial discretion given his injuries.  In the end, it was not much impaired driving and what was left was two destroyed mailboxes and two broken legs.


9 thoughts on “Canadian Man Arrested For Running Over Himself”

  1. In Texas and some parts of Oklahoma arresting him would be infringing on the guy’s rights. The guy has Constitutional rights to drive over himself and shoot the car.

  2. The car could claim the defense of Duress after suffering the risk to its life from past DUIs.

    1. Yeah but he could shoot the car and claim self defense, castle law, the car winked at him with one head lamp, etc. The car is in big trouble, civil suit, etc.

  3. Paul.

    Most state laws involving DUI/DWI make it an offense to drive impaired anywhere within the state boundaries.

    I suspect Canadian provinces are the same.

  4. This guy had to blow a 0.3. Also, can you drive impaired on your own property.

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