Can You Guess What This Man Was Charged With?

636117833641878825-foyOk, it is not really what he was charged with as opposed to . . .

how many times David Foy, 43, has been charged. This latest arrest was his 120th trip into the criminal justice system.

The Vermont man was found sleeping on property stolen from a car. Indeed, after a report of a car break-in at Vermont Tech, police literally followed a trail of stolen items that were discarded and then came upon the sleeping Foy in a third-floor stairway landing. He is also accused of stealing three laptop computers from Best Buy.

Foy was found with the laptops.

Of his 120 past criminal charges, Foy was convicted in 84. He was out on furlough at the time of his latest crimes. That is the ultimate definition of an avertable recidivist.

16 thoughts on “Can You Guess What This Man Was Charged With?”

  1. At age 43, he’s had a long time to develop his habits and attitudes toward life. While he may be responsible for his own decisions, the society in which he was raised and lived is to blame for his overall, long-term programming. With the lies and corruption so rampant everywhere, it’s a wonder that more of the population hasn’t turned out like this.

  2. With this kind of record he would be virtually unemployable. And rightfully so, since it proclaims that he views laws with contempt and is a thief.

    He has been very successful at screwing up his own life. People with terminal illnesses or disabilities must have a very hard time understanding why anyone gifted with life, a healthy body, and at least average intelligence would throw away all those precious gifts just to be selfish and self destructive.

    1. Are you thinking of Otis on Andy Griffith? IIRC, Floyd was the town barber, Otis was the town drunk.

        1. We’ve been watching Andy Griffith reruns the past couple of weeks, so it’s all fresh in my mind !

  3. Tin, Like most states, Vermont is bifurcated. The rural folk are more conservative, the urban more liberal. This loser is from Bernie’s city of Burlington, as progressive and permissive as they come.

  4. I don’t think we can tell much just by facial features in a photo, but if we saw more of the guy and heard him speak we could tell a lot by tattoos, piercings, clothing, weight, personal hygiene, and speech. People tend to intentionally or subconsciously tell you who they are by how they present themselves. We couldn’t tell you how many times he had been arrested, but we might be able to tell you a lot of other things about him.

    What if you told us that this person grew up in poverty, with a single mom, was mentally ill, had severe learning disorders, and also did a lot of stupid crimes. The public needs to know that experts still don’t know how to cure mental illness or how to treat many learning disorders and until we solve those challenges, crimes like these will happen.

    You could also tell us that the guy grew up in a middle class family, had all sorts of opportunities, did well in school, and just enjoys abusing alcohol and drugs and committing stupid crimes. If we’re going to make any progress in addressing crimes, we need to focus on the causes, not the crimes.

    1. Methinks that Mr. Turley posts these sort of articles more for entertainment value than as a Sherlockian challenge to deduce much from little.

  5. Uh oh, the voters of the liberal state of Vermont may decide to crack down on crime and enact a tough new, “85 Times,You’re Out” law.

  6. This man is an archetypical serial misdemeanant. Continually cycling between the world and jail, they rarely commit felonies so they are not incapacitated by many years imprisonment as is the case with recidivist felons. Men such as he expect to be arrested and as such are careless and accept the situation as a normal life.

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