Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

os-woman-arrested-child-drove-car-20161014-001Kwaniqua Glenn, 25, made a poor choice of uber drivers and then the even worse choice of videotaping the trip and posting it on YouTube (below).

Glenn decided that it would be fun to have her son drive her while she videotaped him on September 20th. The problem is the that son is only seven-years-old.

The video below features Glenn making running commentary in the passenger seat as the child drives down narrow streets for roughly a third of a mile. She apparently had picked up the boy at the bus and surprised him by telling him to drive. A school resource officer saw the video and recognized the student.

He was also not wearing a seat belt while moving around 28 mph.

She is now faced with child neglect charges and letting an unauthorized person drive a motor vehicle. I would think that public endangerment would also be warranted as a charge since the boy could have easily run over another person.

Glenn is not the ideal driver’s ed instructor for any age. She has a criminal record including charges of driving with a suspended or revoked license and failing to yield at an intersection. To make matters worse, she was sentenced to probation in August.

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    1. What a load of crap. One black woman exhibits a serious lack of judgement that could endanger her son’s life, and from this you conclude and imply that all blacks who support Black Lives Matter don’t give a shit about the lives of their fellow blacks? DMD, you are as much an idiot as the idiot that JT spoke about in a different post concerning defacing historical landmarks. Yours is just a different brand of idiocy.

  1. I agree with a charge of Allowing an Unlicensed Person to Drive. I do not agree with the child endangerment charge.

  2. Should have taken him to a different area for a lesson…or in our area she could have signed him up for a demo derby…

  3. There was a story quite awhile ago about some young boy (maybe 5 or 6) who sneaked into his parents’ bedroom while they were sleeping, took their car keys, and went for a joyride. After some sideswipes and contusions later, the fun was over. I wonder how long he was “grounded” for? I don’t think the parents were charged with anything.

    But aiding and abetting this kind of stunt is another matter altogether.

  4. Parents may let their kids drive in the driveway, on their property, or empty parking lot, with a seatbelt on. But at 7, the airbag would kill him. Not having a seatbelt on would kill him. And he’s driving in city streets, and from the description, she wasn’t even ready to grab the wheel. You don’t let a 7 year old drive in a city. And it was his first time! It’s like her kid is some joke. Maybe she should listen to parents who have been destroyed by the loss of a child. Maybe then she would not be so cavalier.

    The parent’s attitude towards safety belts informs the child’s. Parent doesn’t buckle up, kid doesn’t buckle up when he’s old enough to drive. Same thing with smoking or doing drugs.

    To make matters worse, if any of her criminal or reckless actions on her record occurred after the birth of that child, she never had her Aha moment. She never said, you know, I’m a Mom now. I need to put my kid first and straighten up so he doesn’t end up in foster care. I want to be a Mom he can be proud of.

  5. She was sentenced to probation in August? No mention as to the charge or charges for which she was specifically sentenced to probation. Given her current escapades, this Mother of the Year is going to have to do some fancy footwork at, what I assume will be, her impending probation revocation.

  6. He is a neat kid. Do not punish him by punishing his mom. He will think it was his fault. He is really cute. Good video. Good steering.

  7. Well, the kid probably has a better driving record than his mom. And there is no evidence to suggest his judgment is any worse than his mom. Now, can he parallel park?

  8. 7 is a little young, but I know a lot of parents who let their children drive before they could get their license.

  9. Parents trying to be their kids friend has always been a problem. However, it is an epidemic now.

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