Dodge That: Cubs Take The First Game In National League Series 8-4

chc_1200x630I am in Chicago this weekend for a speech and have the added benefit of watching the game with my 89 year old mother in my hometown. We live close to Wrigley and we had the back door open to hear the roar of the crowd. Montero’s grand slam in the Eighth as a pinch hitter was a thing of utter beauty. The key was clearly my mother who intensified her prayers just before the breakout.

The Dodgers are an incredible team. I have said all year that the team that I least wanted to see in the National League championship was the Dodgers. They showed why tonight. Moreover, with Clayton Kershaw pitching in the second game, we are facing the toughest part of the series (we will see if that $215 million contract will pay off). I am also concerned about relying on Lackey as a starter against these West Coast hitters. For the moment, however, we are all celebrating this sweet victory in ChiTown.

My childhood friend John Cusack is at the game to cheer on our Cubbies, but watching this game with my Mom could not be topped.

11 thoughts on “Dodge That: Cubs Take The First Game In National League Series 8-4”

  1. I have to admit that really enjoyed watching the Cubs beat the Dodgers, since I’ve never cared for the Dodgers that much. I also have to admit that I enjoyed the Dodgers beating the Cubs, since I’ve never cared for the Cubs that much.

    Both games have been good games to watch. I look forward to watching more interesting, well played games and to seeing one team that I don’t care for that much lose. Both are very good teams, and I hope that the team that doesn’t lose wins the Series.

  2. All credit goes to Montero. On an 0-2 count, Montero should not have been looking for a ball to hit. The only reason Blanton served him that gift is because there was a runner on third. Without a runner on third, on an 0-2 count Blanton throws a curve in the dirt or tries to make him swing at one out of the zone. But with the runner on third Blanton had to be cautious. He could not risk throwing one in the dirt and letting it get away from the catcher to potentially score the runner on third. I literally gasped before he swung. I could see it was coming right down the middle, belt high. But Montero had to recognize the mistake and square it up. He did.

    Great game. Kershaw is a beast, though. Beat Kershaw and go up 2-0 and you’ll be golden. If Kershaw beats you it’s a fresh new series.

  3. Go Cubbies! They and their fans are due, and I’ll always be rooting for the underdog.

    Don writes, “I like Chicago. In some ways it is America’s greatest city.” I can’t argue with that statement. Chicago’s certainly one of a kind, and as soon as one walks around downtown, a feeling of respect for its grandeur, history, and people never fails to overwhelm other thoughts.

    1. Steve, There is much to love about Chicago. I love the architecture. An underappreciated restaurant town. But, it is horribly corrupt, racist, and a tax hell for the middle class. We lived there for a couple years. Still like to visit.

  4. Great post. We’re w/ our family in the Twin Cities for our granddaughters 1st birthday. After the party we went back to our Marriott hotel w/ plans to watch the game. Our hotel doesn’t have Fox1 sports. FOX SUCKS! In past years the regular Fox channel would carry postseason games. But now there’s Fox1. In an effort to get cable and satellite companies to carry their sport channel they put big games on it. I could tell the front desk had many angry calls.

  5. I am a Cubs fan now. I always root for them if they are not playing the Cardinals. I have been to Wrigley many times. It is my favorite stadium. I like the neighborhood. I like Chicago. In some ways it is America’s greatest city. The University of Chicago is one of our greatest schools. The Cubs need to win today. I hope that JT and his mother go again today. Knock, knock, knock on Heaven’s door.

  6. The first pitch was thrown at military time 1908 CDT. Tinker to Evers to Chance. Over and out.

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