cubs-shot100px-Chicago_Cubs_Logo_svgI have waited over five decades, but I can check off one of my bucket list items. This evening I was able to watch the Chicago Cubs win the World Series with a commanding performance. We can now begin our new era as the “lovable losers winners.” The USA Today has posted my column on the victory.

Everything has happened in this series. Leading at one point 5-1 and then seeing it evaporate. First there was the scare in the bottom of the 5th inning with Lester. Then a clearly tired Chapman blows the 8th inning and produces a tie. Then to have a rain delay followed by Zobrist’s hit on that cutter to bring in the run in the 10th. Then Montero brings in a run with another hit on a cutter. Then the Indians get a run from Edwards to make it a one run game at 8-7. It was both glorious and torturous. However, in the end, the Cubs prevailed.

I also cannot say enough about the incredible Cleveland Indians.  I have said all along that, if we had to lose to any team, I would choose the Indians. What heart they showed tonight in fighting back from a 5-1 deficit.  They are an awesome team with an awesome fan base.

img_5757Of course, my family will claim the distinction of defeating the Billy Goat curse after hosting four goats at the house to make amends for the 1945 insult. A dozen kids spoiled the goats in an homage to the noble beasts. After the event, we won that night and every night after that. Sure it might be just in our heads, but we had a load of fun.





I have been watching the game while enjoying the classic beer for Cubs games Pabst Blue Ribbon. Not as bad as I recalled when I bought a case for the World Series. We also used to drink two truly dreadful beers: Hamm’s and Schlitz. PBR was the best option of the three in my view. Maybe it was the victories but the PBR tasted a lot better in this series.

This has been a wonderful season for me and all Northsiders. I remember catching balls outside of Wrigley with a transitter radio at my ear and a glove in my hand. The balls were hit by greats like Ernie Banks, who showed me how to break in my first baseball glove. We have had great players and great seasons but never were able to close the deal. Every year, I would tell my kids that this is our year. Now it is.



  1. Believe it! 108 times of saying ‘we’ll get them next year’. The Chicago Cubs winning the World Series this year brought them immortality. Honor restored!

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  3. I am impressed with the Cubbies on their come from behind Victory to capture the World Series. From a Dodger fan near LA, Darla

  4. Someone suggested cabritto tacos the other day. And, that was BEFORE the Cubs won.

  5. Congrats Prof! I think it was the goats that finally did in the curse. I wanted to watch the end of the game, but the extra inning and rain delay did me in since I had to get an early start to fly. Since I am a fan of Mexican food, is there any cabritto on a future menu now that they have served their purpose?

  6. That’s fantastic! History making. What a day to be alive for a Cubs fan, especially enjoying the game with all the family.

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