Lafayette College Student Arrested For Faking Attack By Trump Supporter

magaThere is a story out of my old stomping grounds of Lafayette, Louisiana (where I lived during my judicial clerkship on the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit for Judge W. Eugene Davis). A female student at the University of Louisiana reported that she was attacked by a man in a white Donald Trump cap and another men. She said that the men hit her with a metal object, ripped off her hijab and took both her wallet and the traditional Muslim head-covering. The incident caused a national outrage but it now turns out that she made up the entire incident after police became suspicious of her accounts.

The 18-year-old woman of Middle Eastern descent said that the men “were saying ugly stuff to her” but gave no other information.

Many saw the incident as proof of anti-Muslim movement given voice among supporters of Donald Trump. Yet police were struck by inconsistencies and generalities in her account: “The victim describes the suspects as white males, but has not given a definitive clothing description. There were no witnesses or video surveillance on the scene.”

She reportedly confessed to the lie.

However, there is no indication of a charge for filing a false report and the University of Louisiana said that federal law prevented the release of any information on any internal actions to be taken against the students.

42 thoughts on “Lafayette College Student Arrested For Faking Attack By Trump Supporter”

  1. If only the falsity of the report got the same publicity as the original report.
    People need to KNOW the extent of the FAUX.

  2. The title should be corrected. Lafayette College is in Easton, PA. You are referring to University of Louisiana, Lafayette.

  3. False reports are harmful in three ways. First, they are lies with potential consequences for innocent people. Second, they provide internet fodder for people who deny the existence of bigotry and xenophobia. Third, they harm the credibility of those who report the many instances of anti-Moslem harassment occurring daily in this country.

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