Bowling Green State University Student Charged After Falsely Claiming To Have Been Assaulted By Three White Trump Supporters

unknownBowling Green State University has been the scene of protests and outrage after student Eleesha Long claimed to have been attacked by three white men wearing Trump T-shirts the day after the election. It now appears to have been a hoax, though it is not the first false assault case tied to the Trump election.

Long claimed that the three white Trump supporters began to throw rocks at her while yelling profanities, including a racial slur. She posted the account on Facebook but notably did not call 911. A sit-in protest was held as well as other protests on campus by an outraged faculty and student body.

However, after her posting, police questioned her and she allegedly made a false police statement — a criminal act.

If found guilty, what do you think should be the appropriate punishment? Should it include jail time?

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  1. Looks like they will have a group of veterans show up out there soon, in uniform. Could get to be an ugly PR mess for the company. Yes, it was a cowardly statement by Obama–what was it–“we’ll re-evaluate the situation in a couple of weeks?” or similar? He, along with the mainstream media are trying to keep this to a simmer to hand it off to Trump. That way, the complicit media will hang it like a burning tire around his neck. OK, neolibs, like Syria and the middle east, are you just going to ignore this too?? We’ll be listening for more crickets but waiting for some SJW attack to come regardless.

    1. Big difference between real warriors for justice and the SJWs on campus protesting “cultural appropriation” in cafeteria cuisine and thematic festivities. SJWs are not gonna miss a meal or a hot shower.

        1. Oh Paul, I think you’d be surprised – all the SJWs I know are very “clean and mean” and many attended (and are currently attending) Ivy League skools =) And trust me, when they sitting in Starbucks over their lattes shrilly calling out the Berniebros for “ruining” the election they are impeccably clad as as well.

          Love this video by my LTMB peeps:

          1. Autumn – maybe personal hygiene is part of 3rd wave feminism. I do not go to Starbucks, so I guess I am missing the fun there.

          2. DWS at the very beginning of the video shows many hallmarks of deception and lying.

  2. Here is a real, ongoing set of injuries that US citizens need to address immediately.

    “Noah Morris was another medic at the scene. “They were just hosing people down with their water cannon that continued for the entirety of the four hours I was out there watching,” he said. He said that earlier in the week, the rivers and creeks nearby had started to crust over with ice. As he and his team flushed the eyes of people sprayed with tear gas, the water and milk of magnesia they used turned to black ice on the ground.

    Morris said he knew of multiple people that had been hit in the head with rubber bullets or bean bag rounds. In a statement, the Medic and Healer Council described injuries including an elder who lost consciousness before being revived on site, a man who experienced a seizure, and a woman whose eye was injured when she was shot in the face by a rubber bullet.

    A 21-year-old woman from New York, Sophia Wilansky, underwent surgery Monday after her arm was severely injured by a concussion grenade, according to the council.

    In a statement on Tuesday, her father, Wayne Wilansky, said she would need multiple surgeries to regain functional use of her arm and hand. “All of the muscle and soft tissue between her elbow and wrist were blown away,” he said. “She will be, every day for the foreseeable future, fearful of losing her arm and hand.”

    In a statement to the Los Angeles Times, the sheriff’s department denied using concussion grenades and suggested the injury was caused by explosives allegedly used by protesters. The Medic and Healer Council responded, “These statements are refuted by Sophia’s testimony, by several eyewitnesses who watched police intentionally throw concussion grenades at unarmed people, by the lack of charring of flesh at the wound site, and by the grenade pieces that have been removed from her arm in surgery and will be saved for legal proceedings.”

    Some of the injured were transported to the Oceti Sakowin camp, which lies a few minutes’ walk from the demonstration site. There, thousands of people have convened in an effort to stop the Dakota Access pipeline from threatening the drinking water and cultural resources of members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and others living downstream. If completed, the pipeline will transport oil from the Bakken shale fields in North Dakota to a transfer point in Illinois, dipping underneath the Missouri River just to the north of the Standing Rock Sioux reservation. Tribal leaders are fighting in court to stop it, but the corporation behind the plan, Energy Transfer Partners, has argued the opportunity to reroute the pipeline has already passed. In a recent interview with the Associated Press, the company’s CEO, Kelcy Warren, declared, “There’s not another way. We’re building at that location.”

    At the camp, the injured were treated inside winterized structures that have been erected alongside less-protected camping tents. Other demonstrators were taken to a nearby gym, where medics attempted to raise body temperatures with blankets and hot beverages.

    Black Elk, a resident of the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, has been involved in the fight against the pipeline since last February, when community members first learned of plans to build it. She’s an ethnobotanist and instructor at the local Sitting Bull College and has served as a cultural liaison for the Medic and Healer Council. She said she’s seen police reactions to the protests become “progressively more militant, more violent.”

    Morris recalled a protest at the end of the summer when police provided water to a thirsty protester who was attached to construction equipment. He says things have changed since then.

    “We are standing back in a state of disbelief,” said Jesse Lopez, a surgeon based in Kansas City, who has traveled to North Dakota multiple times to support the Medic and Healer Council. “I maybe could see pepper spray, maybe rubber bullets, maybe tear gas, but water cannons? That’s done to inflict deliberate, severe, life-threatening harm.”

    As to this young woman. She needs to stop digging a deeper hole.

    1. Wow Jill, great post – ironic as we celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow. Tim Black also did a great segment and pointed out how the Democrats have ignored the situation:

  3. She is young and naiive so there is still hope IMO – suspension for a semester plus community service.

  4. I know what should happen and I know what probably will happen. They should be sentenced to the maximum, if found guilty. However, what is really going to happen is they are going to get their wrists slapped and let go with a warning.

  5. Crimes such as these should result in an augmented sentence when issues of the moment can be proved to be attached. The crime of making a false statement to the authorities is in of itself damaging to society in that if it goes unpunished the fabric of authority and accountability is worn thin. We all lose.

    Race, politics, anger and frustration at the country having elected such a disgrace, extend the effects of a crime beyond the individual involved. Therefore the punishment should reflect this and the convicted person should do extra time.

  6. Whatever the Ohio Rev. Code specifies for false statements to the police and a public apology to the college, +/- suspension.

  7. Oh. Bowling Green U. This is where you bowl on Sunday and go twice on Monday to freelance journalism class with a communist teacher named Freud.

  8. The police need to strip her naked and take photos to make sure that she is not carrying drugs. Then post the photos on Facebook. Or Buttbook. When twits get out of hand they need to be handed justice. Those at the school who protested need to go to church and pray to God for forgiveness. Divine intervention is needed. Pray for truth, justice and the American way. What is the name of that fruitloop school?

  9. Oops forgot a thing about the headline….how would she have known they were Trump’s jockstraps? Were they supposedly monogrammed? It’s worthy of note that they are usually an off-white and come in different sizes but further discolor following repeated use in protecting the family jewels. So they would have to have been really new.

    Wasn’t size part of one of the debates? Now the royal garment jewel protectors are being bandied about.

    If HRC had been elected???……naaah…won’t go there.

  10. Community service, a fine and an open public apology. It’s pretty amazing watching young so called “progressives” in the US.
    Cry ins, play doh and colouring books, protests over Trump? You have got to be kidding me, read counter punch or politico or other rags and you’d think the world ended. As a Canadian this is really a sad thing to watch, many americans don’t care for political correctness, socialist bs and safe spaces. I mean Trump doesn’t threathen the bankrupt social security, medicare or medicaid these bloated programs that actually hurt Americans. He seems much less aggressive than that corrupt political hack and harpy Clinton. Did you folks on the left really want Clinton? I wouldn’t have voted Trump but i understand why so many did. Clinton embodies all the most rotten things about govt, she’s arguably a criminal with what she did in Libya, the Ukraine and the Clinton foundation, the emails were a distraction. If these sorry excuses for citizens couldn’t get out and vote to get their “socialist” Sanders elected they should have seen it coming. No one likes Clinton and rightly so. I think Sanders would have been terrible economically but at least hes not a warmonger like her.

    1. Great post, but I would not lump CounterPunch in with Politico. Apples and oranges. Politico was all about HRC.

  11. The only thing that should occur is maybe a civil suit against her for wasting time and money …. or by the three white guys

    no jail …. no “in country” <== carnivorous agenda


  12. Her punishment should be exactly the same as anyone who makes a false statement to the police. Is there a sentencing guideline? And since her false statement made her fellow students on campus fear for their safety, disrupting the entire school, there should be at least some consequence from her university.

    I suppose if we get enough people in jail for making politically motivated false statements, we can get a whole wave of “political prisoners”, as the hard Left may call them.

    1. Karen,

      A wise choice. This case reminds me of former Claremont McKenna College professor Kerri Dunn. We should send the message that everyone is equal before the law, Hillary notwithstanding. As to the university, imagine a white student who did exactly the same thing, just replace the “three white men” with “three black women wearing Louis Farrakhan tee-shirts”. I think the question answers itself.

  13. Of course her punishment should include jail time and expulsion from the college. Expulsion because her lie motivated students and faculty alike to act in support of her. She, the faculty, other students, and the university itself were damaged when the police showed the story to be false.

  14. I think she should serve at least a year or two in jail, and be expelled from the school. This kind of lying stuff gets people killed. And run off jobs. Remember the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot! liar in Ferguson???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Amen! Let the punishment for the lies equal the maximum incarceration for the crimes the liar alleged to have occurred but did not occur.

      Remember race-baiter Al Sharpton and his pack of lies Re. Tawana Brawley?

  15. she should definitely sit in county for a couple weeks, a month…pretty much inciting violence, if things got out of hand

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