Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We begin this day with the 50th Turley Turkey bowl with a couple dozen neighborhood kids and their families. It is an early game with copious amounts of hot chocolate, donuts, and treats. We then follow with my favorite meal of the year with roughly a large assemblage of friends and family. It is hard to imagine a better day (beyond the other Bears prevailing in a towering victory for Monsters of the Midway).

We are starting the day with the 50th annual Turley Turkey bowl. As always, it is the Bears against the Redskins. I am the coach of the Bears and John Rice is the coach of the Redskins. Since John is working abroad with the State Department, his son David will be stepping up as coach this year. The Bears continue to hold a long unbroken record (at least here in McLean), but Rice is an ever-creative coach and has threatened some new and devious plays. No one is currently on the injured player list for the Bears of Virginia and our players as usual will be hyped up on donuts and hot chocolate. Despite the cold and light snow, we will play on.

I am also making our traditional two Turkeys — one in the oven and one smoked on the grill. Both will have an apple-sausage-cornbread stuffing and Waldorf salad. We will have 25 and three dogs over for the dinner.

Now it is off to the gridiron and the annual appearance of the McLean Monsters of the Midway. I will update on the game for those of you who cannot see us on cable.

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.


Update:  The 50th Turley Turkey bowl was held and it was a blow out this year with the Bears winning 45-0.  The score does not capture the spirited play of the Redskins, but then again (with the way that the other Bears are playing this year) we really really needed the win.

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  1. I was looking back at Thanksgivings past: A trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. A smokey aroma from the wood stove. A huge holiday spread of delicious home cooking. The adults table and the kiddies’ table (where I was). Afterwards, “the men” trooping in to the living room, plopping down to (supposedly) watch football on black-and-white TV, before falling fast asleep and snoring. “The women” cleaning up in the kitchen, and then sitting around to gossip. The kids outside playing.

    Grandma and Grandpa’s house is long gone; only the foundation stones still remain, in amongst the brush and brambles. But I still vividly remember those Thanksgivings. The last one was in 1977.

  2. Darren, It might be worth posting that Jimmy Kimmel PC Christmas on this thread now.

  3. Some might not know, but Darren is an environmentalist. But, he doesn’t suffer fools, or foolishness, well. Great analysis, Darren.

    1. America will collectively be suffering a fool and his fools for at least four years.

  4. happy thanksgiving to one and all. Cherish each moment for none of us know when there will another empty chair at the feast.

    1. I wish the videographer would just stop with the SJW rhetoric that “Thanksgiving was founded on a massacre.” which makes the ordinary person angry and less likely to listen to what otherwise is certainly important.

      See, this is what I have said for a long time was how environmentalists are their own worst enemy. Immediately upon starting her film, she affronts most Americans by attacking the idea of Thanksgiving and our cultural values–Americans who might have otherwise supported her cause. Start out your video like this, and what happens? Many people simply close the video and go elsewhere. As a result, fewer people listen and the recruitment of likeminded individuals comes to a halt. They actually censor themselves and equate in the minds of many that the pipeline tragedy to social justice warrior nonsense.

      If she would have instead edited out everything that insults the honest and potentially supportive average viewer and people would listen to her. She talks about ending divisions between society, which is meritorious, but instead talks down to people who want objective news and a refrain from rhetoric.

      This type of issue can garner support from many people on several angles: conservation; clean drinking water; the plight of Native Americans; discrimination; politicians’ disregard for the citizenry; and on and on. Why throw that goodwill away by being sanctimonious.

      I sympathize with those protesting here but when the videographer starts up with this rhetoric, I just skim through it hoping to see what is actually going on without her commentary. Surely I missed something important as a result.

      1. Darren – you have to FEEL their pain. I am hoping they turn the water cannons on. 🙂 They will be icicles in 20 minutes. What they they will FEEL is a loss of feeling.

  5. A Happy and a Healthy Thanksgiving to everyone! A great time of year to stop and be thankful for all with which we have been blessed.

    Now, I bid you a farewell–it’s time for me to put on my stretchy pants and strap on the ole feed bag.

  6. Issac, Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you enjoy a left wing! Again Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. I am happy that there will be fewer ugly photos of Hillary on the blog.
    Let us listen to the Trump Thanksgiving statement made yesterday and be thankful that we have him to be our next Commander in Chief. Join together. And if you don’t like turkey then eat ham or go t Greece.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who comments on this blog. I get some of my best laughs when I read all of you. May you all be blessed this holiday season, and I apologize to anyone offended by that. Thank you to JT for a fantastic blog, positively the best. And JT, keep blogging about your hikes and trips. Keep taking beautiful photos and I will keep buying storage for my iPad to store them…lol. Last but not least, thank you Nick! The first time I commented you were the one person that welcomed me and gave me encouragement. I read the blog for weeks before I commented. 😁

    1. beakie, You are more than welcome. We are ALL better for your being here. And, you might be surprised how many people, like yourself, are longtime readers before dipping their toe in the water. I am an old, broken down, baseball coach, so motivating and encouraging comes naturally.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody! What I am most thankful for is that the eighth and final kitten was found Tuesday! I am fostering the litter, and as soon as Mom is caught she is getting fixed. Meanwhile, I finally got a full night’s sleep, and all the kittens are fed this morning, and their pan cleaned out, and the big cats are fed, and the birds and squirrels are fed, sooo now I am enjoying a cup of coffee, and some chocolates, and catching up on the news.

    OH, BTW the MST3000 Marathon is on today at noon EST. In case you are boycotting the NFL like me.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  10. I appreciate being able, through today’s technology and Turley’s advances, to engage concepts and comments with those that frequent this place. I am thankful for being able to enjoy two Thanksgivings.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to all that I agree and disagree with. I am thankful for opportunity the Professor has provided for me to learn from him and all of you. God bless you and your families!

  12. My bad. I am also thankful for Darren, he is a valuable asset to JT and this blog.

  13. Happy Thanksgivng to JT and all here. I am thankful for the people I have gotten to know here, and that JT works hard giving us food for thought.

  14. If you are on cable EPSN is in more trouble than I thought. Happy Thanksgiving to you, yours and all.

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