No Wedding Is Truly Complete Without A Haka

screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-6-45-33-pmI have previously posted haka videos, which I find endlessly fascinating. However, this wedding videotape is a must see, particularly when the groom and bride join in.

The haka began after the best man told the couple “we have something for you,” and family and friends stood up to form a haka.

It is an incredible scene that I wanted to share:

10 thoughts on “No Wedding Is Truly Complete Without A Haka

  1. Love it, especially the calm and reasonable translation accompanied by stylized warrior threat postures.

    If I remember the background on the Maori Haka correctly, the tongue gestures are supposed to strike fear into the enemy because it’s a threat of cannibalism. Used among friends and family, it was a display of manhood, prowess, pride, and respect. European shipwrecked sailers were supposed to prefer drowning over the tender mercies of the New Zealanders.

    • national bird of New Zealand. Wiki says Brit Empire military detachments used the kiwi on their unit badges as far back as the Boer War, and esp. WWI.

    • randyjet – if you watched the version I sent, it had subtitles. Made a lot more sense. There was even an article explaining why the dance is used at weddings.

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