Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

1481141259-920x920This is former San Antonio police officer Matthew Luckhurst, who was fired for an extremely poor sense of humor and an even worse sense of humanity.

Luckhurst told fellow officers that he had come up with a really clever joke. Seeing some dog poop, he put the feces between a piece of discarded bread and putting in a food container he found on the ground. He then left the container on a bench near a homeless man. This was so funny to him and he was clearly dying to tell his colleagues, who (to their great credit) reported him to Internal Affairs. In the meantime, another officer told him to retrieve the container and throw it out.

Luckhurst has now been fired after five years on the force . . . bringing new meaning to a real “s— sandwich” of a day.

21 thoughts on “Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?”

  1. My first thought is that there must be a supply of people who want to be cops and that have more going for them than this mutt. But then I realize just how many people voted for the idiot liar Trump and his sense of humor and I realize that appropriate candidates may just be in that short supply. Trump humor.

    1. issac – Trump beat every Republican in the field and then he beat the Vagina candidate. It will be next summer before the Democrats get over this loss.

    2. Issac, this story is not about Trump. You’re obsessing. Get help, please.

      1. It’s all related. There’s a theme, a pulse, a common thread there somewhere. Trump found it with mutts like this cop and the rest of the malcontents that mindlessly lapped up his BS.

  2. This officer has the sort of attitude that most likely would lead him to shoot or maim the homeless or members of any other group his bigotry targets. Best to be rid of him now. Let’s hope he doesn’t get a new job on the police force in your or my town.

  3. Someone stupid enough to not look inside a “sandwich” discovered on a park bench and recognize dog crap when he sees it is likely to fall for any number of pranks and outright dangerous traps set for bums by any one of millions of bum-haters and people who need to feel superior to others in the world. This cop’s sense of humor was simply “in poor taste”, but it was unlikely that most bums are that stupid — or hungry — enough to eat something like that. Firing was probably a good lesson to him, and he will find a better job somewhere else.

    1. Tyger Gilbert – the key to stealing any sandwich is checking to see what its made of before you steal it. 😉

  4. Seems to me callousness and narcissism run pretty deep in this one. Sad enough that people who have to make their life on the streets, no matter what the source of their predicament, but they certainly don’t need to provide lurid entertainment in this way. I think they should let this prime example of local authority have his job back if they can get a big-assed Irish wolfhound to create a couple of sandwiches from some healthy dumps. And let it is sit out in the sun for an afternoon. “What, doesn’t taste very good Muscles? Having trouble with all that foreign bacteria in your tummy????” Maybe it’s an “eye for eye” thing… or the post-digestive equivalent… ???

  5. Unfortunately jobs involving power and domination, tend to attract people.who seek power and domination over others, including a lack of empathy.

    1. Not sure he should have lost his job over this.. but a suspension to let him think about his sense of humor would have gone a long way. Perhaps some comunity service attached to it as well?

    1. Well, Squeeky. Do tell. I am sure we are all fascinated to hear of your adventure.

  6. Disgusting excuse for a human being.
    Gets a bad name for the heroes in Blue, who are the antithesis of what he displays.

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