Breaking Bad Gone Bad: Murderer Follows Television Script On Body Removal . . . With Equally Disastrous Results

nintchdbpict000282265313220px-jesse_pinkman2Stefano Brizzi, 50, clearly loved the series “Breaking Bad” — a taste shared with many of us. His other tastes however were a bit more exotic and lethal. Brizzi strangled to death police officer Gordon Semple, 59, in a sex game after meeting him on the gay cruising app. Brizzi seemed to model his life on the rather unfortunate model of Jesse Pinkman, including his ill-fated initial effort at body disposal.

nintchdbpict000265310555nintchdbpict0002764406881Brizzi is a sadomasochistic, meth addict with a binge watching tendency. The former Morgan Stanley developer developed a love for crystal meth and the series. When he killed Semple, he turned to the lessen of the show in getting rid of bodies with acid in a bathtub. While Pinkman failed to get the proper plastic container and ended up putting a hole through the tub and floor, Brizzi found that the body did not instantly disappear and produced a terrible smell. After police responded to calls from neighbors, they found the partially dissolved body of Semple floating in the tub. Police alleged that he roasted and ate parts of the body and the head was found in a bucket.

In the end, the body disposal worked out as poorly as the one in “The Cat’s Out of the Bag” in Season 1, Episode 2. This series however will end with the pilot. Brizzi was sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum term of 24 years.

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  1. Squeek, LOL! You have a real eye and ear for language. My wife and I know 2 young girls that we take places. Last summer we took them to the zoo. We were walking past the moose exhibit and could not see any moose. Then, my bride says, “There’s a moose way back sitting under a tree.” Our adult daughter was w/ us and replied, “Oh mom, you’re hallucinating.” The 5 year old girl then said, “No, she’s ‘hamooseinating.” From a FIVE year old girl! Her mom is an MD and dad an engineer. Great genes.

  2. OMG, but this deserves a morbid little Irish Poem!

    A Half-Acid Attempt???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was a fellow named Brizzi—
    Whose acid was lacking some fizzy. . .
    So, his lover sooo gay
    Made a tres ripe sachet,
    And the neighbors went into a tizzy!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. I did a little research. Only about 30% of those a serving life sentence in the US have sentencing guidelines that prohibits release.

  4. Olly, Some states have guidelines where a life sentence is w/o the eligibility for release. This guy got life, but w/ good time and good behavior, COULD be eligible for parole in 24 years.

    1. Yikes, regardless if he gets out for good behavior or not, I just hope he is not hungry!
      Didn’t there used to specific laws against cannibalistic behavior?

  5. Why do they say “life in prison” and then put a term of minimal years there? If he croaks before 24 does his body stay in the cell for the remaining years of 24? That is what it sounds like.

  6. I really do not understand sentencing guidelines. He kills a man, dismembers and eats part of him and gets 24 years? He was considered sane? I was always punished for not cleaning my plate but apparently when it comes to sentencing that was a plus?

  7. This would not be the first time that someone has copied a book, movie or tv show on how to murder someone. And it will not be the last.

  8. The clear lesson to be learned here is that TV programs involving murders must be banned. The TV programs obviously inspired Brizzi to commit the crimes that he did and they compelled him to carry out the evil deeds that the TV programs planted in his mind. This is also why I strongly support gun control, ax control, sword control, blunt object control, ice pick control, anvil control, hammer control, tire iron control, and too many other objects and means of murdering to mention here. But I am thoroughly convinced that if we ban any and all means of killing, we will achieve world peace, particularly under a Leftist Brutalitarian Regime that will force people to be nice to one another.

    1. Not to be a thread hijacker, but I find very hypocritical that hollywood makes bazillions off of feeding the vice of human experience, yet claims the high ground on morality. I’m amazed at the depth of loss–and the endless need for vengeance in TV. Heck, even star trek confronted the issue of obsession and vengeance as being negative. Hollywood ideals for everyone!

      Man, this post is just creepy. I’ll keep my head in the sand in my Appalachian hills thank you.

    1. See Theodore Dalrymple on elite attitudes toward criminal justice in Britain.

  9. The body disposal scene was in episode 2? That’s pretty impressive pacing, considering the fuddy duddy Walter White barely knew a thing about methamphetamine at the start of episode 1. My God, that show didn’t waste any time.

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