Gallup Poll: More Adults Define Themselves As Conservative In The United States Than Any Other Group

220px-Democratslogo.svg220px-Republicanlogo.svgWhile many Democrats are calling for a shift back to the left and a rejection of the Clinton establishment, a recent poll from Gallup suggests that the population is moving further away from the party’s liberal wing. Indeed, Gallup found that more Americans consider themselves conservative than liberal. Yet, the real story is the loss from the middle of the spectrum.

Gallup found that an average of 36% of U.S. adults identified themselves as conservative in 2016 while only 25% identified themselves as liberal. There is still some good news for Dems. The 11 point margin was 14 points just two years ago. Moreover, it is half of the margin at its peak in 1996.

Gallup has been polling on such ideological identification since 1992. The polls show a move to the extremes of the spectrum. In 1992, some 17% called themselves liberal while in 2016 it was 25%. Nevertheless, the majority of Americans remain in the middle and increasingly isolated from both parties. They remains the largest group in American politics but the extremes on the political spectrum tend to control the two major parties in their primaries.

It is the trend on moderates that I found most interesting in the poll. There has been a decrease in the percentage of voters identifying as “moderate” from 43% to 34%. While still quite a large group, conservatives are now the most prevalent group. This would suggest that moderates and conservatives could be an overwhelming alliance if the Republican party were to tack more to the center of the spectrum.

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  1. Labels are useless for the current trend. What is clear is that more Americans are withdrawing from coordinated political activity. The two major parties have become so unwieldy that ordinary voters look for specific issues instead, such as tax reform, abortion and ethics. And they will be disappointed because the leaders will be so extremist that ordinary Americans will be repelled. But the extremes will control nevertheless because no single moderate view will dominate.

    1. Au contraire the one single view that does have the lead consists of, in order – self government, independent thinking, reason, representative democracy and it’s principles, and acting as a foundation and control for a Constitutional Republic. Not only moderate when allowed to operate but very much the center.

      The two major parties are the left and right wing of the left and both are government over citizen socialist fascist in nature with a separate and untouchable ruling class. That is the sole problem along with those who support such an aberration.

      Going back to the first paragraph the citizen and all citizens are identified as the ultimate source of power or in three words citizens over government and three more government as employees.

      But then those who attended public school in the last thirty or so years wouldn’t know that. having been molded with some very unapplicable and faulty definition changes promoted by an external foreign imported philosophy which brings us back to Platon, Kant, Hegel, Engels, Marx Wilson, FDR etc. etc etc.

        1. What a horrible place to make a spelling mistake.

          Plato from which the world Platonic is derived was the
          first philosopher to invent the world of two classes one with no rights and one to rule along with all the trimmings that led to Communism, Nazi-ism, Socialism, progressivism etc.

          BUT he was writing within the context of the times and one was one of the first ‘big three’ in philosophy Socrates, Plato, Aristotle to take all the disparate ideas and ideals and put them in a useful order. Still he went off on the tangent mentioned above then later partially refuted it. Also did go off on the mystical subjective tangent and basically invented subjectivism. His pupil Aristotle invented objectivism and the ruse of reason and really did polish the philosophic apple into something worth while.

          The lazy that don’t want to use their mind usually take the easy route and surrender themselves to Kant, Hegel, Engels, Marx etc. and end up either on or running the welfare state complete with Plato’s ruling class method still in use since the 400 BC era without much change other than social and lamestream media.Most if not all western philosophy oriented dictatorships and some of the eastern variety trace their ‘illegitimacy’ to Plato. The followers who include not only Marx, Wilson, FDR, and our almost gone and not dearly beloved recent disaster have contributed not much but only polished Plato’s Apple core.

          For those who were short changed on their education and wish to break away from being a tiny interchangeable programmable replaceable part in the controlled collective I can recommend some no charge courses available on the internet. The rest can bark at the moon.

          How to identify one of these poor souls? “But how can you prove reality exists.” The answer is If I don’t exist then youcannot have asked such a question.” There fore having proved to your satisfaction that realit doesn’t exist, and I don’t exist then you don’t exist andI’m talking to nothing. For that I’ll take an aspirin.”

          Follow on and Clinton doesn’t exist so I can’t vote for her but since I do know I exist you are the only one int rouble. How are you going to vote is voting doesn’t exist and neither you nor your candidate don’t exist? Maybe you should stay home and take a pretend aspirin.”

          A short introduction to the fairy tail land of mysticism.

          Foir me it’s easy. If I hit myself in the head with a rock I know the rock is hard and hurts. If it happens three times in a row with the same result…I can stop testing that particular kind of rock and have a universal. From there you will need a real dictionary.

          Not edited it’s after midnight and i’m off to the non mystical wonders of creative slumber.

  2. The labels “left, liberal, conservative” are so generalized that they are worthless. Asking are you “for” or “against” e.g a flat tax is a more relevant way to measure public opinion.

  3. What we have in America is monopoly medical capitalism. Doctors, hospitals, cliinics, pharmacies, drug companies (the worst), and insurance companies have the benefit of a monopoly. There is no socialism to speak of inside those tents. There is some outside tax money paying off these thieves. No control over prices.

    Put price controls on the costs of these products and services. Charge what they charge in Europe for an oxycotin pill. The billionaires are draining your swamp.

    Do not subsidize these thieves.

    1. On the contrary, this is a poorly stated, illogical mishmash. No critical thinking or scholarship went into the writing of it.

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