California Legislators Push For Course On Teaching High School Teachers How To Spot Fake News

894597_490371537684852_1755238079_oI have long been a critic of politician interfering with curricular issues in our schools. Most of us do not look to politicians as paragons of knowledge. Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez personifies the perils of politicians dictating course choices. Gomez is pushing for a course on to teach students who to avoid fake news. It is part of a new trend around the world to rally people against the scourge of “fake news” — a trend that is already been used as a rationale for censorship and the criminalization of speech. Fake news is now the rallying cry for people who disagree with coverage and is used as a way to avoid answering questions.  What one person consider fake news and other considers real news can be highly subjective.  The most recent controversy reveals the difficult lines to draw.  President-elect Donald Trump made headlines yesterday by denounced CNN as “fake news” and refusing to take a question from its reporter.  Yet, the report was “news” that was reported by most major outlets.  I agree with the Trump staff about the need for BuzzFeed to have looked more closely at specific allegations and I do find the contractions raised by the Trump staff to be very problematic.  Indeed, James Clapper appears to have supported Trump in his outrage over the leaks and further distanced the U.S. intelligence community from the merits of the allegations. [Here is  Clapper’s statement]  Yet, the legitimacy of these stories comes down to the details published in the stories.  A former MI6 agent made the allegation and those allegations were forwarded to the FBI by a U.S. Senator.  That is news.  The specific “dirt” alleged to be in the possession of the Russians is a far more difficult question for editors and most declined to run those details while reporting the lack of independent confirmation.

As I have previously discussed, the problem is that someone has to decide what is false or what is inspired for foreign agencies to cause mischief. For example, Hillary Clinton denounced Wikileaks as false but never cited as single false email to prove her claim. Likewise, acting DNC head Donna Brazile repeatedly made the same allegations when emails showed that she unethically leaked questions to be asked at a CNN townhall to the Clinton campaign. Brazile told the media that she could prove that emails were tampered with but never supplied the evidence. Wikileaks infuriated the establishment in Washington. The response has been blind rage from people in Washington who have thrived on controlling information and shaping the news.

bill-dodd-headshotIn addition to Gomez’ bill, state Sen. Bill Dodd, D-Napa, has proposed legislation to require the state education board to start a “media literacy” curriculum.

Gomez insists fake news poses “a direct threat to our democracy.” What is a threat is the effort of people like Gomez to create a new mythology that we are suddenly faced with the threat of fake news and that we need to take steps to protect our very democracy from its existential threat. The first step is to educate children to recognize the peril of “fake news.” Of course, people can judge for themselves the veracity or truthfulness of news. Millennials are particularly cognizant of fake sites and pitches as a generation that grew up on the Internet. This is a colossal waste of money and, worse yet, an effort to create a foundation for separating protected speech from unprotected speech that we have seen in other countries.

What do you think?

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  1. It seems that for most people on this blog it is all about labels and labeling. Politicians (label) aren’t supposed to have anything to do with education (label). Anything that makes sense, regardless of where it comes from, is desperately needed in this dysfunctional country with its woefully wanting system of education. If a politician pushes for critical analysis in high school and so called minute men and freedom fighters against government intrusion respond as some have, then the mindless whiners are the problem. The running of countries is the job of politicians. The scrutiny of what they propose is the responsibility of the citizens.

    The issue at hand is whether or not high school students should be taught to recognize fake news. Only an idiot would argue against this, for whatever reason. Case in point, if a reasonable understanding of what is BS, and what are lies, and what are exaggerations, and the effects of slander and unmitigated blame, with an equal dose of an understanding of how the economy really works, what the effects of injecting carbon into the atmosphere was, etc, etc, etc, were to be garnered from a high school education then the sorry state of our government would not exist and for darn sure, that lying buffoon soon to be President would have made it no further than his cesspool of mega millionaires and game show attendees. Perhaps talent such as Bernie Sanders would have been recognized. At the very least the far, far, far, lesser evil that is Clinton would be President and the country would be going in a better direction, not a perfectly right direction but not backwards as will be the result of DDT. One thing is for sure, this country’s problems are a result of a lack of education and awareness and a direct result of the dupes that have been conned most recently. Politicians may be blamed after the fact for whatever reason. Rarely is one so apparently guilty before even getting into office. I still put my money on this country over the idiot DDT. But we are in for a whooping thanks to 80,000 dupes in three states.

    1. issac – why do you need a course in it when you favorite moron DJT could spot fake news at 50 paces and called the reporter for the news organization publishing it, out.

      1. There are a lot of courses needed. The prime moron DDT can spot fake news because he knows fake news because he creates fake news because he is the quintessential liar and example of fakery. It’s all around, all politicians, sales people, whoever profits by fakery uses fakery. However, this is the penultimate blatant example of fakery this country has ever seen. Nobody eclipses DDT when it comes to fakery and he has yet to start. That’s the spooky part.

        Critical analyses is sorely lacking in this country. The evidence is threaded throughout this blog.

          1. All the Leftist lying is fake news. Including all of the blatant lies Obama told with a straight face in his farewell lecture.

        1. What you mean is that critical analyses that YOU agree with is sorely lacking in this country “as evidenced on this blog.” Right. And you – who prides yourself on your self-attributed superior judgment – continue to believe that Obama did a “yeoman’s job” – that comment in itself is laughable. Funny how you consider YOUR critical analysis as valid, right, true and superior. Yet you dismiss any other view as stupid, foolish, wrong, and lacking any critical analysis. You sound just like a righteous leftist.

          Face it, Hillary lost because Hillary lost — because she is so bad, so over-rated, so corrupt, so incompetent, so lacking in judgment, so lacking in stamina, so dishonest, so power-hungry, so full of scandals, so without a message, and just such an utter and complete mess (under FBI investigation) that she actually LOST a winnable race.

          The choice between these two candidates this time around was absolutely clear. And the voters made the right choice. That is – the voters from the right states (other than California) made the right choice. You’ll see in four years what Trump is able to accomplish – despite the resistance.

          1. And she blew over $1 BILLION dollars of donor money doing it. THAT, my friend, is what we call an epic LOSER. No one to blame but herself – but don’t ever underestimate the hubris of a Clinton.

          2. Trump was being investigated but it was not disclosed. Now he will be investigated by the Senate. Knowledge of his activities in Russian could have changed the vote in the US. More dislike him every day. Dasvidanlya

            1. Yes. It’s almost certain that Trump is a foreign agent for Russia. Not. And what Russia did in this election – if they did anything – is expose the TRUTH about the DNC and how THEY – the DNC and the Democrats – were influencing our election.

            2. Boris E – Trump was being investigated but it was not disclosed? What information was not disclosed?

              1. Would have, could have, should have ???? You all need to get out of subjective other world mysticism fairy tail land and join reality. Trump IS the next President and social media sucks. the reality is Clinton ran a misguided, unfocused – poorly planned and designed campaign and like most of the pools and pundits failed to recognize she had no real strength. BUT had she focused on one thing and one thing only such as facing up to her sordid past when her husbands victims were sitting in the front row of the second debate instead lf lying abut being pro woman instead oa victimizer of women and focused on electoral votes as did the Trump campaign – we would be crying boo hoos and planning the next step in a pure socialist dictatorship. Instead it’s the other way around. Tough. Deal with it.Live with it . Bight ME. Tha’ts a town one NE Atlantic coast

    2. Wrong again. The running of the country is up to the citizens as the designated ultimate source of power through and using their employees.

      Somebody hacked this site and got you around the ‘I am not a robot’ test.

      1. The citizens run the country through their elected representatives who appoint etc. Somehow you have an illusion working for you. The responsibility rests with the citizens. Unfortunately most have been ‘hacked’ by con artists such as DDT. It’s not that the sickness doesn’t exist in all politicians, Obama as well. It’s simply the level of rot is so vastly more putrid in DDT.

        1. Obama is overrated and sick, that’s for sure. We finally agree. Hey, and if you want to come to the inauguration, I’ll save a spot for you in our “Wall of Meat” that the Bikers for Trump have going on for Inauguration day. I won’t hold my breath.

    3. “Rarely is one so apparently guilty before even getting into office.” — Guilty of what?

      “At the very least the far, far, far, lesser evil that is Clinton would be President and the country would be going in a better direction” — You could not be more W.R.O.N.G.

    4. “One thing is for sure, this country’s problems are a result of a lack of education and awareness and a direct result of the dupes that have been conned most recently.” — You mean the dupes conned by Barack Obama? Open your eyes man.

  2. Critical thinking would be a better syllabus item than this fake news nonsense.

    Anecdotally, for some reason primary school educators at the school districts where I and most of my contemporary friends attended went to great lengths to teach us not trust everything that was offered in advertisements, that our environment was being threatened by over development and pollution, and instilled a good understanding of civics. I suppose having been primary schooled in the 1970’s to the mid 1980’s the ecology movement was much more legitimate and honest than some of the rhetoric we see today. But I digress…

    The point is that after having experienced these teachings we entered the adult world almost completely immune to the suggestions of advertisements and we all seem to have as our first reaction “ok, what trick are they up to now?” and really hone in on what they are trying to sell us. And it doesn’t work until we decide it does.

    Fake news? Sorry but what a bunch of garbage. People should think for themselves. The only fake news seems to come straight from the media that sling the most poppycock and pass it off as golden eggs. But it’s not just most of the major networks, but in large part the political side of our government and its news releases. The latest being the pack of lies hocked by James “the least untruthful statement” Clapper who insinuated that the Ruskies were manipulating the general election by successfully using “Russian Paid Trolls” and RT News as agents provocateur capable of undermining the American Election.

    If people actually learned how to think and act with reason they can easily avoid becoming wanton lemmings to some ideologue.

  3. Fake News is easy to recognize and requires no skills or training. If it comes from such outlets as CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC, the New York Times, or the Washington Post, all of the “news” should be considered to be fake news or propaganda.

    The reason this is true is because each of those outlets has a predetermined agenda, and when the facts get in the way of that agenda, they will: (1) disregard those facts; (2) distort or modify those facts to fit the agenda; and/or (3) outright lie and invent “facts” that fit the preconceived agenda. The inevitable result of that will be either fake news or propaganda, without exception.

    This is also the reason why investigative journalism in America is dead. The very idea of investigative journalism is to dig deep to get to the truth. But the truth is no longer the objective of any of the above media outlets! Only the predetermined agenda matters. And under those circumstances, investigative journalism would only get in the way of the predetermined agenda.

    Plus, fake news and propaganda are a lot cheaper to produce than the expense of real journalism and investigations. So the fake news or propaganda boost the bottom lines of the media outlets.

    1. As Tom Clancy wrote, “Why should I believe you. You are a reporter.” In one of his books by one of his characteres but it’s defined the difference between fake and real journalism ever since. The best news program ever aired on television featured real actors and actresses as the anchors and was far more believeable as a result. Anyone remember the final closing moments of the last show? Hint: FFA.

      1. As I said, the next thing we hearor read will be a regurgitation of the days programming without anything to back it up. But the poster is is not confused. It takes a mind to achieve that state of thinking and reasoning. Something not evident.

  4. JT – “Millennials are particularly cognizant of fake sites and pitches as a generation that grew up on the Internet.”

    Is this why most millennials seem to get their talking points from “The Daily Show”?

  5. Help Please! My comment is in moderation.

    Thank you!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    PS: In the meantime, here is the comment without the picture:

    More FAKE NEWS. See this:

    Allaying concerns of a grassroots Russian takeover of US media by Russia, C-SPAN sent out a notice later stating that the mix up was due to an “internal routing issue.”

    1. Squeaky your headline should be “Carville Made Me Do It.” Flip Flip Flip.

    1. Major points to whoever put that together! and to think I thought I’d be subjected to Comrades Maxine Waters and Elizabeth Warren! Excellent post! LMAO

  6. Yes, middle school students are unable to judge how trustworthy any individual “story” is, even to the point of being unable to differentiate between editorial content and advertising.

  7. I’m sorry. I am offended by this post that I posted!! but I liked the point he is making. I wish I could delete it! If someone is in charge of that, have at it….

    1. No. Wrong path to take. You have recognized and therefore have the ability of cognition and made an effort to correct what you think is a ‘wrong path.’ But you didn’t explain why you wish to change or delete. That is a valuable step for yourself but it would it hurt to share it. That was a big time step especially doing it publicly. I’m not happy with you not taking it further without pointing out it’s still your journey and it’s worth taking the addtional steps.

      In any case give yourself big points! How many? That’s up to you.

  8. One more problem with the course is, who decides what is propaganda? I can easily see a class being taught where the issue is “illegal immigration is just a code word for anti-Hispanic bigotry.” Instead of, “illegal immigration is an excuse for Democrats to stuff the ballot box.”

    Who decides? And you can bet your sweet a$$ that the second option above will never be taught anywhere. Sheeesh, the liberals won’t even let conservatives speak at their schools. Do you think they are going to expose their own lies and manipulation???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  9. Didn’t anybody check out this report to find out if it was factual or just another snowfake special? Who would be fooled? Anyone that thinks that 99 cents is really good deal or listens to stuff like pre-owned. My rule when looking for a vehicle was to tell who ever to speak only when spoken to and when I had enough information I told them to go get whoever could make and approve a deal without dragging in someone else. Failure to comply meant my money went out the door.

  10. Teaching the rules of logical argument would be helpful. With this information at hand, it will make it easier for each person to see when BS is being given to them, whether that BS comes from the highest authority in the land or anywhere else.

  11. High on my list of fake news is polls prior to an election. Polls are paid for by the news organization. The election is the news, and the defining sentiment of voters. Polling is a tiny subset of the voters with statistical analysis to determine who would win if the voting were held at that moment.

    1. Final polls by most news organizations had Clinton winning nationally by 4 percent. She won by 2 percent so that was well within the margin of error. Not as fake as one might think …….

        1. “But she won the popular vote” is like “Russia interfered in our election”…..or like “Trump is a puppet for Putin”….or “Obama ran a scandal-free administration”…..all are part of the propaganda misinformation campaign intended to mislead the public. True or not, it is going to penetrate into the minds of the masses and have the intended effect.

          1. Which gets to the substance of this thread; the need to teach people to use reason when reading the news.

      1. Who gives a crap about the poll! the poll did not, will not, and can not elect anybody for anything. Only the actual vote elects people. The poll is bought and paid for by the news organizations. How about reporting on the candidates and what they have done, promise to do, and who they surround themselves with. That is news.

        1. Hey, you are the one that complained about the polls being fake news. Trump has surrounded himself with five Goldman Sachs officials, a few generals, an Exxon CEO, assorted billionaires and Pence’s pals from congress.

          1. Good! With an anemic economy, poor workforce participation rates, a foreign policy in shambles, a weakened military and no experience working inside the halls of Congress, it sounds like Trump is preparing well.

            Now, he’ll have my support if he respects the rule of law and separation of powers. We can disagree over policy but if we cannot agree about the limits of the office then it really doesn’t matter who he surrounds himself with.

    1. Trump isn’t in the same league with the level of disinformation being generated today. MIC will not lose. Still not sure if Trump is going to see inauguration.

      1. True. A lot can happen in 7 days. BBC is reporting that thousands of US troops and hundreds of tanks have begun arriving in Poland.

        1. itp,

          This is simply madness by USGinc. Here’s the Guardian: “…{Ameircan troops}… are not “permanent”, which would be in breach of an agreement with Russia. The US plans to rotate the troops every nine months, so it can argue they are not in breach of the Russian treaty, but effectively there will be a permanent presence.

          Deployment was originally scheduled for later in the month but a decision was made last month to bring it forward,…”

          Dangerous and BS all in one. Who wants this war so badly? Does anyone know?

          1. Who wants war so badly? Start with McCain. He’s got some weapon deals to broker and he needs to gin up business.

            Someone else asked the rhetorical question, if Russian military forces massed up in Mexico (for “exercises”), would we consider it no big deal?

      2. To sum up the past few days:

        We have Trump comparing the Intelligence Community to the Third Reich.

        So-called ‘news’ organizations publishing salacious, outrageous, unverified rumors with no basis for doing so but to hurt Trump.


        People seriously believing Trump can be brought up on ‘treason’ charges and blocked from taking office.

        DOJ IG’s office is opening an investigation into its own handling of Hillary’s email investigation.

        Rubio, McCain, Graham, et al are acting like lunatics.

        Obama has thousands of US military troops and tanks moving into Poland.

        Meanwhile Obama throws himself a farewell “Yay me” pep rally in Chicago and Michelle O is serenaded by Stevie Wonder on Jimmy Fallon — b/c as he keeps telling us, Obama is leaving the country and the world far better off than how he found it 8 years ago. Got it.

        I’ve been trying to be optimistic about Trump, but let’s face it, we still have 7 days to go before Inauguration. I am nearing the conclusion that Issac is right. We’re all going to hell.

        PS – hey Pepto Bismol – I know you are going nuts with my over-commenting case of “the trots,” but I just couldn’t help myself today. Forgiveness? Thank you.

  12. True this is hardly new. Just the latest edition of political wet dreams,

    Governing what’s appropriate truth for and by the public.

    And their nightmares:

    Congress passing a law making it illegal for them to lie; particularly in political campaigns and advertisements.

  13. Turley typed: “…A MI6 agent made the allegation and those allegations were forwarded to the FBI by a U.S. Senator…”

    My best understanding is he is an ex-MI6 agent who wrote the report while employed by Trump’s opposition candidates prior to Trump winning the RNC nomination. Also, you imply, or one might likely infer, MI6 is associated w/the report, which MI6 vehemently deny.

    Lastly, a man whose name escapes me was a guest on Tucker Carlson’s show last night. The guest has forty years experience reporting on Russia, and worked in Russia for years. He described this report as one of thousands dreamed up by persons in Russia who author such reports, and hawk them for profit to whoever might pay for it.

    I don’t believe everything Trump says. Yesterday Trump said he had a meeting in which the sum total persons present in a secured meeting were Trump and US intelligence agents. Trump kept the information absolutely confidential, and shared it with no one. The next day he read about the information in public. Till he’s sworn in, he’s only President-elect, so I suppose no crime occurred by US intelligence sharing the information, unless it was classified, which it may not have been.

    Regardless, if I was Trump, I’d find out who was in the room and who shared the information, and I’d terminate that SOB immediately, or send him to a post in Siberia, whichever is worse.

    Anyone who thinks MSM does not have it in to destroy Trump is lying or naive.

    1. The British intelligence officer after being outed went into hiding. Why would pee gate be classified? Trump was a citizen who was visiting Russia on business.

      1. Ummm, intelligence briefing with the President-Elect, Goldie. Those are classified. FFS.

    2. Anyone who thinks MSM does not have it in to destroy Trump is lying or naive.

      This is true, sort of. The CIA can do it quicker.

      Like Democrats, the MSM (and the intellegence agencies) is/are playing a very dangerous game. They are going to end up with NO one believing a thing they say. That can take a while because it isn’t just one sucker born every day, but still, if they keep on keeping on, they will get there.

      More and more people are coming to realize every single thing you read from the MSM is probably fake in at least one of the following ways: It’s a direct lie. It’s the suppression of the truth. It’s implicit lies. It’s truth and lies mixed together to make the lies believable. It’s truth and lies mixed to make the truth unbelievable. And so on.

          1. It wasn’t Kellyanne’s finest hour. She simply should have said that the CNN story gave main stream credence to the fallacious and salacious BuzzFeed story and that given CNN’s obvious bias during the election for HIllary, it should have known better. That’s why she struggled to say but she got off on tangent after tangent.

      1. Interesting that new CIA director, Mike Pompeo, Pence’s BFF, is an extreme hard liner on Russia and every thing else. Wonder how it will play out. If Pence does become Pres, he will already have many of his own people in place.

      2. My brother has been saying the same thing. It was bad enough they held up the spawn of Satan as a Presidential nominee–I don’t think they have many governorships left to lose.

        The oligarchy has been revealing itself consistently as well. It’s very interesting to read to that McCain worked to carry false information about Trump forward.

      3. This is true, sort of. The CIA can do it quicker.

        The CIA hired Aldrich Ames and promoted him several times, red flags notwithstanding. He was a perfectly unremarkable individual bar his talent for living beyond his means. They hired Michael Scheuer. Putatively, they hired Philip Giraldi. Interesting institutional culture, but not one which stirs much confidence.

      4. The MSM has always been suckers for “well-placed intelligence sources” and continues to be so. See Buildup, Iraq War. They are just arms of the homespun propaganda. The problem is now that almost no one believes them when they cry wolf. See their 16% approval rating and 32% credibility rating. For being so “elite,” they come across pretty pedestrian to me.

      1. Nixon never took on the press, unless you count his 1962 concession speech and some of his remarks in the 1952 campaign re the Checkers scandal. Daniel Schorr was on the White House enemies list (nothing was ever done to him) and Gordon Liddy and Howard Hunt brainstormed plans to take out Jack Anderson (to whom nothing was actually done). Liddy and Hunt were several echelons removed from Nixon and it’s doubtful he had more than a vague idea who they were.

    3. I don’t believe any part of the media is out to destroy Trump, and I am not naive or lying. All they are doing is accurately reporting the “alternative facts” of Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, Reince Priebus, and The Donald himself. Most well attended inaugural ever? Three to five million illegal voters? The Bowling Green Massacre? Frederick Douglass is doing a great job? Hiliary’s secret server? These are all lies told by that quartet. And when has even one apologized for misspeaking (the political emphemism for lying)? Deal with that, instead of blaming the messengers.

      1. Everyone has a righ to their opinion and like doughnut holes every one has one but you are thei first to say I blelieve instead of I think and deserve that credit for that – if nothing else. Looks like some of the leftist collective is starting to revolt instead of being revolting

  14. Too bad Prof Turley has NO problem with FAUX News providing FAKE news in its coverage of the Tea Party rally that was not as well attended as the previous one. They simply substituted film coverage of the first with a far large crowd, after the one of the poorly attended one as though they were the one and same. The problem was that in the first leaves were on the trees and the second they had none. Faux knew that their viewers would be too stupid to notice such a thing. This was compounded when they ran a map with Iraq labelled as EGYPT on their news program. It seems that with a whole news room FULL of Faux news people, NOBODY could catch the error! Seems like they are as dumb as their viewers. Seems like it is Brock is bad for doing such stuff and should be shunned, but Faux is good for doing the same and Turley has NO problem associating with them. Nor does he have a problem with Breitbart foliks being close advisers to Trump when they falsified tapes in the Sherrod case which cost them a lot of money. So where is the outrage about Trump’s Brock like folks?

  15. “After the election, the memos, still being supplemented by his inquiries, became one of Washington’s worst-kept secrets, as reporters — including from The New York Times — scrambled to confirm or disprove them.

    Word also reached Capitol Hill. Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, heard about the dossier and obtained a copy in December from David J. Kramer, a former top State Department official who works for the McCain Institute at Arizona State University. Mr. McCain passed the information to James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director.

    Remarkably for Washington, many reporters for competing news organizations had the salacious and damning memos, but they did not leak, because their contents could not be confirmed. (Mother Jones magazine was an exception, publishing a story on Oct. 31 that described the dossier, its origin and significance, while omitting the titillating details.) That changed only this week, after the heads of the C.I.A., the F.B.I. and the National Security Agency added a summary of the memos, along with information gathered from other intelligence sources, to their report on the Russian cyberattack on the election.

    Now, after the most contentious of elections, Americans are divided and confused about what to believe about the incoming president. And there is no prospect soon for full clarity on the veracity of the claims made against him.

    “It is a remarkable moment in history,” said Mr. Wilson, the Florida political operative. “What world did I wake up in?”

  16. A false rumor is “news” because people are whispering it, not because it’s true. I don’t fault journalists for checking them out, and telling it plain. I don’t see new laws prosecuting journalists for that will get anywhere. But today’s journalism is more insidious than that. Biased news is worse than “fake” news. Now we’re used to seeing obvious opinions pretending to be news, with no downside for it. We also get “leaks” from inside sources that are used only to embarrass officials, and they can never be proven. But they succeed in their goal to push someone’s agenda. So it just gets worse.

    We can attack this abuseone abuse, however, that really does hurt democracy: secret sources. There’s no reason why the public shouldn’t know them. Biased journalists can use their moles in the government to keep sniping away just to weaken their political enemies. It’s time to call out the journalists who mislead the public this way. My solution? Have an organization of citizens who will investigate to identify all undisclosed sources and publish it. To me, the secrecy is more damaging to democracy then this illusory “fake” news.

  17. One area of issue is in the area of UFOs where many in organizations like MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) investigators virtually blasting recurring video post from Third Phase of the Moon and to a lesser degree Secureteam or Secureteam10, where Tyler appears to bring logic to what gets kicked his way, but vetting remains an issue, i.e., the alleged ‘ball appearing’ UFO flap over Turkey was clearly labeled a hoax and yet it followed a similar story about ‘ball appearing’ UFOs over Germany, where nada a word of hoax was raised.

    This subject matter does not readily lend itself ti methods used in vetting matters that do not involve ‘matters of extreme strangeness,’ i.e., the Onion v. ‘Planet X,’ (Nibiru), a real planet that allegedly has over a 3,000 year orbit and caused outright havic on its last passage for Mars, Earth and Earth’s moon.

    What about Operation Highjump led by Admiral Byrd where allegedly the multinational fleet was on at least one instance attacked by UFOs coming out of the ocean from a base under Antartica. Alternately, the fleet went to Antartica in pursuit of Hitler’s 4th Reich, which was actually centered in Argentiana and Chile, as the History Channel’s highly interesting an continuing ‘Hunting Hitler’ is revealing and yes boys and girls, it is today beyond a reasonable doubt that Hitler, Braun and Borman did escape from Germany at the end of WWII as recently released FBI files in combination with major world intelligence organizational releases now make patently clear. The remaining question here is Hitler’s ultimate fate. Various dates and locations fir his death range from age 56 in Argentina, age 104, also in Argentina. The Russians found not Hitler’s body but that if his double and the alleged dental match is another story altogether.

  18. Just the facts Jack! That is what I heard when they got me. They distorted some of my motives. I did not like Oswald for what he did not because of who he was or where he had been. Little dork.

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