Protesters Succeed In Preventing Conservative Speakers From Appearing At The University of California At Davis

the_university_of_california_davis-svgWe have been discussing the largely successful efforts by students and faculty to prevent certain conservative speakers like Milo Yiannopoulos from being able to speak on campuses. The latest such example is University of California at Davis where protesters succeeded in preventing fellow students and faculty from hearing Yiannopoulos. There is one promising element to the story however. Unlike school administrators who have either supported or yielded to the “heckler’s veto,” Interim Chancellor Ralph Hexter denounced the effort to not only silence an opposing voice but to deny the right of others to hear that voice on campus. While the school professes “let there be light” on its seal, the school is now cloaked in a forced silence after the ignoble victory of protesters in curtailing the exercise of free speech.

Protesters blocked efforts to have Yiannopoulos and controversial pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli speak on campus. Screaming “shut it down,” the protesters threatened the safety of organizers and attendees, according to the sponsors who finally cancelled the event.

I have been a critic of the erosion of free speech values on our college and university campuses. As discussed recently, Yiannopoulous has been the target of some of the most aggressive efforts to silence certain speakers and prevent other students from hearing opposing views.

Obviously, such success in silencing opposing views only encourages others to replicate such censorship or obstruction on other campuses as was the case this month at LSU.  Once schools allow students and faculty to taste the silencing of speech, the appetite becomes insatiable and we find ourselves on a slippery slope of censorship as groups and individuals cite microaggressions and discomfort from speech.  As academics, we are playing with our own demise in fostering this new age of speech regulation.

That point was made by Hexter who spoke clearly and strong in favor of free speech. Here is his statement:

Dear UC Davis students, faculty, and staff:

In recent days, many members of our community have expressed deep concern over an upcoming event on campus sponsored by the Davis College Republicans, a registered UC Davis student organization. The event, scheduled for this evening, features Milo Yiannopoulos, an editor at Breitbart News known for provocative anti-leftist political and cultural commentary, and guest speaker Martin Shkreli, a controversial hedge fund founder and former pharmaceutical executive.

All of those who expressed concern referenced Mr. Yiannopoulos’s notoriety for making disrespectful and often offensive utterances directed at certain segments of our society, or global society, and for denigrating ideas with which he disagrees. They view the beliefs and statements in question, along with similar ones attributed to Mr. Shkreli, as being in sharp conflict with the type of institutional environment that UC Davis is committed to supporting—one that is inclusive and respectful to people of all backgrounds, and dedicated to the pursuit of deeper understanding through the free and civil exchange of ideas.

Because I believe that many of you have similar concerns, let me clarify the position of UC Davis administration on this event.

We affirm the right of our students—in this instance, the Davis College Republicans—to invite speakers to our campus. Any public university must do everything it can to make sure that all members of its community are free to express their views—both because free expression is a right guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution and enshrined in University of California policy, and because it is an essential ingredient of excellence in higher-education teaching and research.

Indeed, our position on objectionable speech in general is consonant with the following statement by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on “racist, sexist and homophobic” utterances:

“Where racist, sexist and homophobic speech is concerned, the ACLU believes that more speech—not less—is the best revenge. This is particularly true at universities, whose mission is to facilitate learning through open debate and study, and to enlighten. When hate is out in the open, people can see the problem. Then they can organize effectively to counter bad attitudes, possibly change them, and forge solidarity against the forces of intolerance.”

To this, let me add my personal belief that a university is at its best, is most true to itself, and makes proper use of its unique intellectual resources when it listens to and critically engages opposing views, especially ones that many of us find upsetting or even offensive.

To ensure that a respectful and rational exchange of ideas is the strong focus of this event, we urge all involved students, faculty, and staff to participate in a manner in keeping with our UC Davis Principles of Community. To veer from this course due to intentional provocation would constitute missing an important opportunity to publicly demonstrate the character, values, and critical ability of the UC Davis community.

We hope and expect that this event will be conducted professionally and in keeping with our community values. Even so, I want to assure you that our Student Affairs office, the Davis College Republicans, campus security personnel, and others are taking all of the appropriate measures to create a safe and secure environment.

In sum, UC Davis acknowledges Mr. Yiannopoulos and Mr. Shkreli as invited guests of a registered campus student group. We appreciate the opportunity that this event provides us to hear and evaluate their views as well as to affirm our support for untrammeled freedom of expression. This does not mean, however, that we take an approving or even neutral position with respect to speech intended to express hate or to denigrate or offend others, even if that speech is employed as part of a political strategy or for the purpose of self-promotion. Such speech we unequivocally condemn. It is our sincere hope that, in Mr. Yiannopoulos’s and Mr. Shkreli’s visit to UC Davis, they will strike the right balance between frank expression and due respect.


Ralph J. Hexter
Interim Chancellor

I am still a bit unclear why the speech was cancelled since there were no arrests or property damage. The police appear to contradict the claim of property damage but there are various sites reporting that Shkreli was assaulted with dog poop. According to Yiannopoulos, there were assaults and property damage. He posted the following statement:

“Left-wing thugs scared UC Davis into canceling my event last night by damaging property, hurling excrement at guests and starting fights. It was the university and campus PD who told us the event could not go ahead. Why is the university and its police force trying to pretend otherwise? Who are they trying to protect?”

It is the responsibility of the university to ensure that speakers and students are not silenced by those who want to prevent others from expressing contrary views. Nevertheless, the words of Hexter are a welcomed departure from too many administrators who are complicate in the growing denial of free speech on our campuses.

Kudos: Joseph Piazza

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  1. We must vigorously defend free speech.

    Personally, I would have been interested in what Martin Shkreli had to say. Was he going to speak in defense of making toxoplasmosis drugs unaffordable? I’m certainly not afraid of anything he’d have to say, or feel like I’d have to protect my precious ears from any opinion of his. Worst case scenario, I’d think he was a bad person. Which is what I think now.

    And if a gay speaker was shouted down and forced to be silent in any Liberal venue, there would be rainbow marches across America about the war on LGBTQ. It shouldn’t be one way for thee, another for me. We either defend the right of everyone to have free speech, regardless of the content of that speech, or we don’t. Personally, I’ve quite enjoyed the few articles that I’ve read of Milo’s, especially that one about how birth control makes women fat and unfaithful. It was a hilarious poke at feminists. I’m a classic feminist myself, and I found it funny. How can you heel toe it through the world today without a sense of humor? He’s certainly not an existential threat that must be silenced at all cost lest the force of gravity cease and we all get flung off into space. Let him talk, and if you don’t enjoy it, don’t attend.

    1. But your comment presumes that Democratic Leadership, and Democratic Activists, actually care about what is right or wrong. They don’t. They are just in it for the power, and could care less about principles. How many times have I posted:

      Expecting from, or trying to explain to, Democrats- “principles”, or “right vs. wrong”,
      or “rules”, or “logical consistency”, is like trying to explain to a bad, cheating, folding metal
      chair-using, wrestler why he didn’t win the WWF Belt fairly. He is simply not able to comprehend what
      you are complaining about.

      All he knows is, that he won the match and the belt! The fact that his girl friend jumped into the ring
      when the referee wasn’t looking, and whomped the good wrestler over the head with a folding metal chair,
      knocking him unconscious- – -well, really what difference at this point does that make???
      After all, he won! He has the championship belt! Isn’t that all that matters??? Frankly, he just doesn’t
      give a hoot about the morality of the whole thing. All he cares about, is getting what he wants. Period.

      You will have as much success expecting Democrats to change, as you would trying to convince a robber that stealing your purse is wrong. He don’t care. All he wants is the cash, the phone, and the credit cards. Homilies are lost on him, and on Democrats.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  2. Democrats are imitating their secret hero, Kim Jong-Un, and controlling what information their minions can be allowed to hear. Democrats really admire all that government power in North Korea. Their worship of Obama is very similar to the obsequious worship of whichever Jong is in power. Oh, I almost forgot the blurb:

    Radio and TV sets in North Korea are supplied pre-tuned to government stations and radios must be checked and registered with the police. According to reports from dissident and defector groups, some North Koreans purchase a second radio set that is not registered, enabling them to listen to foreign broadcasts.

    One radio network is wired into most residences and workplaces. This carries news and commentary that is considered too sensitive for consumption outside North Korea, such as criticising economic activities that are inconsistent with national policy.

    Reports from refugees say that there are also those who take the risk of opening the preset radios in order to be able to tune in other frequencies. A number of radio stations operate from the South, but it is difficult to find out how successful they are at reaching their intended audience.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Not too different from the TV’s tuned only to CNN in many ‘liberal’ US venues (or FOX in many ‘conservative’ US venues ?), eh?

      1. But that is a matter of CHOICE. What these neo-fascist SJW’s did was to remove choice from the equation. Now, people don’t get to hear Milo speak there, even if they want to. Sooo, there is a big difference between that, and people choosing to watch or listen to something.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

  3. Jonathan Turley,

    Did I miss your posting on the DOJ report?

    Radley Balko:

    The damning Justice Department report about Chicago police also helps explain the city’s murder rate

    “Whether it’s Baltimore, Cleveland, Ferguson and St. Louis County, or now Chicago, we’ve consistently seen that the cities in which violent crime remains aberrantly high are also served by police departments with long histories of institutional abuse, bigotry and/or corruption, and where transparency and real accountability are close to nonexistent. In all four of those particular examples, the problems extend well beyond the police department and into other branches of city government. There are of course countless variables that contribute to a city’s crime rate. This isn’t the only one. But it’s one that’s chronically overlooked. Instead of putting all the blame on the “culture” of communities that continue to suffer from abnormally high violence, perhaps it’s time to also scrutinize the culture of their police departments, and the institutions and politicians who are supposed to keep those departments in line.”

    Perhaps you’re doing something on this, elsewhere?

    1. Yeah, because I am sooo sure the police make black thugs go out and commit crimes! The cops just pull the black savages off their porches, march them to a competing dealer, or deadbeat junkie, and then give them a loaded gun and make them pop a few caps into the vic. Meanwhile, other cops are breaking in black women’s bedrooms, and holding them down while some new thug baby-daddy knocks them up with another illegitimate kid.

      Oh, you are sooo astute to point this out!

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. “Video shows police tackling and beating a black man suspected of stealing a car. It was his.”

        “Evanston Alderman Brian Miller, who is running for mayor, told The Washington Post he’s been outraged about the incident ever since he saw the video months ago with the rest of the city council.

        ““There’s underlying problems in our town that we’re not admitting,” he said. “There’s a true desire that people have — they want to address these problems and actually solve them. But we don’t want to necessarily admit that we have these problems.””

        1. No wonder you post as “anon”, because if my ability to analyze something was as deficient as yours, I would post as “anonymous”, too. Think about your supposed response. You found an instance where the police screwed up. Wow! But is it relevant? Does it have any relevance to say — 700 murders in Chiraq??? Does it have anything to do with about 6% of the population, black males, committing over 50% of the nation’s murders?

          When you are arguing with someone, you can’t just pull out an instance of something, blame other things on it, and then never “connect it up.” I showed you in my first response what a stupid thing it would be to try to blame (connect up) the police for the huge amount of black crime. My goodness, but by YOUR line of reasoning, the amount of black crime would justify Dylan Roof in shooting those 9 blacks in church. Well, you know it was all that black crime. . . that is why he done it.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. Ha,ha,ha, Seriously Squeeky, no offense intended, but is Squeeky Fromm Girl Reporter your birth name? 🙂 Perhaps I’m missing something but it seems pretty “anonymous” to me (as it should – anonymity, in my not so humble opinion, should be the default).

            1. Shhhh! When I am fussing with somebody, I rarely have to deal with that level of critical thinking. The run-of-the-mill Liberal person just calls me more names and posts more irrelevant stuff.

              Keep that to yourself, OK???

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

    2. Yes we are as a matter of fact. I have to give credit to the Libertarians Cato Institute for this the following

      Arguing The Case For Police Accountability – Part 1May 9, 2010 @ 4:56 PM by David Packman.

      Although the study was to track and verify police misconduct it uncovered two additonal conclusions.

      The study split all the instances over a wide range of all types of criminal activities and found on average with a very narrow margin either way 1 to 1.5% of the law enforcement community were ‘dirty’ which is to say had committed a crime in the performance of their duties. It did not go into ‘coverups or preferential treatment.’ The total number in the group at the time was 800,000 meaning 8,000 were wrong doers. The results were somewhat subjective in that not all geographical areas responded as was true with the infamous ‘required report passed by the Clinton Administration. For Cato they went with reported incidents then verified them and their validity.

      The first unsuspected result was the percentage varied very very little across all categories of crime.

      The second unsuspected result was a comparison to the general population. The same results occurred. Across all types of crime the same 1 to 1.5% showed up in every category meaning the same percentage of people were law breakers. – in each and every category.

      By 2010 it appeared the largely ignored required report procedure on national crime was getting some results – took about eight years CATO had no more budget and turned over their information or at least offered it

      1. If the same percentage of people commit crimes in the general population and in law enforcement commit wrongdoings or misconducts or crimes does that hold true in other demographic groups.

      2. What common factors might be found? Age, education, DNA, amount of rest before going on duty, activities such as alcohol or drug or other impairments? Stress?

      3. What specific steps can and should be taken in primary selection police or other LEA candidates to ‘weed’ out or reject those with excessive ‘probable’ tendencies and what are those tendencies

      4. What changes can be made in department policies e.g. stress, scheduling, insufficent rest. Excessive over time and why?Lack of training.

      5. Lack of training figured in the National Police Chiefs study on high speed pursuits. which in turn contributed about one death per day or 365 a year. nation an example.

      6. Comparing the time it takes in the Combat Arms and non-combat arms military units to developo any forms of stress not just PTSD to that of a police officer.

      So yes something was done and by bringing it to your attention so you can use the information in your own channels of influence a lot more should be done. Starting with the results of that mandatory policy or law on reporting nation wide crime and results.

      Or was that just another throw away like Clinton’s Civil Rights Support Speech?

      Government has two primary functions and has had them since day one 240 year so far. Protect citizens from enemies foreign and domestic to ensure their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

      So why is this at the bottom of the list and why was it at the bottom of the list in the Clinton, Bush and Obama years?

      Read the study and draw your own conclusion. A comparison is freeway traffic. Out of 100 how many drivers are in defective vehicles, how many drunk, on drugs, getting into road rage for many reasons and driving unsafely at high speeds. That makes it more up close and personal. So why are you putting up with one in 100 of every cops or one in 100 of every person – not just citizens.

      In real life there are no safe spots. And most aggressions are not micro. That’s weak word anyway. If you can’t handle the minor stuff how are you going to do with the big ticket items in the real world. Stay on campus and become a professor?

  4. There’s this iconic photo from the event: “Hey you, you’re facism [sic] is showing.” Apparently, you do not need to be able to spell to get accepted to UC. What is face-ism? If you spend too much time on Facebook, do you become a facist?

    1. What they are doing is exactly that. fascism is using any and all means necessary to gain complete control. Any ‘system’ can be fascist. These snowflakes are an example of a pure racist, sexist, bigoted group of brown shirts acting out their fears.

      “OMG we can’t pay our student loan!!! Like can they really draft us?”

      “No no no you signed that little card at 18 and you are no longer on the draft list. You are now a volunteer. That is your signature isn’t it?”

      “You see problem solved.. two to four or six years you get the current GI Bill and it goes to pay off your loan while your regular pay goes to family support.”

      “What family there is only my sister?”

      “She has a student loan? Yes? Heh heh heh Then you get to pay for hers as well.”

  5. What is this ‘you need to’ crap? i don’t need to do anything I choose not to do and i don’t need some half baked uneducated little kid telling me what I do or do not need. If it’s an adult then the ask to discuss in vonversation or just give the order if in the military. This ‘need to’ garbage is sooooooo phony.

  6. I just saw a clip on TV where a UC Davis student protester said “you need to tell me what you’re going to say before I allow you to have free-speech.”

    1. And then they will direct you to the “free speech zone” where they “allow” it.

      1. Don and gerry,

        I think your two posts bring home the real problem here– a lack of intellectual integrity by way too many people in our society.

        When I heard Rosie Odonnell demand martial law to “prevent fascism” I was on the floor! Doesn’t she see anything wrong with this? Martial law is fascism! OMG!!!

        As the Jimmy Dore video that Autumn linked to above shows, the govt., even under Obama Jesus, does not want its citizens having freedom of speech or expression. As of now, it seems that the left wing is carrying the banner of intolerance and violence to enforce the silence of others. The right has done this when they were in power.

        As always, the govt. counts on citizens, both left and right, to have absolutely no intellectual or ethical integrity. Having willing mini fascists ready to take out the rights of their fellow citizens in the name of righteousness, the oligarchy laughs. The righteous remove rights. These rights don’t return. With each act of righteousness, more rights are taken. I believe this system works very well for the oligarchy.

        The truly revolutionary act is respect for rights guaranteed by our Constitution, even if we despise the person who is exercising those rights. This govt. does not fear violence, stupidity or lack of intellect. It fears thoughtful, ethical, informed citizens who will stand up for every person’s rights, no matter what. It’s something the govt. doesn’t know how to deal with and if people are serious about resisting, it’s time to get real serious about being a strong, courageous person willing to defend everyone’s rights. Either believe in your Constitution or I guess you end up stupid, like Rosie!

        1. I think there is a subtle nuance to “taking rights.” Let’s analogize it to parents. Parents A, right wing religious people, take the right of premarital sex and marijuana away from their kids. Further, they take away their right to use the cell phone whenever, and be on the Internet whenever they want without restriction. They make sure the kids do their homework first, before any social events, thus restricting their right to freely decide how they will spend their time. Plus, Parents A make their kids do chores around the house, and keep their rooms clean, thus imposing involuntary servitude on them. To make it all worse, they even used corporal punishment at various times!

          Parents B, liberal left wing parents, are much more cool about their kids rights. They are allowed to associate freely with whoever they want, use the Internet freely, go to other “cool parents” homes where they can drink and smoke pot in safety. They have no chores, and little supervision, and have never been spanked. Parents B do make the kids give half of their allowance to Black Lives Matter, and makes the kids attend Gay Rights Parades, and demands that if the kids date, then the dates must not be restricted to members of their own race, but follow a mathematical formula. Further, if the kids are ever caught saying a racist, homophobic, or sexist statement, then they will go on time-out, where they must sit and watch MSNBC for a matter of hours.

          Now true, both sets of parents are restricting the rights of their kids. But do you really think that all things are equal???

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

        2. Jill — I don’t know if it’s so much about a lack of intellectual integrity so much as it is about needing moral courage in the face of moral confusion and so many people having no idea what’s right or wrong anymore. They think they are right because the prevailing groupthink tells them so. These people need to be dealt with the same way they dish it out. Call them out and push back hard but don’t try to reason with them or convince them – just expose them and humiliate them the same way they try to do to those with opposing views. That’s why someone like Milo is so great. He pushes back hard and the only thing they know to do is silence him. Republicans and conservatives have been too soft all these years always trying to reason with them and letting them win their false arguments or backing down in the face of their unjustified character attacks.

          This is why I like watching Trump hit them right back every time. Trump goes on offense and calls them out. Everything they have tried to hurt him has failed so far. Even with this John Lewis story the Democrats set him up to take the bait over MLK weekend to inflict maximum damage and Trump did not back down just because Lewis is a black civil rights icon who should be off limits especially on MLK weekend. There has never been a Republican who fought back the way Trump does – or Milo for that matter and the left doesn’t know what to do next. It’s a riot to watch.

          Have you seen this from South Park? I think it nails the whole issue in one little song:

          1. Makes sense. Rosie IS a fascist. Shes’ just too stupid to realize she’s a fascist. Fat head yes but it’s an air head for sure.

          2. Some of the lyrics: “Bully proof windows, troll free doors, there is no shade in my safe space. Oh no! Not REALITY! Somebody stop him! We can take almost anything but REALITY we can do without.”

  7. Maybe that’s a good idea, I don’t know. Seems like the problem is bigger though than just teachers giving their opinions. It seems to me departments like gender studies are fond of using postmodernism to pretend every explanation is equally valid, which allows them to avoid consiliance and reject evidence contrary to their politics as “scientism”. The problem to me seems to be academic departments not actually engaged in the philosophy of science and identifying reality, and instead playing a game of “make up whatever reality we want”. And if you disagree with them they’ll identify you as a racist, sexist, homophobe hell bent on propping up the ‘cisheteropatriarchy’.

  8. As far as starting wars goes thats the party just got it’s ass kicked out and one huge reason is we are tired of their none stop warmongering starting with Woodrow Willson. Left wing fascist extremists can not stand up too close scrutiny when you check out the nubmer of wars and non decleared war conflicts as compared to those started with their ‘right wing of the left RINO brothers and sisters.’ The ill informed pre programmed and brainwashed fascist left wing universities like Davis and Berkeley are larger responsible along with the lame stream media. Check any Times Almanac for the death toll figures these humanoids and their ruling class collective leaders have a lot of blood on their hands.

    If you want to get embarrassed I’ll post the whole list and watch you suddenly go silent and absent from the discussion. Seig Me No Heils Comrades I do not serve the Socialist Regressive Party I Serve the Constitution and the Constitutional Republic Why don’t you baby killers eat spit and bark at the moon?.

  9. UC Davis AKA Snowfake U. II after Berkeley has one purpose and one purpose only. Recruit and train secular progressive and even more radical extremist enemies of the Constitutional Republic and represetnative Democracy. Two prime candidates for fence construction.

      1. Autumn, Baldwin is a washed up, shanty Irish, alcoholic. Chrissake, he is trying to be Gene Rayburn doing the game show, Match Game. “I knew Gene Rayburn, Gene Rayburn was a friend of mine, you Alec Baldwin are no Gene Rayburn.”

        1. Nick, “shanty Irish”?? Been a long time since I heard that term. I think you called it rightly — last good role Baldwin played was Stanley opposite Jessica Lange in “A Streetcar Named Desire” — back in 1995!

        2. Able to get under p’s skin.

          1. Donald J. Trump Verified account

            .@NBCNews is bad but Saturday Night Live is the worst of NBC. Not funny, cast is terrible, always a complete hit job. Really bad television! Blah Blah Blah pathetic….. If it so bad why is he watching?

    1. That pretty much described the state of affairs in Europe and the US. Our politicians need to remember Able Archer 83 and what can go wrong.

      I suspect however that President Putin is just sitting tight, waiting until President Obama leaves office and he can then start trying to rebuild negotiations with the Americans. But it might be difficult to ratify any new treaties as long as the boogie-man du jour is still Putin in the eyes of the democrats and several of the republicans.

      It’s an easy thing for ivory tower politicians to rattle sabers and put lives of ordinary people at risk. Why not when none are ever held accountable. Just order the destruction of some of “them” in a village somewhere and complain about missing high tea or the white glove wine tasting in the green room.

      Yeah how dare we try to lower tensions between the two nuke superpowers, that darned peacenik Trump is going destroy America.

      1. McCain and company are trying to box Trump in, making it impossible for him to negotiate freely with Putin over improved relationships without being charged with paying Putin back for “hacking the election”. They may learn that Trump does not box in very easily.

            1. Blackmail by Russia says Russia News Now — ‘Do as we say and wreck America for us or your anti-Obama piss party with hookers will be revealed. We have the film.’

        1. FFS – I think McCain is going to find that Trump is as good a power player as he is.

        2. McCain isn’t smart enough to do that without a lot of help from the ruling class of left..but then aren’t they also the rulling class of the RINOs?

  10. Denial of free speech reminds me of Germany in the 1930s. By limiting freedoms of any kind is how it starts. We must embrace ALL views. It doesn’t mean one has to listen, it just means everyone has the freedom to express their views and those who choose to listen, can without fear. I was a liberal myself when I was in college, but I’ve changed my view now that I am older. Allowing freedom of expression is good for everyone. God gave us a brain for thinking. College aged kids should have differing views expressed that they might exercise their brains. Otherwise society is dominated by fear of alternative views and that is totalitarianism.

  11. It is a crazy year. There will probably more protesting the unpopular would be dictator than there will be those celebrating. Not looking forward to the Trump war in Asia The last war the US was in with Asia did not turn out so well.

    1. So far all those wars in Asia were started by YOUR party. You should have kept quiet. Now it gets embarrasing

      WWI Woodrow Wilson Progressive Democrat
      Banana Republic Conflcits Franklin Roosevelt Progressive Democrat
      WWII Franklin Roosevelt Progressive Democrat
      WWII finish Harry Trumen Progressive Democrat
      Greece Military Action Harry Truman Progressive Democrat
      Korea Harry Truman Progressive Democrat
      Cuba. JFK Democrat Progressive
      Dominican Republic. …LBJ Democrat Progressive
      Vietnam LBJ Democrat Progressive
      Lebanon Reagan Republican
      Grenada Reagan Republican
      Panama Reagan Republican
      Gulf War I (Kuwait and Iraq) Bush Republican
      Somalia Clinton Progressive Democrat
      Haiti Clinton Progressive Democrat
      Baltic Clinton Progressive Democrat
      Kosovo Clinton Progressive Democrat
      Afghanistant Bush II Reublican
      Guf War II Iraq Bush II Republican

      2008-2016 Elected on a platform of immediate withdrawal Obama remained in Iraq for sometime and returned troops later immediately beefed uip and enlarged Afghanistan and Pakistan and here’s the rest of his legacy.

      2008 – South Ossetia, Georgia: Helped Georgia humanitarian aid,[17] helped to transport Georgian forces from Iraq during the conflict. In the past, the US has provided training and weapons to Georgia.


      2010–present – al-Qaeda insurgency in Yemen: The U.S has been launching a series of drone strikes on suspected al-Qaeda and al-Shabaab positions in Yemen.
      2010–11 – Operation New Dawn, On February 17, 2010, U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates announced that as of September 1, 2010, the name “Operation Iraqi Freedom” would be replaced by “Operation New Dawn”. This coincides with the reduction of American troops to 50,000.
      2011 – 2011 military intervention in Libya: Operation Odyssey Dawn, United States and coalition enforcing U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 with bombings of Libyan forces.
      2011 – Osama Bin Laden is killed by U.S. military forces in Pakistan as part of Operation Neptune Spear.
      2011 – Drone strikes on al-Shabab militants begin in Somalia.[18] This marks the 6th nation in which such strikes have been carried out,[19] including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen[20] and Libya.
      2011–present – Uganda: U.S. Combat troops sent in as advisers to Uganda.[21]
      2012 – Jordan: 150 U.S. troops deployed to Jordan to help it contain the Syrian Civil War within Syria’s borders.
      2012 – Turkey: 400 troops and two batteries of Patriot missiles sent to Turkey to prevent any missile strikes from Syria.

      2012 Benghazi Incident

      2012 – Chad: 50 U.S. troops have deployed to the African country of Chad to help evacuate U.S. citizens and embassy personnel from the neighboring Central African Republic’s capital of Bangui in the face of rebel advances toward the city.
      2013 – Mali: U.S. forces assisted the French in Operation Serval with air refueling and transport aircraft.
      2013 – Somalia: U.S. Air Force planes supported the French in the Bulo Marer hostage rescue attempt. However, they did not use any weapons.
      2013 – 2013 Korean crisis
      2013 – Navy SEALs conducted a raid in Somalia and possibly killed a senior Al-Shabaab official, simultaneously another raid took place in Tripoli, Libya, where Special Operations Forces captured Abu Anas al Libi (also known as Anas al-Libi)[22]
      2014–present – Uganda: V-22 Ospreys, MC-130s, KC-135s and additional U.S. soldiers are sent to Uganda to continue to help African forces search for Joseph Kony.[23]
      2014–present – American intervention in Iraq: Hundreds of U.S. troops deployed to protect American assets in Iraq and to advise Iraqi and Kurdish fighters.[24] In August the U.S. Air Force conducted a humanitarian air drop and the U.S. Navy began a series of airstrikes against Islamic State-aligned forces throughout northern Iraq.[25][26]
      2014 – 2014 American rescue mission in Syria: The U.S attempted to rescue James Foley and other hostages being held by ISIL. Air strikes were conducted on the ISIL military base known as “Osama bin Laden camp”. Meanwhile, the bombings, Delta teams parachuted near an ISIL high-valued prison. The main roads were blocked to keep any target from escaping. When no hostage was found, the American troops began house to house searches. By this time, ISIL militants began arriving to the area. Heavy fighting occurred until the Americans decided to abandon the mission due to the hostages being nowhere in the area. Although the mission failed, at least 5 ISIL militants were killed, however 1 American troop was wounded. According to the reports, Jordan had a role in the operation and that one Jordanian soldier had been wounded as well. This was unconfirmed.
      2014–present – American-led intervention in Syria: American aircraft bomb Islamic State positions in Syria. Airstrikes on al-Qaeda, al-Nusra Front and Khorasan positions are also being conducted.
      2014–present – Intervention against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant: Syrian locals forces and American-led coalition forces launch a series of aerial attacks on ISIL and al-Nusra Front positions in Iraq and Syria.
      2014 – 2014 Yemen hostage rescue operations against al-Qaeda: On November 25, U.S Navy SEAL’s and Yemeni Special Forces launched an operations in Yemen in attempt to rescue eight hostages that were being held by al-Qaeda. Although the operation was successful, no American hostages were secured. In the first attempt, six Yemenis, one Saudi Arabian, and one Ethiopian were rescued. On December 4, 2014, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) threatened to execute the Somers if the U.S failed to the unspecified commands. AQAP also stated that they would be executed if the U.S attempted another rescue operation. On December 6, a second operation was launched. 40 U.S SEALs and 30 Yemeni troops were deployed to the compound. A 10-minute fire fight occurred before the American troops could enter where the remaining hostages (Somers and Korkie) were being held. They were alive, but fatally wounded. Surgery was done in mid air when flying away from the site. Korkie died while in flight, and Somers died once landed on the USS Makin Island. No American troop was killed/injured, however a Yemenis soldier was wounded.

      2015 – April 30, 2015 U.S. sends ships to the Strait of Hormuz to shield vessels after Iranian Seizure of commercial vessel: The U.S. Navy deploys warships to protect American commercial vessels passing through the Strait of Hormuz from Iranian interference. Concerns were also raised that Iranian gunships were trailing a U.S. container ship. Iran additionally fired shots over the bow, and seized, a ship registered in the Marshall Islands, part of a long-standing dispute between the two nations.[27]
      2015–present – American military intervention in Cameroon

      All the while cutting the US military, principally the combat troops portion in half.

      Next time I’ll add the body counts for your war party. first Post WWII to present where the ratio is 16 to 1 it would be 18 to 1 if I moved the numbers for when Obama declared victory then re-ignited a new conflict. Democrat wars to Reublican Wars Then the figures from the start of secular progressivism.

      1. I didn’t read you entire comment (I will copy and paste it where I can later), but it is indeed a pretty impressive list. And I agree with you, Democrats are the most hypocritical peaceniks around.

        Are you a historian or a history buff?

    1. More protestors in the hotels than there are those celebrating…… Hope Trump does not have them fired upon. He will be angrily tweeting but I hope that is all it amounts to.

      1. I am aware of that. However, despite all the bombs dropped excessively – WWII falls under “just war”.

        These “interventions” by W, Obama, simply enrich the MIC and ensure chronic chaos. Arming the “moderate terrorists” to destablize Syria is criminal.

          1. I think taking out bona fide terrorist is “just war” but that’s not what we have been doing – just ask Doctors without Borders!. From training, funding and providing the Taliban with weapons, to funding ISIS and Al Queda, Nusra, etc. it’s been a disaster.

            Tulsi Gabbard, one of the few sane, logical people still in the Demoncrat camp just introduced a bill to stop funding terrorists:

            1. Autumn….The Taliban came into existance in 1994.
              Since you claim we funded the Taliban, please be specific as to which administration “funded the Taliban”.
              How much funding did the U.S. give to ISIS?.
              The major “support” for ISIS was the capture of U.S. weapons left behind after the Iraqi army hauled ass when a few thousand ISIS fighters walked in to Iraq.
              You may want to follow the campaigns against ISIS, Al Quaeda, and the Taliban.
              You’d find that Doctors without Borders is not the primary target of U.S. strikes.
              The subsequent report I saw on the hospital bombing indicated that the pilots relied on incorrect intel.
              Saying that we are not targeting ISIS because of that incident is like saying the Pat Tillman shootingshows that American soldiers only shoot each other in friendly fire incident.

                1. Paul Schulte…..If the bombing of the Doctors without Borders hispital is presented as “evidence” that the U.S. is not targeting ISIS, it makes about as much sense to claim that U.S. forces primarily target each other because of the friendly fire that killed Tillman.

                  1. Hell if your in a war zone stuff happens. Clinton bombed the Chinese Embassy and a hospital and a school or two in kosovo and had not legitimate reason to be there. Odds are 50 50. 50 you will be bombed and 50 you won’t. The next day the odds are the same.

              1. Clinton was President then and it was Kosovo and a hospital and the Chinese Embassy. For this administration with it’s four days left as Gabbard pointed out the support has been not only by giving a lot of money for one reason and seeing it diverted or arming heavily then failing to keep track of it but also using direct means. Gabbard doesn’t say so but then she’s trying to make change in her own party – the party of war mongers.

      2. “More protestors in the hotels than there are those celebrating…”

        Yes! SO happy to hear that – it will benefit all the low income maids and others – all those black and brown workers the privelaged Dims profess to care so much about. I find it all very amusing.

        And while all these “alt inaugerations” are taking place to protest Trump by the Delusionals guess where the Queen of Depravity will be? Well, at the real inaugeration of course kissing the Donald’s arse!

        I find it all very amusing.

        It’s all about Power and the 1%ers. If Dems could figure that out maybe they could resurrect their moribund party.

        1. Not one bit worried about the democratic party… I have every confidence that Trump will revitalize it. People are starting to realize that Trump has given them a Goldman Shower and it seems that he becomes less popular with each passing day.

          1. Only in your secular regressive subjectivist dream world. I would say try a taste of reality but…..that takes independent thinking and reasoning and, of course, your masters do not allow that. So is that the prog-ramning for the day? Ho Hum.. Typically boring. Did Soros start up his ‘send money I’m a billion down’ yet? How about Al Bore and the Secular 700 Club or George Lykoff and the revised People Who Stare At Elephants? Version III. Ought to be good for few more million in his Curacao account. Sorry I forgot. You won’t know about that until the next programming session.

          2. There will be 33 Senate seats up for grabs in the 2018 mid-term election.
            The GOP will have 8 Senate seats to defend, and the Democrats will have 25 of the 33 to defend.
            That is “a bit” worrisome to some Democrats.

            1. Demoncrats best start listening to Progressives if they want any votes. We are tired of sell outs and hold no loyalty to any party.
              Cory Booker, the newest “magical negro” sold out Americans last week by voting against importing drugs from Canada. Sez he wuz concerned about safety standards — did not mention how much Big Pharma pays his sorry ass.

              1. True, but the Democrats will probably run a black in 2020 to get the blacks out en masse, and all those smarmy white folks who are deep into Negro Worship. I bet Booker will be the nominee. Democrats can’t go full bore “progressive”. because the last thing they want is to do is chase off their elites.

                Squeeky Fromm
                Girl Reporter

              2. Autumn – how could Cory be against drugs from Canada? Even their pot is better than ours. Just ask issac.

              3. “A member of the board of commissioners in Gwinnett County, Georgia–the second most populous county in the state–called civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) a “racist pig” in a Facebook post Saturday after Lewis said he didn’t consider President-elect Donald Trump to be a “legitimate” president.

                In posts unearthed by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Tommy Hunter, a Republican county commissioner, also referred to Lewis’ party as “Demonrats” and “a bunch of idiots.” ” The dude sounds like the this blog.

                1. There are no more Democrats. They decided to be socialists and announced it publicly. Haven’t you figured out that Hillary, Soros and the secular regressives were and are the major target followed by the RINOs?

                  Are you people really that stupid. it’s either a counter revolution with ballots not bullets or we’ll step back and let the millitary uphold their oath of office. Martial Law? Bring it on. Look in the mirror and what you see is an enemy domestic of the Constitutional Republic based on a foundation of representative democracy principles. What does that have to do with you Seig Heilers of the extremist left?

                  Wait….I realize yiou defective collectivists are not allwoed to think nor reason and must wait for Soros Lykoff and Carville to reprogam you each day. You muts be one Who didn’t obey and Did see the elephant. Here’s a hint. Those who can’t think shouldn’t try it wihtout professional help. Tip Number two The former DHS leader was correct in saying we were the number one enemy this administration faced.

                  Thanks for reminding us ….It was a pleasure to kick your ass Nov 8th. We’re already working on 2017.

                  Do you know what ‘Deguello’ means?

          1. They moved the money to Canada and the investigation is stil ongoing. Make that investigations plural. If the participants don’t get their pardons in four more days they are S.O.L. New Sheriff, Judge, Jury and Jailer in town.

            1. That is the question – will he or won’t he? Obama might need to take care of some CYA and go ahead and pardon Clinton. But would that cover separate pay for play investigations into the Foundation?

  12. So now the “nasty” women have evolved into “pussies” Seriously can this get any crazier? From the photos I’ve seen it’s mostly 60+ feminazis — you know, the same ones who say nary a word about all the women and children Obama and Clinton so merrily bombed during the last 8 years – but cry out Trump for being racist and a mysognist…

    “Thousands Are Knitting ‘Pussy Hats’ For The Women’s March On Washington”

    1. We have a crazy man for president so expect more craziness. Bet you enjoyed Trump’s attack on John Lewis. He is an older gentleman that supports feminist causes.

        1. John Lewis has a charming habit of comparing random individuals to George Wallace. A political consultant was once quoted as saying that politicians aren’t very adaptable and just do what they know and what’s worked for them in the past.

        2. Agreed. And to do so he had to turn his back on the teachings of Martin Luther King. Sad.

      1. Actually, John Lewis is an antique who has been in Congress for 30 years. He’s produced 16 bills which passed into law, of which 14 were pieces of commemoration kitsch. His employment history between 1966 and 1987 consisted of elected offices and patronage positions with a miscellany of public agencies and non-profits. Over the years running from 1960 to 1966, he was a participant in or director of a series of public protests which have been the subject of innumerable PBS specials and for which he’s received several dozen awards from institutions of higher education. The plaques just keep coming.

      2. What “attack”? It was a reasonable response to Lewis’ remark that he does not consider Trump to be a legitimate president. It’s true that Lewis’ constituents, as friend recently posted “live in a rat-infested, crime-ridden, dangerous, impoverished, entitlement-mongering district” Lewis is all about keeping his power and doing nothing to improve his district.

        Lewis is a great example of why we need term limits. Still riding on his Civil Rights “icon” status. MLK, Jr. would not like the Lewis of 2017. A shill for Hil, a liar regarding Bernie Sander’s and a useless grandstander doing his “sit in” protest this summer. He is considered to be a sell out by a growing number of blacks who refuse to drink the Demented Kool aid

        1. Oh, and here’s John Lewis’ publicity stunt when they “occupied” the House. What a joke!

        2. That video is great. Sums up Congress – gotta keep my biscuit buttered, gotta get elected, then keep getting reelected, then sit pretty enjoying all the perks of office, large and in charge, doing nothing, just waiting till the pensions kick in. Wouldn’t it be something if Trump actually gets something done about term limits? And then did something even more – like do away with their pensions? Why do we pay them pensions anyway? Isn’t that a collosal waste of taxpayer money?

        3. “Stop and think about what you just read: A lecher attacking a legend; a man of moral depravity attacking a man of moral certitude; an intellectual weakling attacking a warrior for justice. This on Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, no less.

          Trump attacks Lewis as, “All talk, talk, talk — no action”; Lewis, who repeatedly thrust his body unto the breach for justice, who was arrested, beaten and terrorized, including during the time that young Trump was at his well-heeled schools, receiving draft deferments from the Vietnam War.

          In fact, one of Trump’s five deferments was in 1965, the same year as the Selma marches and “Bloody Sunday,” during which Lewis was struck so violently by a state trooper wielding a billy club that Lewis’s skull was fractured.”

          1. Joe – I have watched Lewis on many occasions and he is a tool for the DNC. I think he, like Amira Baraka, never got over the nightstick clubbing. Trump is right, though. Lewis has not been a positive force except for waving the bloody flag for 40 years.

          2. Lewis, who repeatedly thrust his body unto the breach for justice, who was arrested, beaten and terrorized, including during the time that young Trump was at his well-heeled schools, receiving draft deferments from the Vietnam War.

            In fact, one of Trump’s five deferments was in 1965, the same year as the Selma marches and “Bloody Sunday,” during which Lewis was struck so violently by a state trooper wielding a billy club that Lewis’s skull was fractured.”

            I appreciate Lewis’ youthful courage. I also think that having done something interesting or admirable between the ages of 19 and 27 isn’t a license to spend the rest of your life dining off it. The cohorts of men born during the years running from 1913 to 1926 were thick with combat veterans. Few of them were voluble about it.

            There were 22 political killings in the Southern United States between 1953 and 1972 (of whom 2 were associated with Lewis’ organization; the Congress of Racial Equality took more hits). About 58,000 young Americans died in Indo-China.

            Of the most vulnerable age cohorts (those born during the years running from 1944 through 1951), about 20% of the young men had a tour in VietNam. About 40% of these were in rear echelon positions the whole time. Any sort of combat experience among men of that age was atypical. About 25% were in the military at some point, but not dispatched to VietNam. About 30% had no military service for miscellaneous reasons. About 25% were examined and disqualified (of whom about 1/2 were categorically disqualfied and 1/2 contingently disqualified).

            Trump received a student deferment in 1964 (at a time when American troops in VietNam numbered about 20,000 and were engaged in training and leading South VietNamese units) and it was renewed three times. He was examined again in 1968 and given a temporary medical deferment for a minor orthopaedic defect. Student deferments were given out to about 20% of each age cohort and contingent medical deferments to about 12%. These weren’t restricted to the highly privileged, unless the children of school teachers and insurance agents count as privileged. I knew a perfectly ordinary man (born in 1946 like Trump) who was given precisely the same pair of deferments that Trump received – the one for his years at college and the other for eczema on his feet. Trump was then subject to the 1969 draft lottery. His number was high enough that he was never recalled for another induction physical. Neither was anyone else born on the 14th of June during the years running from 1944 to 1950.

            Liberals (especially media liberals) cannot discuss these matters without engaging in rhetorical games (“five deferments”) and moral fraud. They’re perfectly happy to have Bill Clinton in office, who successfully executed a series of maneuvers to shirk his ROTC service obligations. They’ll vote for Bernie Sanders, who had six years worth of student deferments and then hired a lawyer to press a bogus claim for conscientious objector status; the lawyer managed to gum up the works for two years with Sanders’ ruthless draft board, which was long enough for Sanders to pass his 26th birthday, running out the clock. They’ll vote for Bill Bradley and Joe Biden, whose service records have rather glaring lacunae in them. They’ll vote for Michael Dukakis, who had a student deferment during the Korean War followed by perfectly banal occupation duty after it was over. They’ll vote for Jerry Brown and Gary Hart, who received 8 years worth of student deferments. They’ll vote for Richard Gephardt, who served in the National Guard. They’ll vote for Jimmy Carter, who was parked at the Naval Academy during the 2d World War. Then they’ll turn around and make mountains of hay about George W Bush and Dan Quayle having served in the National Guard, or about Richard Cheney having received deferments (Cheney was subject to conscription for eight years: two years in which there were no American soldiers in combat, 3 years and change during the ‘advisory war’ in VietNam, when < 1% of the American military was deployed to a combat theatre, 1 year when he had dependent children, and a 16 month period (March 1965 – July 1966) when he was finishing an academic degree and his wife was pregnant).

      3. Democrats are continuing the rollout of excuses…..the election was unfair, the Electoral College is unfair, the Russians did it, James Comey did it, fake news did it, and now the Democrats send the untouchable John Lewis out to attack and bait Trump right before MLK weekend so they can use it to beat up on Trump. John Lewis was disrespectful to the process, to the office of president, and to Trump and voters. He owes Trump an apology, not the other way around. Now Lewis is leading the inauguration boycott to which most people will say, so what? Stay home.

        1. One GOOD thing. I was wondering how to arrange my budget. Things to purchase and not purchase. I wanted to take time to give a big thank you to the left wing extremists. I now have a short list of purchases and a long list of rejects. Things, people and politicians and media and …well those are things as well are they not?

          My dollars and pesos won’t be missed but…..multiplied…. by….. should put as good many in Hollyweed and the mediocrity, staff, management, technicians, the whole bit – On The Unemployment Lines.

          Stupidithy once more wins over common sense in a group who worships money above all else.

    2. Do you really think their are thousands who can knit? In a Women’s March? Get real.

      1. The black women told the white women they better check their white privilege at all times if they want to march together wearing their pink pussy power beanies. From a NYT article. Dat’s right.

        1. Bob – So …. there is dissension in the sisterhood. That is what the 4th Wave is all about.

          1. Well the protesting women in general but the NOW types specifically have a serious issue hanging over their heads like a noose assuming they were Hillary supporters.

            I’m speaking of the women who victimize other women. Charge One. Failed to stick up for their victimized by Bill Clinton Sisters in favor of Bubba Cute Butt. Number Two. Failed to point the finger at Hillary back in the 90’s when she attacked the victims. . Number Three continued to fail to back up their sisters especially when many showed up and sat in the front row for Debate Number Two. Number Four Continued to ignore their victimized sisters when Hillary ignored them. and Five specifically the media who in most cases failed to mention who the women in the front row were and why they were sitting there staring at Candidate Clinton.

            I saw one politial cartoon on the subject.

            I noticed Hillary did not mention anything about women while the victims of Bill and Hillary were sitting there.

            But in their absence she went right on playing a woman card when she herself in particular and her party in general have no right to do so..

            The only thing Trump didn’t do was introduce the vicims by name.

            So this fourth wave whatever that is have some house cleaning to do FIRST before they can do much of anything unless of course they are sexist against herosexual females or something.

            Something else for the nominalists of the left wing extremist kind can now do a quick reprogramming for the buzz of the day or something .

            Notice I included the famale anchors and reporters for the channels I did get to watch or watch afterwards.

            Final on that one is Hillary proved that not only men can victimize women. Much of it is women themselves and many of them were working for Hillary – or still are..

  13. Me thinks this kind of thing resembles Germany in the 1930s. It’s my sister’s way of thinking. She is “educated”. I have a BS but she has two MS’s therefore she knows “better” than me. When only one point of view is allowed to be expressed can lead to tyranny. Soon only a few have freedoms and it’s not us….

    1. Oh, so that fact that the students are protesting a criminal remains you of Germany in the 1930s. You should be celebrating the fact that the students still have the right to protest.

      1. Are you daft??? There is a big difference between someone protesting, and someone keeping a person from speaking. I have a right to stand outside a venue with a sign reading, “John Lewis is a Race Traitor!”, and me rioting to keep the idiot from speaking in the venue period.

        You don’t have any ability to think rationally and critically, do you? Because that is a pretty easy distinction to make. The fact that you are having problems could be a sign of a physical mental issue, like Alzheimers or a brain tumor. Or just that you are “follower”, who repeats whatever partisan drivel you hear. Either is pretty bad. If it is a physical thing, please accept my condolences.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

    2. If you don’t mind what are the degrees? What disciplines? There is a pecking order You may have a real degree and your sister may have two subjective degrees. I shall push the ‘leave the light on’ button.

  14. I don’t know why conservatives put themselves through this abuse. If you know what the mindset is why even bother? What this does is give the Left leaning kooks the publicity they crave. So, why give them that?? Speakers should boycott places like Davis.

    1. There’s an audience there and Davis is a public institution. The way to stop retreating is to just stop. You, madam, are a poltroon.

      1. I love “poltroon” but my favorite word to describe cowards is “retromingent.” For those who don’t know, it’s worth a look-up.

        1. LMAO which may have something to do with…. haven’t heard that in a while.

          1. Squeeky – my favorite word is cholla. I keep trying to get a team in Phoenix to take it on, but so far no luck. 😉

              1. Squeeky – cholla is known as the jumping cactus. They are a b**ch to get out if they get in your skin. I speak from experience. 🙁

                1. and Goats Head Thorn’s are a bitch on bicycle tires unless you have the solid rubber inner tubes. I live just around the corner from Paul in the other end of Chollolandia. Dont send more rain we already have enough and the green stuff is hiding my favorite rocks!

            1. No way. I hate jumping cholla. It’s like possessed barbed velcro. And the vicious barbs are so dusty that you’re guaranteed to get infected. So it’s clingy, painful, causes infection, and requires tweezers and a bunch of friends to hold you down to get it out.

    2. Maybe Martin needs to raise some money after posting his 5 million dollar bail. Both want the publicity since their stars are likely fading.

    3. Whiy do you restrict yourself to conservatives? it’s a useless and heavily oveerdefined word along with liberal. Why do iyou insist on excluding the majority of those who helped kick the socialsits regressives out of office?

      1. Why do you restrict yourself to conservatives? it’s a useless and heavily over defined word along with liberal. Why do you insist on excluding the majority of those who helped kick the socialists regressives out of office?

        Some attituded really anger me. The Conservatives are a small portion of the Republcans and most Republicans are RINOS and are/were the right wing of the left in a one party system. Government over citizens. Just because a huge number of people voted to dump Hillary, trash the socialist regressive aka Democrats and vote for Trump but not for the GOP which had abandoned Trump ooesn’t mean the Republicans have anything to be happy about their party was kicked out as well.

        Trump can turn it into what he wants it to long as it’s not mis labeled as something it’s not. RIno’s OUT!

        1. down to two spelling errors. i’m calming down. Conservatives which ever what ever that means are a page in history . What’s needed is Constitutional Republic Party members and get rid those who promise everything and then sell out every time.

          There’s a new boss in charge. Not sure yet but for sure he’s ano damn politician….

  15. “Protesters blocked efforts to have Yiannopoulos and controversial pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli speak on campus. Screaming “shut it down,” the protesters threatened the safety of organizers and attendees, according to the sponsors who finally cancelled the event. . . . I am still a bit unclear why the speech was cancelled since there were no arrests or property damage.”

    Shades of Senator Barbara Boxer at last year’s Nevada Democratic Party state convention (“I feared for my life,” after it was falsely alleged Bernie supporters threw chairs as “extra-parliamentary behavior” in response to the chairperson’s biased determination of a voice vote to change the rule denying 64 Sanders delegates their eligibility).

    Students’ ability to voice their opposition is important to our future because they are the future. If Davis has to regress into Barbara Boxerisms because Milo doesn’t have the cajones to speak to an informed student body, then it isn’t much of a university.

    1. Students’ ability to voice their opposition is important to our future because they are the future. If Davis has to regress into Barbara Boxerisms because Milo doesn’t have the cajones to speak to an informed student body, then it isn’t much of a university

      No, they’re not the future. A majority of any cohort never enroll at a baccalaureate-granting institution of any king and the number who do involved in these truculent organizations is small. They are, however, the pampered pets of the administration and faculty, and that’s why this happens.

      Exhibit #637 in the file labeled ‘Steve Groen’ hasn’t one decent impulse regarding any public issue”.

        1. Yes, I remember Kent State. It’s completely irrelevant to matters under discussion.

      1. “Exhibit #367…..”

        Such wit. Such wisdom. Are you having a bad hair day?

        1. No. You’re addled by dyslexia in addition to your general grossness.

          1. Such a profound response. ตนทีเดียวจน. I am not dylsecix!!

              1. Yes, thank you. I am a dominatrix, the Thai that binds. The Thai was accidentally typed by my cat when she walked a across the keyboard. I don’t remember the language very well, too long ago.

    2. Excellent comment as it raises several good questions. That a bit of a gang has formed to put you in your place speaks even more eloquently of your accurate aim than I might.

      Though the speakers, from what I can gather by poking around on the net, are execrable (any one from any political stripe who raises the price of critical drugs by 5000% is execrable), they should indeed have the right to speak at the University in so far as it is by legitimate invitation. Other students should indeed also have the right to peaceful protest since that too is free speech, but they should not have the right to shut down the event they are protesting.

      So then we get to the question of whether or not they actually did shut it down. As you correctly point out in your quote of Professor Turley, that question is not settled and it would be nice if there was a more formal way to settle that dispute. CNN claims the University said there were no incidents but then CNN along with all the other MSM is no longer believable. The two speakers claim there were incidents but they don’t come across as too believable either. I think the Chancellor’s letter was quite good though I didn’t see any mention of peaceful protest as a legitimate response. It would also be perhaps within the spirit of freedom of speech and University rules to allow questions to be asked of all speakers after the speech, though the speakers should be allowed to leave during or before such questions. It would also be worth having those questions and answers if any recorded as part of the official record of the event.

      1. I agree with what you’ve written, and those students trying to “shut it down” as a summary evasion of someone they don’t like were wrong. Young and wrong. I don’t know that this was the majority of the protesters, however. Of course, Barbara Boxer is old and wrong.

        Davis is a public school in a state where in thirty or so years the majority will be a large minority. If the Davis administration is going to allow what I consider the privileged, sheltered Milo genre, it should allow the current minority voice in protest.

        1. The demographic projection is 2030 but no later than 2050 Latin American will be the largest demographic group in the country followed Euro-Americans, followed by Asians and African descent groups. Within that group the millennials followed by the dying off fast baby boomers.

          the Latino Americans for the most part will be bilingual ready to do business over all the Western Hemisphere except Brazil. The other groups if recent immigrants from Europe or elsewhere will be bi or tri lingual Asian descent the same. Current Euro-American descent and Afro Ameican descent will speak some form of English. I

          The national language wil be Spanish and English but only the highly educated will speak English.

          Reason? Laziness in the schools and the population

          There will be exceptions. but not many

          By 2000 USA will be a Spanish/English country in that order.

          Luckily or happily I speak both but will be dead by 2050

          1. They should never have gotten rid of the swimming pool beneath the PC room. They could have installed trap doors under each seat that Trump could activate when he felt a journalist needed cooling off.

  16. The hecklers veto is law in California thanks to the 9th circuit, so this isn’t much of a surprise.

    1. Bailers – the 9th Circuit is getting 5 new justices under Trump. It is possible things will change for the better for us.

  17. To his credit, Obama has spoken about campuses needing to be tolerant of diverse opinions. I mean he never did anything to help that, and enacted some Title 9 rules that violate the Constitution, but hey, the man is a politician. At least he says the right things. Trump has nominated a Secretary of Education who donates to FIRE, a marvelous campus free speech organization. Changes will be coming.

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