Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

00d6e15b-003First, despite what you might have heard, this is not Justin Bieber. It is Bryan Asrary, 24, and he seemed to believe Bieber’s “That Should Be Me.”  The song however did not involve underaged girls and porn.


Asrary has confessed to tricking a nine-year-old girl that he was Justin Bieber and convinced her to send nude pictures of herself.  He then tried to extort more pictures.  Police say that he implicated himself in such crimes with other girls.  He first pretended to be someone who knew Bieber and could arrange a “text meeting.”  He directed her to set up an account on a messaging app and then posed as Bieber.  After she sent the nude pictures, he threatened to reveal the photos unless she sent more pictures.  This went on for years. The allegations reportedly constitute a newly defined crime of “sextortion” and search warrants were secured from various Internet sites.


The Massachusetts man is facing an interesting array of charges in California, including extortion, manufacturing child pornography, and communicating with a minor with the intent to commit a sex act.  The manufacturing of child pornography is somewhat novel in that it was manufactured through trickery and extortion.  He is looking at a considerable sentence with a confession on this package of charges.


14 thoughts on “Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?”

  1. This young man’s future life is very likely doomed, imo. Poor parenting has left him marked and he’ll most likely end up living at the Gray Bar for long periods of his life. He can be redeemed, but who is willing to bet it will happen?

    1. That’s not something that can be blamed on the parents. He’s a 24 y/o man, preying on a nine y/o girl! He is an adult and accountable for his own actions, regardless of good or bad parenting.

  2. I’m waiting for the follow up from CAIR, where the organization vigorously and fervently defends Asrary’s actions as condoned and acceptable under the dictates of Islam, where the great and sanctified Prophet, Mohammed, raped a nine year old girl. We will be admonished, as we always are, to appreciate and honor the vile cultural differences of others. Bryan, did you say? Right. More like, Baadi, Baadir, Baahir, Baakir, Baashir or Babar. He’s Bryan like I am Cleopatra.

  3. You are right. This is a chilling example of why the young should not be on the Internet without adult supervision. And that means that adults need to learn more about the Internet. I recall thinking that my 6 year old was on a site specific to his school, only to discover that he was actually going on GOOGLE. Yes, I had parental controls on his computer, but I still got surprised that he was accessing the internet, instead of an intranet. I certainly need to become more savvy.

    People like Asrary are just broken. Thank God he was stopped before he physically touched anyone. Wait, has he admitted to getting physical access to anyone? I hope not. Anyone who gets gratification from a 9 year old’s images cannot be fixed, and will never be safe, in my humble opinion. Recidivism has a very grim meaning for this type of crime. I wish that we could send pedophiles off to some island, without Internet access, so our population can be safe from them. Psychiatrists can drone on about therapy and success rates, but a single failure, a single setback, a single repeat offense means another little life damaged, ruined.

  4. Jack Ruby is correct. There are predators in all species. Predators look to separate the young from the family or herd. It is incumbent upon parents to keep the most vulnerable close, in this case, by supervising a 9 years old’s computer use.

  5. who last year pled guilty to multiple counts of child pornography production and was sent to prison for 105 years

    Tell this kid this is what he has to look forward to….

  6. So they took nude photos of themselves and sent them to him. Big deal. Or no big deal. No criminal charges should be filed. Take away his computer and his photos. He needs a nose job.

  7. Darren – I am sure the police department has notified the FBI about this. So there may be federal charges coming down. That would be after the Federal charges against Hillary.

    1. Squeek, Two pedophiles revered by Hollywood, Polanski and Woody Allen. One can’t go to the Oscars because of an active warrant, the other just won’t go.

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