Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

blp__mdg__334jpgWell, let’s just say that the judge told Julian Mark Ridgeway, 54 in rein his passions.

Ridgeway was found Wakefield, England having carnal relations with a mare named Honey of a neighbor.  No, not a neighhhhbor but the owner of the horse.  Recorder Paul Greaney QC at Leeds Crown Court told Ridgeway that he had to deal with his “deviant sexual history”  and was sentenced to four years in prison with a further six years “on licence.”  That is the English version of supervised release or parole.

Ridgeway was seen leading the mare away by the owner.  The police later retrieved DNA evidence to implicate Ridgeway.  This is not Ridgeway’s first roundup. In 1990, he was found naked from the waist down washing the bottom of a pony.  He was discovered by the 16-year-old daughter and proceeded to choke her almost to death.  When she came to, Ridgeway choked her again.  Ridgeway has insisted that he has never had sex with a horse.

Greaney stated: “I am quite satisfied that you have a deep seated sexual interest in horses and ponies that you struggle to control and which you were unable to control in 1990 and 2016. . . . There is a very high risk you will seek to have sex with a horse or pony in the future.”

23 thoughts on “Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?”

  1. Doesn’t this just mean he self identifies as a horse and is clearly being harassed by the right wing judicial system?

    Poor mares.

  2. When I worked @ Leavenworth there was a guy nicknamed, Chicken Man. It wasn’t because he was, “EVERYWHERE..EVERYWHERE!” It was because he liked to perform coitus on dead chickens in the kitchen. He would pull out one chicken that was roasting in the oven for a few minutes. That way it was warm..sorta foreplay. Then he would have his way w/ it. We changed his work assignment out of the kitchen but you had to keep an eye on him whenever chicken was on the menu. He also like warm dough that was rising.

  3. This a.m. on The Amy Goodman show Democracy Now! on Link TV they featured for a long time a bunch of protestors holding up Queer! signs and demanding obtuse things out of society.
    Punishment for the horse porker should be preventative of future conduct. Cut off his modus operendi which would entail his tail, his organs which protrude and also give him a face vasectomy. The horses should be permitted to stomp on him while he is tied down on a plank in a corral. Lots of horses.
    Corporal punishment is where its at. Jail time does little to stop future behavior and makes the crazy inmates crazier. Deer should watch out for queers.

  4. I vote the horse/pony gets conjugal visits. It is going to being a little messy in the trailer, but, maybe he would be willing to clean up after his partner?

  5. But was it sex with a mare or a stallion is an old Royal Canadian Mounted Police joke.

    The answer — why a mare of course. What do you think I am, ‘queer’ or something. Lmao

  6. I can’t understand what the horse sees in him. While he’s in prison (where he belongs if he is convicted), he can do some reading up on Catherine the Great of Russia.

    1. Sick, just sick. The more mainstream sexual freakery like S&M, or various homo activities, the greater extremes it will take to satisfy some of the freaks. I think is why there seems to be more pedophiles. It just takes stronger and stronger stimulus. Now you are getting more fantasies about sex/cannibalism, and other disgusting stuff. Because some mainline people are so stupid that they believe what goes on in people’s bedrooms is nobody’s business.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  7. The taboo of a human, engaging in sex with a non-human, will soon go the way of the seemingly intransigent taboo of two individuals, of the same gender, engaging in sexual relations. Just a matter of time, folks. Just a matter of time. The once unimaginable–homosexual activity–is now accepted, elevated, glorified and given legal protection. Children will soon be required to read, along with Bobby Has Two Dads or Suzie Has Two Moms, another book, entitled, Bradley Has Two Dads–Robert, the Sperm Donor and Wilbur, His Loving and Devoted Horse Partner. Sure, we may scoff at my so-called absurd notion and prediction now, but, remember, my parents and their peers, decades ago, would’ve dismissed as ludicrous the manner in which homosexuality–a longstanding and seemingly irreversible taboo, dating back thousands of years–has today been embraced and sanctioned as an alternate, but normal and healthy, lifestyle. Of course, the naysayers will grumble about how homosexuals are consenting adults, and I will be chastised for comparing the actions of two consenting adults with a human and a non-human, which, supposedly, has no ability to consent. Never mind that the definition of consent is malleable. Fluid. Capable of being altered in an instant. It will soon be argued, if it hasn’t, already, that the mare, in this story, had every opportunity, every chance, given its size and strength, to resist this old perv. Its acquiescence will be deemed consent. It will be alleged that the mare has rights and privileges and that said rights and privileges extend to such behavior, to which it was, apparently, amenable. Laugh now. This type of behavior will soon be granted legal protection, and history will look back on Ridgeway, not as some old, demented perv, who couldn’t keep his hands off of innocent and helpless creatures, but as the Rosa Parks of bestiality. Our society is descending down a slippery slope, with no end in sight.

  8. He’s a sick freak, but dangerous as well. He tried to choke a 16 y/o girl to death, so he should have been kept in prison.

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