Poll: Sixty Percent of Voters Support Illegal Immigrants Staying And Applying For Citizenship

150px-CBS_Eyemark.svgA new CBS poll shows considerable opposition to the Trump Administration’s approach to immigration.  The poll confirms that immigration is the top issue in the minds of voters.  However, it also shows 60 percent of voters support the right of illegal immigrants being allowed to stay and achieve citizenship.  Some 58 percent oppose the building of the wall.

The percentage is even higher for those favoring immigrants since an additional 13 percent would allow the immigrants to stay but not apply for citizenship.   Only 23 percent would force them to leave.  The percentage rise according to party.  Yet, only 43 percent of Republicans (less than a majority) favor requiring all illegal immigrants to leave the country.  Conversely, 79 percent of Democrats want illegal immigrants to be allowed to apply for citizenship.

Likewise, 77 percent of Republicans favor the wall while only 11 percent do so.

While an earlier poll showed considerable opposition for sanctuary cities, this poll shows a sharp opposition to the basic components of the Trump immigration policy.  That may add to the unease of many Republican members in forging ahead beyond the plan to deport “criminal illegal immigrants.”

The poll numbers on the executive order are closer though a majority still opposed the order.


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  1. “If jobs and income weren’t the main factors in determining crime . . . .”

    Jobs and income are factors in some crime. If they were “the main factors” then we would all have a very hard time explaining why the hundreds of thousands of Southeast Asians since 1975 have committed precious little crime. The Asian refugees who came here had absolutely nothing – not even a common language. What they did have is family pride and respect for the family name

    It would also be a challenge – would it not? – to explain the jaw-dropping volume of physician crime.

    To my mind, America’s crime rate has far more to do with screwed up cultural leanings, such as the goofy antics of wanting to resemble and behave like gangsters. And you ain’t gonna get a job with a rap sheet.

    Having no ethical father in the home during formative years is, I suspect, a huge factor, also. No moral compass equals failure, and laying the blame upon outside factors is juvenile.

    1. Did we demonize the southeast Asian Americans who came from vietnam etc as criminals, inferior, subjugate them to him crow-like segregation, throw bricks at the heads of their kids coming to the first integrated schools, burn their churches, lump them in overcrowded ghettos where we’re locking up everyone in sight for non-violent offenses that those in the majority get away with ? I know and am friends with quite a few Vietnamese Americans and have occasionally discussed what life was like from the time they got on the first US ship bringing them here as refugees through today. Most if not all have large educated families that have roots going back thousands of years. They didn’t have their heritage stripped from them like most black Americans, their parents and grandparents could read and write in their native tongue unlike many Central Americans, and they weren’t driven from their homes to be restricted to crowded reservations unlike most Native Americans. Is it culture that is responsible for the high levels of violence in Cambodia and parts of India, or will you acknowledge overcrowding, lack of resources and opportunity there? As you said it’s nigh impossible to find a decent paying job with a rap sheet. Why then do you seem to have no problem with society treating individuals in a discriminatory fashion from the age of 4 on and imply I’m juvenile for acknowledging the impact that decades of stereotyping has had?

  2. CK07 said:

    “It’s your other implicit conclusion that we need to stereotype people based on physical description that I take issue with.”

    There is no “stereotyping” in the world of 911. That’s the whole point.

    If somebody steals your car at gunpoint, your best chance of getting your car back is accurate information, wouldn’t you say? Where’s the upside for assault victims to “make up” false physical descriptions? That’s science fiction. Doesn’t happen.

    It is a logical leap of Olympian proportions to suppose thousands of crime victims each day, are all lying about the descriptions of the gutter-rats terrorizing our neighborhoods.

    The reality of 911 is sobering and unblinking and beyond political manipulation. In a saner world, it would be required study in every school on the planet.

    1. So we need to detain Muhammad Ali Jr for 2 hours because of his muslim name? The travel ban was blocked and hasn’t officially gone into effect yet, as just an example of the shift in environment Trump’s inauguration has brought.

      The majority of crime victims are victims of people of their own ethnic background by and large. If you’re white, the “gutter-rats terrorizing” your neighborhoods are likely white as well. Does that justify a school to prison pipeline that starts with black 4 year olds being over 3x as likely to face suspension as their white preschool counterparts? http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/black-preschoolers-likely-face-suspension/

        1. I take it you’re focusing on whites making up a little under 40% of black criminal offender victims and a little over 50% of hispanic criminal offender victims. Still whites make up 63% of this country and the fact remains even on that page, 56% of the time a white person is assaulted the race of the offender is also white. 13% of the time the offender is black and 12% of the time the offender is Hispanic. This reflects what I said before, as a victim you need to be on the lookout most for those of your own race. Also unemployment, poverty, a lack of education etc. all play a role in the crime rates in the inner cities. It’s not as simple as, if you’re born to a certain race you’re prone to violence or else Toronto and Montreal wouldn’t be among the safest cities in North America. If jobs and income weren’t the main factors in determining crime, then would the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar be listed among the safest countries on earth over UK?

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