Avalanche With Amtrak: New York Passengers Get Buried In Snow From Arriving Train

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 8.21.53 AM

This is not exactly the “wake me up” that most travelers are seeking in their morning commute from Amtrak.

It is surprising to see the depth of uncleared snow on the track at Rhinecliff  New York station. Of course, the snow was transferred to the passengers who arrived at work looking like they came by way of the Iditarod.

The passengers found a new meaning in the slogan “For the America you can’t see anywhere else.”

18 thoughts on “Avalanche With Amtrak: New York Passengers Get Buried In Snow From Arriving Train

  1. Smart folks who got off at Ellis Island had connections elsewhere in America and kept on going. The dumb ones stayed in NYC. Then generation after generation. We elected one as President this past election. Went in dumb, come out dumb too. Talking like Yorkies in their alligator shoes.

  2. Arrival at work “looking like they came by way of the Iditarod”. Just cracked me up, laughing out loud, still. Thank you, Professor Turley.

  3. This story and these photos bring back memories of walking to school in a blast of winter in Chicago and commuting to New York on Amtrak in the dark (both to and from NY) during the winter months. However, I have to laugh whenever I’m in California and hear the people complain about the “cold” weather there. What wimps!

  4. Oh dear. Were the entire tracks like that, or just at the station? I never thought about it, but don’t they clear tracks after a heavy snow? I recall a story where my grandfather was stuck for at least a week on a snowbound train. How much snow does it take nowadays to either stop a train or derail it? Can it derail in heavier snow?

    I notice that the people taking video with their phone, including the lady in the white beanie, stayed a bit too late and got blasted with snow.

    I’ll bet the station workers would have enough experience to have been able to predict it, and noticeably did not keep passengers farther away. Perhaps its one of those fun little games they like to play to pass the time on a cold day.

  5. This is an amazing video. I can’t believe that woman just stood there. Others anticipated what would happen and skedaddled. She must have looked like a snow person.

  6. You can see the employee ran the snowblower right up to the train tracks and stopped.
    No procedure for the train tracks in the station? Or did the employee surmise that’s ‘good enough’.
    Either way it was a good thing grandma wasn’t waiting in her wheelchair with her oxygen tank. 🙄

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