University of Alabama Students Arrested in Two Epic Spring Break Cases


Alden Whiteside could not have handled things worse on his way Spring Break in Florida.  First, there was the seven cases of beer in plain view in his truck.  Then there was the problem of being 19 and not allowed to drink or buy alcohol.  Then there was the fact that he was speeding.  Then there was the fake driver’s license that he was using.  Finally, there was the marijuana discovered in the car.  That pretty much covers most of the criminal code.  He was not the only Alabama college student facing charges from a Spring Break gone bad.

Whiteside is an University of Alabama student and seemed a bit too eager to get to Spring Break in Destin.

This week there was another arrest of  University of Alabama students at break in Destin.  Jacob Annan, 19, (left) and Bradley Thomson, 18, were arrested as a security check on a boat moored in Destin.  They were with two females.  The deputy smell pot from a bong Thomson was holding.  Police also should that Thomson tried to hide a black and silver lockbox, which contained an assortment of narcotics as well as baggies and scales. They also found 24 cans of Bud Light in Annan’s backpack.

Thomson was charged with possession of controlled substances with the intent to distribute. Those drugs included alprazolam, cocaine, and amphetamine. He was also charged with possession of marijuana THC extract with intent to distribute, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a fraudulent driver’s license.

Annan was charged with underage possession of alcohol and possession of a fake driver’s license.

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  1. Yes they were arrested but that allowed others to enjoy the fruits of Spring Break, their arrests had purpose. Like the unlucky tuna picked from the school so others could swim on.

  2. Another example that male brains don’t develop judgement until sometime in their 20s, if they live that long. But I do know many men, much older, who also have not had the judgement part of their brain developed.

    1. It’s amusing to contemplate what some of them might say about the palpable experience of your company and conversation.

  3. The cost of being the life of the party. We need a psychological
    profile for these kinds of knucklehead criminals: I’ll bet they’re frustrated underachievers trying to earn self-esteem the hard way. D’oh!

    1. He’s from an exurb of Mobile. He’s enrolled at the University of Alabama. Unless he was aiming to go out of state and attend a private research university, attend a swank private college, or attend a research university classed as a ‘public Ivy’ (such as UVa or College Park), he’s not frustrated. About 3-4% of the cohort of 17 year olds will migrate out-of-state to attend a school like one of those mentioned. Among the other 96%, the best students enroll at the state research universities or (rarely) a state honors college. This kid isn’t an underachiever, just someone with a poor sense of risk aversion (and wretched taste; if you’re going to blow off state liquor law, at least get some Molson’s).

  4. What’s a “security check”? Is that the same thing as an unconstitutional search?

    1. Stupid as in reckless or having bad judgment. Unless he’s got connections, he’s not unintelligent. If you’re enrolled at a state research university, you pretty much have to have academic performance which puts you in the top quarter of your high-school cohort (at a minimum).

  5. Many years ago, growing up in Southern Illinois, when the drinking age was only 18, some 18 year old kids (I won’t identify them here) would go camping in the Missouri Ozarks and bring beer with them. The drinking age in Missouri was 21. The local Missouri police loved it. They would find the beer but never arrested anyone, especially if the beer was Coors (which could not be distributed east of Kansas City at the time). They just “confiscated” the beer and let the kids go.

    1. Ah…The magical elixer known as Coors…As a child in Texas I remember that anyone who went to Colorado had an obligation to bring back a trunkload of Coors as it was not available in Texas.

  6. Sooner or later someone will say ‘give ’em a chance to grow up.’
    This one was 19 and in college or second try High School.


    1. Had to volunteer involuntarily for the draft to get the college money and be eligible for a government job.
    2. Old enough to drive a 2,000 pound weapon called a car.
    3. Old enough by two years to go straight into the military and learn how to break things and kill people in defense of the Constitution. (Yes that’s all the oath covers cupcakes you were left out. )
    4. Have a credit card and run up debts
    5. Vote
    6. Serve on a jury
    7. Have a passport
    8 Get married or just become a parent without the mirage of marriage. .

    Just how much growing up do they need these days?

    Draftees even if it’s called something else are more trouble than they are worth. Besides it’s is as sexist as you can get even if the woment recently would support equality which they don’t and didn’t.

    It’s all based on the past which as Gorsuch put it must be judged in the meanings and culture of the time or as I put it in the context of the times. Needs changing for sure but in the meantime Men remain cannon fodder candidates and women remain baby factories. What? WHAT! Hey snowflake where did you think those soldiers came from ?

  7. Its a weekly occurrence to see these shenanigans when you work the road.

    1. Darren – we have Lake Havasu which allows for drunken boating accidents, drownings, as well as the usual spring break hazards. A fun time for all.

  8. Every year Spring Break gets bigger and more depraved in San Diego. There’s a growing trend of high school kids. Horrible parents who want to be “friends” w/ their kids rent a house and let them run wild. Clockwork Orange.

  9. At ASU it is half the freshman class in jail on spring break. These guys are pikers.

    1. ,They hadn’t harmed anyone or damaged anyone’s property. So, in a tip of the hat to Hillary, these kids’ lives will be permanently damaged as the result of being likely pre super predators.

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