Canadian Barred From Using Family Name on License Plate as “Misogynistic” Message

wopzaemgd376hw2q1dgzThe Nova Scotia Registry of Motor Vehicles  was adamant.  The license plate reading “GRABHER” was deemed “misogynistic and promoting violence against women.”  It was a surprise to Lorne Grabher who simply wanted a license plate with his family’s name.

Notably, Grabher has had the plate for 25 years after getting the plate as a birthday gift,.  The name is German and the plate was used for decades.  Then there was a complaint and a former decision that his family’s name was discriminatory and barred by the government from plates.
The spokesman from the Department of Transportation, Brian Taylor. It said:
“A complaint was received outlining how some individuals interpret [the name] as misogynistic and promoting violence against women. . . . With no way to denote that it is a family name on the plate, the department determined it was in the public’s best interest to remove it from circulation.”
The government has a long list of words banned as offensive.  They include such words as “Gringo,” “God4U2,” and “Hootch.”  However, this establishes a family’s name offensive despite the clearly non-offensive basis for plate.
Notably, the family believes that the action was taken due to President Donald Trump’s reference to grabbing women in the infamous video that surfaced during the campaign.
What do you think should be done?

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  1. This reminds me of the true story of a man named Gimbel who owned a small general store in ME, which he, unsurprisingly , named Gimbel’s.

    It wasn’t long before the large chain (which had no stores in ME in any case) was able to obtain an injunction forbidding Mr. Gimbel from using his own name at his general store!!

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