Comedian Under Fire After Abuse of Kangaroo in Detroit Captured On Video

A minor actor is in a major controversy after abusing a chained kangaroo on stage in Detroit.  Mike Epps, 47, who is primarily known for starring in juvenile “Hangover” movies, was captured on videotape with an obviously terrified kangaroo on stage.  Epps ran after “Skippy” hit him.  His handler Javon Stacks should have his licenses revoked for his shocking treatment of the animal.

Epps indicated that he could not care less after the controversy about the kangaroo.  He is shown jumping around the stage like a complete idiot as Stack’s carries the kangaroo around like a prop.

The Michigan statute includes the following as animal cruelty:

(2) An owner, possessor, or person having the charge or custody of an animal shall not do any of the following:

(a) Fail to provide an animal with adequate care.

(b) Cruelly drive, work, or beat an animal, or cause an animal to be cruelly driven, worked, or beaten.

Fittingly, Epps plays a thug in the movies named “Black Doug'” and was performing at the Festival of Laughs comedy show.

At one part, Epps himself grabbed the leash on the distraught animal and seemed to care less about its distress in the situation.  I fail to see how animals can be abused in this way or how Stacks can maintain a license with such poor treatment of an animal.

Epps later showed himself with Stacks and the kangaroo back stage with the message “Yeah what’s the problem? Look how nice I am to him.”  It just made people more angry of course.

What is clear is that Epps has a little compassion as he has talent.

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  1. Perhaps the single most unifying factor among crimes, and the mistreatment of our fellow man and animals, is a complete lack of empathy. In order to say something cruel, raise a hand to someone, make a decision that destroys someone’s life or happiness, lie, betray trust, or terrify a helpless animal, you must lack empathy for them. You must neither understand how they feel, nor care.

    The best people in our world have empathy for people and other living things. And that can extend to the workers who grow our food, our environment, and the food web as well.

    They might not have broken any laws. But loudspeakers hurt delicate hearing of animals, and kangaroos have especially sensitive ears. They also showed a disregard for the distress of the animal. Perhaps they had the attitude of the show must go on. Perhaps it was just a piece of meat to them like a set piece. It may not be against the law, but it wasn’t nice, and it revealed a character flaw.

  2. I’d like to put a leash on each of these Black Thugs and yank them up and down on a stage. They are disgusting examples of __________. You fill in the blank. The only word that cannot be use is humanity.

  3. Poor roo. He is better off though than the roo’s in Australia in the 80’s,
    When the Aussie’s got caught Culling herds and selling the meat to be mixed in with cattle meat and sold to California consumers at Jack in the Box. Oh the irony.

  4. He’s already been convicted in in the kangaroo court of public opinion.

  5. I certainly hope an animal rights group pursues this and goes after his license. What a loser. People who abuse animals or children are the bottom of the gene pool.

    1. Unfortunately abuse of others is either culturally acceptable or culturally unacceptable. When people are immersed in a highly abusive culture, abuse seems natural. Sometimes when it is pointed out to them that abuse is wrong, they agree. Other times they defend their abuse as acceptable to their god and therefore to them. The idea of a god seems to give validation or permission to do otherwise unacceptable things. Perhaps some people have persuaded themselves that god cursed animals and therefore abuse pleases god.

  6. Indifference to the welfare of anyone not “similarly situated” to rapper thugs is a hallmark of this *ahem* “art form.” Not talented and not even amusing.

  7. This is why you should never work with animals or children on stage.

    1. Right and I will say that one of the things that won me over to Trump was how he would bring babies and young children up to the stage with him at rallies. Trump pointed to kids in the crowd, their parents sent them up to Trump who picked those kids up to the microphone and asked them questions and every single time the kids were sensational and clearly comfortable with Trump. Those little moments stood out for me. Can anyone imagine Hillary with an unscripted kid moment on stage at one of her rallies? Not in a million years.

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