California Woman Hit With $35 Million Bail . . . Friends Pony Up Roughly $70 Million

CBS may be the “Tiffany Network” but the Tiffany Li network appears far more flush these days.  CBS is reporting that Li was given a $35 million bail for her alleged murder of her husband, Keith Green.  That is an amount clearly intended to put release beyond the reach of anyone, but Li’s friends have ponied up the full amount. It just might be the largest bail of its kind.

Li is accused of conspiracy with her boyfriend and another man to kill Green and to get rid of his body.  The marriage was not going well and prosecutors believe that Li sought the elimination of Green to keep her children.  The wealthy couple had assets but not enough to make that type of scratch for bail.  The bail is doubled is real estate is used in lieu of cash.  The community raised $4 million in cash and another in pledged $61 million property.

Notably, prosecutors pushed for no bail and said Li was a flight risk.  The court insisted on bail and rejected $100 million as a figure from the prosecutors.

She will be under house arrest.

By the way, my primary thought in reading this story is that I really need a new and upgraded group of friends.

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  1. So where would she go? I don’t know if China has an extradition agreement with the U.S., but given her family’s money and influence, China’s not going to send her back. However, her kids are mixed-race (the murdered daddy was black), and that would create difficulties for them in China. Although not as bad as mom going to prison, I suppose. A better choice would be the Philippines. No extradition agreement and much more liberal on racial issues.

  2. She made bail this afternoon and was released…. made a mad dash for a big SUV and apparently she had to surrender her passport and those of her children. I wonder if they got ALL the passports…

    1. She’s probably down in Chinatown right now enjoying dim sum with a view of the San Francisco Bay, waiting for the Chinese Embassy to deliver replacement passports…..

      1. They said she went to a house down the Peninsula, but not the Hillsborough house where she was arrested last year. The arrest was quite dramatic. Full scale swat team, many vehicles, down came the gates (no little fence with a little gate, either) and in they went.

        I would be surprised if she and kiddos do not vamoose. IIRC it was murder for hire, and the system really doesn’t seem to like that…

        1. Contract killings usually go bad because few people, no matter how wealthy, know a professional hit man, and have no way of contacting one. So they hire some low-life and hope all goes well. But it doesn’t, because the guy is an amateur. For example, the in-laws of law professor Dan Markel allegedly hired a couple of gang bangers to kill him over a child custody dispute. The idiots bungled the killing, and one has already started to sing. There is an interesting case out of Atlanta, where a few days ago a man jogged up to a Vietnamese-American lawyer crossing the street on her way to work and shot her. She had an amazing life story, and so far there is no connection between the two. So there is speculation that it was a contract killing, but who had the motive? The killing was caught on video and he was promptly arrested, but so far isn’t talking.

  3. Don’t worry, Professor Turley, if you ever need bail posted, we’ll all chip in.

  4. This is San Francisco. Someone took out a small line of credit on their garden shed.

  5. She requested a diamond and ruby studded ankle bracelet monitor.

    1. And with her ruby ankle bracelet she can click her heels together three times and say…

      There’s no place like home monitoring. There’s no place like home monitoring.”

  6. Not sure what are the terms of house arrest in San Mateo County Superior Court. Hopefully, she was put on a no-fly list and had her passport confiscated.

  7. It’s being reported around here (she had been living in Hillsborough, down the Peninsula) that it is the 8th highest bail… but I have n ot read the amounts that were higher. I get the impression some fully expect her to abscond…. she could face life if tried and found guilty. Earlier, last year, her mother was around. Talk about ”Irish Dragon” mothers, LOL they have nothing on Chinese Dragon mothers. It was quite a sight. The house in Hillborough is new but is substantial.

    Her new ‘friends” who killed Green are quite something. They make the Kardashian’s choices look … elevated.

  8. But it looks like most of the posted bail was property. If she flees, cash forfeit would be comparatively easy to enforce; but property would be a different matter all together. Could be tied up in legal la-la-land for, who know how long.

    1. San Mateo County requires a deed of trust and promissory note for property bonds. That makes it easier.

  9. So who gets to keep the forfeited bail money if she flees to China? If the county gets it, that might be a new way for cash strapped CA to raise money. Charge rich defendants massive amounts of bail and who cares if they flee. The L.A. Times says her family in China is worth $100 -$150 million. They can pay the $35 million and she can disappear into China and CA can pave their roads.

    1. Most of the bail was raised by posting real estate assets. If she flees to China, her friends will lose their real estate through asset forfeitures.

  10. If she flees the country her friends are going to be out a lot of money.

  11. Money can’t buy love or can it? Love is in the air

    Mother-of-four who won $188 million Powerball prize spends $12 million bailing out her ‘heroin-trafficking’ boyfriend for the third time – bringing total cost to $21 MILLION

    • Marie Holmes bailed her live-in boyfriend, 31-year-old Lamarr McDow, out of jail after posting his $12 million bond
    • This is the third time that Holmes, of Shallotte, North Carolina, has bailed McDow out of jail
    • She posted his $3 million bond in March and a $6 million bond in August
    • Holmes has also paid approximately an additional $1,470,000 in bail bondsmen fees that she will never get back

  12. He she jumped bail where would she go? China? Is she a citizen? Flight risk? Don’t let her on an airplane. With that kind of money she could get a submarine. She is ugly. Keep her photo off the media.

  13. Well, it would appear that the marriage was not going well if Li had a boyfriend.

    If a defendant is deemed a flight risk, I wish the court would deny bail across the board. It will be disappointing and preventable if Li escapes the justice system and never has her day in court.

  14. My great-grandfather was arrested for 1st degree murder. His friends raised the bail in an hour. BTW, he was found not guilty.

  15. Are those friends all ethnic Chinese? That’s some remarkable group cohesion if they are.

    1. Her lawyer says she comes from an abnormally wealthy families. Guesses they are cousins.

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