The General and The Great Escape

dbsdbr43-minI am (as many on this blog know) an avid dog lover so I cannot resist sharing videotapes of dog exploits.  This videotape made my morning to watch as a 10-year-old Great Pyrenees named General decide that he has had enough with hospital food and accommodations.  The dog opens a series of doors until he finally just strolls out into the world.

General broke out of the Aquia-Garrisonville Animal Hospital in Stafford, Virginia at 4:17 a.m.

He apparently went to a nearby home to score some grub and was returned to the hospital.  He must have had some great stories for the guys back “in stir.”


At a time when many are looking for a leader who they can believe in, I give you General:


I am one lawyer prepared to work pro bono on behalf of General to avoid any obedience training by prison hacks who (as shown here) can deal harshly with the failure to communicate:

I am hoping that the good people at Aquia-Garrisonville Animal Hospital will recognize that they have a gifted animal worthy of copious treats for his notable break.  Who says that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks?

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  1. “This video is not available” is all I see. Clever dog must’ve sent a takedown notice.

  2. rgraves620021 year ago
    AFV blocked this video in many areas. I made the mistake of sending it to them, as soon as I did that I gave them the rights, but hey why would it bother me…they sent me a tee shirt!!! I am glad a lot of you enjoyed the video!!! Peace

  3. I like the scene where he opens the door handle with his mouth and pulls the door open. Then sticks his neck through and opens it further as he glides out.

  4. We all can learn A LOT from this dog!

    When (not “if”) you become a political prisoner, wrongfully confined by the United States government-prison complex, remember that there will ALWAYS be some means of escape! And, it will be your sole mission and duty to seize every opportunity to do so!

  5. Of course it was a Great Pyrenees. They are infamous for wander lust. They are one of the livestock guardian dogs bred for independence. Traditionally, they live out in the bush with their flock, to protect them from wolves. So they are very smart but also independent thinkers. Problem: boredom. Solution: escape.

    They are also very sweet and fluffy. But if you are going to have a Great Pyrenees as a pet you’d better be able to out think his escape attempts.

    Now, cattle dogs are at the other end of the spectrum. They do not guard livestock on their own, but with the cattlemen. The only thing they guard alone is your car, and you could place the Hope Diamond on the front seat and it will still be there when you get back. But you will be back in just a few minutes. They are Velcro Dogs, or Clingons. My dog got out of my yard as a 6 week old puppy the very first week I had him, while I was at work. Apparently, my fence was not as secure as I thought and I was beside myself at what my mistake could have cost. You know where he went? To the front door to sleep on the mat while he waited for me to come home from work. Australian Cattle Dogs – part dingo and all heart.

  6. Everyone in agreement! See it can be done. Thanks i was sad only to find out it wasn’t in book or movie form….well book form anyway…

  7. After reviewing fire hydrant videos, I was concerned what General might do in JT’s video @ the 1:17 mark with a red fire extinguisher in sight.

  8. Did you catch the look on his neighbor’s face? The dog in the other cell? Hilarious!

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