Tunisian Islamic Head Calls For The Death Of Democracy

Freedom_of_SpeechWe have previously discussed the inherent conflict between Islamic governments and free speech and free exercise.  There is also a recognition among extremists that democracy itself is incapable with the dream of an Islamic caliphate.  The head of the Tunisian Islamist Hizb ut-Tahrir movement made this point vividly clear in calling for all good Muslim to “bury” democracy.

Amri proclaimed that “Democracy no longer attracts anyone. It is time to announce its death and work to bury it.”

He no doubt is speaking for everyone who occupies his tiny extreme end of the political religious spectrum.  The confusing thing is that democracy seems to be bursting out everywhere.  No doubt those democracy loving people (including millions of Muslims) have not considered the paradise of living in a caliphate ruled by moronic extremists like Amri.

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  1. The breakdown in our democratic republic? The people. Too many no longer wish to take their responsibilities seriously. They don’t bother to vote. They don’t bother to keep knowledgeable and involved in government. The strength (and weakness) of a democracy are the people.

  2. When people study a collection of ideas for years, they believe that they know more than most other people on that subject. It doesn’t matter if the subject is Islam/other religious dogma, art, history, psychology, law, medicine, science — all or most of the ideas learned might be total crap. Nevertheless knowing that stuff gives people a feeling of superiority and the right to dominate others. It shouldn’t. Some minds are more highly functional than others, but that should only better enable them to help others, not dominate others.

  3. Democracy will end on its own accord because it doesn’t work. As soon as the welfare/scam class outnumbers the working class, it will just tip over, upside down, and then in a while, a Hitler type will have to come in and reestablish order, stability, and common sense. Hopefully, our Hitler will be kinder and gentler, but I am not holding my breath. Sometimes, oligarchies will substitute for the Hitler type, but they only tend to put off the inevitable. In the end, everything falls apart.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  4. Why not move here? Democracy is already gone. All the wars he could hope for are here. Religious lunatics run the show. I think we already have everything he wants.

    Just like with the 9/11 Suadi “participants”, we can make exceptions on immigration when it suits the govt.s’ needs.

  5. “Mehdi Ben Gharbia, a minister overseeing relations with civil society, said he had filed a request earlier this month for a one-month suspension of the group’s activities over its “attacks against Tunisia’s republican system.”

    A one month suspension of the group’s activities? And after that, what, allow them to continue their effort to replace you with the caliphate? Maybe the government seems unconcerned because Amri’s group is stuck on how to move forward on the whole “ending democracy” thing without taking a vote of the members.

    1. The one thing you cannot do with a bayonet is sit on it. This guy’s a blowhard, and that’s about all. Call in the law if they’re up to something criminal and call in the militia if they start riots.

  6. No doubt those democracy loving people (including millions of Muslims) have not considered the paradise of living in a caliphate ruled by moronic extremists like Amri.

    You belong to a suboccupation where it’s absolutely bog standard to believe that committees of lawyers meeting in secret can annul any piece of democratically-enacted legislation they care to, as long as they issue a verbose piece of BS. Anything to say about that?:

  7. Wm. Z. Foster once penned a book called Toward a Soviet America.

    Affiliates of Hizb ur-Tahrir hold precisely 0 seats in the Tunisian legislature. The utterances of this man are of interest just why?

  8. I went to vote. Some dork said: Let’s see your voting ID. I shuffled throuugh my wallet. No. The drivers license was not good enough. Showed him my old photo military ID from days of old. Not good enough. So I did not vote.
    This is why God made rifles.

    1. Have you considered moving to a state without all those voter ID laws? I’ve never had to do anything more than give my name and address, and have it checked against the list of registered voters. And we haven’t seen busloads of outsiders swarm the town, either. Besides, what addresses would they give?

  9. The so called greatest democracy, the US, is an oligarchy. Perhaps the killing has begun. Review the circus that is the illusion of democracy in America and this cleric is getting his wish.

  10. Let’s just cut to the chase–declare “Death to Everything” and be done with it.

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