Western Kentucky Students Declare Standardized Scores as Fostering “White Supremacy” and Demand Free Tuition as Reparations

500px-WKU_logo.svgWestern Kentucky University’s Student Government Association has passed a resolution that declares standardized scores as a tool for “white supremacy.”  They also demanded reparations for African-American students by guaranteeing free tuition.


The students denounced standardized test scores as “restrict[ing] the college opportunities for needy students, helping higher education perpetuate inequality.”

They added that “standardized tests perpetuate and uphold white supremacy.”

 “It is clear from research that students and families do not understand what this means, and that the use of test scores in admissions is a defining attribute of the institution and prominent piece of our image,” the resolution reads. “Additionally, the ‘arms race’ for merit aid only bars the low-income and minority students from attending Western Kentucky University.”

SGA President Jay Todd Richey added “We need to consider making reparations in the form of more equitable college admissions policies, financial assistance and campus support and resources, and we hope this provocative statement will launch an important dialogue about how to achieve that.”

WKU students are not alone in demanding the end of standardized tests as inimical to the advancement of black students.  Some schools including George Washington have dropped their reliance on scores as a way of increasing their class diversity.

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  1. Wow! This sure brings back memories (all bad I hate to say). Having grown up near Princeton, I couldn’t drive there without passing “ETS” [Educational Testing Service]. The maternal parents of the “SAT”. Driving by I often daydreamed of all the things I could do to harm them (with my #2 pencil).

    This article brings back painful memories. For example, “Inimical” I know I recognized that being on the my English portion. Sure I got it wrong. I picked “C”. What’d ya’ll pick?

    I got a perfect 800. Honest I did….. 400 and 400. Yet here I am.

    What a diverse thread for so early in the 🌅 morning.

    I think there still is a need for continued standardized testing at WKU. Maybe it could be greatly reduced and even one single question.

    How about this…

    100 hundred UNCLES and 100 hundred DADS apply for admission to WKU.

    What is the total number of those that applied to WKU?:

    a) 200
    b) Requires calculator
    c) 100
    d) All the above

    1. The best answer of the 4 choices is d). Although a better choice might be

      e) The question does not provide sufficient info for an accurate answer.

      Because “those” is unclear to its referent. It could be that “those” means a group consisting of “uncles and dads” or “those” could also be meant in a larger sense of the general group of all persons applied, male and female alike. Additionally, some who are both uncles and dads could be in the group, and if 50 were both, then the applicants would number 150, which is not a valid choice.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. And to think you misspelled FROMME and SQUEAKY.

        Guess I have been out gunned, clearly out smarted, ridiculed and embarrassed in a national thread. Where are those damn #2’s?

        Careful not to over think the
        questions and don’t spend too much time on any one question.

        Actually the correct response is: “C”

        ** In Kentucky “UNCLE” and “DADDY” are the same person.


  2. The sad truth is that if you actually gave blacks reparations, most of them would be broke again by the time the once new Cadillac or Lincoln Navigator needed a $1,500 computer chip replacement.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. There’s a need to accommodate incoming students/people of a disadvantaged sort; be they White, Black, or any other race, ethnicity, whatnot. Children are born to parents disadvantaged due to a variety of reasons, and reach university restricted in their abilities to: speak properly, understand what they read, and shortcomings in other disciplines. The answer is not to lower the bar but to raise the abilities of those disadvantaged people.

    Regarding standardized testing, this is an area that must be forever under scrutiny as to its effectiveness in determining the quality of the student as well as the quality of the education. There will always be shortcomings in any system of education.

    1. “There’s a need to accommodate incoming students/people of a disadvantaged sort; ”

      Is there really? I don’t think there is. This gets back to my “judgement” principle. How about instead we keep the standard and let it be known that parents need to provide so that their kids have a chance at succeeding in life.

    2. Several years ago, , people learned about dyslexia and the fact that is was not a sign of the lack of intelligence. Dyslexics were allowed to take oral tests. Why, in a society which begs for diversity do we ithe still think in one size fits all. So many of our problems are exacerbated by this devotion to an abysmal form of problem solving.

  4. I’ve written it before and I will write it again. This is just another attempt to reduce our freedoms be waning our rights to discriminate and judge.

    I wonder if these idiot kids would consider an NBA player dunking a basketball black privilege?

    1. Jim22 – I think blacks playing basketball is cultural appropriation. It was played by whites first. And I think there should be only the same number of blacks on a team as a percentage of the population.

  5. Whenever someone asks for “dialogue” on an issue, you know he or she has nothing substantive to say about the issue.

  6. I’m not sure if I should laugh at the plain old ignorance of the students, or weep because they are the future if this country.

  7. More liberal whine from mush-headed students trying to sound fashionable. I suggest that their tuitions be raised, federal school loans be rescinded and the extra money raised therefrom be set aside to pay reparations — to families of fallen soldiers who actually do deserve it.

  8. As a Black American whose early years were spent in Chicago public schools, I am familiar with standardized testing. I take issue with Any one who suggests that We are in need of special treatment and training for any reason. If Whites push or accept fthis idea, they by default are claiming intellectual superiority based on ethnicity alone. We Black Americans who demand “special treatment” are in agreement with those who call us inferior. Lowering the admission standards for more diversity only adds more unfit and unqualified to the end product.

    1. The radical Left is a patronizing, quick to assume inferiority, low expectation crowd. The funny thing is that they never realize it.

      1. Tommy Sotomayor says that American blacks are like the little retarded snack-pack throwing kids in school. Nobody expects anything from them because they’re, well. . . retarded. Heck, asking for photo ID to vote is expecting too much from Blacks. Which as you say is a completely racist view of them, and echoes the belief system of the Old Segregationists in the South, to wit, that blacks are too stupid to make it in a system where they are treated as equals. Kinda funny in a way. Sad, but funny.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. An old coach I know explained it this way: “If you treat people like losers and expect nothing from them, surprise, surprise you get people who act like losers and do nothing.” It’s a matter of expectation and standards. The most successful racial integration in this country happens in team sports like football. Everybody gets a chance to compete on the same playing field and the expectations are the same with the best players rising to the top with a singularity of purpose. Life should be so fair.

          1. How true. My father knows a guy who ran a Youth Boot Camp for juvenile delinquents, mostly black, and he said the first thing they had to do was un-teach the whole Liberal “somebody else is to blame for where you are” crap. And teach them about taking personal responsibility for their own actions, and lives. Sad, when to save black kids you have to un-teach them the Liberal Race Narrative.Anyway, it actually worked for some of the kids. I guess for the same reasons as it does for kids who join the military. No more bullsh*t excuses for being a loser. Or a maggot.

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

    2. “When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination.” – Thomas Sowell

    3. Instead of listening to the victimization rhetoric of the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton & company, black leaders should spend more time on striving to be competitive and not asking for handouts and declaring their shortcomings are due to white privilege. There is no doubt many schools have and are still failing to educate our students (not all of them black). That does not have to be the case. Parents in many cities – D.C., NYC, etc do whatever they can to gnet their children vouchers to attend private schools or entry into proven charter schools. Those children can compete. They have the will,and the backing of their parents to succeed. Read this column about Boys Latin in Philadelphia. https://www.wsj.com/articles/black-men-speaking-latin-1492469886 Lowering standards and giving away degrees does not increase the knowledge or competative ability of any group.

  9. Strike another school from ranks of all the potential “higher learning institutions” from which my teenager will select. This is getting easier by the week.

    (We are doomed.)

  10. When you look at just the score on a standardized test you cannot tell who or what the race of the person is. However, seeing a large group of scores, you can plot the groups with some ease. Not sure where reparations come in.

    For the students who are let in without testing, they always need tutoring or remedial classes. Without the testing, you don’t know which classes.

  11. The only people that qualify for reparations are DEAD! What is wrong with these addlepated students? The more frightening thing is this is the atmosphere that future teachers, lawyers and judges come from. The future doesn’t look too good for the common man……. The fewer will think they know what’s good for the many. That never seems to work out well. Especially when the few give each other perks the little guy isn’t eligible to get. Then another Donald Trump will come along to change things up or the US will resemble the EU or worse…….

  12. A half century plus of affirmative action is all the reparations anyone is going to get. And don’t be surprised if it starts getting scaled back. Working-class white Americans are tired of being stepped on and passed over in education and employment by minorities and immigrants. The recent election results should make that fact rather obvious.

  13. Well enigma, Trump won all but 2 counties in Kentucky, and they got a lot of counties in that state. Warren County went for Trump, but only 59%. Many counties went for Trump 70-80%. And, I’m going to take a wild guess and say these students voted for your girl, Hillary. She lost because of misogyny in case you didn’t hear.

    1. And three million fewer votes. Invoking gerrymandered counties isn’t exactly impressive.

    2. If you think Prince Jared and the Goldman BROS give a rat’s ass about Kentucky you are a true fool.

    3. Oh God, as a woman, her blaming her loss on misogyny irritates me to no end. Since she remains in denial that she’s been caught lying so many times, sold 20% of our Uranium to Russia after receiving $500,000 for Bill’s speech in Russia and around $146 million for her foundation, etc, etc, there is no hope that she will ever evolve. I know people like this. The world is always against them and it’s never their fault. She’s a famous millionaire petted and pampered everywhere she goes, but she pretends to have been persecuted because of her ovaries. Ugh.

      Sorry, I got caught in the HRC tractor beam. Carry on. 🙂

      1. Hillary Clinton is a national disgrace. Not that she is any different in mindset than any other common sleazy politician, the disgrace mostly lies in the fact that tens of millions of citizens voted for her despite how blatantly obvious her corruption is. The fact that she is not in prison, while ordinary people get thrown in the hoosegow for small matters, shows just how unfair the criminal justice system is, and how protected she remains because of democrats who rigged a primary election to deny two other legitimate candidates in preference for her.

        1. I have never seen “hoosegow” written, until now. Heard it many times, mostly by my grandparents, but never saw it written.

  14. Although I happen to score very well on standardized tests (I blame growing up in Minnesota) there is plenty of documentation of the bias of many standardized tests, the mention of which might have made the article more complete. The “reparations” requested by the students seem more like suggested changes as opposed to payment for past sins and leave me wondering if the students know the meaning of the word. I happened to go to college 55 miles away in Nashville and went to WKU a couple times because their bookstore had better Greek paraphernalia for my fraternity. It didn’t seem then like a liberal haven and I doubt much it is now. Their request will no doubt be dismissed out of hand but there is some merit in some of what they say. I’d never use the words “reparations” or “white supremacy” yet their are words that might apply worth at least discussing. BTW, Bowling Green where WKU is located is the heart of Trump country so consider that as you lambast them as “just started walking upright there.” The Klan as another poster noted was formed in Pulaski, TN not too far away and I confess I never saw any sign of their activity during my 4-years in Nashville. I had to move to Florida for that.

    Let the attacks begin!

    1. As college students, they should be learning how to make a persuasive argument. You don’t persuade people with inflammatory terms like “white supremacy” or words like “reparations.” People just turn off and stop listening. As far as testing bias, I’ve read that it is more class based than race based. Citing those studies, and the fact that Harvard Law has recently made the LSAT optional, would be a much better argument than alienating people with tired, left wing political rhetoric. As to free tuition, that’s not likely to happen in a relatively poor state like Kentucky. Ohio provides free tuition to honorably discharged veterans, and there has been some talk of tuition free community colleges, but if that is to happen, it will be in the wealthier, more progressive states. Like Minnesota.

        1. Not really. I went to college with Chinese students from extremely poor immigrant families and they were top students, succeeding in the most challenging science and engineering majors. Every black student I met at U.C. had professional parents or at least upper middle class. There are several generation of successful black professionals whose children are in Ivy League colleges. Eric Holder’s father was a wealthy real estate developer. I’d like to see E.H.’s college and law school essays. I’m sure he claimed to be from the ghetto, lol. The fact is, that’s a wink-and-nod game played at elite universities. An admissions officer told me, and this was 30 years ago, that all their black students come from well-to-do backgrounds, but they look the other way on the “born in the ghetto b.s.,” because anyone really raised in a ghetto would flunk out at the end of their first semester. In order to graduate black students, elite colleges have to recruit them from the ranks of America’s professional, successful black families.

          1. TIN – they clearly have not worked with the black athletes who do come out of the ghetto. Their schools still owe them an education.

    2. The bias, such as it is in the various testing systems, is broad based. I took the SAT a long time ago, I think in ’68. I somehow managed to finish the math part and get a not too horrible score… but aced the English/language comprehension part (or whatever they call it) enough so I was able to sit there quietly to the end and think about the test, the essay in particular. IIRC it was to be read and then various questions followed. I don’t remember tht the student had to write a synopsis or any sort of response other than questions. HOWEVER the essay had been about a conductor leading an orchestra performing classical music.

      Pretty obviously meant to be difficult or without much context for some. But that would have hurt poor whites as well….

      1. San Francisco,…
        -I took the SAT the same year (1968) as you.
        In that era, it was much tougher to complete the test in the time alloted.
        The stone tablets we had to use make modern-era SAT tests look like a breeze. 😊

        1. LOL.. well I took the test in a part of the world that just thought the Americans were nutty and in love with tests or as it was put, “Americans love paper”…. so we were almost late for the test… then while we waited, half the room of girls rushed to the windows as a naked boy was walking out of the lake.

          But we managed somehow….stone tablets and all.

    3. The Klan formed because black idiots like Maxine Waters, and fanatical scalawag white Republicans (think the radical Left) were being put into power in the states and cities. I can hardly blame them. Their violence was not just directed at the blacks, but at the white Republicans. Which gives them a lot in common with Black Lives Matter when you come to think of it. . .

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

    4. there is plenty of documentation of the bias of many standardized tests,


    5. Hello, Enigma:

      “there is plenty of documentation of the bias of many standardized tests.” Could you explain further? I have heard of the bias of intelligence tests, which require cultural knowledge to pass certain questions, but do not understand what bias to which they refer in the SAT, ACT, as well as the other standardized tests in public schools. Math is the universal language, for example. When I look up bias in SAT tests, I typically get results proclaiming white supremacy. I don’t want politics; I want information. Could you let us know your perspective?

      One of the issues I care deeply about is giving kids equal access to a good education. That includes extra help where needed, help with homework, after school programs, etc, for any child who needs it, regardless of race, ethnicity, or the politics of their parents. It’s frustrating to me that so many of our kids are leaving high school completely unprepared and uncompetitive for higher education, tech schools, or the work force.

      1. Hello Karen S. Here is an example that is less simplistic and not anecdotal like many of the easily found links. http://www.fairtest.org/racial-bias-built-tests . As I mentioned, I’ve always done well on standardized tests. I got additional insights when I did a brief stint working for the Princeton Review which tutors students for the SAT, ACT, and other standardized tests. I learned about various strategies for increasing score and also about some of the assumptions of a knowledge base that does not transfer across race.
        I’m not suggesting that there is an intelligence differential but a cultural bias and a discrepancy in resources. I believe there is a general discrepancy in access to books, learning resources and facilities which will only be increased as we trend toward moving funds from public to charter schools. You mentioned Math which is universal, the difference comes where additional resources are required for students to grasp the concepts. Factors involved are class size, available tutoring and income plays a role in the parents being able to devote time and resources to address deficiencies. I won’t give you too much politics but politics affects policies which lead to some of the environments that hinder educational equality.

  15. As long as there are the HBC anyone so fragile and unlikely to test well can go to those. People like to point to Morehous and Spelman (I have no idea what they are like) as the best but I am sure plenty have almost no standards for admission beyond being black. Even as some of them pick and choose

    1. I have a black co-worker who told me about a cousin who attends an HBC in N.C. that is struggling with very few students, a poor reputation, and really should merge with a more successful HBC nearby. He asked his cousin why he doesn’t transfer to the more successful HBC or to the state college. His cousin replied that he isn’t interested in the classes; he just wants the degree, and that the school is so hard-up for students that they’ll pass any tuition paying student regardless of whether he ever shows up or does any work. The college doesn’t want to merge because that would mean lay-offs of well-paid administrators, as well as faculty and staff. Thus the dysfunctional college can float along with federal grants. I’m not blaming HBCs for this trend; there are a lot of marginal colleges and law schools that should be closed. But I think HBCs have largely outlived their purpose. Successful black students, for the most part, will want to attend mainstream colleges and get a brand name degree. Those who select HBCs are likely to need educational and emotional support suggestive of not being college material in the first place.

      1. There is a niche for HBCUs, but the whole set is carrying a great deal of physical plant they don’t have the income to maintain (or would not, if they had decent admissions standards). Maryland should one might guess close two of it’s four HCBUs; Virginia should cut the staff and enrollment at its HCBUs, and arrange for a special addition to the endowment to provide an income stream to cover fixed costs; DC should do likelwise. Ohio, and Missouri should close theirs outright.

    2. No, they have standards for admission. Morehouse rejects a quarter of it’s applicants, Spelman about 1/2. About 40% of Morehouse students finish on time, while about 70% of Speman students do. There are about 150 private colleges in the U.S. that have some cachet. Spelman ranks in that set, Morehouse just outside of it.

    1. I suggest reading the Bell Curve, anything by Linda Gottfredson or Richard Lynn.

      Egalitarianism is creationism for liberals!

      1. You know, I was just thinking about that IQ thing. Maybe BLM can start agitating to add about 50 points to black IQ scores? If most blacks are in the 85 range, adding 50 points could put them into Mensa!

        Speaking of which, I need to renew my membership. . .

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

    2. Well, to be fair. . . it is probably EAST Asian supremacy.

      Which, I put down to Asian parents kicking their kids in the seat of the pants to study, and the broad Asian cultural belief of not shaming your family by being a loser. Go Tiger Moms!

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. I had a professor once who attributed all shortcomings of certain groups to “culture.” It wasn’t that they were stupid or lazy; just the unfortunate products of the wrong culture. I mulled this over and had my doubts. I formed the opinion then, which I still hold today, that intelligent people develop positive, empowering cultural norms, and stupid people develop negative, destructive, dysfunctional cultures.

        1. that intelligent people develop positive, empowering cultural norms, and stupid people develop negative, destructive, dysfunctional cultures.

          You need to get out more.

          1. dss – I have to agree with this. I know many intelligent people with very negative attitudes. 🙂

        2. It’s the old nature versus nurture thing. Some Blacks seem quite capable of managing their affairs in an intelligent fashion. Blacks from other cultures around the world seem to do fine here, often better than the average white person. Sooo, I suspect nurture is the biggest factor. Not to discount the impact of nature, but it just looks to me like nurture is the better part of it.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

  16. I said it once and I will repeat bring back selective service and the draft. A great number of them are not qualified to be college students and many are there for the wrong reasons. So they wonder why they can’t get jobs after leaving college.

  17. There is no basis in law for awarding these kinds of reparation to those living today.

    When organizations, such as this student union, make ridiculous claims such as their use of the notion of white supremacy, they should expect reasonable people to slam the door to any outside audience shut.

  18. Kentucky? This is going on amidst the good ole boys of Kentucky? The hang ’em high, try ’em later crowd is sitting idly by as this is transpiring ? The Klan, undoubtedly, must be asleep at the wheel and too high on meth and heroine if this is going on.

    1. What the hell do you idiots know about Kentucky? Maybe you should spend some time in the state, live there for a while, get to know the people, check out the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville before you Although I do not agree with the premise, such generalizations! We will match our IQ’s against yours any day! As Turley says, there are many schools in the country which believe standardized tests are inimical to black students(Although I do not agree with the premise).

      I have lived in KY all my life, and I never saw any evidence of KKK activity. Of course, we all know the democrat Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia was a proud member of the KKK, and Bill Clinton justified and defended Byrd’s membership in the KKK.

      1. What the hell do you idiots know about Kentucky? Maybe you should spend some time in the state, live there for a while, get to know the people, check out the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville before you make such generalizations! We will match our IQ’s against yours any day! As Turley says, there are many schools in the country which believe standardized tests are inimical to black students(Although I do not agree with the premise).

        I have lived in KY all my life, and I never saw any evidence of KKK activity. Of course, we all know the democrat Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia was a proud member of the KKK, and Bill Clinton justified and defended Byrd’s membership in the KKK.

      2. Just two questions:

        What’s it like being married to your sister?

        And. . .

        Is Mountain Dew really one of the food groups?

        1. I find it disgusting how tolerant, loving, sweet liberals who would never think of criticizing Islam or Black LIves Matter, talk about White Southerners. One of the few types of acceptable prejudice remaining.

          My Hispanic father moved to Kentucky in the 1960’s and this meant I did not grow up around gangs or violence. And I am thankful for that, Of course, most upper middle class types reading this love to talk about diversity but send their kids to private schools and live in exclusive communities.


          1. Ah, but those white Southerners tend to be conservative in their thinking even if they are registered Democrats. Thankfully, not all liberals are ignorant haters. Unfortunately, there are too many who hate and know not of what they speak.

        2. No wonder you use an anonymous name. You wouldn’t want anyone to know how you get your ‘jollies’? …. at the expense of others. Ignorance prevails.

          1. And, a complete and total lack of any sense of humor is your claim to fame. Yes, and we all know the infamous Nancy, whose name tells all of us who she is online. Something like Cher, Madonna or Elvis, where the name, Nancy, speaks for itself. Humorless and delusional. Another adjective to now describe you.

  19. Hell, it’s Western Kentucky. They just started walking upright there.

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