The Booger Diet: New Study Shows Medical Benefits of Mucus

Mucus_cellsFirst there was that warning that our faces would “freeze like that” when we made grotesque grimaces.  Then there was the thing about an apple a day keeping the doctor away.  Then there was the warning that if you keep putting your finger up your nose, your finger is going to get stuck up there.  Some maternal warnings are debatable from a medical science perspective and it appears that another one has just fallen.  Remember Mom telling you to take your finger out of your noses and not to eat snot?  Scientists at Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) say that eating boogers is actually good for your teeth and health.

It turns out that snot is “a rich reservoir of good bacteria.”  Thus, it can prevent bacteria from sticking to teeth and even improve respiratory infections, stomach ulcers and even HIV.

Austrian lung specialist Professor Friedrich Bischinger also noted that the research shows that people who pick their noses are healthy and happier . . . and presumably stickier.

The researchers published their results in the journal of the American Society for Microbiology.  They are even trying to create a synthetic mucus toothpaste and chewing gum.  I have been trying to work on marketing for booger gum.  Boogie Yummy? Booglets instead of Chiclets?  Somehow Juicy Boogies instead of Juicy Fruit seems a market loser.

What do you think?


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  1. Of course mucus is vital to our health. That’s why our body produces it. It’s always been a reservoir for beneficial bacteria. In fact, our cells are outnumbered by the symbiotic or benign bacteria that call our bodies home. And there is germ theory that states that periodically inoculating our systems with relatively harmless bacteria leads to a robust and healthy immune system.

    On the other hand, kids young enough to pick and eat their boogers do not wash their hands prior. Which means that all the germs from Johnny and Suzie coughing and hacking all over the preschool or kindergarten just went up their nose as well. Which is also why there are periodic plagues of colds and coughs that wipe out entire classes. It also seems irresponsible to proclaim that eating boogers helps HIV. There are too many people who take that dread disease too lightly. They have no idea the hideous side effects of antiretroviral cocktails, and what the final slide to death when HIV becomes full blown AIDS actually entails. In a general sense, certain types of bacteria are beneficial for anyone, sick or well. But this is neither an HIV treatment nor an HIV preventative.

    Only a scientist would come up with booger toothpaste, because they’d never realize that no one, except them and their horrified family members, would end up getting it. People who spend too much time in the lab getting excited about bacteria think such things are cool.

  2. We’re gonna have a nose contest and you can pick the winner.

  3. Over dinner today, my wife and I were discussing the following:

    Do dogs’ noses have boogers?

    We couldn’t recall ever seeing any. Wet noses, certainly. But no dried-mucous boogers. Maybe boogers are the one thing that sets us apart from the lower animals ….?

    1. Dogs do get boogers, but not as often. They lack the hairs inside their nasal cavity that we do, that act as a scaffold for mucous that has collected dirt, debris, and bacteria to dry out. They also do not get much chance to accumulate because dogs constantly lick their noses. You will tend to see boogers when your dog has unusual nasal discharge.

  4. (music to tune of The Armour Hotdog Song)

    Boogers! We eat boogers!
    What kind of people eat boogers?

    Fat kids, skinny kids,
    Kids who drive off docks.
    Dumb schmucks, rotten ducks..
    Even dogs with chicken pox..
    Eat boogers.
    They eat boogers!
    The snot, kids , … like..
    To Bite!

    1. The pick and eat must be shared by all in the taxonomical family Hominidae (the Great Apes), which share nearly all of the same DNA.

      Apparently, the reason evolution deniers object to being classified as a hominid (with chimps, bonabos, gorillas, and orangutans turned into profitable assets at the nearest zoo exhibits, and apart from being the only hominid which throws its feces at others by blog commentary) is because the human male has failed to take a lesson from the orangutan (a lowlife Pongo) by dominating the human female with this attractive new food source when other food sources are unavailable.[1]

      “Although orangutans are primarily solitary animals, they do sometimes congregate around an individual who either has a large nasal capacity or else is too weak to defend its own nose. In these associations, it is invariably the largest adult male with the fully-developed cheek pads that is in the best position to take advantage of someone else’s nose. In three recorded instances, they observed adult females moving toward an actively-picking male, although they couldn’t be sure and admit that they could have been moving away. The use of infrared detectors to track wild orangutans has since been discontinued.

      “Over the four-year study, a fairly good idea was gained of the seasonal pattern of Sumatran and Bornean vegetation. . . . Although the orangutan is an opportunistic eater and will readily adapt to a new food source, it has approximately a dozen favorite food species. It is in areas where or at times when there is not at least one of these species available that the orangutan turns to its nose.”


      [1] A major exception to this exclusivity of food fights by blog commentary, of course, is the orangutan at Mar-a-Lago who throws his via tweet.

  5. So, what else is new ? Those of us who have pulmonary (lung) problems are well aware of mucus, how it tastes, feels & persists Yes, many of us expect to drown in our own secretions Many also call such secretions phlegm

    1. “As state and local authorities find themselves panicking over this issue, many will ask for tougher laws. Federal agencies will then intervene, adding further restrictions to the already heavily regulated drug market in the United States.”

      Imagine that, and for some reason, since the beginning of the year so-called democratic forces have been killing politicians and unionists who support the president of Venezuela.

      Don’t be surprised if this Carfentanil is found by Fox News and corroborated by CNN to have been designed in Venezuela and and to constitute a national security issue. And, as usual, the libertarians will want stronger drug laws to protect Main Street from drug dealers.



    From the previous link:

    ‘Snot going away

    The respiratory tract produces more than a liter (33.8 fluid ounces) of mucus a day, Lebowitz told Live Science. And when things are working properly, your body is pretty good at getting rid of it, he said. The mucus in your nose, for example, is moved to the back of the nasal passages and then into the throat by tiny hairs on nasal cells called cilia. And from there, you gulp it down.

    That’s right — you’re swallowing your snot all day, every day. You just don’t notice it.

    1. I always put a coat on my teeth each morning before drinking coffee. It prevents coffee stains, and we all know how much women hate coffee stains.

  7. Reading the comments on this is an interesting study in human behavior. you have all been taught all your life that something is gross. Someone comes along and says, maybe not so gross but also cold be healthy. And what do most of you say? Intersting.

  8. Of all the stories available in the world, we get this one. Turley sure knows how to pick ’em. Just wonder how he dug out this one.

  9. Eeewww! Those MIT must have a lot of time to think of these things!

    1. Debbie Barnhart – I am sure it was an NHS grant. 🙂

  10. My 18 month old granddaughter appreciates this research. She not only likes to stick her finger in her nose, but other people’s noses as well. Mining the gold.

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