Duke Divinity Professor Who Questioned Diversity Training Resigns After Being Put Under Investigation

61 thoughts on “Duke Divinity Professor Who Questioned Diversity Training Resigns After Being Put Under Investigation”

      1. Remarkably I have found those making similar claims to yours are the ones engaging in the outrageous behavior while claiming that they are only acting out of righteous fury and doing so in response to very mild criticism

  1. I share with Professor Griffiths his underlying thoughts on such training and to be frank agree that such training is a waste of time when it comes to the duration and scope for which such curricula are required.

    For me I believe departments specializing in matters such as these take a life of their own and become the 800 pound gorilla in the institution. They take on a de facto power of their own because most of the administration, other faculty, or students are unwilling to address some of the overreach of these departments due to their fear of confronting the excess because of being labeled a bigot–which is the weapon most often used against them by the faculty of these departments. Often the reason for this is the fear of the department being called out for its irrelevance in actually preparing students for the workforce and also because the faculty of these tends to be composed of political activists who use their tenure as a platform to attempt to force the political agenda most of them possess.

    Now we are in a situation where many universities have a parallel administration that is these departments because the de jure administration allows this to happen.

    I ask how much more likely is a student to be successfully employable having majored in women’s studies, minority studies, or whatever similar courses, other than returning to academics (or perhaps government) and perpetuating the same gorilla?

  2. With all that YOUR President did yesterday, this is your story? What’s wrong, Jonathan? Couldn’t you come up with any way to put a positive spin tRump’s Nixon-esq firing of Comey after he confirmed that tRump is under investigation for his ties to Russia?

  3. You are talking about a “school” of religion. Religion is the opiate of the people. People should believe in Dog. On the 8th Day Dog Was Sent To Earth To Give Guidance To Man. We are not just talking about blind guy’s guide dogs here. Any human who goes to a so called University to study religion other than dog is dumb as toast.
    What a waste of time. What a waste of money. Duke makes me puke.

  4. He was forceful about making his point, passionate at worst, but not racist or sexist. Does he get to make a claim against her?

  5. These so-called diversity seminars are a joke. IMO, He would have been better off to to say thanks for the invitation but beg off due to other commitments. Every organization I have ever been employed with (corporate, academic and non profit) has had some form of “enlightening” kumbayah seminars. Luckily I had a boss who taught me that sometimes it’s better to say “yes sir yes sir three bags full” and then just figure out a reason one cannot attend. That way one cannot be singled out a la Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

    While I agree his action was brave – guy had had enough obviously – it’s not going to change anything at Duke — or the other universities that kowtow to PCism(s). Sometimes it’s better to remain in place and fight the creeps from within. Hope he has a job already lined up!

  6. His initial post technically may not have been a personal attack on his colleague, but it certainly wasn’t collegial. It was rather biting and dismissive. He clearly wanted to do some flame throwing. Then he resigns when opponents flame back at him.

    If he really wanted to point out the ineffectiveness of the training, surely he could have found a more constructive way to expresss his concerns.

    Duke is a private institution, free to establish rules of decorum as it sees fit. Surely the good Professor knew that.

    Finally, I can’t help but chuckle at the irony of a professor at a divinity school sending a snide, nasty message to the effect that he doesn’t Want to be bothered having to listen to some tripe about treating people equally because he’s too absorbed studying the message of Christ.

    1. I actually read his initial letter just the opposite. If they did not get distracted away from their mission they would not have to get distracted away from their mission.

    2. There is a huge difference between being flamed back and being formally investigated. They didn’t just write emails imputing his motives and accusing him of racism they also created two disciplinary procedures with “inancial and administrative reprisals” with the second being “complaint of harassment” lodged with the the University’s Office for Institutional Equity.

    1. Agreed! All except for the anti-religious rant by Jack Ruby (the name is cool and clever, because Ruby killed a guy). And rhyming Duke with Puke…well, that’s comedy gold. But yes, this is better than most places on the internet. Thanks be to God…and Jonathan Turley.

  7. Can someone please give me a list of colleges that teach vice indoctrinate the faculty and students? I have children ready for college and my list of no-go Universities is disgustingly long.

    1. My suggestion would be that you fix your gaze on the state schools where you qualify for in-state tuition. What do your children wish to study and where’s a good place for that within that set of schools?

  8. I am so thankful I predate [all but] mandatory retraining issued iwth a presumption of guilt… to say nothing of charges of cultural appropriation, safe spaces, triggers, black students demanding segregated housing… which is rife in the UC system and for years…

    on and on it goes. It ends nowhere good.

  9. Professor Paul J. Griffiths said what many people think but won’t say for fear of being forced to resign or worse. I applaud him for his courage. His response was neither biased nor racist. It was a response that made it clear he disagreed with the method not the goal. The decision to investigate him was one that grows from a new leadership “style” that takes disagreement as an almost criminal offense. It has no place any where in a democratic society let alone at a Univeristy.

    Duke has covered itself in shame.

  10. Let’s remember, this is the college that screwed their lacrosse team BIG TIME!

    1. Sorry, I see JT mentioned the lacrosse team. Didn’t do my homework.

  11. Polling data has now revealed the primary issue that put Trump in the WH was PC. I have been saying that for a year and this data is not one bit surprising.

  12. Does Dean Heath know the meaning of “ad hominem”? “Ad hominem” is from the Latin “to the person”. It is properly used to identify arguments attacking the proponent of the argument rather than the merits of the argument itself. There is nothing “ad hominem” in Professor Griffiths’ email. He does not personally attack his colleague; he merely states that her proposal is unwise (I would use a stronger term) and gives reasons therefor.

  13. Chilling. Depressing. Bodes ill. I pity any faculty member with even a tiny bit of insight. Feel as if we are witness to Cambodia’s deadly re-education camps. Or Stalin’s gulag.

  14. Ms. Portier-Young’s invitation sounded remarkably like the reeducation camps that the North Vietnamese instituted for defeated South Vietnamese soldiers – especially the last line: “It is the first step in a longer process.”

    The pendulum always swings back. The left shouldn’t complain too much when they are purged and forced to attend Bible studies. It will be centrists (like most of Turley’s audience) who will fight for them.

    (Let’s not expect too much gratitude when we defend them – the left is essentially too self centered to understand tolerance.)

  15. I wonder who is blackmailing him, and about what.

    Nan Keohane and William Chafe conspired to turn an ordinary private university into a peculiarly corrupt and stupid private university, with follow up by the weasel Richard Brodhead. Of course, their academic reputations suffers not at all, because academe in our time is gangrenous.

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