Kellyanne Conway Accuses Anderson Cooper of Sexism After Rolling His Eyes During Interview

conway12n-2-webI was at CNN the night of the firing of James Comey.  Frankly, it was utter chaos as Washington exploded with the news.  (The green room was packed with folks waiting to go on.  I left rather than wait all night for an uncertain hit.  I was far more interested at that point in the Cubs-Rockies game).  I was in other words an “eyewitness” in the crowded green room when White House counselor Kellyanne Conway was interviewed by Anderson Cooper who noticeably rolled his eyes.  Some in the green room were thrilled by the demonstration.  One person who was not thrilled was Conway herself who leveled a charge of sexism the next morning on Fox News.  (For the record, Conway is my former student at GW Law School).  For the record, having worked with Anderson for years, I do not believe that he has a sexist bone in his body.  That does not excuse the lapse of professionalism and it will magnify criticism of the network as openly anti-Trump.

I was surprised by the eye roll from Anderson who I have long admired for his professionalism in interviews.  However, Conway viewed it as more than a lapse of judgment displaying his disagreement with the Administration.  She told Fox and Friends that it was sexism and it would have been called out as such if were not her or a Trump supporter:

“Let me tell you something: Hillary Clinton is in search of sexism as a lame excuse for why her disastrous candidacy and campaign lost six months ago . . . I face sexism a lot of times when I show up for interviews like that.  Could you imagine rolling your eyes, having a male anchor on a network roll eyes at Hillary Clinton . . . a female representative/spokesperson for President Obama or President Bill Clinton?”

There is no question that the eye roll was not appropriate.  Moreover, I have been critical of news coverage of the Trump Administration as overtly hostile and often misleading in the spin of news events.  However, I do not view Cooper as sexist or this lapse as reflecting his view of women.  It certainly reflected his view of the position of the White House in the controversy.

What do you think?

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  1. “What do you think?”

    I didn’t see the interview either, but for her part it couldn’t have been much different than anything else coming out of Conway’s mouth. Trump wanted loyalty, and she signed on no matter how much lying she has to do. She gets the M&Ms for being the resume queen. She can add this to it: “May, 2017 – Anti-sexist.”

    So, in answer to your question, “[i]t certainly reflected his view of the position of the White House in the controversy.”

  2. Yes, it was unprofessional. It was also a rare lapse. In Cooper’s defence, however, Conway’s “response” to his question was to ignore the question, and not in a polite or professional way, either. It is (or at least it used to be) quite rare for WH spokespeople to respond to questions from leading journalists with a patent non-sequitur, and one that was somewhat insulting at that. Surely Conway has some obligation to behave professionally as well.

  3. I missed the interview. What lie did she tell that caused this breach of ethical, moral, hygienic reaction?

  4. He is a drama queen , incompetent pos , a good match for the fake news leader

  5. This is very Trumpian of Conway. When you are caught lying and making a fool of yourself; change the subject and blame someone for doing something totally unrelated to the subject. Let’s see know, Trump under fire for lying and colluding with the Ruskies-accuse Obama of tapping phones. Comey’s investigating Trump for perhaps having colluded with the Ruskies-accuse him of ignoring the issues of leaks and fire him. The routine is standard and is the theme of this game show; every time Trump is being exposed, he replaces the subject with something else. Does anyone remember what was going on before Comey got fired?

  6. It is “sexist”? Let us think about that one. He is bent so he is in essence the same sex as she. So how can he be sexist against a female. Not possible. But on the other hand a male who only likes males for sex may never like a female and may be more unfavorable toward the opposite sex than any straight male. That is the difference between bent and straight. So when goofball says “Roll over Beethoven” he has a different reason for saying so than some female would.
    Anderson Cooper is a dork. No question about it. He mumbles when he tries to get words out. He begins with the word “so” so often that one hopes that his grade school teacher might call him.
    A lot of the news dogs mumble a lot.

  7. Why would anyone on the Trump team allow themselves to be interviewed by anyone from P̶r̶a̶v̶d̶a̶ er CNN? BTW Anderson Cooper is a whiny moralizer with good hair.

  8. Who cares what Anderson Cooper thinks? He was rude and he knew he could get away with it because he was “interviewing” a “deplorable.” It’s just more of the same hypocrisy we see from the left EVERY SINGLE DAY!

  9. According to feminists, gays are just as sexist as straight. The eye-roll was highly unprofessional and Kellyanne was right to call him on it. What is good for the left is good for the right. 😉

  10. More with Darren Smith but Mr. Cooper lapsed any claims of professionalism and guess what? Kelly got caught with the couch trick and Cooper caught himself. Time to review ‘his ownself and find what is true.’ Myself I got to the first eye roll and thought – this is not serious journalism this is just another game playing gack reporter and why waste time with them? After reading the above comments I looked at the eye rolling incident all the way through and came away with the same attitude.’Nothing noteworthy here just the same old ‘ quoting vintage Limbaugh “good time phony baloney’ play acting play pretend but certainly no one worthy of bothering to ask “Who is this ‘journalist’ instead. “ho hum hacks of the world birds of a feather.

    He may not be, as Professor Turlow suggess have a ‘sexist’ bone but he certainly played the part well enough.

  11. She can choose to be interviewed by Mr. Cooper or not to be interviewed. It’s not so much the rolling of eyes but the predisposition to hold a particular opinion that evidences a tendency toward bias, which is surely becoming more apparent with many news outlets.

  12. It looked to me like an honest reaction to an outlandish claim. Considering it was Conway, he should have expected such nonsense. If she doesn’t like that kind of reaction she needs to stick closer to the truth. Seems she didn’t learn her lesson last time around when she had trouble getting air time because of her lies. She’s back with more of the same.

  13. Um, the MSM in America has been an arm of the Democratic Party for years.

  14. KellyAnne complaining about sexism as she supports and defends an administration that is not only anti woman in an aggressive, nasty and at times sick way is laughable. She has no shame. He would have rolled his eyes at anyone man or woman who lied so obviously. If KellyAnne can’t stand the heat she needs to get out of the “kitchen”.

    1. Yea, they should be like Slick Willy. Now there’s a guy who knew how to treat woman and cigars.

    2. No shame? No shame? What did you call Obama who received the Liar of the Year Award for “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor? If you like your plan, you can keep your plan? Not one ‘smidgeon’ of evidence that the IRS targeted conservatives! Beau Bergdahl served with honor and distinction. A Youtube Viceo was the reason for the murder of our Ambassador Stevens and Americans Wood, Doherty and Smith in Benghazi, We don’t spy on Americans, or Angela Merkel, or James Rosen. I’m going to close GITMO (in the process letting out all the terrorists who killed or consipired against Americans.” If Trump or KellyAnne complained for the next three years and eight months, if KellAnne LIED for the next three years and eight months, she won’t even cut the surface to what the LIAR Obama and his Liar Jarrett, Rhodes, Rice and Jarrett came close to LYING to America! Guess she needs to take ACTING lessons from George Clooney like Obama did so she can just LIE more professionally but in the long run, what America figured out and why Trump is in the White House is because we just don’t believe your LIES any more.

      1. You’re a pivot machine. Criticize your dear leader and you cry about Obama.

      2. You’re a pivot machine. Criticize your dear leader and you cry about Obama.

  15. Kudos to you as a great instructor at GW. To pull the ‘gender’ card is so unlike Kellyanne. Yes, the eye roll was totally unprofessional, but professionalism has been lost with many in the liberal left media. The eye roll is probably a natural reaction to ‘spin’ on the part of your political enemy, but protectors of the First Amendment should have a little more respect in order to be taken seriously as a journalist. I agree, not sexist–just plain opposed to anything in the right wing agenda to which Kellyanne normally does an excellent job of representing.

  16. It amazes me that news programs are mostly anti-Trump; filled with many untruths. So where does the Trump voter/supporter go — FOX. I’ve been watching FOX for several years (the drooling on other channels about everything Obama does, most of which I’m against) just got to be too much. Have you noticed TV programs are now full of political stuffgag! Why annoy half the country? And “Hillary got more votes” is meaningless. Lots of Trump voters probably heard he would win and didn’t bother to vote. That happens a lot on the West Coast. Attacking and attacking isn’t going to change anything. Trump is President. I only see these snotty reporters if FOX runs them and I can decide if I want to listen to every “exclusive meeting” with the President.

    I hope we calm down soon and get back to solving problems.

    1. With all due respect, Trump and his administration are the problem. I wish more reporters had rolled their eyes before we danced into Iraq.

      1. Without any respect, I wish we had all known that Obama was going to give the Iranians Nukes and destroyed the best health care system in the world. And for what its worth, I didn’t get to keep my doctor or my policy and Obamacare is now in the toilet. But actually I feel pretty good these days…at least I don’t have Schumer as my “Leader”! Your poor, poor, people.

    1. If that was the case with all the lies that came from the Obacala administration American eyeballs would have littered the streets.

      1. If you don’t know I could never convince you. All those who can vouch for the veracity of Conway, Spicer, Sanders, Boris, Manafort, Trump (Eric, Don Jr, Donald) raise your hand. I kind of give Ivanka a pass as she describes some kind of fantasy world totally divorced from Trump’s actual policies. And yes I know, it’s Obama’s fault.

    2. Oh…guess you mean Conway should take her lead from Obama and his minions? The former Liar in Chief? Or maybe not LIE like Hillary? Or, I know, Conway shouldn’t LIE like Susan Rice or that Idiot who took the Fifth like it was the the only English words she know when she LIED about not targeting Conservatives? Or how about back to the Liar Obama who said we could keep our doctors and keep our policies. Anderson Cooper lost the respect of the FEW Americans who still wanted to give CNN some of their news time. You Democrats need to set your hair on fire just a few more times over the Russians, who by the way “aren’t coming”. If I was a Democrat, I would be rushing by ambulance to the nearest hospital for an CAT Scan. Whatever mental disease you folks are suffering from has now affected Anderson Cooper too and if it’s contagious, that explains why I know longer let Progressives through my front or back door.

    3. No. Talking heads were always supposed to keep their composure.
      This isn’t late nite comedy.
      In fact it wasn’t to long ago, they were to answer ‘I am an Independent’, on the question of who are you voting for.
      Conway is just giving it back to them,
      She is mimicking the liberal whiners harping on every little thing the right does. She is playing political chess.
      Your move. 😊

      1. Meaning if she wants the eye rolls to stop, stop blatantly lying.

    4. I guess you don’t Get It, do you? The MSM is biased and CNN makes no bones about it. They slant and twist the stories they report on until they have no relation to the truth. Remember your man Obama was the CHAMPION of LYING.

      1. I get my news from a wide variety of sources including right wing media. If I only ever listened to the words of Trump and his acolytes. It would be enough to know he’s incoherent. Cannot explain any policy. Contradicts himself constantly, often in the same conversation. And those around him lie to try to make what he says sound palatable or say what he means isn’t like he actually said. Most recently I loved how his threatening James Comey not to testify wasn’t actually a threat. It of course is a hollow threat because even he isn’t dumb enough to have taped his conversations… is he?

        1. enigma – I think several Presidents have recorded their WH conversations and meetings. We are just now getting some of LBJs.

            1. Paul and Enigma,.,
              -I think JFK had about 275 hours of White House tapes, LBJ about 900 hours, and Nixon about 3500 hours.
              (Nixon’s system was voice-activated, the older JFK and LBJ taping systems required use of a manual turn on switch.
              Consequently, Nixon’s system captured a lot more).
              Batches of these tapes gave been released over the years, and many are available online for listeners.
              I think that the majority of the JFK and LBJ tapes are out there on the internet…..I don’t know how far along they are with the availabilty of the Nixon tapes.
              They are historical gold mines…,very interesting to listen to.

              1. I was curious about the Nixon tapes, so I just did a quick check.
                I read that there were 3700 total hours, and 3000 hours have been released
                to the public.
                I don’t know if all 3000 hours can be accessed online.
                A 1974 version of Bleachbit took care of 18 1/2 minutes of Nixon tapes, “accidently” erased before Nixon turned them over to the special prosecutor.

  17. Poor manners come to mind. Disregard for listening to explanations of an administration that you did not personally vote for also enter the list. And then poor manners come up again.

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