McCabe: FBI Agents Were “Vocal” In Their Dissatisfaction Over Failure To Indict Clinton

Andrew_McCabe_official_photoHillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_BenghaziThe testimony of Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe on Thursday grabbed headlines in his direct contradiction of the White House claim that former FBI Director James Comey has lost the support of career agents.  McCabe made clear that the rank and file were (and remain) entirely supportive of Comey.  However, I thought the most interesting aspect of the hearing was a brief discussion of the 2016 decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton. McCabe, who is viewed by many Republicans as having problematic links to the Clinton camp (through his wife who ran for office with their financial support), said that the failure to indict Clinton produced “vocal” opposition from the agents investigating her conduct.

McCabe stated “I think morale’s always been good, but there were folks within our agency that were frustrated with the outcome of the Hillary Clinton case and some of those folks were very vocal about those concerns.”

There have been rumors for months that agents wanted the Clinton case referred to a grand jury but that high-ranking Justice Department officials blocked the case from going forward.  Indeed, much of the criticism of Comey was that he detailed violations by Clinton but did not push for those violations to be given to a grand jury.

It was interesting to see the comment made in a hearing in the wake of the Comey termination.  After all, this would seem precisely the type of commentary that drew such vehement opposition to Comey when he indicated that Clinton committed violations of federal law.  Here McCabe is saying that agents clearly viewed her as guilty and worthy of criminal charges.  I have great misgivings about such public comments from prosecutors or investigators about an individuals who was not in fact charged.  It is unfair to Clinton to opt not to prosecute but then imply that she is guilty in public comments.

Do you think that it is appropriate to say that many in your department wanted to prosecute someone after the conclusion of an investigation without a referral, let alone an indictment?


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  1. First: Does ANYONE honestly believe that Hillary went to all the trouble of circumventing the law and constructing a “private” server, just to keep her daughter’s wedding plans confidential? Second: Given the number of court-orders that were flouted and the disappearing email fiasco, does ANYONE honestly believe Hillary was cooperating and forthright in the “investigation?” Third: Does ANYONE honestly believe that her husband Bill was just passing by on the tarmac and was not calling in a debt from Loretta Lynch, the US Attorney General whom he had personally appointed to the Eastern District of NY bench? Fourth: Does ANYONE honestly believe that the Clinton’s do not “own” the US mainstream media market? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller? So now, what are we supposed to be appalled about again? Trump? Russians? Pleeeeze!

  2. This story is getting even more “strange” by the exemplified by the Sean Spice Press Conference.

  3. Comey should be prosecuted for abuse of the power of government as usurpation, dereliction

    and corruption.

    Hillary should be indicted for the violations of the U.S.C. that Comey delineated and proved

    before he illegally exonerated her for having no “intent” as no intent is required.

    1. Proof is established in a court of law. What we have re Hillary, are allegations.

      1. Precisely.

        You are absolutely correct.

        Comey failed to do his duty and he prevaricated about the “necessity” of “intent.”

        Comey should have charged Hillary with the crimes he detected and compellingly presented publicly.

        Ultimately, the case against Hillary should have been decided by a jury in a court of law.

        Hear, hear!

  4. It isn’t over yet. Once they remove the fault word “intent” which doesn’t belong the investigations and new report to the AG is back in business. I saw the whole thing as a way to get around Lynch and get the information public. And alld one ‘legally’ as the original report was returned with no action from Lynch. Lynch should be the next on on the list to be investigated. Those people have a lot to answer for and I suspect where so far only scratching the surface.

    As for funding the infrastructure rebuilt and affording to do so . The simple answer is repeal Davis -Bacon the tax dollars to campaign funds through the union money laundering racket. Nothing more simple than the KISS solution.

    Did the CEO’s making 11 million a year sound a bit suspect. It was the first time around and here it is again. check out this headline

    AFL-CIO ‘Paywatch’ report slams CEO pay but not the high pay of its own execs

    They also left out 99/100ths or more of the CEO’s and the actual figure is around $150,000 a year.

    So much for the great ha ha ha push back of the left which left them tripping on their shoe laces, face down in their own mud.

  5. in the real world I think this type of situation happens daily, Most cases ask for prosecution, many don’t make it, doesn’t mean much unless it’s a clinton with there connections and previous BS

  6. So, wait. I’m confused. Morale is wonderful but many agents felt that the brass deliberately threw a high profile case?

  7. Here’s what I think about this whole fing govt.

    We have the CIA torturing a person and saying that they want him cremated so no one will know what was done to him. Further they told the interrogators that his torture was to take precedence over his medical condition. That’s Nazi Germany stuff. Once the govt. has gone into the territory of Nazi Germany, every citizen of conscience should object with party affiliation being irrelevant.

    We have sunk very low in this nation. Every single one of the oligarchy and their minions should be indicted. This most certainly includes Hillary, Bush, Cheney, Obama and Trump (for starters). Agents in the FBI can break their silence anytime now. It is past time to keep protecting these people from their heinous crimes. I don’t want to hear whisper campaigns. I want people to come forward openly if possible (although this could risk being killed as the oligarchy is full of murderers). So if not openly, then leak the documents in the public domain.

    I do not consent to any of this and I do not want my govt. to consist of people better suited to Nazi Germany than to any place else. They should be seen in a court of law. This isn’t what any nation should be, let alone the US. It is beyond shameful.

    1. Thank you Jill for this comment. I totally agree with you on every point. I am in awe of those ‘David’s’ of the world who have come forward to spit in the face of the Goliath’s of the world, eg. Snowden, Assange, Manning, etc despite knowing they will be targeted for complete destruction.

      1. There are a lot of courageous people. As with you, I am deeply grateful for what such people risk on all of our behalf.

        Thanks smythe.

  8. There it is again. That ugly photo of Hillary. Jeso. It is still too early in the a.m. to view something that ugly. And not the one with the sunglasses and the smartphone either.

    1. Few should doubt our Justice Department & FBI has been politicized. Is it any wonder why so much judicial & legal gobbledygook is coming from those in charge? Are many lawyers not political appointees? Do they not adhere to a political agenda? In short, President Trump is correct in stating “it’s time to clean the swamp.”

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