Notorious English Murderer Refuses To Divulge The Location Of Final Victim on Death Bed

Keith_bennettMoors_MurderersBritish murderer Ian Brady was nothing if not consistent.  He lived his life as a heartless monster and he died that way.  Brady with his accomplice Myra Hindley were convicted of a series of murders of children around Manchester, England.  All of the bodies of their victims were found but one: Keith Bennett (left), 12.  As Brady laid on his death bed, officials begged him to bring closure to the family and reveal the location of Keith.  He refused and died with the secret.  He died this week an unrepentant and repulsive man.

Brady and Hindley carried out the murders between July 1963 and October 1965 of five children aged between 10 and 17. Four of the children were sexual assaulted.  Four bodies were eventually found —Pauline Reade, John Kilbride, Lesley Ann Downey and Edward Evans. That left only Keith Bennett.


Hindley was never released and died in prison in 2002 at age 60. Brady had a long criminal record and was eventually declared criminally insane.  They were both described by their trial judge, Justice Fenton Atkinson, as “two sadistic killers of the utmost depravity”.  That was demonstrably true at trial and it was equally true at Brady’s death bed.

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  1. Such a tragic, unspeakably horrific case. Those poor children and their parents.

    This is why I could never work in law enforcement. I would be tempted to do quid pro quo. You tell me where the kid is and you will get your food/medicine/pain meds, this heavy weight off your sensitive bits, etc. Or maybe I would have let slip to the general population that we really needed to know where that kid is. There are fathers in prison. I have serious doubts whether I could take the high road, especially in the early days when there may have been hope the boy would still be alive. This case always bothered me. What if they left him trapped somewhere, unable to get out and…just never returned? I think the urgency of the situation would have lowered my thresholds quite a bit. There is a lot many of us would sacrifice, in peace of mind, if there was a chance to save a child’s life. I have a hard time mustering sympathy for the perpetrators of heinous crimes. At some point in the level of crime, I only care about the victims.

  2. So, British murderer Ian Brady wouldn’t willingly give the details concerning his murder of Keith Bennett?

    It seems that Nicky Santoro didn’t have too much trouble getting the name of “Charlie M”–that he was seeking to obtain. Yeah, I know, in our “civilized” society, we have to treat violent criminals with love and compassion. (No less a celebrity as Richard Gere insists that we do this.) But even with that absurd “standard,” surely Brady should be treated as an exception:

  3. On a more somber and sad note, if that were possible the mutant Manning gets out today with full medical benefits. Only twenty eight years early. That you Barry.

    1. Obama was a source of upraised middle fingers. (Berghdahl, the Iranian deal, his lying over Benghazi, the subordinates lies over the IRS schemes).

      The Congress and the President should retaliate in kind by cutting off his pension, office staff appropriations, security detail, and appropriations for his ‘presidential library’, as well as passing legislation which limits inter-state contracts for honoraria to a maximum derived from a formula which includes personal income per capita and and institutions FTE as arguments. He’d be limited to gigs which pay no more than $22,000 a pop.

  4. Hell is a good place. The jerk will be there and burning as we speak. They burn for a year or so and suffer. Then they start rotting in hell. Hell hath no fury like a spurned English nobleman. So get the Queen involved and perhaps have his relatives prosecuted for being related to the jerk.

    1. Jack Ruby – when I was in college, a Jesuit theologian told me he did believe in the concept of hell. Took the fun out of all that Catholic guilt, so I became agnostic.

      1. Paul, what did Jesus do between Good Friday and Easter Sunday in that theologian’s mind out of curiosity? Not to criticize but out of curiosity. I’ve heard of hell as a place of burning torturous purification prior to rebirth to try it again, but never as not existing by Christian theologians. Catholic especially since most Catholics believe in purgatory as well-some in limbo as well.

        1. CK07 – according to the real theologians (not the local priests or nuns) Purgatory does not exist. Some theologians see Hell as the absence of God. Some deny its existence. I am talking Catholics here.

          1. And the gates of Hell are locked from the inside. People have the free will to spend eternity separated from God.

              1. Paul, Are you referring to a TV show? I don’t watch any TV at all.

                1. ffs – you can watch it on Hulu. Theology it is more than a little loose, but it adds some interesting layers. 🙂

                1. Squeeky – I cannot get into Gotham. Micheal Keaton ruined Batman for me and I have not made it back. 😉 My wife is addicted though.

                  1. I watch several of those super hero shows. But the staging and costumes in Gotham is fantastic, IMO. I will probably stop watching Supergirl after this season, because it is fast becoming as much “My Lesbian Love” as it is Supergirl. Which, when that stuff hits a tipping point in the show, then I just stop watching. Dr. Who is hanging on by a thread this year. NCIS NOLA is also one I may lose next season because of that. Plenty of stuff to watch that isn’t trying to brainwash me. I stopped Designated Survivor after the gun control silliness episodes. Football, after the NFL and NCAA started pushing Trannies in the Ladies Room stuff.

                    Now, I have more to read, and practice guitar, and play with my cats, and watch sophisticated stuff on youtube, like the various operas and things. Find new good music. Plus, to just sit out in the yard and enjoy the birds and squirrels. It’s a win-win.

                    Squeeky Fromm
                    Girl Reporter

                    1. Squeeky – the Obama administration sent a list of themes they wanted covered in TV shows over the last couple of years. We are just finishing the last of the Obama season. Every NCIS had a show on rape or sexual harassment or both thanks to Obama. I could have written the shows for them. Actually, they may have used the same script writer or script (with minor modifications). NCIS had a guest appearance by Michelle Obama. I am spending more of my time watching British shows and Netflix and Hulu.

          2. Which ‘real theologians’? Purgatory is a defined doctrine of the Church and assent to this teaching is binding on Catholics.

            1. dss – by real theologians I mean those teaching at Jesuit colleges. They are years advanced over the rest of the Church.

              1. No they’re not, Paul. Devoted to the charism of single-malt scotch and sodomy, perhaps, but not ‘advanced’. You should have known better.

  5. I have always liked the old days in England before appeals and the EU. Sentence to death in under 18 days. Very efficient. Even the hangman was efficient. BTW, there is an excellent documentary on the last hangman of England.

    1. What’s the name of that documentary, Paul, it sound interesting! Is it on PBS? Thanks! Deb

      1. Debbe – sorry, it is a bio/drama with Timothy Sprall. It seemed like a doc. It is Pierrepont: The Last Hangman. Your local library might have it. 🙂 That is where I got my copy, DVD

      1. Entreat means to beg. Begging a wicked person is futile because he will delight in causing you pain as he refuses to give you what you want.

  6. Personally, I am sooo pleased that civilized persons in both England and the United States work sooo hard to keep us from putting people like Brady to death. Because that makes us sooo much better than the murderers. And uh, plus it is sooo unpleasant to execute people like Brady. We don’t want to scare them or anything, No, we should all of us just pay for food and upkeep for them for their whole lives, and make sure they are not mistreated. Millions and millions of them, in fact!


    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Since an appeal to Christian virtues isn’t likely to change your mind, consider instead that life imprisonment costs less than execution after decades of appellate fees.

      1. Your ilk in the legal profession have crafted a set of appellate reviews it takes a median of nine years to complete (and up to 25 years in some cases) and then you complain it’s ‘too expensive’ to execute people. The word is chutzpah.

    2. It’s called empathy for the mentally deranged or the people society has failed. We’ve gone beyond an eye for an eye/ a tooth for a tooth, even in the case of insane lunatics like this and need not stoop to the level of the wicked, particularly when as Mr Benson points out, life in prison is often a cheaper option- death row

      1. I hope we have not gone beyond eye for an eye.

        That line has more to do with equality in the law. A rich man’s eye is not worth more than a poor man’s, so the rich man should not get greater compensation or the poor man get worse treatment. They are equal. Neither should the poor man get off scot free because he does not have the resources. He has to make recompense somehow.,1339

      2. No, it’s called stupidity. Gross stupidity. And incompetence. Gross judicial and governmental incompetence. The most primitive of human societies had enough sense to band together to kill predators in their living areas.

        It is not a Fact of the Universe, that there must be multiple appeals for these miscreants. That is a matter of Human Law, and Human Laws can be changed to permit, for example, one and only one appeal in a death row case, said appeal to be fast tracked, and execution to follow immediately upon a rejection for a new trial. And to heck with the insanity defense crap. Unless somebody has a brain tumor, I am for executing the retarded, the mentally ill (like the Aurora creep), the low intelligencers, and whatever. To hell with them.

        Congress could do it, and any SCOTUS twerp, or other Federal judge who said nay, could be removed from the bench immediately. But to have that, you would need a Congress that gave a hoot about its citizens, and ours doesn’t. That doesn’t stop me for dreaming about it.

        What you and Benson do, is you cherry pick the results. You like to bask in the credit side of the ledger, the sunshine of being sooo tolerant, and then you scurry away like cockroaches from the debit side, of 24,000 drug overdose deaths per year, 10,000 murders, and areas of cities that look like something from a civil war in an African hellhole. Duterte has the right idea.

        Meanwhile, the prisons are full to the brim, and the people in them are becoming more and more violent, and one day, they will get out. Maybe you and yours will be the ones to encounter them.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

      3. It’s highly unlikely he qualified as insane under the M’Naghten rule and suggesting we have ’empathy’ for such a creature is a tell, Mr. CK07.

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