New York Times: Trump Told Russians Comey Was “Nut Job” and His Firing Took Pressure Off Russian Investigation

donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedThe New York Times is reporting (and the White House has reportedly confirmed) that President Donald Trump made some truly disturbing comments in his controversial meeting with the Russians.  Not only did Trump call former FBI Director James Comey “a real nut job” but told the Russians that the firing has taken pressure off of him in terms of Russia.  The leaked summary will fuel the allegations that Trump fired Comey to try to shutdown the Russian investigation to relieve pressure on himself.  While I have discussed my skepticism over the evidence of an actual crime by the President, Trump appears committed to leaving the greatest incriminating impression possible in such meeting.

The leaked summary quotes Trump in statements to Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, and Russian ambassador to the United States, Sergey I. Kislyak.  He is quoted as saying “I just fired the head of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a real nut job . . .  I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.”  He reportedly added “I’m not under investigation.”

It is rather humorous that Trump would think that he had to tell the Russians about the firing which was not only all over the news and virtually all of the coverage was discussing the Russian connection.

It is not clear who would leak this summary.  The most interesting thought is that, with the demands from Congress and likely demand from the new Special Counsel, this summary was going to be demanded (and likely revealed).  The fact that the leak was on Friday (when insiders tend to leak bad news at the worst time of the news cycle) raises the question of whether this was a preemptive leak.  Otherwise, it would be another example of executive branch employees actively working to expose what they view as disturbing conduct or comments from this President.

One person who is likely to react as negatively as Comey would be the new Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Mueller is not the type of guy who likes to hear of a president dishing dirt on the FBI director to two Russians in a meeting where only the state-run Tass media outfit was allowed (to the exclusion of American media).

If true, the comments are obviously quite bizarre and embarrassing. Again there is only one guy who must be enjoying this immensely:

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  1. I doubt Putin is enjoying this immensely. Hillary yes, Putin no. Putin is as much if not more interested in improving relations between the two countries as Trump.

    I think the observation that as a Friday leak, this may be a preemptive is probably correct. Someone trying to embarrass Trump would wait until Monday or Tuesday when it would do max damage.

  2. Where is the proof that this was said?

    I agree with Comey and Trump (if he said that) that they are both insane.

    It isn’t smart to keep giving credence to highly placed IC officials who have been trying to sow chaos in our nation through leaks in the NYTimes or WaPo. Leak the proof!

  3. Assuming Trump said this, whoever reported this to the NYT needs to be fired.

  4. Turley, you keep relegating this to legalese and miss the fact of the matter; Trump is simply a megalomaniac. “I just fired the head of the FBI.”, bragging to his mentors the Russians. See I’m just like Putin, me and Putin, we are tough guys. There is a point at which the ‘guy talk’ and the ‘slipped out it’s not who I really am’ routine gives way to the reality that this mutt should never have made it to the White House. He can’t ride a horse, would never be seen with his shirt off, is not a black belt in martial arts, and thank god. If ever there was a candidate for the hook from stage left, it is Trump.

  5. Good. We finally have someone in politics that doesn’t speak in a way that requires translation. Frankly he should simply tell them all to GFT’s and get back to work dismantling this administrative state.

    1. It seems everything he says needs translation. He contradicts himself all the time. He typically undermines his translators (Spicer, Sanders, McMaster and reveals them all to be liars or Trump is lying.

  6. Every Trump supporter’s response to ALL of the crazy things he has done:

    1. But Obama did…
    2. Hillary’s ​emails
    3. The election
    4. Fake news
    5. Unmasking

    Can someone intelligently defend Trump’s actions?

    Either it’s a leak of real information or it’s ​a lie which is fake, it can’t​be both.

    Are people in middle America this stupid? It’s not surprising they don’t have jobs… sheesh!!!

  7. Too bad the majority of the nations electorate couldn’t see beforehand (or for that matter now) what an idiot Trump is. What does that say about the insane mental state of the nation. Maybe Putin is laughing about that.

    Of course, even had Clinton won, the insane dysfunctional mental state of the nation would also have been shown for what it really is. And people still want the will of a supposed democracy to guide and rule over us.

    What a sad joke we are to the rest of the world!

  8. Whoever leaked this, is committing a crime.
    Needs to be prosecuted.
    Lots of people think Trump is a nut job; where’s the story.

  9. Trump appears committed to leaving the greatest incriminating impression possible in such meeting.

    Gee… ya think?

    What’s that old saying… where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire?

    I’d say by now nice, THICK, black smoke is simply billowing out of the WH….


    Trump simply CANNOT shut his mouth, huh?

  10. Comey was quoted as saying that Trump was “outside of the realm of normal” and “crazy”.
    Trump is quoted as saying Comey is “a nut job”.
    Whether these quotes are accurate or not, my reaction was exactly the same as Putin’s….😄😄😄

  11. Personally I thought the Panetta story not being a headline was far more important,. Also the left rejecting one of their own and one who is/was a staunchly outspoken Hillary supporter for Director FBI Director.

  12. Thanks Trump..way to ease tensions..give everyone a good laugh.

  13. Wow..I can’t believe a president would use such strong words. “Nut job”..I’m still laughing. I guess Trump feels comfortable in his own skin and they are really making it their mission to end that relationship.

  14. Perhaps I’m naïve, but it is still the President’s choice to fire Comey and in reality, it is no one’s business what he says about it regardless of how undiplomatic it is. Personally, I’m tired of seeing the press get their panties in a bunch over this as I feel they act more like the National Enquirer and I would like to find out who is leaking this information so I can them a personal ‘midnight’ visit.

    1. No, Bruce David, you are biased. Yes, the President can fire Comey, and no, it is the people’s business when the firing was done for purposes of derailing investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia and Russia’s interference with the 2016 election. How about Trump showing off for the Russians by disclosing “code only” top secret information that even many government intelligence officials aren’t privy to, and then being the braggart he is, telling the Russians that the head of our FBI is a “nut job” and that he fired him to take off the heat? The issue isn’t leakers. The issue is the supremely unfit person who is occupying the White House. The issue is his firing of people who are investigating him. That’s why he’s being compared to Nixon. All of the facts aren’t in, but where there’s smoke, there’s fire. If there was no evidence of wrongdoing, then what does Dumpster have to be afraid of?

      1. If that were the case menshevik but the problem is still one of FACTS not in evidence. Which reminds me. Leon Panetta just got outed for leaking and unmasking while he was in office. The comrades are getting careless. Wasn’t he the one of those in the House of Reps Post Office postage stamp scandal some decades ago?

      2. You’re absolutely right Natacha although your comments may be falling on some deaf ears. Those that hold their hands over their eyes and hears, refusing to acknowledge what the White House won’t deny are willfully obtuse. It also appears that someone in the White House “close to Trump” is a person of interest. Maybe when there are perp walks out of the White House they’ll acknowledge it!

  15. That’s it. I’m out of here. This is just embarrassing nonsense from what used to be a respectable newspaper organization. The vitriol and hatred from the Left and the media is just disgusting.
    I think next time I’ll vote Dem just so the media can go back to sleep.

    1. Nothing new there you pretended to be a reborn Libetarianthe last time as FFA. in reality are you not just a programmed clone?

  16. The Kardashian Administration: on the way to being the greatest sh*t-stain in American history.

  17. The New York Times is reporting (

    Newsflash! AM Rosenthal retired 30 years ago. Those six words have now acquired the status of punch line.

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