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The annual GW charity competition between torts and contracts was held this week and I am saddened to report that contracts prevailed on the field of paintball.  Each year, the students bid for positions on the two teams and all of the money goes to support public interest work by our law students at George Washington.  (The Contracts team is in the back with Professor Greg Maggs in the middle; the Torts Team is sitting in front).

This is the sixth year and contracts now has a 4-2 lead.  This year was particularly challenging with temperatures reaching near 100 degrees when we finished. The heat index was even higher with the high humidity.  This is the second year that we faced blazing hot conditions but the team soldiered on.  It was the closed competition that we have had with a tied at the end of the competition at 2-2-1.  We then held an extra game and contracts prevailed.

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The victorious contracts team was led by Professor Maggs. The contracts team this year was composed of Cooper Littlejohn, John McGeehan, Jon Marvisi, Mike Omboni.

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I had the honor of leading a torts team composed of Spencer McCandless, Larry “Buddy” Buckner, Alejandro González Mercado, and Nicholas Chanin.  They fought with bravery and dignity.  We all left with scars to show our effort (I got a particularly nice hit on the jaw just under my mask).

As always, we gathered around my car for some refreshments and torts left our contracts friends with a hearty congratulations and a menacing eye toward 2018.


  1. A contest pitting “contracts” against “torts?” Absurd . . . and meaningless.

    A far more meaningful battle would be to pit the intellectually honest law students against the intellectually dishonest ones, many of the latter of which will ultimately become employed as “judges,” of course, though corporation law will no doubt also provide many employment opportunities.

    This is the real battle in law today.

    In keeping with the tradition of the intellectually dishonest attorneys that routinely misrepresent, twist, mangle, distort, subvert, and avoid the facts and the law as necessary to suit their ends, the law students on that team will not be required to follow and rules and will, in fact, be expected to fight “dirty” as necessary to achieve victory. And the intellectually honest law students will naturally be bound to follow the rules to the letter.

    No handicapping is permitted. May the best team win. And in the battle that I’ve described, the law students will actually be preparing for what their careers will actually be like once they decide which side they want to join.

  2. What fun! Sounds like a grand time.

    May I suggest grueling practice at the shooting range year round with a good tactical coach? Come on Torts! You guys can take ’em down next year! Oh, and make sure you protect your throat. Paintball rounds hurt.

  3. Many ventures in life start as contracts and end in torts. Time is all that is necessary.

  4. One side (Contracts) said to the other: Your thing speaks for itself.

  5. I want to know how much money was raised and who was the high bidder.

  6. Of course, this is a sexist all male competition. Expect an investigation by administration!

    1. Dingdingdingding!

      TWO comments into a thread on a PAINTBALL shootout aaaannnnd…

      We… have… a… WINNER!

      It’s ALWAYS Da Libruls!

      The source of ALL evil in the world…

      Now, everyone, chant in unison…

      And since you went first Nick, you get to lead…

      Da Libruls! Da Libruls! Da Libruls! Da Libruls! Da Libruls! Da Libruls! Da Libruls! Da Libruls!

      Uh… what is that odor in here? Somebody, open a window, for Dog’s sake…

      1. What is a : “Da Libruls”?
        Don’t ask me I don’t give a damn. Next stop is Vietnam!

  7. JT, you need to get a ringer next year. Maybe a Navy Seal.

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