Neo-Nazi Converts To Islam and Then Allegedly Murders Two Roommates for Blasphemy

downloadFor those of us who have long wondered where ISIS and other terrorist groups find people willing to commit atrocities of unspeakable brutality, one answer appears to be white supremacists willing to trade one extremist lifestyle for another.  That is what Devon Arthurs, 18, is accused of doing when he gave up a life as a neo-Nazi and became a radical Muslim.  He then proceeded to kill two of his roommates, 22-year-old Jeremy Himmelman and 18-year-old Andrew Oneschuk, for blasphemy after they mocked Islam.

According to the police report:

Arthurs claimed that he and his roommates shared a common neo-Nazi belief, until Arthurs recently converted to Islam. He said his roommates disrespected his Muslim faith.

He also said he had become angered by what he described as the world’s anti-Muslim sentiment and wanted to bring attention to his cause.

He then allegedly fled the scene of the murders and took hostages in a smoke shop.

To give you an idea of the mentality of these people, a third roommate was arrested after the discovery of neo-Nazi propaganda and explosives in his apartment.  A former Florida National Guardsman, Brandon Russell had a framed photo of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh on his dresser.

The appeal is obvious. You can join an extreme religious sect and continued to hate and kill in the name of what is declared to be the one and true religion.

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  1. Remember the Unabomber was an MKULTRA test subject. This guy is a similar victim of mind control: the object is to perpetuate race & religious wars and other endless distractions to divide the public in every possible way so they do not unite against corruption in government. You end up begging career criminals in government to take away all of your rights and “protect” you.

  2. An extremist is an extremist. Moderation is not in their genes. Take for example Lyndon LaRouche. The common thread between a neo-Nazi and a Islamist is that they are both extremists – and they both hate Jews.

  3. His roommates got on his nerves; he had to “convert” so his rigid “ideology” (standing in for his humanity) would encourage him to kill them. What a waste of space.

  4. When I saw this article’s headline, I thought it was the Onion.

  5. This illustrates the issue. The thugs and scum who comment the bombings and other horrors in the name of religion have nothing to do with religion but share a common problem; they are simply mentally deficient. Every religion has them. It’s just that Islam is the religion du jour and will be for a few hundred more years. The sooner everyone separates madness from religion, the sooner this filth can be cleaned up. One has to wonder if the mass murderers that shot people from university towers, etc would have identified with Islam when they went off the deep end, if it had been in the news.

  6. “wanted to bring attention to his cause.”

    I think less attention is needed to everyone’s causes these days.

  7. Be interesting to see the timeline for their bigger plans and when this cat switched to Islam.
    Wonder if one or both of the deceased were government informers.
    Let’s wait and see what Mr. Russell has to cough up about who or what the bigger target was of any potential future events of death.
    Also Osama Bin Eichman made a reference about bombing “my” country. From what country did he believe he was a citizen of?

  8. Let’s see, could there be any other connection??? Hmmm. Eureka!

    Nazis hate Jews, and Muslims hate Jews.

    Plus, this is interesting:

    The police report said that the two victims were neo-Nazi’s, and that seemed to be confirmed by a white supremacist website, Daily Stormer.

    The website called Himmelman and Oneschuk “white nationalists” and “members of the Atomwaffen.” The Attowaffem is described by the website as “a group of neo-Nazi nerds” who “have been recruiting new members at top-tier American universities.” The “Attomwaffen Division” has a YouTube channel where it posts propaganda videos of its beliefs and more. In German, the term “atomwaffen” means “atomic weapon.”

    The Daily Stormer said that Himmelman and Oneschuk posted fliers with neo-Nazi beliefs “at tons of universities over the years.”

    Just two days after the murders of Himmelman and Oneschuk, another neo-Nazi was arrested by police for attempting to make explosives. That man, Brandon Russell, was identified as a roommate of Arthurs’, The Miami Herald reported.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Hating Jews is the most obvious connection. So obvious I didn’t bother mentioning it.

  9. It’s not very unusual for ideologues to abandon one extremist position and adopt another which might be very different at least cosmetically. Actually there are lots of similarities between white nationalists & radical Islam–for instance a distrust of all Western institutions and a conspiratorial historical view.

    People who engage in certain behavior ostensibly because of religious or political beliefs often just enjoy the core activity. When “zealots” firebomb abortion clinics it might not really be about abortion. It’s about firebombing itself. “The play’s the thing”

  10. This is nothing new. Does JT not realize thar Muslims and Nazis formed an alliance during World War II?

  11. This is really not that great of a stretch. Mein Kampf is actually quite popular in the Middle East, and extremist Islam suffers from a violent need to prove its superiority as well as to force others to its belief. Hitler, and the Kaiser before him, sought to use and ally with the Islamic world. Really, it meshes quite well with Neo Nazism.

    This is a very sad crime with an even sadder cast of players.

  12. Do parents not notice these things or are they feeding the evil? This kid was 18 and felt he was a supreme race? He traded one radical ideology for another! I find it shocking that no one notices these evil behaviors.

  13. Two sides of the same coin. The point of both groups is to anialate anyone who disagrees with heir view of the world. Whatever they say, they are brothers under the skin.

    Will he attempt a “religious belief” defense?

  14. I believe it is possible something more might come out of this incident. According to another article.

    “In addition, pagers carried by bomb technicians alerted them to the presence of two radiation sources. The complaint does not say whether they were connected to the explosive materials.”


    I suspect, though this is speculation at this point as I am not privy to any additional facts, this might indicate the possibility of a crude attempt at form of Dirty Bomb. The type of analysis required to determine the element and isotope will take more time than a brief investigation has in scope and can always be added to charges later, after initial charges are filed to remand the defendant to custody: that is, if this was actually the plan or design.

    1. Oh God, that’s bad. Did they find the actual sources, or just contamination left over from two source points? I did not know that they routinely checked for radiation, but am so glad they did.

      1. There wasn’t any more information than what I had quoted. I wasn’t aware either that teams carried radiation detection equipment but given the possibilities these days this seems a prudent practice. Again, I don’t know if this was the case or not but surely something to keep an eye on.

        Having read a rather lengthy discussion many years ago on this topic the fact that someone hasn’t detonated a crude dirty bomb by now is surprising to me.

  15. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember ever hearing the word “extremist” before Obama took office. He was loathe to use the phrase “radical Islamic terrorist” and definitely popularized the much vaguer “extremist”. Does anyone specifically remember this word being used much prior to 2008 and can cite such a reference?

    Interesting article, though.

    1. Interesting question.

      Dictionary dot com claims early use of the word dates form 1840-1850.

      Googles Ngram viewer shows relatively stable use of the word till the 1960’s when incidence increased maybe 130 times then declined by maybe one third of its peak value by 2008. The chart does not include data after 2008, so this tool tells us nothing about the effect Obama’s administration had on the use of the word.

      I would guess that the word extremist gained currency after Goldwater’s 1964 quote: “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”

    2. I’m not sure why it matters whether this guy is an “extremist,” or a “terrorist.” How about “first-degree murderer”?

      1. “I’m not sure why it matters whether this guy is an “extremist,” or a “terrorist.” How about “first-degree murderer”?”

        There has been a lot of criticism of the term terrorist in recent years. In my opinion much of that criticism is ignorant, silly or both.

        Use correctly, terrorism is a useful and important term.

        Simply put, terrorism is the use of violence or the threat of violence against civilians to promote political objectives.

        If the extremist uses violence against non combatants to support his political point of view, then the extremist is a terrorist.

  16. It just shows to go ya, that it’s the same type of person who seeks ideological purity and they are often unbalanced.

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