Middle School Students in New Jersey Walk Out On Speaker Paul Ryan

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  1. I listened to a couple of the kids (they were 8th graders) comments on local news – and they seemed reasonably well informed and considerate in their decision. How dare the blog host ASS U HIMSELF they were incapable of making a decision themselves……and could only do so due to parent guidance. The students should be commended for being better informed and more honest about current government then our blog host and the myriad of losers and haters that regularly post on this board

    btw – My daughter is in 7th grade – and she knows Paul Ryan healthcare/Trumpcare will likely kill ten thousand plus Americans. That’s being up on current events

    1. Agree….The students know Ryan is compliant in the destruction of a once great nation.

      1. Agree Ryan is getting a lot of help separating the country into the haves….and have nots. That said, healthcare is a fairly straightforward debate. And Ryan’s plan will simply kill thousands of Americans. I am shocked that a foreign terrorist plot to kill ten thousand Americans would easily merit full country readiness, but killing off Americans one by one….all in support of a tax cut for the top 1% to 5%……is somehow not even deserving of minor criticism. Shame on anyone supporting Trump’s DEATHCARE and the possible large scale killing of Americans

          1. How am I responsible for the death of others because I don’t pay their medical bills? I’m not. And the sooner we start telling people the truth, the sooner they will stop gorging on fast food, carbonated sugar drinks, and shit that my dog wouldn’t eat. People might actually have to concede their bodies are immortal and vulnerable to the shit they put in it.

            1. Yea! Go ahead and tell that to a 3 month old child who has a birth defect that could kill him if not treated…..but would bankrupt his family and all of their relatives if treated.

              Let me guess – you also consider yourself to be pro-life? LOL!

              btw – you have a dog? Well, why do I have to pay more for my homeowners insurance to cover the risky people who have dogs. How is it my responsibility…..whine…..whine…..whine……. I’d ask if you got the point, but………………..

              1. Again I ask the question, “Why does the parent of the 3 year old with the birth defect have the right to steal from me and my children?” They don’t.
                Home owner’s insurance is optional. Socialized health care is law. My whine is more than a whine, it’s a growl that you thieves have stolen WAY more than I will tolerate any more. You have bankrupted this country and destroyed our children’s inheritance, both economically and liberty. I for one will not sit down and allow that to happen.

                1. I’ll give you credit. Most people would not freely admit their personal greed over the deaths of thousands of Americans. I’m not sure what extra little trinket you’d get with the extra $’s……………. and personally find your philosophy morally repugnant and uncivilized. But will give you credit for honesty……thousands of caskets…..and of course, your extra trinket

                  btw – can I quote you on the whole growl/liberty thing. I’ve been eating apple pie and singing Yankee Doodle Dandy since.

                  1. True compassion is found by what a man gives freely, not what he ask others to forcefully take.

              2. Bill W – that 3 month old child is covered under one of both of his parents health coverage. Scare tactics don’t work here. We are too old. 😉

                1. Paul Schulte…..
                  -The Children’s Health Insurance Program ( CHIP) expanded MediCaid coverage eligibilty for children with medical issues.
                  It was a bipartisan bill oassed in 1997.
                  ( Scare tactics and distotions can work on some…..it remains to be seen how effective they are in this renewed version of “granny will be pushed over the cliff”).

                2. “Bill W – that 3 month old child is covered under one of both of his parents health coverage. Scare tactics don’t work here.”

                  That is truly wonderful for the babies that were smart enough to choose parents with health insurance.

                  But what about the babies with parents who do not have insurance. And what about the projected millions more parents who will not be able to afford insurance under Ryan’s proposed health care plan.

                  Further those on this blog who claim they should not have to pay for others seem to have missed a key point of insurance – all the insured help pay for those with claims.

                  Health insurance makes sense and is a good deal because we all will eventually have health care claims and the vast majority of us could never pay the actual cost of those claims.

                  And if you think carefully about insurance you will see that the real free loaders are the ones who think they should not have to buy insurance when they are healthy. Insurance works because most of the insured do not have claims. The fact that most insured don’t have claims is why insurance can pay for the treatment of those who do have claims.

        1. Healthcare is not “a fairly straitforward debate”.
          There are also numerous articles challenging the mantra that thousands or tens of thousands will die annually if Obamacare is repealed.
          Some point out that the expected drop in mortality after Obamacare became law never materialized.
          There was, in fact, an unexpected increase in death rates.
          There can be a lot of variables to explain that, too; i.e., it does not “prove” that Obamacare caused the increase in deaths.
          Starting with a belief, a conclusion, that repealing Obamacare will kill tens of thousands of Americans annually, then “wrapping up” the debate by viewing or citing only “suitable” material that supports that view, is not the best way to evaluate consequences of policy.

          1. Are you trying to dance around the not having health insurance has the same life expectancy of those with major medical, etc……? oh c’mon! No one really is that far off base.

            btw – keep trying – even a broken clock is right twice a day

            1. Bill W.
              I stated that the healthcare debate is not “straitforward”, and that the passage ( or repeal) of Obamacare can not be neatly tied in with corresponding mortality rates and healthcare outcomes.
              There are numerous articles on the subject, presenting both sides of the issue.
              I’ll repeat that if one starts with a conclusion, then reads or parrots only those sources that support the conclusion, that person’s claim to being “well-informed” is questionable.

              1. actually healthcare is fairly straightforward……at least in the profit driven fee for service dumbass way US does it. Trumpcare a/k/a DEATHcare a/k/a top2%hugetaxcutcare cuts resources…..which results in less insured……….results in more caskets. We finally have that death panel conservatives were whining about for years – and that death panel are conservative, libertarian, republicans in congress. Trumpcare will kill more Americans every year then terrorists have in 50

    1. Delusional Dims still might run her for 2020. They will not back true Progressives like Tulsi Gabbard…

  2. The parents of these kids need to turn off MSNBC and CNN.

    A review…..

    “I’m With Her” = why she lost

    “Make America Great Again” = why he won

    “Straight2Hate” = why Democrats are in big trouble

    * this should replace the “Love Trumps Hate” slogan for Progressives because = if you don’t think like I do, then I will call you names (racist, sexist, homophobe = holy trinity) shut you up and disrespect you as if I am morally and intellectually superior to you big bad white (check that privilege) Republicans who hate poor people, gay people, “people of color” (as the Dems say)…and want dirty air and water for our children…and want the rich to get richer while the poor get screwed….oh and….because Russia told the truth about HRC and DNC and MSM collusion during the 2016 election….there’s your ‘evidence of collusion.’

    Democrats condemn so-called hate with their own special brand of self-righteous hate.

    “Straight2Hate” = Democrat party today.

  3. @autumn, May 29, 2017 at 1:58 pm

    “The growing level of contempt for the citizens by the powers that be is now being reflected back at them.”

    “Remember that Princeton study?”

    Autumn, thanks very much for calling attention to that very important study concerning which constituencies routinely determine policy decisions by the US government. Here’s a link to the whole study, which more than repays a careful reading of it in its entirety:

    A good example of the contempt of the Power Elite for public opinion is provided by the exchange in 2008 between war profiteer Dick Cheney and Martha Raddatz:

    “In May, 2008, Dick Cheney caused an uproar when he told ABC News’ Martha Raddatz that public opposition to the war in Iraq was, in essence, irrelevant:
    “RADDATZ: Two-third of Americans say it’s not worth fighting.
    “CHENEY: So?
    “RADDATZ: So? You don’t care what the American people think?
    “CHENEY: No. I think you cannot be blown off course by the fluctuations in the public opinion polls.”


    1. Ken Rogers,….
      Re the South Orange students…..
      South Orange voted 85% for Hillary Clinton in 2016.
      That fits with the quote from one kid in that class who said that only a few of his classmates ( out of at least 150) were for Trump.
      The average family income for South Orange is $168,000.
      “Elite” group.
      The kids may eventually realize that there are political views that differ from those of their parents and teachers, and that maybe it’s OK to associate….even BE PHOTOGRAHED WITH….those with different opinions/ policy.
      Or naybe they will all grow up as good Stepford Children, molded in their parents’ image.

      1. Actually, $186K in family income can hardly be considered as “elitist” today!

  4. I’ll bet that most of these kids could not pass a basic civics test.

    1. Very doubtful.

      They’re probably quite knowledgeable about the bodies of the opposite sex!

  5. Maybe we’ll see a trend of those of those kids with “precocious political awareness” pulling stunts like this on field trips to DC.
    Not much to gain for the politician who routinely does these photo-ops.
    But think of the possibilties if more students “fled” from the dangers of being photographed with a politician their parents and/or teachers dislike.
    They could “be exploited” endlessly, given the “political wisdom” that they impart.
    And exploited for the publicity involved in the coverage of their courageous political act of fleeing from a group photo.

  6. @JT
    “The walk out (sic) of half of the students at the South Orange Middle School event was intentionally insulting to Ryan and disrespectful to his office. There was a time when children were taught that they should maintain a level of respect for the government even when you oppose its policies.When the Speaker takes the time to come to your school, (sic) he deserves a modicum of respect in my view.

    “What do you think?”

    I think that in your eagerness to serve as an apologist for the oligarchical status quo and its representatives such as Paul Ryan, you materially misrepresent the event in question when you write “I would have been deeply upset with any of my children walking out on such an esteemed visitor to their middle school.”

    According to Newsweek and several other sources, “Around 100 students visiting Washington D.C. were offered the chance to pose for a picture with Ryan—but rather than share a snap with the speaker, [sic] they instead fled to a parking lot across the street.”

    “ ‘I think that taking the picture represents that you agree with the same political views and I don’t agree with his political views so I chose not to be in it,’ student Wendy Week told local newspaper The Village Green, explaining her decision.”


    See also:

    For my part, I take it as a hopeful sign of precocious political awareness that that many middle-school students declined to be exploited by a social darwinist’s photo op.

  7. Or, for some double standards, remember Hank Williams, Jr.???

    If you were confused when you didn’t hear Hank Williams Jr.’s familiar “Monday Night Football” intro song setting the stage for the Indianapolis Colts-Tampa Bay Buccaneers tilt, there is an explanation.

    ESPN issued a statement announcing its decision to pull Williams’ intro off the air after the country music star’s controversial comments Monday morning on the Fox News program “Fox & Friends”.

    In a political discussion, Williams voluntarily brought up President Barack Obama’s golf game with Speaker of the House John Boehner during this summer’s debt ceiling negotiations, calling it “one of the biggest political mistakes ever” and invoking Adolf Hitler.

    “That would be like Hitler playing golf with (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu,” Williams said, via the Huffington Post. “Not hardly. In the shape this country is in?”

    When asked to explain his analogy, Williams called Obama and Vice President Joe Biden “the enemy.”

    “While Hank Williams Jr. is not an ESPN employee, we recognize that he is closely linked to our company through the open to Monday Night Football,” it said. “We are extremely disappointed with his comments, and as a result we have decided to pull the open from tonight;s telecast.”


    Contrast that with Stephen Colbert, and others’ comments on Trump..

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  8. I’ve read it here a few times now that respect is earned.

    Through the years (39 of them to date), I’ve discovered it’s better to give my respect to all…

    And let those who don’t value it, loose it.

    1. Through the years (39 of them to date), I’ve discovered it’s better to give my respect to all…

      And let those who don’t value it, loose it.

      Wow, what a coincidence! I just happen to have a great great deal for you on a great great bridge! I don’t often get the chance to deal with such an obviously discerning individual as yourself so I don’t often make such an outrageously advantageous offer.

      BTW, my full name is “Honest Brooklin”, so you can take it to the bank! Respect first, find out later. That’s my motto. And don’t worry, I completely understand I’ll loose your “respect” if I don’t value it. Oh I’ll value it alright. I surely will.

      Just sign here… (quickly please, I’m in a bit of a rush)

      -HB 🙂

      1. Brooklin Bridge – you going to tell us the name of the bridge or at least a picture? Others of us might want to bid.

        Personally, I grew up not to trust anyone. That came from having a sneaky younger brother and playing a lot of poker. 🙂

        1. You owe your brother, Paul, big time, not to mention those poker games. 🙂 A wise default position for sure. Far easier to change suspicion to trust than trust to getting the egg off your face and the missing money back into your account!

          As to the bridge, I like to keep a little mystery about it. But I’m always open to offers – sight unseen. 🙂

          1. Brooklin Bridge – sorry, just do not have enough trust in your offer.

    1. Since DC includes upChuck Schumer, Barack Obama (now babysat by former Pres. Jarrett), Al Franken and the editorial staff of the Washington Post, no he isn’t.

  9. Do they even know who he is, considering that a large percentage of college students do not know the names of their own Congresspeople, or even that they exist? Such a shame, this indoctrination of the young.

    1. Of course they hardly know who he is. The people denouncing him on these boards hardly know who he is. What he stands for and his modus operandi are not that obscure, but if you have a fundamentally self-aggrandizing and tribal approach to the problems of public life, you talk like the Daleks: “EX-TER-MIN-ATE! EX-TER-MIN-ATE!”. They cannot tell the difference between a Capitol Hill klutz and Pitchfork Ben Tillman, and they’re entire worldview is constructed around the fiction that they’re the smart ones.

    2. No, but they do have an encyclopedic knowledge about the bodies of the opposite sex!

      1. There has been only two draft-dodgers among notable presidential candidates of the last 60 years. One is Bill Clinton, who successfully maneuvered to shirk his ROTC service obligations. The other is Bernie Sanders, who hired an attorney to press a bogus CO claim. Sanders’ draft board was less than brutal with him and allowed the attorney to move for continuances so many times that Sanders was able to run the clock out on his eligibility.

        There are a number of others with regard to whom there are lacunae in their service record (Bill Bradley, Joe Biden, and Alan Keyes to name three). Everyone else was excused from military service for readily discernible reasons which were available to millions or available to every stratum in society on equal terms. You can run down the list: Jesse Jackson was granted an occupational deferment as a clergyman (and also had dependent children). Pat Buchanan was categorically disqualified on medical grounds (IV-F), Newt Gingrich had dependent children. Mitt Romney had a student deferment (one year), followed by a deferment for mission work (30 months), followed by a student deferment (1 year). After 1969, he had both dependent children and a high lottery number. Jerry Brown and Gary Hart were of military age at a time (1954-64) when draft calls were low and American forces not in combat; they were each granted three sets of student deferments (and Hart had dependent children after 1963). Richard Cheney was eligible in the same era and had student deferments on and off from 1959 to 1967; he wasn’t called up when he was not in school, though he readily could have been; he had dependent children after June of 1966.

        In Trump’s case, he had a student deferment from 1964 to 1968. He was granted a contingent medical deferment (I-Y) in 1968 for a minor problem. Fully 12% of those examined for service during that era were granted deferments of this type. The military can be oddly exacting. Hendrick Hertzberg was mustered out of the Navy because of a blood-clotting disorder that he did not know about until he was 25 and bled too much during dental work. I knew a man in Rochester deferred because of eczema on his feet. You could be re-examined in 90 days. Trump was not recalled for examination over the succeeding 18 months. When they instituted the draft lottery at the end of 1969, Trump’s lottery number was so high that he was never going to be called.

        I might be more impressed with some of these characters had they enlisted in 1966. ‘More impressed’ is a judgment which differs from one which contends that someone did something underhanded or dishonorable. Only Sanders and Clinton did anything ethically questionable.

          1. It doesn’t enhance your argument to point people to another intellectual and moral fraud notable for being allowed to peddle his spew on the Times op-ed page.

          1. Correction: in college during the years running from 1948 to 1969. Student deferments were discontinued at the end of 1969.

          2. Mike Kelly – as someone who was drafted in 1963, I have no problem with anyone legally avoiding the draft. Not like Clinton who hid out in England.

        1. You have conveniently left out any mention of George “W” and Dan Quayle.

    1. autumn – don’t blame it on me, I didn’t vote for McCain.

  10. That is because Paul Ryan IS contemptible! The whole respect the office bullshit is exactly that, bullshit. They are employees of the people, NOT our rulers! These so called conservatives have absolutely no regard for our basic inalienable rights and will gladly sell our country to the devil for the power they love to hold. Having said all that, I know these kids are probably clueless to all of that and reacting to a bunch of liberal sewage they’ve been brainwashed with. HOWEVER, if full-on tyranny, socialism, economic collapse, and deprivation is what is required to wake people up, then so be it!

    1. More hater prattle from one who would rather scorn than discuss. No attempt to seek an understanding. Forgo this step and go straight to hate. As one whose early adulthood was in the 60s, never have I seen more hate and unwillingness to discuss before leaping to the state of hate.

      1. I confess Nancy… you are correct. I hate with a deep deep hatred the evil that has torn families apart, sacrificed children for the convenience of the wealthy, imprisonment and torture of countless men and women… yes… Nancy… I guess you are correct. After having to endure the pain and suffering and/or share it with those who have, I do indeed HATE evil, and those in power and reveling in their power and control over those suffering. Did I capitalize HATE enough to get the message across? Maybe you should spend some time in the trenches with those who suffer at the hands of these tyrants.

        1. Nate, re: “Maybe you should spend some time in the trenches with those who suffer at the hands of these tyrants.” you mean our troops who have served/are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan? Fighting for the oligarchy tyrants all about oil and selling weapons? and can’t even get medical services through the VA?

          1. No, I wasn’t referring to them. I was referring to their spirit though. The spirit that gives ones life for others, not the prevailing spirit of the day that says “you owe me”.

    2. When the US becomes Greece, no one will be large enough to rescue us. Then we’ll have death and destruction on a massive scale. Ryan is trying to prevent this. The actuarial present value of old age entitlements exceeds twice global GDP (the current production of the entire planet). We can cut it down to size by means testing these benefits, and gradually raising the retirement age. A 200% tax in the US cannot solve the problem.

      1. How about just making the wealthy and corporations pay some taxes for a change?

          1. I didn’t say it would be easy! I also no longer think that politico-economic change can be effected without violence.

        1. As it is, the US tax code is among the most progressive in the world, if not the most progressive. Taxpayers with income over 250,000 earned about 28% of income and paid 55% of taxes. They are the only people in this country who pay anything like half their income in taxes, if they live in high tax jurisdictions like New York or California. The Scandinavian welfare systems are funded by that sort of high tax rate on practically everyone including the middle class, not just the wealthy. The current system of old age entitlements will demand tax rates in excess of 70% on virtually EVERYONE, not just the wealthy, within a few decades. How much is enough for you?

  11. This is the legislator who is leading the efforts to throw 24 MILLION off health care; this will cause an additional 29-54 thousand deaths per annum. For a contrast, 57 thousand died in Vietnam from 1954-1974. In thirty years (the length of Vietnam) this would mean an additional 870,000 to 1,620,000 deaths. And I should respect Ryan? So that the upper .001% gets a tax break? Despise is probably not strong enough,
    Jonathan – would you want your children to have met Kim Il,Sung who killed 1.6 million?

    1. How am I responsible for the death of others when I don’t pay their health care bills?? What is the matter with your head?

        1. Last time I checked, even GOD ALMIGHTY gave me the option of helping someone. If He gives me the option, you surely don’t have the moral high ground to force me. That’s called theft where I come from….and I am most certainly going to take care of me and those I’ve already committed to caring for first, before I CONSIDER helping another.

          1. I totally agree! Because of the fact that the military takes care of all of us, one probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote unless one has served in the military. No not national service; the military. Because if you only want to help yourself you shouldn’t get the privileges of those who have helped others.

            1. Or pay taxes that pay their salaries and buy their equipment, etc. So fine, only taxpayers, soldiers and veterans get to vote.

        2. I’m not my brother’s keeper, though he be stronger/weaker, before you judge me…

      1. I wonder if Jeff knows the difference between health care and health insurance? And no, I’m not my brothers keeper. I want my brother to be able to take care of himself. And for the ones who truly can’t there is charity not faceless govt. checks stolen from others.

      2. It always cracks me up when libs talk about deaths per year but never include how many babies are aborted per year.

      3. You’re absolutely right! Let’s get rid of Medicare too! Why should I have to pay the medical bills of old people? And, while we’re at it, why should poor children go to school? They probably don’t pay any taxes anyway?
        In a society – any society – a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

        1. Jeff, you are missing some very large facts… You care to tell me why I should take care of your old folks when I can barely take care of my own?? Take care of your own old folks and stop stealing from the care I am giving mine.
          Your kind only see salvation from stealing from others. Your theft has and is bankrupting our country and will leave us in the same state of Venezuela, destitute.
          A society is only as strong as it’s individuals and we have raised a generation of people like yourself who only see others (Big Brother) as the strong one. Perfect setup for a Hillary Chavez King.

          1. Give all the money to the Trump Kushner money laundering fund. They deserve it more than do the poor elderly Americans.

      4. You’re right! Do you pay property taxes because you own property? No, you don’t? Well, then you shouldn’t be able to benefit from those programs that are subsidized by property taxes; schools, for instance.

    2. Thanks for the talking points. It’s been an education.

  12. The growing level of contempt for the citizens by the powers that be is now being reflected back at them. IF Bush, Cheney, Obama and HRC had been prosecuted for war crimes maybe faith in the system would have been restored. More and more folks realize that it’s all about the pols lining their pockets and doing whatever is in the interest of corporations. They don’t care at all about the country and only interact with citizens when they want their votes. I have zero respect for “the office” and political titles – each individual should be judged on their respective merits. Clinging to party is self-defeating — neo libs/neo cons whether R or D should be called out.

    Remember that Princeton study?


    1. he growing level of contempt for the citizens by the powers that be is now being reflected back at them. IF Bush, Cheney, Obama and HRC had been prosecuted for war crimes maybe faith in the system would have been restored.

      No, it would have convinced people that the U.S. Attorney’s office was utterly corrupt and in thrall to contemptible now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t; pacifists who haven’t a clue what a ‘war crime’ is and haven’t one intelligent and defensible thought in their accusatory heads.

  13. They went to a liberal school. A kid who was interviewed said there were maybe 4 students in their class who supported Trump. And yet they arranged this photo op.

    Seems suspiciously like a political stunt.

    Liberal parents, liberal school.

    Can you imagine if this happened with Obama?

    It troubles me that people behave as if someone who holds different political beliefs should be treated with the distaste as a third world dictator.

    1. Read David Benson’s remarks and remember that this ass is a frigging faculty member.

      The real Paul Ryan is 1/3 political careerist, 1/3 libertarian ideologue, and 1/3 personal fitness instructor manque. His most outre opinion is his open-borders extremism. He was a perfect dithering nincompoop during last year’s elections and is no threat to the progtrash establishment. If anything, he’s manna. He comes up with libertarian non sequiturs that make fodder for soptic tank advertising. He’s been tripping over his shoelaces since he took office as Speaker. The parents of these annoying children, the crappy teachers’ union stewards, and David Benson are engaging in these witless displays contra someone who’s about as threatening as Darren Stevens from Bewitched.

        1. I second that, Squeek. You and Desperate are 2 of the best female ranters I have come across in the blogosphere. You have decidedly different styles, and I enjoy both.

          1. I’m male. I had to change handles several times because the spam filter kept eating my posts. For some reason, the spam filter likes Rosanna Arquette.

            1. I knew DSS was male. However, maybe Nick is mistaking DSS for ‘anon’ who is female?

              I thought Nick was a PI or something. Shouldn’t he be able to figure this stuff out?

              1. TBob – when people hid behind a nom de plume I find it impossible to sex them. However, I do know the sex of some because I have had ‘back channel’ communications with them.

    2. Karen

      If this had happened to Obama, the offending teachers would have been fired, social services would have been called to remove the children from the offending parents.

      After all, racists should not be able to influence and raise children in such a manner.

      1. Not sure about that. I do recall that rodeo clown who lost his job.

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