Middle School Students in New Jersey Walk Out On Speaker Paul Ryan

295 thoughts on “Middle School Students in New Jersey Walk Out On Speaker Paul Ryan”

  1. Leaving an unappreciated speaker is a time-honored form of non-violent protest. I would be disappointed if my children didn’t walk out on this dangerous idiot. Their disrespect of him (according to you) is insignificant compared to his disrespect of the rest of us. You got this one wrong.

  2. DesparatelySeekingSusan, May 31, 2017 at 4:29 PM

    “This board is filled with progbots who think in talking points.”

    As opposed to what— Trumpbots who think in Tweets? 🙂

  3. @beakie48:
    “I guess raising children to be good citizens went out in the ’50s. My kids were raised like that and they are raising their children to be good citizens too. This is disrespect, plain and simple, and my kid would not be too old for a paddling, bedroom stay with no devices and loss of privileges.”

    @beakie48 (commenting in response to Francesca, who wrote, “You don’t show respect for children by beating them with paddles.”):
    “They are not beaten, they also are not coddled. The MODERN way of raising children, that has been the norm since the ’60s, has not worked. You are foolish to assume that. This is why the last few generations have not learned ‘the art of suck’. In other words…… learn to suck it up and carry on. You sound like a product of this disordered parenting.”

    What distinction are you drawing here between “paddling” and “beating”? I’m asking this pursuant to exploring the possible relationship between corporal punishment experienced as a child and one’s political orientation as an adult,

  4. Since when does respecting the office mean you have to show deference to the office holder? Paul Ryan is literally trying to take away nursing home care, health care, and food from people. It’s not just a difference of opinion to see him as an immoral person bent on doing harm to the American public. There is no evidence at all that Paul Ryan’s policies are meant to do anything but destroy the social safety net and attack those who are most vulnerable. No one needs a picture taken next to such a person. What’s more, Ryan supports an affirmed sexual predator and liar with very strong authoritarian tendencies – at what point do we stop giving him the benefit of the doubt and start weighing the possibility that he is a collaborator?

    1. This board is filled with progbots who think in talking points.

  5. Ryan is complicit with the cover-up of the Russian coup of our nation. That’s why Nunes ran to him. That’s why he told everyone to “keep it in the family” when Kevin McCarthy stated that Trump and Dana Rorhbacher were getting Russian money. That was later recast as a joke, but it wasn’t.

    Ryan deserves ZERO respect, from young or old.

  6. Everyone in America should walk out on every major politician, and vote every one of them out of office. That goes for both parties across the board. America desperately needs new leadership.

    1. They should also force their way into CIA Headquarters, by exercising Second Amendment prerogatives!

    2. The logic of a three year old otherwise known as a temper tantrum. Remember your mother asking if you want to cut off your nose to spite your face?

  7. they should have stayed despite their dislike. The dislike could have been voiced to Ryan at the event.

    1. If in their own school they should have stayed, if in Washington, they should not have been forced.

      1. And you know this how? Perhaps you could give a rat’s what people think. Fine. That does not mean another feels the same as you do.

  8. Bill W.,,,
    – The level of hysteria and wild accusations about Paul Ryan needs to be taken to a higher level.
    For example, you could resurrect that 2012 ad showing Ryan pushing granny off a cliff.
    Very logical, compelling way to make your case.

  9. Respecting the office does not mean anyone is obligated to take part in group photos with people they do not agree with.

    Respecting one’s vocation as a public employee does mean that you don’t exploit the youth of the nation to engage in exhibits of your political views. The teachers who were the authors of this obnoxious bit of business ought to be slapped repeatedly.

  10. You seem to be confused JT. The article to which you linked reported that the students were visiting D.C. and opted not to have their photo taken with Ryan. You present it as though they walked out of their own school building in protest. Furthermore, students have the right not to have their picture taken with Ryan or anyone else for that matter. Any right Ryan might have to respect does not eclipse the right a person – even a middle school student – has to refuse to have their picture taken.

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