Griffin: “This Wouldn’t Be Happening To A Guy.”


We recently discussed the controversy surrounding Kathy Griffin and her disgusting image of a bloody severed head of President Donald Trump.  Griffin held an equally bizarre press conference on Friday that first took responsibility for the scandal and then insisted that she is being set up by white men and blatant sexism.  If this was an effort by attorney Lisa Bloom to repackage the scandal, it was a miserable failure.  Indeed, the press conference could be a lesson for all lawyers in high-profile controversies of how not to respond to a scandal.  There seemed to be not preparation of Griffin and no development of a single coherent narrative (rather surprising for an entertainer).  The set up for the press conference at the law firm was awkward and made the client look like a caged animal.  Bloom’s lead in remarks seemed more like a stump speech than a legal defense.  Griffin was the object of the exercise rather than a human being in distress.  Bloom’s effort to blame Trump for her client’s conduct contradicted one of a number of different narratives being advanced at the same time. The result was a Jackson Pollock press conference of paint splatters.  The problem is that they did not make for a pleasing final image.  I am not sure what Bloom sought to achieve, but it could not have been what actually occurred.   In a rambling press conference, she insisted “Cut the crap, this wouldn’t be happening to a guy.”  Indeed, it would.  If Anderson Cooper held up the bloody severed head of Donald Trump on CNN, he would also be looking at the end of his journalistic career as would other comedians like Jerry Seinfeld.

Griffin seemed to swing wildly from contrition to condemnation.  She insisted that she was being targeted for  “standing up” to Trump who was bullying her for her joke.  At first she said that she would continue to make jokes and be undeterred. She then broke down and said “He broke me. It’s just not right, and I’ve apologized because that was the right thing to do, and I meant it.”  She added “I don’t think I’ll have a career after this.”

Of course, apologizing does not mean that everything is forgiven. People can still find your conduct appalling and question your failure to see the grotesque nature of your statement.

The addition of criminal attorney, Dmitry Gorin, was equally problematic.  There is no serious criminal investigation of Griffin. The Secret Service has been mocked for interviewing everyone from cartoonists to children for threats against the president.  Gorin became little more than a prop in this catastrophic display.

Ironically, Griffin at times sounds like . . . well . . . Trump:  “What’s happening to me has never happened, ever, in the history of this great country.

She then insisted that this was all because she is a woman in a male-dominated industry despite the large number of successful female comedians.  She insisted that “There’s a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me, but that’s wrong.”

The effort to portray herself as the victim of sexism (and strangely racism) is about as convincing as Patti Hearst portraying her arrest as the result of an international banking conspiracy.

In the end, it was not clear whether Griffin wanted to be forgiven or lionized for her conduct.  However, the claims of a sexist (and racist) element to her current predicament gets a bit lost in the ISIS-inspired image blasted around the world.


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  1. I just heard that Kathy and some of her girlfriends just talk that way in locker rooms, ya know just girl talk.

    1. She elected t make her girl talk public. Trumps banter with Billy Bush was made public by NBC News, when they thought it would do maximum injury to him.

    2. How very astute.

      Hear, hear!

      And by all means, Americans have the freedom of speech and may oppose and insult the king at will.

  2. Griffin: “This Wouldn’t Be Happening To A Guy.”

    Oh it’s happening, Sweetheart!

    And it’s been happening for about a hundred years.

    It’s called the very antithetical and unconstitutional 19th Amendment

    whereby America gives over to incoherence and hysteria.

    The American Founders deeply understood and did not attempt to alter God’s nature.

    Without women having babies, there are no people.

    Without people, there is no country.

    Without a country, there is no need for a vote.

    The funciton of women was then and is now to perpetuate the species/race/population.

    The essential function of women is to have babies and nurture children.

    “Liberated” women have abandoned their burden and directed the government to import a population.

    America doesn’t need more women transformed into men, it needs more babies.

    America’s birthrate is in a “death spiral” and there is no future in extinction.

    Women are the misogynists who hate the nature and function of women; think about it.

    It’s a huuuuuge contradiction.

    Delusional liberals have taken America right ’round the bend.

    To wit,

    Kathy Griffin.

    1. Not all women, George. Some of us have the babies, nurture them, get degrees, and work. I can walk and chew gum at the same time 😉

      1. Thank you. Please review the statistics on population in the Western world. I don’t believe I discussed the ability of anyone to walk and chew gum at the same time. I expressed the need to make people. There is no shortage of people in the nations of American’s potential adversaries. There is no possibility of resisting the overwhelming numbers of their populations. America exists at the pleasure of the “generously” populated countries. The birthrates in Europe, America and Australia are in a “death spiral.” The issues of competency in walking and chewing gum, voting, “equality,” etc. will be entirely moot when Europeans/Americans/Australians become extinct. In 100 years, there won’t be an American left in America – only “imports,” robotics, cyborgs and AI entities. I can’t wait.

        1. Don’t worry, George. I have a strong suspicion that you won’t be around in another 100 years.

          1. Well, then there’s that.

            By contrast, the American Founders made no plans for the future, huh?


            1. Don’t worry, George. I have a strong suspicion that you aren’t one of the Founding Fathers.

              1. Yep. You’re absolutely correct. America should totally ignore the intent of its founders and the words of its founding documents. Yeah, like the Supreme Court does, huh? Where exactly do you live? Do you know you’re in the United States of America?

      2. Shannon – yes, but can you breast feed and chew gum at the same time. 😉

        1. Wait. You mean breast feed, chew gum and exhale that pesky carbon dioxide all over your baby’s face at the same time!

      3. China has 1.4 billion people.

        India has 1.3 billion people.

        The fertility rate in many parts of Africa is 6 births per woman.

        The Western birthrate is in a “death spiral.”

        America has miles to go before it sleeps.

  3. One thing for sure she should have asked the cameramen to shoot from a distance, say like Ohio. Man those facelifts make the skin look like tight plastic wrap. What’s with the attorney?
    I’d like some BLM person jump on Bill Maher or does he get a pass?

    1. Hallo Herbst, hast du meine Frage oben für Squeaky gesehen? Du kennst hier viele Leute. Ich hatte eine große Hipaa Verletzung von Publix Apotheke von einer Tonne meiner persönlichen Daten.

  4. Perhaps I am over thinking it, but maybe Kathy Griffin can’t make a “real” apology because she isn’t a “real” person???

    A lot of the Liberal types have latched onto the Democratic Party narrative in an attempt to either virtue signal, or make themselves feel like they are good people. But they would only have to that if they had no virtues, and already did not feel like good people. Like sociopaths, I think many of these Liberals only imitate emotions, and learn to manage the impressions others have of them. The “cause” has become their life, because they really have no life.

    But I think maybe people like Kathy Griffin are worse than sociopaths, because I am not sure sociopaths really experience emotional pain. But while Kathy Griffin has no problem causing pain, she can not receive pain in an unemotional fashion. No, she crumbles, because there was only a very thin veneer to her personality to begin with. She was simply a hollow person, imitating a human being.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Hey Squeeker,
      You have been here a lot and know most folks.

      You know a quality barrister?

      Looking for someone with knowledge of Hippa violations.

      Thanks in advance and have a great weekend.


    2. “she isn’t a ‘real’ person???”
      You mean, like an optical illusion, a hallucination, or a computer simulation?

  5. Although I don’t agree with the Trump Administration’s mantra of throwing everyone in prison I am equally appalled at those in Hollywood and media who think their outlandish rhetoric will be “the rule of the land” and that purported power will correct public opinion…..get over yourselves. I see this as a wash….when Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” got cancelled some thought it was payback for his speaking out…..suck it up Kathy. Put your big girl panties on!

    1. Vicki Henry – Kathy Griffin is not big enough to buy or wear big girl panties. She is still shopping in the children’s section.

  6. Griffin’s whole act has always been to be over-the-top tacky and tasteless. This time, a little too far over the top. She will get over it, Trump will get over it, Griffin will get standup gigs in smoke-filled lounges. Life will go on !

  7. Look at us. Picking sides and flinging the same old recycled horseshit. Somehow I think that’s what this stunt was meant to inspire. When we stop falling for these psychological experiments and ignore them, maybe we’ll get somewhere.

  8. I think Lisa Bloom was cringing at the press conference. Kathy is an impulsive speaker (she admits to such), and immediately went off-script. She damaged herself. She has her own pre-existing emotional problems, in addition to Trump Derangement Syndrome. Here is a person so desperate for attention, she couldn’t get up there and just be contrite and remorseful, but allowed herself full berth to unleash paranoid accusations of sexism and racism.

    1. Perhaps , or maybe just one of the earth residents , hard to really put a degree and compare ones caliber to the brilliant intellects found on the planet where people cannot develop inner depth even after becoming richest people on it, or after having served two terms in the White House .

  9. Liberals think that this was so great and the despicable behavior was form of art . I had never thought of isis as the ultimate art form , thank you democrats and liberals for enlightening me . When are we going to imitate setting someone on fire or throwing acid on someone or killing a sister because she wanted to go out in clothes that we did not approve ? I’m sure obama supporters will consider those acts admirable and virtuous , otherwise Clinton state department would not have wanted to enforce an international blasphemy law to punish those victims of sharia , right ?

    1. Dear Fellow Idiot,few questions for you.
      Why is her behavior not eligible to be considered art? Art can be despicable can’t it.
      Doesn’t mean you have to consume it.
      Do you expect to be educated in a pedagogical fashion through someone’s artistic expression?
      Context is everything. The context was created by an individual whose provenance was comedy.
      Comedy, you know, a form of entertainment.
      If she was a journalist or an elected official maybe your argument would stand.
      Did not the corporate media entity that sanctioned her respond enough for you?
      I personally have written letters to my US Senator about FGM what have you done?
      Just curious.

      1. Thank you for this island of rational reality. Comedians have chosen a difficult art form imho, it touches many and is is therefore dangerous….it broadsides thinking at a time when people are looking to escape reality through laughter…so they are vulnerable to new and different ways to see things…defenses are lowered. Robin Williams was a Maestro at reaching people in their vulnerabilities….making them laugh in the face of some pretty heavy stuff…it is an incredible thing to watch a mind open and expand in understanding…and a dangerous art form to fail at…just ask Lenny Bruce….

      2. If it were “art” then people would have been given the option to see her “art” or not. Artists that I don’t particularly like, I choose NOT to watch. I don’t watch their shows, go to their concerts nor to their events. This “art” was paraded through social media and put on every television station. I saw it and my children saw it.

        1. You have got to think in the terms of new mediums. Are you familiar with Banksy or let’s go back to Keith Herring?
          Twitter has no defined limits on what people may choose to deliver until they ,Del Harvey, HT to DSS, decide what is not allowed.
          KG was a graffiti artist using twitter as her medium.
          New mediums, wild west style rules.

          1. I am not familiar with any of those persons. Perhaps if MSM had blurred the “art” so as not to traumatize myself and my children, I would be less upset. I would like the freedom to choose where and when my children see horror flicks.

            1. I think each generation has visual bells rung that can’t be un-rung.
              I admire your attention to your own and your children’s sensitivities.
              Maybe we should teach media awareness in schools.
              i’d only suggest that you teach your children to identify content wise what they are watching and what each genre portends relating to reality.

              1. I will indeed be teaching my children those things. Five years old is not the time. Children need to be able to be children IMO.

                1. Why is your child on twitter? The world can not be censored because a child might see something that their parents wish they did not.

      3. Thanks you for enlightening me further about your brilliant intellect .

        1. Seriously?
          Did I insult you?
          I hope you can consider my questions to be sincere.
          I don’t know you from Adam, it’s just a blog.
          To me it’s like being at bar for the blind.
          I’d buy you a beer to hear your thoughts.

  10. I look forward to seeing her on the side of the freeway in a suit the color of her hair, picking up garbage for her community service hours. Or……….maybe homeless in a cardboard tent in LA.

    No brains, no personality, + a look made for radio. Tough being Griffin.

    Kathy’s and Hillary’s latest twin diatribes are a microcosm of the universal Progressive response to pooping their pants in the last election. I’d like to thank every one of them, from the bottom of my heart, for cementing Trump’s 2020 victory right now.

    1. Joseph Jones, how can someone who supported HRC be considered a progressive?
      You keep using progressive as an epithet attaching it to people who are not clearly progressives.
      I consider myself a progressive and haven’t fretted anything.
      How about a new moniker for the tribe you describe?

  11. Kathy Griffin screwed up badly. Is dumb donald a worhless piece of garbage? of course he is! is the baby trump likely the biggest liar on the planet? We all know this to be true. That said, what she did wasn’t funny and was WAY OUT OF PLACE. As crooked as the traitor trump is, he still occupies the presidency. and the office should command somewhat more respect then what Griffin did…..or what the thousands of contards did with Obama effigies, etc…….

    I see no reason the Secret Service shouldn’t at least have a brief conversation with Griffin. That said, there appears to be no intended threat – and free speech should apply here. As for whether or not this would happen to a man, only time will tell. But lets not forget traitor ted nugent threats and that he is not only walking free…………but is actually a celebrity of contards. A big difference between sides is that Kathy Griffin will never be a hero to liberals.

  12. WHAT??!! She’s supposed to accept the consequences for her own bad decisions? OH NO! Nor THAT!

  13. By blaming Trump for the hole she dug for herself, she was only trying to re-ingratiate herself with the huge contingent of largely deranged Trump haters. She knows that most of them have marinated in this absurd post-modernist SJW ideology where everybody who is not a white heterosexual male is a victim of some sort of white oppression. She’s appealing to their moronic ideology to portray herself as a victim.

    It’s diabolically manipulative.

    1. It’s only manipulative in the form of a reaction. The more time the HRC loosing voter class spends on poking at the man and less time trying to restructure their own house cleaning, like putting Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and Howard dean out to pasture, and elevating younger people like Tulsi Gabbard the more severe their future will hopelessly repeat the past.
      Bernie and Joe B are not the answer. A combination of their ideas are.
      I have mentioned this name to every woman voter I talk politics with:
      Tulsi Gabbard

      1. ya know….that makes so much sense….when you are dealing with others , people AND agencies, that are willing to NOT heap the same ugly oppressive garbage on you over and over again. People have a right to protect themselves from the blatant exploitation of those who through stubborness, selfishness, or stupidity refuse to listen and accommodate others in a healthy manner. We are in a time of Tyranny and Dictatorship because of these so called ‘self made’ people….it is a form of blindness and ingratitude to think that way.

    2. ” largely deranged Trump haters”

      my madness is my succor….but I don’t hate Trump…or nameless faceless you…..I do pray that you’d walk a more inclusive and respectful path……

    3. the group may be largely anti Trump but ion the scheme of things they aren’t largely. Absent the left stream media how long would it take for CRH and the likes of that thing what’s her name with the ISISI trophy to be non existent in the memory of decent people?

  14. I watched the tv display of her last night.

    (music to Randy Newman tune)

    Doctor, doctor, what do you say?
    How bout locking her up today?
    Lots of reason for her to stay..
    In the mental ward for dogs astray.

    Get her back on her feet again!
    Back on her feet again!
    Lock her up.. Make her stay.
    Get her brain feed today!

  15. bam bam, she f’d up because she didn’t own it. All she had to do was say it’s art, move on.
    The arguments would have shifted to wether it was art or not instead they shifted to her being confused about her own intentions and made her look like a wannabe attention seeking diva, which of course she is.
    She has brought clarity to anyone who thought previously that she had her own provenance, an ugly crass one, but nonetheless her own.

    1. She did own it, and that press conference reversed my thinking altogether on my previous opinion that she had crossed the line beyond free speech. She was right. The unfortunately timely effect on the thinking of most people (who now have stored forever in memory the violent expression of anger and creepiness by beheading,the favoured tool of terrorism by ISIS and their sort) in response to her art was not what she expected or attempted to reflect. It was a mistake and she OWNED THAT immediately and fully. After the press conference I understand where she was coming from and I agree with the thought….not the expression…It was a real miss. But she was attempting to ‘in your face’ Trumps own stubborn, self agrandizing behaviour and verbally terroristic, misogynistic garbage. As an artist I can tell you that not every piece we attempt works out. You put it aside and make another. Not easy to do with a bull brained thug breathing constant threats and accusations down your neck and threatening your every move. Not to mention, yeah….when did he EVER apologize for his transgressions of aggression? I posted earlier that I did not think it was free speech…I think that I may have been premature in my posting
      and I did not yet have all my facts. Mr. Trump, and his family, have apparently been beyond ugly in response DESPITE Ms. Griffins apology, very public apology…he, apparently, is just a thug.

      1. I’m confused, you throw out the misogynistic label but yet you write:
        “Not easy to do with a bull brained thug breathing constant threats and accusations down your neck and threatening your every move.’
        How is that not misandristic?
        Also who was this “thug” you refer to?

        1. Donald Trump. His focused attacks against ROSIE O are similiar in nature as are many of his documented misogynist statements and actions…do you refuse to acknowledge?

          1. Woosty – Rosie has been attacking The Donald every time her mouth opens. What? It is not fair to hit a woman these days? I thought we were all for equality. If she can dish it, she can take it.

      2. Not once–not even, once–did she ever apologize directly to President Trump or to his family. Her half-hearted, half-@ss and bogus attempt at an apology was as transparent as it was pathetic. She is not sorry or remorseful for what she did. Who does she think that she is kidding? Notice the weird and mocking faces made while her lawyer is giving that little diatribe? She couldn’t even contain herself long enough to refrain from doing that as the camera rolled. She is, evidently, clueless and blind as to the seriousness or the vile nature of this photo. She isn’t sorry. She’s only sorry and remorseful for the negative consequences that are now coming at her from all angles. The lost gigs. The cancelled tours. The boot from CNN. The green stuff that won’t be coming her way. Yeah. She’s sorry, alright. Sorry because she misjudged and miscalculated the American public’s tolerance for such behavior, including her out of control, unfiltered, menacing and threatening conduct aimed at the President of the United States. Unfortunately, she will end up becoming some sort of an icon–a Jesus figure–for the truly demented, who see her as a trailblazer and a representative of freedom of speech.

        1. bam bam, you write:” Unfortunately, she will end up becoming some sort of an icon–a Jesus figure–for the truly demented, who see her as a trailblazer and a representative of freedom of speech.”

          Just like the crowd that sees the battle flag of the confederacy as an expression of free speech, we should allow those that support her to express themselves as freely as possible. Just like the rebel flag flyers, I want to know where people of different viewpoints exist publicly. When we make them go indoors we lose count and accessibility.

          1. Supporting or honoring a historical item, such as a flag from our past–believing that it is owed a certain amount of deference, given the lives lost and the lessons to be learned from that period in our history–in no way, whatsoever, comes anywhere close to supporting or honoring a person, possessing the national media’s spotlight, who advocates and encourages the beheading of a sitting President. Griffin and her followers can hate Trump, mock Trump and say all sorts of mean and rude things about Trump, and they have done so, with wild abandon. No one has silenced them. That’s where freedom of speech kicks in. The photo, however, with its very realistic bloodied and severed head of Trump, crosses the line. Freedom of speech, as you well know, is not absolute. Don’t compare this photo with people who, rightly or wrongly, choose to honorand/or respect a piece of history, like a flag.

            1. That’s the whole point.
              What something symbolizes wether it has a rich and traditional background or happens to be a current reactionary commentary based on someone’s beliefs, wether short sighted or not, matters not.
              The OPTION to express oneself in the public forum should not be limited or prejudiced other than to avoid immediate threat or harm.
              Her art, as I call it, does neither.
              Your justification is based on your temperament and own self serving right to your own opinion.
              Why should she be denied hers?

              1. If my stated opinion or photos threatened harm or violence against the President of the United States, in the form of beheading him, or my stated opinions or photos encouraged or condoned others doing the same, then I have no right to voice that opinion or show such photos in the public domain. You don’t get that, and, I suspect that you never will. Some people are simply hopeless. I wish you luck with that.

                1. So was G Gordon Liddy, convicted felon at the time, ever charged for using a Hillary Cliton life size target while shooting a firearm?
                  Did you or would you have a problem with that?

                  1. If he was a convicted felon, how is it that he had a firearm?

  16. Western civilization has lost its collective mind. We are being bombarded by every possible morally outrageous behavior imaginable and instead of coming together to say that’s enough, we find a way for half of us to defend it. It’s as though we are searching for a moral absolute and finding only a bottomless pit. The word hypocrisy doesn’t even seem to have any meaning any more. There is absolutely nothing noble about defending Griffin’s actions any more than someone defending the posting of effigy’s of Obama. If we don’t hurry up and find a bottom we can unify on, we will chase ourselves right out of existence. Hyperbole? I certainly hope so.

    1. Olly, I think it has to do with the mentality of the average HRC voter. They were all gleefully thinking there is no way she could get beat by HIM. They denied the Sanders people any credibility and began alienating the Sanders people by ignoring them and creating false narratives like the Bernie Bros to make them look bad.

      It’s pure trauma brought on by an incredible entitlement mentality.

      If HRC had been the second woman to become President I think maybe Bernie might have won. But the notion that it was about time to have a woman president and people were willing to overlook her incredible deep and well aged flaws overrode any rational thinking.

      Couple that in with pure, certainly at some level well deserved, contempt for DJT, it was the perfect storm of defeat. The temper tantrums are all emotional.

      Hopefully I explained that delicately enough without saying literally it was the women voter’s own fault and now they are in brutal denial.

      Kathy G reinforces that and all they can do is misbehave, complain and reject.

      1. I expect DSS to come along and correct me about Sander’s loss wasn’t at the hand of women voters it was due to the southern primaries and the southern voters.
        I wish he would just come out and say the black voters wanting Obama3.0

        1. I doubt many Southern black voters are all that interested in Obama 3.0, to the extent that Obama 3.0 would be distinct from any other conceivable Democratic administration. I think they’d like BillyJeff 3.0.

          I doubt Obama has much rapport with black voters per se. The vast majority of black voters are died-in-the-melt Democrats as a matter of course, though varying in their satisfaction and enthusiasm. There’s often a defensive reaction to attacks on your side (something that garnered George W. Bush some intense support). Aside from that, Obama is Michelle’s husband. That is his connection to the black population, with which he had little contact prior to 1986.

        2. Actually women supported the bitch including those in the military but 60% of the mlitary didn’t and 80% of the combat arms didn’t and the number goes u when yiou add former, and retired. But the loss was primarily due to arrogance and stupidity. Seen any changes in that collective since then? Neither have I.

          But here’s a good thought. Hillary in 2020. Let’s see that translates into three Governorships, 100 Representatives and 10 Senators or however many aren’t running that year. We’ll get the rest in 2024. And I’m not speaking for the Republicans or the Democrats. Our voting group is bigger than eithee one of theirs.

      2. Roscoe,
        Your analysis is as legitimate as any other in a nation that cannot agree on the purpose for government. We cannot agree on that because we cannot agree on what rights each of us have naturally. Everything becomes acceptable and government then becomes a weapon to be used by the majority against the minority. We have erased the self-evident truths in the DoI from our national identity. With no moral absolutes, with no agreed natural rights, we have fundamentally transformed from a constitutional republic into a utilitarian democracy. Yes, we retain the structure and we invoke the Bill of Rights, but deep down that is not our fundamental pursuit. We, and the rest of western civilization are committing suicide, one special interest group at a time.

      3. “her incredible deep and well aged flaws ” ……well aged? you mean like ‘old bag’ ‘past her prime’ ‘has been’ ? are you another ageist misogynist? bbbbbb….bbbb….bb….BWAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAAaAAHAAHA!!!!!!!!

        1. Please. I’m sorry I have lead you you to believe I was referring to her physiology.

          I meant, like the fact that for the past few decades she has been at the center of multiple scandals which constantly leave one questioning her integrity.

          You have so perfectly displayed the defensive mentality that HRC voters have about how she has to be defended and excused, never held responsible.

          Thank you for your simplistic emotional reaction.

          You have made my day.

          Might want to ask what someone might be implying next time to save yourself the embarrassment.

          Thanks for your thoughts.

      4. If HRC had been the second woman to become President I think maybe Bernie might have won. But the notion that it was about time to have a woman president and people were willing to overlook her incredible deep and well aged flaws overrode any rational thinking.

        Again, there was a 12% point difference in popular ballots between her and Sanders. The majority of that was accounted for by her margin among Southern blacks. A passable hypothesis as to why she did so well in that segment is that it’s a brand-loyal culture and the Clinton brand has sold well for 25 years. The number of people who care about her va-jay-jay is likely very small.

  17. Routine, but ridiculous… — and a waste of time and money:

    “Kathy Griffin Is Being Investigated by the Secret Service, Her Lawyers Say”

    The agency routinely investigates comments that might be deemed threatening to a president.

    In 2012, Ted Nugent had to meet with the Secret Service after saying at a meeting of the National Rifle Association, “We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November,” referring to the Obama administration.

    1. I agree with you. Her demonstration is exactly what he has been doing his whole life. She had the guts to express what most people have hidden in their subconscious.

    2. Yep. I’m a college educated woman and this is exactly the moment that my fondness for Megan Kelly evaporated. She knew when she went after Trump with her so called question at this Debate that she was going to become the news instead of anchoring. I seriously doubt if NBC is going to be happy with this little covergirl in a few months. She moves to their network with a biggie paycheck and little affection from her former followers. GO TRUMP!

      1. Megan’s menstrual cycle is none of the creepers business. Trump is an embarrassment to all his wives and daughters.

    3. Megyn Kelly was referring to Rosie on ABC’s The View.

      Rosie O’ Donnell started it. Rosie said, she rather be at studio 54 doing crack cocaine.

    4. The nature of what we have left of democracy is………….that your horse lost. Please excuse my long winded method of pointing how useless is it to mention Trump’s faults. Millions of pages exist covering this subject already.

      Your party leadership from the top down (Debbie Wasserman Schultz), your MSM (CNN, Donna Brazil, etc, etc, etc.), conspired to block Bernie (I might have voted for him) in favor of their chosen golden child HRC.

      Trump was among the worst candidates to ever run for POTUS. Few deny this, virtually no one your side. And yet, your candidate was worse, much worse, infinitely worse. For the year 2016, the Dems picked likely the USA’s all time worse POTUS candidate. What is the metric for this description? She lost to Trump.

      The longer you and your kind deny this, the more you cement Trump winning in 2020. The first step in recovery is admitting the truth.

      Some smart, reasonable Progressive (not sure such exists) should consider starting a 12 step recovery program for the 2016 election.

      Does it give you pause at all, that you voted with the Koch Bros, neocons who jump-started the Iraq war like George Will and ultra-Zionist son of Russian Bolshevik Bill Kristol, the Bush crime dynasty, John Kasich, Mitt Romney, etc, etc, etc. If not, it should.

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