Albany Law Professor Challenges Women-Only Screenings of Wonder Woman

Wonder_Woman_(2017_film)ClarkStephen_150wAlbany Law Professor Stephen Clark has taken on case with truly heroic dimensions.  Clark has challenged the decision of Alamo Drafthouse to hold showings of the movie Wonder Woman in a female-only event.  Clark, 48, has said that as a gay man he is sympathetic with efforts to help disadvantaged groups, but he viewed the event as per se unlawful.


Austin’s code bars gender discrimination and Clark filed an administrative charge with the city’s Equal Employment and Fair Housing Office. Not only did the events bar male customers but it also promised to staff only women at the event — discriminating against male employees.

Clark said that he was motivated in part after reading the dismissive and even mocking tone of the theater in response to the objections from men.  The theater posted this statement:

“Apologies, gentlemen, but we’re embracing our girl power and saying ‘No Guys Allowed’ for one special night at the Alamo Ritz. And when we say ‘People Who Identify As Women Only,’ we mean it . . .  Everyone working at this screening — venue staff, projectionist, and culinary team — will be female.”


Morgan Hendrix, the creative manager of Alamo Drafthouse, was equally unresponsive to the complaints, stating “We are very excited to present select, women-only WONDER WOMAN screenings at Alamo Drafthouse. That providing an experience where women truly reign supreme has incurred the wrath of trolls only serves to deepen our belief that we’re doing something right.”

Referring to objectors as “trolls” is rather dismissive.  On its face, this is gender discrimination.  It is doubtful that many supporters would take an equally dismissive view of barring women from some sporting events or other movies.  The controversy captures a long-standing debate on this blog where discrimination or segregation is being embraced in the name of diversity or “safe spaces.”


What do you think?

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  1. One night only. This is such a nothing burger. I have to believe this movie is available in more than one venue and there is more than one bar available if someone needs it. The business isn’t looking to harm anyone. People are looking for the dumbest reasons to be offended.

      1. Do you think it makes a difference that the man complaining was gay?

        Only for his motive. I suspect his complaint is not about a movie or drinking alcohol, it’s about being an excluded male and using being gay as an opportunity (weapon) to push his agenda.

    1. It’s not even “one night only.” It’s one showing only. Any man who wants to see Wonder Woman at that same theater, that same night, can do so.

  2. This is the typical pendulum swing in the opposite direction, too far, but coming from a position too far in the opposite direction. Women have the force that goes with having been discriminated against, being discriminated against, and for some time to come. It is the same with the Black position(s). It is not human nature to stop at the middle. The crimes committed against Blacks for centuries will not stop influencing Blacks for some time to come. This is the same with all groups who have been discriminated against for whatever reason(s).

    A women’s night only is arguable in both directions. However, it is eventually up to women to find the center. Those of the other gender who have caused this travesty and continue to cause it, can voice logical opinions but not opinions of experience. This is where the law or aspiration meets familiarity or habit. Our saving grace is that we can have these arguments and that the racist, bigoted, and obtuse are giving way to social evolution or social progression, slowly and not without a struggle, but losing, thank goodness. It don’t come easy.

    1. You stupidly said, ” The crimes committed against Blacks for centuries will not stop influencing Blacks for some time to come.”

      If that were so, it would only be so because knuckleheads like you keep bringing up as an excuse. Because most of the time, human nature is to rebuild and move on. Usually, because there is no other choice. It is only when someone else is paying the bill, that people have the luxury to sit around and carp about long past injustices, or actually engage in acts of violence. And usually the people paying the bill have some ulterior motive going o n.

      For example, the Jews after WWII. Who built a nation up out of sand. Or France, who rebuilt. Or Germany which had the ever-loving crap kicked out it— the Germans rebuilt. By 1965, West Germany was pretty much a civilized country again. Twenty whole years later. Twenty short years. But the reason is, that the Germans didn’t sit around whining. German women got out in there in the brick lines, and started cleaning bricks off from tumbled down buildings. Same for the Japs.

      Yeah, there might have been a pendulum swing moment when the people of the allied nations took it out on German civilians after the war and murdered them, but that situation ended pretty quickly.

      The point being, quit excusing rotten violent trashy behavior by blacks. Whatever happened in the 1950s is about as long gone as War World II. There is nothing that happened in the 1850’s or 1950’s to excuse popping out a 72% illegitimate birth rate, or to permit overlooking the violent anti-social behavior of today’s blacks. And they would not have that luxury if it were not for people like you.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. So … much like the Marshal plan that did so much for Germany and the rest of Europe, you are advocating reparations?

        1. The Marshal Plan was not “reparations” and was not an excuse for whiners to refuse to work. The money was spent to rebuild. On the other hand, reparations for blacks in this country are pretty much an excuse to continue to do nothing except whine, smoke dope, procreate, and commit crimes.

          I would also submit that the United States has spent far more than the Marshal Plan on building, rebuilding, and providing housing for blacks along with more funding for education, re-education, and re-re-education and food and medical services, all for pretty much no result. I guess maybe the Germans just weren’t as lazy, shiftless, and “entitled” as some of our poor Americans.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

  3. I’m not sure why the men who wanted to go, didn’t just come to the entrance and declare “I SELF identify as a woman” the for this event and go in.
    Remember GENDER is FLUID. Lol. 🙄

    1. Ter ber – I was thinking the VFW should show up in force and self-identify as female, demanding entrance. That would really screw things up since all these feminist want is to see this movie with a bunch of war vets. 🙂

    2. Exactly what I was going to say. These days, anyone who wants to be a woman only needs to make the announcement that they feel like a woman on the inside, and *poof!* they are magically a woman in the eyes of the law. Just like this guy, “Danielle” Dave Muscato, who is currently living in a homeless shelter for women and children, taking a valuable spot away from an actual woman, as well as taking advantage of other resources earmarked for women in crisis. At least he shaved his beard off (I guess.) :/

    1. Most of the women, planning on attending this viewing, probably have bigger b@lls than this cream puff, so, who is to say that they are more female than him? Offended by my comment? Too freaking bad. I’m a product of the toxic atmosphere which has engulfed this country–a country in which there is no male and female, except, of course, when a bunch of butch and obese lesbians want to have an event, all to themselves. Then, of course, all bets are off. An atmosphere in which I can now call, determine, dictate and decide my gender, along with race, at will. I am who and what I say that I am. Who are you to say who and what I am? Whether it’s a bathroom, a scholarship specifically for a certain race or the opportunity to view an overrated film, I am not bound by the archaic dictates of what was once determinitive of my gender or race. If he wants to feel like a woman, or even like an African American woman, the night of the event, he has every right to do so and attend this shebang.

  4. There’s stuff that is private and stuff that is public. Business is public. Business exists in the realm of the public venue. Business is licensed by the public, serviced in part by the public, etc, and should be subject to the civil laws of the public. If you bake and sell cakes and it is legal for gays to get married then you should not be able to refuse service on that basis. No shoes, perhaps. Religious, sexual, gender preferred, etc, no. This is the same. The theatre is a business and is as such public. The laws are there to protect all: gays, gender ?, any peaceful religion, men, women, all.

    The theatre does not have the right to close its doors to males. Perhaps if it were to close down as a business and then open for a woman only conference on this that or the other, charging no admission, by donation only perhaps, then???

  5. If you are bent, then you are bent and you are bent all the way. From your first lingerie to your last roll in the hay.
    What the event needs is a sign which simply says: No Dongs Allowed.

  6. The homophobic remarks are disgusting and have no place here. Who does that? It is gender discrimination to bar men including male employees from the event in a theater that is generally open for business to the public. End of story. Would I file a law suit? No. A million other things are on my list of more important and if I were asked, I would tell this professor so. But he has the right to do it. It is still America for now.

    1. Because “it’s still America for now” you can say what you think whether it’s erudite, mean or plain stupid. So yes, it has its place here. What isn’t welcome here is censorship of ideas or words based on the prevailing and transient sentiments of the day.

      1. The identity politics strategy seems to be imploding. LOL! Hell, I was in theaters in Times Square back in the 70’s that were all male audiences.

    2. The homophobic remarks are disgusting and have no place here.

      Cry me a river, twit.

      1. The irony is, people like the SJW, sapel2013, are a major reason Trump got elected. That ilk are working on his reelection and maybe repeal of the 22nd Amendment if they don’t learn to STFU! They’re not bright enough to realize they are shooting themselves in the scrotum and vagina.

  7. I tell all my younger male friends to make sure they get a $50K retainer for every child they help conceive as part of a paternal contract. That $50K goes in to an interest bearing account and upon divorce they would get their $50 K back. Look, if all we’re good for is sperm donations then after women become menopausal and turn from being nurturers to over achievers then men can peacefully live out the rest of their lives and know that their contributions to bringing a child into this world have been rewarded.
    But by all means women should create all the men free zones possible to make them feel unique and may they gather collectively in peace.

  8. The local agency looking after my retirement funds sponsors a wine & cheese event or something similar about twice a year. The agency director selects who to invite; not all the clients could fit into some of the rented spaces used.

    Is this discriminatory?

    1. Mr. Benson, how does that relate to the facts of the present topic?

      1. “Is this discriminatory?”

        When the agency invites only a limited number, does the agency exclude members of a protected class?

        1. Yes, those took poor to have an account there.

          Or maybe the poor are not a “protected class”.

          1. If they’re too poor to have an account there, then how are they clients???

  9. Why not eliminate anti-discrimination law and let private parties contract and associate as they please? There are three loci wherein race-blind policy should be mandatory: the military, the civil service, and state schooling. And, of course, principles of impartiality are routinely violated in two of these loci (with the blessing of the courts).

    Public policy is stupid, largely because the making of it is a conspiracy between business lobbies and lawyers.

      1. Whether or not I’d be ‘bothered’ is immaterial. The question is whether or not justice is truly served by having a collection of lawyers intervene in this manner in the transactions producers and consumers have with each other and pretending that someone not served by a commercial establishment has suffered a tort. You could argue, 70 years ago, that the omnipresence of (commonly state-mandated) insults directed at an impecunious and largely harmless population called for some sort of state intervention. In our own time, it means that bitchy exhibitionists favored by the legal profession get to put harmless people out of business. Time to change the law and put the high-class shysters and the bitchy exhibitionists out of business.

  10. Will these wretches be conducting an “equipment check” as verification of any “pending” issues? LOL

    1. This reminds me of all the “bathroom bills” that have emerged in the South. Who gets to check out people as they go into bathrooms? Who would want to?

  11. Are you saying that someone cannot lease a building for an event that is by invite only? Because it sure sounds like you are pissing all over yourself to make a point that you embrace demanding males be invited.

    I guess you haven’t heard of progressive thinking where everyone gets a voice and don’t have to check with you to have it. It seems you are trying to gerrymander this event to make it yours. Dumb ass.

    1. William Burgess – it appears the venue itself is making it women only.

    2. “Are you saying that someone cannot lease a building for an event that is by invite only?”

      The problem with the above point is that the Alamo Drafthouse is an ongoing business, not an individual, renting a building for a single event.

      “I guess you haven’t heard of progressive thinking where everyone gets a voice and don’t have to check with you to have it. ”

      No one mentioned in the article or on this blog has said they can’t advocate for what they want. The issue is the actual discrimination against individuals on the basis of gender (actually sex).

      The problem is they have taken their ‘progressive thinking’ and turned it into action against real people.

      Perhaps you would like to comment on something someone actually said here on the blog, or something that actually happened there at the Alamo Drafthouse.

  12. With that feminine top that he’s wearing, I doubt that any of the bull-dike lesbians attending would even realize that he wasn’t a she.

    1. I guess, after HRC’s historic rise to the presidency and those record breaking women’s marches across the country that brought about Trump’s demise and which brought about drastic change in Washington regarding women’s issues as well, an all girls movie outing at a public venue is something we should get used to.

        1. Perhaps you could go to Macy’s and buy him a new blouse to wear to the film.

  13. I’ll bet that he wouldn’t object if it was being shown to a male, gay-only audience.

  14. I don’t think you’d get a comparable issue with a men only showing of say, The Expendables lol? Also, do you think any woman at that screening would make a fuss about some idiot man demanding entry?? I think folks just wanna see the movie and that lone fool would look like a fool.

    1. You’re dead WRONG on both counts Sandra!

      There would be ZERO tolerance for holding any male-only event, much as there is absolute ZERO tolerance foe male only institutions and professions.

      Extreme femiNazi factions like the “Lesbian Avengers” would violently eject, if not castrate, anly prospective viewers. “packing” a “Y”-chromosopme.!

  15. This is rank gender discrimination. And I find it especially ironic that the guy suing is gay. 🙂 Go get, tiger.

    1. What’s ironic? He’s behaving according to type, making a godawful histrionic nuisance of himself.

      1. dss – stats from last weekend show that over half the audience for Wonder Woman were woman. That is especially high for an action picture based on a comic book. I expect my wife and I will go this weekend and then she will buy the Barbie Collectible of Wonder Woman. It is supposed to be pretty good.

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