Report: Comey Asked Sessions Not To Leave Him Alone With Trump

donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_cropped440px-Comey-FBI-PortraitIt appears that President Donald Trump’s instilled a virtually phobic reaction in former FBI Director James Comey after his allegedly inappropriate pitch to terminate the investigation of former National Security Advisor Micheal Flynn.  According to the New York Times, Comey asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions not to leave him alone with Trump.  If true, the request for a type of chaperone in the Oval Office would represent a new low for the White House.  In the meantime (and equally embarrassing if true), ABC reports that Sessions actually asked Trump if he should resign due to his own deteriorating relationship with the President (who was reportedly still angry at Sessions for recusing himself from the Russian investigation). Notably, the White House declined to say whether Trump still has faith in Sessions at the White House press conference.

The report quotes various officials as saying that they could not guarantee that Trump would not try to talk to Comey alone again.

If Sessions were to confirm the report, it would support Comey in establishing that he did indeed reach out to not only Main Justice but the Attorney General himself after Trump allegedly sought to persuade him to drop the investigation.

The accounts of Trump berating Sessions over his decision to recuse himself is particularly worrisome.  As I discussed earlier, Sessions’ decision to recuse himself was not only clearly correct but, if anything, belated.  Moreover, in the same week that Trump lambasted the Justice Department, the Sessions story would indicate a worsening situation between the White House and the DOJ.  I said earlier that Trump cannot be at war with every institution from Congress to the courts to the media.  If he is now sparing with his own Administration, the situation is reaching an acutely dysfunctional stage.  Trump cannot be an outsider in his own Administration.

I assume that Comey will not testify that he believed that Trump had engaged in actual obstruction of justice in his conversations. Otherwise, his own failure to act would be problematic.  Yet, the account of his request to Sessions (if true) would indicate that Comey was sufficiently concerned to request help directly from the Attorney General.

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  1. Wait, Tin was up in the wee hours and had the same thought. I didn’t do my homework but great minds and all.

    1. Don’t flatter yourself, Nick. Others will, if they see what you claim.

      1. Lighten up dude, we’re just joking around. Nobody really thinks Trump wants to grab anything of Comey’s. (Although he might want to throttle him, following his up coming testimony, hahaha.)

    2. The FBI has identified Comey’s tracks that he left while scampering out of the Oval Office🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾


    Comey sued for spying on Americans

    A former U.S. intelligence contractor tells Circa he walked away with more than 600 million classified documents on 47 hard drives from the National Security Agency and the CIA, a haul potentially larger than Edward Snowden’s now infamous breach.

    And now he is suing former FBI Director James Comey and other government figures, alleging the bureau has covered up evidence he provided them showing widespread spying on Americans that violated civil liberties.

    1. In contrast to Circa’s story is the NYT story, which of course is an assasination of this man’s character based on….anonymous sources! Imagine my non-shock.

  3. Comey cannot be trusted. If anything nobody should be alone with Comey. Hes part of the Deep State. Always has been. He has ties to Clinton Foundation

  4. I see a political piece here on a legal blog.
    I might have hoped that the legal issues (did Comey commit perjury) (does Comey have copious notes on Obama) (what would it take to prove that a president obstructed justice in this case).
    All of this _before_ seeing the “document(s)” in question. All of this _before_ Comey has been asked whether he asked Sessions to chaperone at all.
    This is a legal blog?

  5. Doubt Comey will say the traitor trump specifically obstructed justice. If he says that under oath and didn’t previously charge the criminal trump that would be admitting he didn’t perform his job. Instead, the republican Comey will likely lay out the chronology and let others connect the dots to charge obstruction.

    btw – the best and worst part of the story is that deadbeat Donald seems unable to hire top attorneys to defend him due to deadbeat Donald’s reputation of not paying his bills. I understand billionaires stiffing less wealthy Americans is the basis of libertarian financial thought. But it is somewhat ironic.

    “His judgment cometh and that right soon”

  6. A turkey, like many animals of similar ilk, has wings. If you face the turkey there is one wing on the right and one on the left. Usually they each look the same and flap in the same manner. But then there are “right wing” turleys and “left wing” turkeys. Birds of a different feather. Turkeys get to vote in some states. Old Jim Crow states try to keep the left wing turkeys out of the polling booth. If you say: “I am Black and I am proud”, then the right wing turkey will say: “Stay home and eat a bone.” The left wing turkey will say: “Be square and be there.” Each bird has a body in the middle with a heart and mind and a soul. All turkeys are soul brothers. They go to church on Sunday and praise the Lard on Sunday. Crisco on Monday. Turkeys do not even need wings.
    Similar to turkeys are the creatures described as “Man” or “Mankind”. Within that there is male or female, and races and ethnic groups. You can be a WOP (With Out Papers) and have an opinion but not vote. You can be lame brain and start yakking about your “wing” or the wings of others. A “Right Winger” might like Trump. A “Left Winger” might like Obama. But we are all birds of a feather and we flock together.
    Remember that when the Twin Towers come down, when Pearl Harbor gets bombed, when Santa has no reindeer and when you kid comes home in a box. For its one, two, three, what are we fighting for? Don’t ask me I don’t give a damn. Next stop is Afghanistan. And its five, six, seven, open up the Pearly Gates! Ain’t no time to wonder why! Whoopee we’re all gonna die.

    What is our next war? Any turkeys out there know? Any Turleys know? Is it gonna be a civil war without civility? Lean to the Left. Lean to the Right. Stand up. Sit down. Fight, fight, fight.

  7. Defiantly a nail bitter. What will Comey say?

    When Inspector Clouseau visited his boss Dreyfus in the pshchiatric hospital, something went wrong.

    1. Hilarious, Joe! Thanks! I can’t decide if Comey is Dreyfus, or maybe that’s Sessions? LOL!

  8. Comey wanted a witness. I don’t blame him. As to asking Sessions to be that witness, he certainly wouldn’t have been my first choice.

    Unions did not cause the current state of our country…..unbridled capitalism coupled with a growing theocratic movement did and this unholy combination continues to eat away at what is left.

    1. I’ve seen you claim something to the effect that there is a “growing theocratic movement” before. I think it’s because like many who comment here, you hate all religion. But I’ve never seen you support the claim with actual objective data. I’ve only ever seen polls showing less religiosity. For example, according to one poll, those who claim no religious affiliation have increased from 5% in 1972 to 25% in 2016.

      “Unbridled capitalism” is another non-existent fantasy. This year, the federal government will confiscate and/or borrow about $4 trillion from people who have it and transfer the majority of it to people who did not earn it. That $4 trillion is larger than the entire GDP of every country in the universe except, China, Japan, Germany, and the U.S. private sector itself. The bureaucratic welfare state controls virtually every aspect of the economy through regulation.

      Sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut and be thought an imbecile than to express yourself and prove you are one.

  9. Comey might say that the Steak-Salesman didn’t explicitly obstruct and so further action wasn’t warranted; however, at the time, the tone of the McDonald’s spokesman didn’t sit well and so Comey took note of it, to construct a timeline, in case it became explicit in the future. (And then he was fired.)

    But who knows at this point.

  10. Now the left wing socialist fascist Democrats can start programming The Collective in their One Party system for todays version of The Truth of this version of Marxist Leninism. and it’s stepchild National Socialism..

    I’ll stick with those who remember and uphold our Oath of Office and with our Representative Constitutional Republic, it’s foundation of Representative Democratic Principles. and it’s center The Constitution. Since we have taken no name or formal organization other than defining the center as The Constitution pretty much leaves the opposition out in left field … the rejectable leftovers.

    The right in our system is taken up completely by the ultimate source of power as defined by the founders.and only if the left wing system of left and right is used. Our starts out at the top with citizens, families,representative democracy, representative republic on down to temporary government employees.

    Whch leaves socialists no where to go but their subjective mystical other world called….what was it? Ah yes USSR. The Eutopia that by definition doesn’t exist.

    1. “Now the left wing socialist fascist Democrats can start programming The Collective in their One Party system for todays version of The Truth of this version of Marxist Leninism. and it’s stepchild National Socialism..”

      So many words smashed together with ignorance providing the spaces.

    2. “The Eutopia . . .”

      C’mon Michael, can’t you spell?

      The ‘E’ in front of the word ‘utopia’, along with all your other gibberish, makes me think you are far removed from what you think of yourself.

      It is difficult to take you seriously.

  11. I got to the part that said ‘reportedly from the NY Times’ and quit reading. When you come up with something from a credible named sources and not the originators of muckraking yellow journalism try again.

    1. I’ve often wondered on this blog, just which news sources you deem to be **credible**. Can we have a list?

  12. JT,

    You’re better than this.

    Autophobia, as you state, is the fear of being alone — but being in a room with Trump is not being alone, is it?

    Comey had concerns, of which might be called biphobia; we’ll see on Thursday

    However, it does appear that Trump seems to be unconcerned with the administration of our nation as, “of the 554 positions requiring confirmation, as of Saturday, 473 have no nominee, 35 have been announced but not formally nominated, 24 have been nominated, and just 22 have been confirmed . . .”

    1. This is leftist propaganda, for sure! It’s all Obama’s and Clinton’s fault that either people don’t want to work for Trump or that Trump won’t have them because they had the temerity to criticize our flawless fearless leader, whose every orange hair oozes brilliant ideas. (Or was that just dandruff?)

    2. Now this is a post to be complimented on topic and sourced with a working site. but it begs some questions.

      Short of going wholly outside the goverenment for candidates and bypassing all the ‘professionals’ since the article suggests none of them can be trusted no matter how far down the GS ladder one reaches what does this tell you about the state of the government passed on by the prior administration? Those who supposedly aren’t to be trusted are the one’s who would normally be investigating the qualfications of potential candidates.

      I have two names in mind but one is currently being used as a Special Counselor on what turned out to be be a non-issue fabricated by the media which still might bear fruit in other branch directions. The other is a serving member of the House of Representatives.

      When you subtract all of the left and those who are ‘of th left’ but not directly in their socialist democrat party ….it really does state how far to the left we have slowly incrementally been taken.

      But it also clearly identifies targets of opportunity for defeat in the primaries since, among other things, they are failing to move things along and their is not bacon being brought home to entice the local voters and only a pattern of obstruction to show for their lack of efforts.

      That may impress the moochers of the left but the working class is taking a long hard look at the party tghat abandoned them and is no longer capable of delivering squat. but seems bent on denying the one most important item the voters wanted. An economy, with real jobs. That blockade and the those who are blocking progress in tht direction have no deniability and have made themselves compeltely transparent…and open to he polls.

      Remember Neither of the two parties can get anyone elected (as they are splitting 60% of the voters at best) without the assent of the 40% that showed up to drive the Democrats out Hillary into unprotected waters of being investigated daily. Two out of three isn’t bad but we couldn’t get all the RINOs as well.

      Always next time.

      The unions for one saw where the new bread and the fresh butter were to be found at least in the private sector. which means socialism lost 1/3rd of it’s membership. Another third, socialist corporatists, are distancing themselves which leaves only the socialist statists and their leadership is in shambles.

      Not bad for the first attempt. Best of all the losers (russian word is mensheviks) are still in denial.

      Just a view from the moderate center. of those who found out they were still unreprsented and along the way found out a self governing citizen needs no representation to defeat a foreign ideology.

  13. Comey didn’t want to be alone with Trump because he was afraid that he would grab his 😻!!

    1. and the yellow jouronaism unsourcedm uckraking quickly degenerates into porn. So much for the left stream media and it’ s RoboClone collective. REJECTED

      1. What did you just type?

        Do you read what you write?

        You should, ex-pat boy.

        Don’t blame the keyboard, you should investigate other possibilities.

  14. Sorry, Jonathan Turley, but The Donald can be “@war” with his entire administration. The man is growing daily less sane.

    1. Here comes the muckrakers chief programmers with more unsupporrted sourceless pap for the The Collective to regurgitate. This is DNCs replacement for the Russian Collusion stupidity? This is all you could come up with? No wonder we kicked your butts out last November.

      For the uninitiated the motto of the left is ‘anything said that supports the party ‘is the truth’ VI Lenin and others including James Carville and now Bobby Benson of the B bar B. Yes Comrade but you see…we don’t serve The Party.

      1. What, like some psycho lying about hiring a team to fly to Hawaii to investigate Obama’s birth? That kind of unsupported sourceless pap?

      2. “For the uninitiated the motto of the left is ‘anything said that supports the party ‘is the truth’”
        The projection is strong in this one.

  15. I can’t believe that JT has turned into another propaganda arm of the left. Truly disappointing for your readers whom aren’t leftist and perhaps your students. You’ve lost all sense of objectivity. This is regurgitated MSM crap.

    1. Yes I agree, “if true”, “if true”, “allegedly”.

    2. You haven’t been here long, have you?

      JT is rudderless now, has been for quite a few years. He’s, as you so aptly put it, truly disappointing.

      But the meat is thrown out every day — on one side or the other — and so keeps his clicks up.

      Post more, and then you too can be named along with Squeeky and Paul in the next grand announcement of traffic stats.

    3. Trump lies and people feels the need for a witness. That is not left wing or right wing. That is a fact.

      1. “Trump lies?” Where’s that proof? Comey definitely lies hence why both the left and the right called for his termination yet when he’s fired the left is upset. I’ve heard the same BS stories recycled over and over by the left. They aren’t very original in their absurdities.

        1. Are you stuck to the crook like glue? Thinking conservatives can put some daylight between themselves and the lying lunatic.

          1. Mike, I want to thank you for showing that in the face of an inability to supply a counterargument based on facts…you resort to name calling. Congratulations!

    4. Trump tried to strong arm Coats into intervening, also. The pattern is there and any media outlet that does not report these travesties is merely a right wing propaganda arm.

        1. Nope, but witnesses were present. Will be addressed in a hearing.

          1. Anonymous sources? We shall see who’s disappointed tomorrow. Good Luck.

    5. Stick to reading RT, infowars and breitbart. You will be in your comfort zone.

      1. I don’t read or listen to any of those but it is so telling that you would ASSume such things.

  16. I wonder if I’m the only one who is doubting these newspaper & CNN accounts of events based on totally anonymous sources with not one person having spoken out on any of these tales.

    It could be anyone, leftovers from the Obama administration, secretaries, no idea. But it seems the country is putting a lot of faith in people as yet un-named whose basic action (leaking) suggests a lack of dependability and commitment to the administration in the first place.

    But I seem to be the only expressing that concern amongst the few to whom I talk.

  17. Sessions needs to speak out. Comey needs to speak up. The media needs to pay attention.

    1. Sessions had to recuse himself, but Holder and Lynch did not? Obama got a pass for eight years in a way Trump never will.

      Comey is a whiney little…director.

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