Three Out Of Four African-American Boys In California Fail To Meet Minimal Reading and Writing Standards

download-1The latest data from the California Department of Education indicates that three out of four African-American failed to meet reading and writing standards.  We have previously discussed how our schools continue to fail to educate minority students despite large budgetary allotments.  The problem is clearly money.  I have long advocated more funding but schools must also be held accountable for this appalling performance.  These kids are entering society with a huge disadvantage in seeking employment and advancement.

Boys generally are lagging behind girls but the scores are alarming among African American males.  For example, in the fourth grade, nearly 80 percent of black boys failed to meet state reading standards. You read that correctly: Eighty percent.


The gender gap is a continuing focus of teachers but the priority must be to address the dismal performance of African  American males.  These schools are spending a huge amount with little to show for results.  That suggests that the teachers or the program or both must be re-evaluated.

What do you think?

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  1. Schools are amply funded.

    1. Schools have bad disciplinary regimes because the rules serve various ends (pleasing school psychologists and administrators who have disordered emotional lives and have imbibed stupid social ideologies,pleasing the parents of incorrigibles, pleasing state and federal agencies staffed with people who have imbibed stupid social ideologies, pleasing officious jurists who have imbibed stupid social ideologies, and pleasing legal counsel who are the links in the chain between these actors) inconsistent with imparting knowledge to students.

    2. Schools are otherwise inefficient.

    a. They’re open only 2/3 of the year, even though the number of students who are needed for farm labor is minimal. Youngsters forget a great deal.

    b. Teacher training is suffused with stupid social ideologies which promote classroom wheel-spinning in lieu of instruction and learning.

    c. Teachers dislike certain modes of instruction which are effective. (See Marva Collins on the distaste for phonics among her colleagues in Chicago elementary schools: they found it boring to each reading that way).

    d. School systems have a bias against academic tracking. A deficit of tracking means much wasted labor for students and teachers alike.

    e. Efforts are unfocused and much is frittered away. Primary schooling should consist of instruction in literacy (concluding with English grammar), in numeracy (concluding with elementary algebra), and the fundamentals of American history, geography, and civics. The study of literature should be a conduit to the teaching of English language and composition. The study of arithmetic needs to be more intensive. Natural sciences and the history of the world abroad need to be postponed until secondary school. The allocation of time to social-studies mush and tot theatrical productions needs to be discontinued entirely. Ancillary instruction (music, art, sports) need to be understood as activities for youngsters to blow off steam between classes, not as part of the instructional program.

    f. Efforts are unfocused and frittered away. We’d be better off if the bog standard program was basic education to age 13 or 14, followed by vocational high school to age 18. The slowest students would study basic education and life skills to age 18. Those one ratchet up from the bottom, would have some vocational training once they’d finished their basic education. Those one ratchet up from the middle and who had finished their basic program early would study academics for an interim period until they were of an age to attend vocational high schools, at which point they could mix-match a program according to taste, including both slow-paced academic courses and vocational courses if they wished. The top students (say, most proficient 12%) would go from basic schooling to academic secondary schooling around age 10, where they would remain until age 18 unless they took an interest in vocational courses. The high school diploma – completing certificates in 7 subjects in academics and art – would be something unusual. The vast majority would leave school at 18 with a book of certificates which indicated how far they got with the subjects they studied.

    3. The corporate organization of schooling is bad. Schools are a fee-for-service enterprise which emerges naturally on the open market. You don’t need public agency as a delivery vehicle. For a modest minority of incorrigibles no one else wants, state schools run by the local sheriff and the state prison system will have to do. As for the rest, tuition-free schools run by incorporated philanthropies and financed by vouchers issued by the county government should be the order of the day. Parent who wished to homeschool or make use of tuition-charging schools could cash out their vouchers and do so. So you don’t have dog-chasing-it’s-tail subsidies in the tuition-charging sector, the parents who elected that option would not receive the full-redemption value as compensation when they cashed out, but a fraction thereof the value of which was derived the value of their property tax payments divided by the number of vouchers they were issued).

    4. Quality control could be maintained via Regents; examinations. Every primary school would acquire through an application procedure a provisional accreditation to enroll students assigned to one or another of the five basic education tracks. They’d maintain their accreditation by meeting certain performance metrics. If they failed to meet those standards for a given set of students, they’d be relieved of their franchise to enroll students assigned to that examination series. If they were relieved of all of their franchise, the state attorney-general would bring suit to dissolve the school corporation and distribute its assets to legatee philanthropies. The idea would be to close 1 or 2% of the schools in the state per year, to raise the floor by eliminating the cheesiest operators. Roughly the same procedure could be applied in the realm of secondary schooling. For homeschoolers, their franchise to teach their child would be the default option. If the youth failed to meet performance metrics, however, the parent could be compelled to enroll him in an incorporated school until he reached the age of 14.

  2. You know, after reflection. . .maybe California is leading the way again! We need to ask ourselves why we even care if black boys can read??? I mean, it isn’t like they are going to grow up and be husbands and fathers. Or be responsible for supporting a family. No, all they have to do is just be a sperm-donor “baby daddy” a few times, and then they can just go on with their rapping, blunt rolling, purple dranking, gang activities. The kind-hearted liberal state will take care of their familial responsibilities for them, sooo they aren’t really necessary in their families or communities.

    There is only one other thing that is required of them, for which I submit the following short poem for your approval:

    The Black Boy Alphabet Song!
    A Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    A. . . B. . . C . . .D. . .
    Now I know my ABCD’s!
    I can vote for any
    Democrat I please!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

      1. I think she is being facetious.

        Children, boys and girls, need daddies. Children need a stable home life and that just is not happening for too many kids.

  3. I’m not convinced the testing results can be taken on face value. When I had to take tests like these back in the 70’s, I asked if the results would impact my grade. Of course the answer was no. So I proceeded to make interesting patterns of my responses without a care about the results. Yeah, I was that kid. Anyway, it would be statistically very difficult to get 75% to fail at anything, when other racial groups are not even close to that number. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover the students just didn’t care to make the effort. My cynical side says they were encouraged to fail so that more money would be thrown at the problem.

  4. Before trying to solve a problem it is a good idea to analyze the causal network behind the problem with the object in mind of determining whether the problem can in fact be solved. Not all conditions of life classified as problems are in fact solvable and the malaise of black America is one of them.

    Behind any problem is a complex network of causes, but some causal elements are more important than others one has to focus on those elements that can give the highest ratio of benefit to costs. For some causal elements one finds that strong taboos prevent any attempt to address them. For example white America accepts that it is legitimate to spend any amount of resources on police to arrest and charge, prosecutors to prosecute, judges to convict and sentence and prisons to incarcerate black people but there is a strong taboo that prevents resources being expended in ways that benefit them.

    One of the most powerful causes is white anti-negro racism, The fact is that white Americans have always hated and feared blacks. When the blacks were slaves whites feared a black revolt and revenge for the cruelties inflicted on them to keep them slaves, when the slaves were freed whites feared their obtaining political power and taking revenge as the whites as the whites fantasized they would in the same situation. Vagrancy laws, convict leasing, Jim Crow, lynching uppity niggers who were too sucessful or exhibited too much self esteem and finally the laws against some drugs enforced by army of occupation policing were and are used to keep blacks down.

    White Americans seem to forget, that blacks did not choose segregation whites did and they fled from where they lived alongside blacks to places where they could prevent blacks from following and oh yes, they took the jobs with them. Discrimination was partly implemented by informal cooperation among whites and partly by the actions of government at all levels. One thing about Roosevelts New Deal was that blacks were excluded from its benefits. The new deal was Federal law but it was implemented by tates and the Southern states withheld any benefits from blacks.

    If one wants to measure white hatred of niggers one can do worse than browse the comments on the Turley blog in which n raciiiiiiiiiiiists comment and express their extreme angst at being recognized as raciiiiiiiiists. It is vary rare for a racist to recognize their own racism and those that do are either the most extreme who are proud of their race or the least extreme who try to limit the manifestation of their racism.

    The fact is that racism is normal human behaviour and it is characteristic of all members of all races, saying of a particular human that he/she is racist is really no different from asserting that he/she has 2 hands.

    The only feasible way of improving the life conditions of the black underclass would involve letting the UN deal with them as refugees which is impossible as long as we pretend they are citizens of the nation from which they need to flee.

    1. “there is a strong taboo that prevents resources being expended in ways that benefit them.”

      Such as?

    2. You blame races (a huge percentage that voted for Obama) for the corruption of politicians in whose favor it is to keep people divided and opposed to one another instead of the corrupt government.

      It is the content of people’s character that matters. Not the color of their skin. And if people are having struggles in their lives, we should reach out to uplift them. Am I my brother’s keeper? In many ways, yes.

      I agree that people could be better supported–people need nutritional deficiencies addressed, families need to be supported, the criminal justice system needs to actually work to decrease recidividism by working on actual rehabilitation, etc.

      Those discussions are not happening. Why not? Because people have lost hope? Why is that? Because we are so caught up in our own troubles or the troubles of our government’s making to reach out to uplift our neighbors.

      I do not want to be divided.

  5. Multiple reasons

    1. Democrats encouraged single motherhood when they werent pushing abortion, by offering Welfare

    2. Democrats have for the last 30 years, been focused on spending money on and educating illegal aliens. They pushed blacks to the side. Democrats are going after future latino votes.

    Democrat politicians are nothing more than lying con artists. Not that the Republicans arent crooks too. But Democrats take it to hellish lows.

  6. It is clear that the US has an acute ethnic and social hygiene problem resulting from that most egregious excess of political correctness and illegal confiscation of assets, the abolition of slavery. Slavery is the only mechanism by which subhumans can be usefully integrated into human society .In the absence of slavery death squads to trim down the underclass on the model used by Duterte in The Phillipines is required. We should see police killings of black males in this light.

    1. WTF?! “subhumans?” “underclass?” Please tell me you aren’t serious?! Advocating “death squads?!” I think you need a new tin-hat!

      1. Yeah that is pretty appalling.
        Just make sure you understand however that there are Black Supremacists as well pushing similar views. There are people on both sides trying to start a Race War.

        1. and the irony being that the above poster actually appears to be what I was speaking of

    2. That is despicable and has no place in a civil society!

      We are all people. My God! Raise up the downtrodden!

      Stop being part of the problem.

  7. Not once did anyone consider the fact that the problem may be a combination of things including #1 socio-economic factors. Schools get children 6 hrs a day what about the other 18hrs? What is the family structure like, is there support at home or are mom or dad and if you’re lucky both working multiple minimum wage jobs just to make ends meet? And yes, what are the schools doing with the time they have with these students? Why are they not effective? Teachers are not blameless yet they should not be held accountable for all the problems especially for what they can not control. And as for the wise cracks about being bought by the unions, so not true! Many times it’s the boards of education and the lawmakers that tie the hands of educators that want to be innovative but can’t because those who “know better” but don’t teach are making the decisions.. Do we need to fix it, yes! Not necessarily by more money but by better utilization of resources, more community support-volunteer in your local school to be a mentor or an after school reading tutor or just do it in your neighborhood. As corny as it sounds, when it comes to educating our youth, yeah it takes a village. Throwing stones only get boulders flung back at you (metaphorically speaking). Sorry, stepping off my soap box🤗

    1. I agree, Rita! So many non-educators trying to use this issue as a “platform” for their masturbatory personal “legacy:” Non-educators including: Earl Warren, black soundbite-whores like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and many, many self-anointed bureaucrat “educators” whose real purpose was to make themselves feel good while condescending to their “inferiors.” The teachers at my school who did care whether the kids learned, were few and far between. And who could blame them? Like the troops fighting in Viet Nam at the time, they were hamstrung by bureaucrats who would not allow them to “win” their war, because of the “political optics.” (IMO: Dems have always been cowards who care only about their own political ambitions)! The school year was constantly interrupted with teachers strikes and vandalism and criminal violence inflicted on students and teachers alike. It was no longer a school, it was a zoo. Black girls wore razor blades in their fros, in case they got into a fight. I carried my pathetic saxophone case everywhere, in case I needed it (and I often did). White students “protested” the Vietnam war by greeting us army brats with, “Your father’s a baby-killer!” as we got off our green, GI-driven bus. This was the 60’s and it’s still the same in CA today! Some people never learn!

  8. Going to be some heat on this one. The use of the word ‘boys’ as a euphemism for Blacks will no doubt incite BLM and Mad Max of Chrome Dome who was last heard of denying she had stolen James Browns wig. Aong with the entire PC world or what’s left of it. What is left of PC? Nothing.

  9. California would rather spend money on defending illegal aliens. Keep them stupid they’ll continue to elect Dems.

  10. Jonathan…it is clearly NOT a question of money. It IS clearly a result of the teachers indoctrinating the students instead of teaching them. Most teachers do not care if their students learn if they only will become indoctrinated.

      1. The common name for in Eduation circles is Progressive Education. try look for the no charge class on Education or for a similar no charge class. or you might try the offerings of the Departments of Education and the National Education Association. Seems like your progammer is behind the eight ball on this one. If aoll else fail try Sol Alinsky or Geoge Lykoff aka Yoda out of Berekely your party theorticians and providers of manuals of operation.

    1. One form of education is let the students wander at will and find something that interests them. Another says provide tons of information and let them figure out how to find answers. Both use social promotions to move the flow thorugh the systems. Another uses terminology that make no literate sense but supports PC. Subjective systems all.

      A very few teach provide information and at the same time how to arrive at an answer. Used to be in use everywhere but was found to be too objective for the bottom fifth percentile of todays socially promoted high school classes that go on to be teachers or social non science major or attend Evergreen or was it Everclear.

  11. I agree with Rudy Giuliani that the violence and the degeneration in the black community lays squarely at the feet of the Teacher’s Unions that have made sure that school voucher programs are DOA in Congress.

    1. Tommy Sotomayor takes the burden off everyone else to lecture to the black community.

    2. As an army brat stationed at Ft. MacArthur in the late 60’s, I went to school off-post: Richard Henry Dana Junior High in San Pedro. Thanks to that genius Earl Warren, busloads of kids from Watts were dumped on this fishing village public school. As a result, no education took place. The violence and threats to teachers were out of control. I remember my friends and I – on school grounds, at a school event – trying to tell a responsible adult that we were being threatened by a gang of kids. The teachers would not even make eye contact with us. They pretended they did not hear. When a kid from Watts was called upon to read aloud in class, I felt so bad for him! He was sounding out words like a six-year-old! It was awful for all of us! Earl Warren didn’t care, he was worried about his “legacy” no doubt. The lawyers should just get the hell out of everyone else’s business! Money is most assuredly NOT the problem! Most likely the “problem” is the lawyers!

  12. In TNYT several years ago there was about the vocal elementary school in an Eastern inner city. The school day was one hour longer; half an hour of group singing in the morning and then again in the afternoon. That was the only change to the curriculum.

    Before the change the school scored about 20%on a standardized maths exam. After the change 80%.

      1. The article didn’t specify but the multiplication tables don’t rhyme and have a lousy rhythm. The connection is more subtle. A recent neuroscience discovery that there are two specific parts of the brain, one on each side, which just respond to music, any music. The connection from there to ability in maths is still unknown.

        1. I will have to look up this study. It sounds interesting.

          Singing helps relieve stress, perhaps that is part of the mode of action.

    1. Wow! That’s brilliant! I mean the multiplication tables are just rote memorization and requiring them to practice twice a day is all it takes! Thanks, David! BTW: What does TNYT stand for? Best, Deb

      1. The New York Times.

        And I seriously doubt that they sing the multiplication tables. Squeeky has a bad habit, Making Stuff Up.

    2. That is VERY interesting. They used to say (I’m a baby boomer) that the students that enrolled in Band or extra
      Fine arts (dance, choir) had higher scores.
      I think your study is on to something.

  13. While much of the problem has its socio-economic roots, regarding the matter of the system failing its students it is clear that throwing more money at the problem serves only to perpetuate its longevity.

    Obviously, this problem requires multi-faceted solutions but from an organizational approach when we have a dysfunctional organization that is failing in its mission a good approach and also a commonly used approach is to sack the management and decimate ineffective line workers. If the worst 10% of line workers were shown the door it would serve well to reestablish proper work ethics and allow the organization to breathe more freely. I have personally noted that less than 10% of the workforce causes 80% of the headaches for management, for the company, and customers included.

    I know some are self-righteous in their defense of teacher’s unions but consider this. Look at the damage one dysfunctional teacher can cause their students. If one teacher has contact with 50 students per school year say from instructing two classes, after ten years 500 students are damaged by poor instruction. What is more important? 500 students or a poorly performing educator?

    Another problem I see is the empire building trait of some administrators who grow a bureaucracy to elevate themselves into a higher status or ones who insist that tens of millions of dollars be spent on unnecessary school infrastructure such as new buildings every fifteen to twenty years. (Often just as the municipal bonds for the last pet project are retired)

    1. The head of my son’s school’s teachers union was just arrested for child porn! Just sayin’

  14. How long do you think it will be before someone says it’s not the kids and it’s not the teachers —– it’s because the writing and reading standards are racist?

  15. “The problem is clearly money.”…”These schools are spending a huge amount with little to show for results.” Non sequitur. If the latter is true, how is the problem “clearly” money? I can think of a number of more likely non-financial factors: lack of fathers who take an active role in their sons’ educations, lack of respect for teachers who represent “the system”, gangsta rap glorifying the antithesis of academic achievement, and peers who think it’s cool to play the fool.

    1. Nearly every word or your idiotic statement is a stereotype of black people in general. The mere fact that you mention “gangsta rap” is a dead giveaway… Who are you referring to, Snoop Dog… he is 45 years old!!! I believe the article referred to 8th graders.

      Next time please have at least one fact and not the same old “go to” white stereotypes​of black people!

      1. I wrote as one who has taken a very active role in my son’s education, having served for several years as a parent representative at the committee that sets the academic agenda. The school was about 90% black, with a black principal. I’ve heard the teachers, and I know the issues. I know exactly what I’m writing about. How about students who tell teachers to f** off? Is that not disrespectful? As for you, bury your head in the sand if you wish, call others racist if you want, but your pride and your refusal to face reality won’t help you in life and won’t help black children. Oh, and if it makes you feel better, reply all you want to further, but I will ignore you. Your rebuttal was anything but rock solid, rocksolid33.

        1. Actually, I will add one more thing, since you wrote that what I wrote was a stereotype of black people in general. I lived a number of years in sub-Saharan Africa, and while the schools there are much poorer than Californian schools, the students’ attitudes are vastly superior.

          1. But I thought it was about “gangsta rap”… Now you have this vast experience with black people and the educational system, please be quiet and go back to using your lame stereotypes.

            Being disrespectful is solely a problem of black students… Lol… Ok.. lol…

      1. The nutrition element plays a huge role, though the home environment and childrearing skills also factor in.

    2. I agree, James. I read those sentences and assumed that he left out the word “not.” As in, ” the problem is clearly NOT money.”

  16. It is crystal clear that the problem is the Teachers and the California Educational system controlled by the Teachers Union. The focus is on Teacher tenure, political correctness, ideological instruction, over fundamentals.

    What does Tom Brady 5 time SB Champion Brady doing this summer? Brady is at voluntary team OTA’s working on his fundamentals. Not the sexy stuff like throwing deep or pinpoint sideline passes, he is working on handoffs to running backs, and core conditioning etc… Brady does not have to be in camp for voluntary team OTA’s, however his desire is to win.

    California looks like they are pointing fingers at each other hoping they are the last ones fired, while Brady is doing the hard work.

    California needs to approach the problem like a 5 time Super Bowl Champion. Until then, California will remain the Cleveland Browns of preparing children for a productive life.

    1. Solutions wrapped in sport metaphors!

      And why should anyone take you seriously?

  17. The problem is at home. No-one to help these kids. The solution? Parents MUST READ to their kids, so they in turn can learn to love reading. Simple.

    1. This comment reflects what I was going to say. The problem is at home. Who is at home with the kids? Daddy? Mommy? Or is it grandma? How old is momma? Did momma get knocked up at age 14 so she could “get her check”?
      Young mom, no dad, lame grandparents. Too much tv. No books at home. We need pre school too.

      1. Jack, I agree. I have all the Harry Potter books & the cd’s as well. Parents should invest in these, because they are entertaining & have some life-lessons in them as well.

  18. Average IQ of American Blacks – 87
    Average IQ of Caucasians – 100
    Average IQ of East Asians – 106
    Average IQ of Ashkenazi Jews – 115

    Having an average IQ of 87 probably doesn’t help either.

    Read the Bell Curve or anything by Professor Linda Gottfriedson from the University of Delaware.

    And people will still be wondering why “the educational gap hasn’t closed” 50 years from.

    1. After 50+ years of affirmative action in education and employment, the intelligent, hardworking and/or ambititious blacks have taken advantage of the opportunities available to them and are several generations out of the ghetto. The ones left are the bottom of the barrel; the stupid, the lazy, the indifferent. Not everyone is going to be successful, regardless of the opportunities available. Blacks are only about 7% of CA’s population. And most of them are not in poverty. There are massively more white, Asian and Hispanic children who are living in poverty than blacks. Thus I suspect the concern about the black underclass has more to do with the statistical correlation to violence from that subgroup. The only time that liberals are concerned about poor whites is when they grow up and vote for Trump, hahaha!

      1. What was in the DNA of Frederick D? He has an interesting, strong face. The color is black but the bone structure is something non-African. He was born in Maryland, which was established as a colony for Catholics. Perhaps he was part Italian or Sicilian? We’ll never know……

      2. @ter ber

        I am always amazed that the same people who say sexual orientation is absolutely 100% genetic (and if you disagree, you are really bad person); are the same people who say that intelligence is absolutely 100% environmental, everyone is a blank slate! (and if you disagree, you are really a bad person).

        Hey, I know! We are 1 program from closing the educational gap!!! One more program!!! Need to spend Just a little more money.

      3. Frederick Douglas probably had a very high IQ. Average is just that, as in “50% percentile”. Runs as a “bell curve”.

        As for the big picture, It means little to say this or that individual black person is highly intelligent, many are of course. They key word is AVERAGE.

    2. So everyone thinks we can throw more money on it?
      $10,000-$12,000 A YEAR per student is Not Enough?
      Abraham Lincoln was educated in a one room school house, a piece of chalk, and some borrowed books.
      This is becoming ridiculous.

    3. If there had been equal opportunity for all the groups you mention the result would be expected. What percentage of Muslim immigrants in California failed to meet the standards? What percentage of Mexican vacationer’s children failed to meet the standards?
      If there was a legal impediment — a law — that caused them to be badly educated, that would be illegal racial discrimination. Which law?
      If it is an education system which promotes children to a higher grade even though they failed the prior grade, perhaps something should be done about the education system.
      What factors caused this?

      1. The average IQ of Mestizos (most Mexicans are a white, Amerindian mix) is in the low to mid 90’s, between that of the average black and white IQ.

        Dr. Richard Lynn from the University of Ulster has written much on the average IQ of nations.

      2. Richard Lynn’s a mad treehouse builder. Have a look at his bibliographies. His object is to critique the academic study of economic development, but he reads very little of its literature.

        1. That is not an argument. There is absolutely no dispute in mainstream science that the black-white gap exists and that it is at least partly genetic. The only question is how much of each.

          I bet you believe homosexuality is absolutely 100% genetic and that people who question this are evil.

          1. Genetics plays only a small part in our lives. 70% is the environment.

            1. I suggest you read the following from the Wall Street Journal.

    …/1994WSJmainstream. …

              Egalitarianism is creationism for liberals.

              So do you believe that homosexuality is 70% environmentally caused? Bet you don’t. You wouldn’t be invited to any more nice cocktail parties or cookouts.

              1. I do think environment/factors beyond just geneticsplays a role. What percentage/what degree I do not know. I do not dwell on it.

          2. That is not an argument.

            That is not a coherent response. You’re citing this man as an authority. He fancies he’s found the key to understanding variation in levels of economic development, antonio. He does not study the phenomenon of economic development and hasn’t the data or conceptual tools to provide more than hypotheses.

              1. So what?

                What does that observation have to do with the process of economic development? You do understand Lynn is a psychologist who wrote a book about economic development without consulting literature in economics, geography, or sociology?

      3. The CA Supreme Court heard a case way back in the 70s, several generations ago, which challenged the funding system for public schools. (I believe the name of the case was Serrano v. Priest.) in any event, CA public school funding was at one time based on county property taxes. So wealthy counties had excellent schools and rural counties had crappy schools. This didn’t really impact blacks, however, because most CA blacks lived in urban counties such as Los Angeles and San Fran, where you had a mix an income mix, but both wealthy and poor neighborhood schools got the same $. The kids who got the short end were the rural and small town whites and Hispanics. The court invalidated the system and required all public schools in CA to get the same funding. So money hasn’t been an issue in generations. It’s what goes on in the home and the values and attitudes that are taught that are driving performance. And of course, inate ability will always be a substantial factor.

    4. Slave holders considered slaves domestic animals and conducted selective breeding. One characteristic that they would have wanted to supress was intelligence, a smart slave is a disobedient slave whom the owner would probably end up having to kill.

      If blacks really are less intelligent one cause nmay be 200 years of selective breeding.

      1. I doubt it. Crappy environment and lousy food are bigger factors.

        “Environmental conditions are much more powerful than genetic influences in determining intelligence, social psychologist Richard Nisbett says.

        Recent research in psychology, genetics and neuroscience, and new studies on the effectiveness of educational interventions, have shown that intelligence strongly is affected by environmental factors that have nothing to do with genes, Nisbett says. In new research, Nisbett analyzes a large number of such studies, showing how environment influences not just IQ as measured by standardized tests but also actual achievement.

        “Believing that intelligence is under your control — and having parents who demand achievement — can do wonders,”

      2. No one says says IQ gap is entirely genetic. It is combination of both environment and genetics, but it definitely HIGHLY heritable. No one knows the exact percentages but it is thought to be between 40-80% heritable. This is mainstream science.

      3. They ARE less intelligent on average and all of your wishful thinking and name calling will not change this fact.

        1. Their environment, on average, is conducive to interfering with development and learning.

          1. Surely their environment often does not help. No one says the IQ gap is entirely genetic. The problem is people who believe it is entirely environmental.

      4. Not true at all. Slave owners highly valued those with skills in blacksmithing, carpentry, stone masonry, etc. The field hands were those with the lowest IQs who weren’t of much use except for rote labor. They were typically sold after they got older. The only useful comparison would be between the IQs of blacks in the New World and those in Africa. It would be hard to find many American blacks without some white blood in them, however, so that would invalidate the study. But most Haitians are pure African, because for whatever reason, the French didn’t interbreed with their slaves the way that Americans did. But since Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, it can probably be assumed that the IQs of its inhabitants aren’t going to bust the charts.

        1. There is a book called “The Global Bell Curve” which you might find interesting. Modeled after the 1994 Bell Curve by Murray and Hernstein.

          Yes, Haiti is pretty low on the list along with Sub-Saharan African countries.

          While everyone should absolutely be treated with dignity and equality under the law, people (let alone groups) are not equal in ability. Is it “fair”? No, but “fairness” has nothing to do with it.

          And me saying this does not make me a “Nazi” who want to exterminate Jews.

        2. Haiti has a six-digit populaiton of mulattoes. Someone was interbreeding with the slaves.

    5. “The Gap” is not the problem. Teacher training faculties are obsessed with it, as are school administrators remote from the day-to-day business of teaching. The problem is that the school system makes such inefficient use of time, effort, plant, and equipment. The point is to teach the young as much as you can with what inputs you have. That’s going to mean school year-round, tracking, traditional teaching methods, 1948 disciplinary standards, sequestration of incorrigibles, and a reallocation of resources from academics to vo-tech.

    6. Yes, IQ tests are culturally biased!! That’s why East Asians with no knowledge of English come to America and have such a hard time succeeding in school and the workplace.

    7. No one says it is entirely genetic, no one.

      Tell me of a mainstream respected test (SAT, AFQT, Stanford-Binet) where the black-white average is the same. I won’t hold my breath and I recommend you do the same.

    8. Reading the Bell Curve is satisfying to Ashkenazi Jews. However I know several black people who are much smarter than several Ashkenazi Jews I know.

      1. And no one says there are not individual blacks who are smarter than individual Ashkenazi Jews. What’s your point? They key word is AVERAGE.

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