Philadelphia Reporter Fired After Caught On Videotape Abusing Police

campbell7n-1-webA Philadelphia reporter, Colleen Campbell, 28, is not only out of job but perhaps a profession after a video of her berating police officers went viral.  Campbell is shown below in cuffs after being removed from the Helium Comedy Club on Sunday night.  She was asked to leave for disrupting comedian Craig Robinson by her loud whispering.  It then went from bad to worse (Warning: the video below contains foul language)

The police were called after Campbell allegedly got into a fight with bar staff while being escorted out of the bar.

Campbell was shown screaming  “you guys are f—ing dictators… you f—ing c—k suckers”  and “I did not do s—t, I stood there and laughed like the rest of the audience like I should. I did not disrupt anybody.”  She also appears to try to spit in the face of a person nearby.

She demands proof of her crime and screams “Show me videotape. You can’t. That’s why everybody hates you guys! You can’t prove it!”  Unfortunately for her they do have a videotape and the resulting anger was not directed at the police.

Campbell later apologized and said, “My actions on that video are not the result of a handful of drinks spaced out over a couple of hours. I believe I may have been unknowingly drugged at some point that night. I did not receive medical testing while in custody because, as I recall, I was advised by personnel at the police station that such testing would delay the process of my being released.”

The station did not wait.  Campbell is now a former reporter.


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  1. A young woman who might be a very minor local celebrity gets drunk in a bar & starts talking trash. Big deal. Am I missing something or is this non-story?

  2. She was employed p/t by the station. She moonlights as a barmaid. It appears from news reports that she’s 28 years old, but her Linkedin profile suggests 23 or 24. She lists no employment prior to last year, just schooling. Her degrees are all vocational in character – in species of communications. Don’t know what they’re worth now….

  3. Among the 1930 cohort, a women who conducted herself thus would likely have fit into two categories: ‘intoxicated’ and ‘prostitute’. Among the 1960 cohort, even in the intoxicated state, you’d have seen this only among women too young to hold a year-round job and women who were very low-rent characters. Here we have a member of the bourgeoisie, who (dollars to doughnuts) has a baccalaureate degree and is about 3 years beyond the median age for a 1st time bride and at least two years beyond the median age for a 1st time mother carrying on like a dipso tart of her grandmother’s generation. In certain respects, the culture gets uglier every year and people do a worse and worse job of educating their daughters.

  4. Well, there are happy drunks and there are nasty drunks. Guess we now know which type this gal is.

  5. > (Warning: the video below contains foul language)



    1. That’s not a ‘trigger warning’, it’s a disclaimer. There is a difference, a big one, one of which you are apparently not aware.

      1. It’s explicitly a warning. And there’s no danger other than the possibility of delicate sensibilities being disturbed. That’s a trigger warning. If it’s also a disclaimer (denial of responsibility), his perceived need for a warning is the reason for the disclaimer.

  6. Sometimes when you go fishing for females, Ya just don’t know what you’re going to catch.

  7. I could not get the video to open up on my computer. There is a song or poem which is relevant:

    “You’re a bitch! You’re a BITCH!
    You’re a bitch all the way!
    You’re mom was a Nazi to her last dying day.

    You’re dad lived in Kansas and spent time in the pen.
    You’re grandpa was naked when he went to swim.
    Grandma was crazy and drank like a fiend.
    It all comes downhill now like peeing in Wein.

    I am not talking crap here and you are the dope.
    So crawl down from the rafters and put on the rope.

  8. Somebody should tell her that society hates her. What a nasty piece of work

  9. 1) What an awful foul creature!
    2) Is the tall but helpless douche her boyfriend? No fate worse than being stuck with a harpy like that and powerless to influence the outcome.
    3) “I may have been drugged at some point…” Typical guiltless millennial with overinflated self esteem who can never accept fault or responsibility for her actions. This is what helicopter parents and public schools breed.

    1. I agree. Her “apology” was pathetic and not at all believable. It probably is as damaging as her behavior that night.

      Career limiting Move® for certain

    2. I do, too. I wondered if we would start to see their inability to be functional human beings landing them in jail in their adult years. I guess we will. And ‘drugged’? Weak, weak sauce. You were drunk, you were disruptive, you were beligerent (also known as ‘drunk and disorderly’). Good job, her parents. :/

    3. I see no reason to call the man ‘helpless’ or ‘a douche’. He evidently has some association with her and may have a passable idea of optimal strategies for keeping her in line. Unless he married her, he isn’t stuck with her (and can, one might imagine, do better).

      1. Apparently he isn’t a good friend to her, either to not express concerns over her behavior to her before it came to this. Your argument is as weak a sauce as hers.

        1. Or he knows the likely result of ‘expressing concerns’. All of the men around her are keeping their peace, as if they know the type.

  10. The match that certainly lit the fire with her employer came with her identifying the news station, that she was a reporter, and that she intended to make a newscast against the police officer. That probably gave the station more than enough legal cause to sack her.

    One nice aspect of working for a large East Coast city: you can call a jail van to pick up a problem child like this and you don’t have to suffer listening to her screaming at the top of her lungs when you drive her to jail.

  11. Trump’s fault. Trump personally ruined her life. She’s a comedian just trying to make a living.

    /sarc off

  12. This shows total lack of respect and ignorance. She should have been locked up 30 seconds after she started talking. A real Arrogant Low Life.

      1. She might or might not be legal to drive a car. She speaks with clarity and is firmly on her feet. I don’t think intoxication explains this. (And things said while drunk have been thought out beforehand).

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