The Supreme Court Holds The Investiture of Neil Gorsuch

Justice_Gorsuch_official_portraitSupreme CourtI had the honor of attending the investiture of Neil Gorsuch yesterday.  It was an event steeped in history and the Court’s version of pomp and circumstance.  I actually love the Court’s staid and understated style at such moments.  The investiture is short and dignified in the courtroom with the reading of his his commission and Gorsuch taking his chair among the nine.  President Donald Trump and the First Lady were present as were as array of dignitaries.  The investiture was followed by a reception that was incredibly elegant with the justices in my favorite rooms in the Supreme Court with the famous portraits of prior Chief Justices.  Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein presented the commission to the Court which was read by the Supreme Court Clerk.  There was a notable sound of whispers when the commission from Trump mentioned that Gorsuch was entitle to all of the “emoluments” of his office.

In attendance for the investiture were various members including Sen. Jeff Flake who was just in the shooting of Republican members in Alexandria the day before.  Also visible were Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Orrin Hatch of Utah, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz of Texas, Thom Tillis of North Carolina, John Kennedy of Louisiana, and both Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet of Colorado.

Gorsuch gave a one line response to the greeting from Chief Justice John Roberts and everyone retired to the reception.  The rooms of the Supreme Court are beautiful period pieces.  Indeed, I enjoyed a conversation with the Chief Justice who told me that the chandeliers (which I mentioned as my favorite part of the rooms) are so old that no one in the United States has the training to clean them.  The Court has to bring in experts from abroad. It is worth the expense. These chandaliers are incredible and massive pieces.

For me, the highlight was chatting with former Justice John Paul Stevens about the Cubs and our pitching line up.  Stevens is an ardent Cubs fan and, while we should be discussing some deep jurisprudential questions, I never miss an opportunity to take about the Cubbies with the man who saw Babe Ruth hit the called shot.

Gorsuch greeted every single person at the investiture with his signature warmth and friendliness.  At the private reception held that evening, he gave a truly touching speech where he thanks his wife and family as well as the many clerks and friends who helped him through this process.  I was honored to be invited to the investiture and the two receptions.  As I stated in my testimony at the confirmation hearing, Gorsuch is someone who is poised to leave a long and indelible legacy on the Court.  This intellect and demeanor makes him an ideal choice for being one of nine.


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  1. A truly historic moment. Glad Professor Turley was there! BTW: I clean my (Schonbek) crystal chandelier myself every spring; wearing gloves, I take off the crystals and dunk them in a solution on one part isopropyl alcohol to three parts distilled water, then dry them with white cotton cloth. You just can’t ever touch the crystals. Do they get natural sunlight in the S. Ct. rooms?

  2. Michael – You telling me that HRC is a “Progressive Socialist”? You are either woefully uniformed, or else
    a dishonest smear propagandist. Either way, you should be embarrassed to expose your untruthfulness.

  3. “Gorsuch is someone who is poised to leave a long and indelible legacy on the Court. This intellect and demeanor makes him an ideal choice for being one of nine.” JT

    Yes, I suppose so – especially if you want more Court decisions that further expand the growing slide of this country into an authoritarian state where the 1% control an ever-larger share of the economy while the rest of our countrymen will only have access to privatized education, toll roads, bridges, and fire, police, and emergency services.

    Leftist: anyone that opposes totalitarian government.

  4. Pity, I am not living close to D.C.
    I wash Waterford Crystal, almost every day.
    No problems with Chandeliers, either.!!
    Would love to clean them for the Court.!!
    Various short cuts, to get those lights sparkling, again.!

  5. I’d love to listen to a Gorsuch/Turley jurisprudential exchange on the Court. Would Trump ever consider appointing Turley to the Court?

  6. Respectful praise for and congratulations to

    the Honorable Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

    This is a truly historical appointment by President Donald J. Trump.

  7. The professor must have had a blast. Hob knob with the big boys and all. I want to hear about the horrors-de-huvars and the libations ( aka food & booze). Is there a cigar room somewhere?

    Like they say…If you want to run with the big dogs….you have to be able to piss in high grass!

  8. How did Trump win the election? One might ask that question. It is because the Dems nominated Hillary. They should have nominated Monica. Bill chose her when the time was ripe.

  9. I will tell the voters in Detroit about the Justice Roberts decision to hire foreigners to clean the lamp devices. Impeach him!

  10. Hey padlegal^^^^^

    So how did you enjoy the professors little jaunt?

    I felt like I was actually there with him. Maybe even cleaned one of them big old glass lights things. My grandma woulda put it on a table and sprayed it with some of her home brew of salt and vinegar and let it drip on newspaper. Then she would hung it back up.

    Sorry you missed the trip. Let me recap it for you….(consultation with Stevens and Turley) OK, got it. Score: 5-4. Top of the first. No outs. (Stevens uttering to Turley… the end of four years this could easily be a 7-2 game….I agree).

    So take your smug little cheap shots over to the Salon or Atlantic forums where they belong ….conservatively speaking, of course.

      1. If thats a 👍 good thing it ok witt me. I am still tryin to find a spill scheker for my phone and when i save up anuff money i is gona git me won. Witch won you got? You member how much them is?

  11. “Elections have consequences” –
    –Black Baby Jesus Obama

      1. The father was a foreign citizen, radical, extremist, anti-colonialist, anti-American activist who was imprisoned by the British for six months and who died in his third “auto accident” after “a day of drinking in Nairobi.”

        It’s no wonder an ostracized, pot-smoking, rebellious, rife-with-jealousy pot-smoker and empty suit was the by-product, which, incidentally, was easily recruited by the communist party and run as a stooge for Karl Marx to garner the “votes” of the democrazy parasites, hyper-zealous in their similar jealousy, covetousness and parasitism.

        Indubitably good stock there.

  12. Very old then hand cut crystal and must be taken done piece by piece for cleaning and returned to the same position. Designed to increase the illumination of the candles. That old they are probably worth more than most of the paintings.

    1. Nothing on the value but they were recently cleaned with a third chandelier added under a Justices Souter so it couldn’t have been too long ago. Still like windows crystal required cleaning. It appears the place to get qualified people is Czech Republic where most of the crystal industry resides and it’ s part of their Technical Institute training As to value and indicator was the valuation of one in Louisiana at $75,000 some decades ago. .

  13. Would you feel the same way if the Dems did that to a Republicon President?

  14. Would you feel the same way if Dems did that to a Republicon President?

    1. Now there is a nice way to describe RINOs and the rest. Republicons. Instead of Moderates or Hill Republicans. I just call them lapdogs of the left, barking and caving on command.

      1. You word of choice is spulled: RepubliCon. We capitalize the C. If you are an ex-RepubliCon then you get special treatment. “Con” stands for Convict.

  15. Again, JT is not in line politically w/ all the politicians in the room, but is quite comfortable and gracious. He is becoming an extinct species in DC.

    1. He is, as I recall a Libertarian, which makes one at times an objectivist. and rarely a subjectivist.without good objective evaluiation and reason.

  16. Oh, Lord. Constitution says Senate advises and consents. Nothing of timing or dispatch. Nust making good on Biden’s dare so long ago.

  17. Give the Republicans credit, they robbed democracy in broad daylight and got away with it….

    1. ” It takes a lot of work to lose to Donald Trump”.- David Axelrod
      The Republicans didn’t steal anything, Fishwhine.
      The Democrats gave it away.

      1. More accurately the begged citizens to vote agains tthem and are still doing so.

        1. the as in The Democrats and truly their other name Progressive Socialists fits a lot better.

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