English Man Sentenced To Jail For Importation Of Childlike Sex Doll

downloadThere is an interesting conviction in the United Kingdom this month where Andrew Dobson, 49, was sentenced for the importation of a sex doll.  The problem is that the doll was too childlike. As a result, he pleaded guilty to importing an indecent object, two counts of making indecent images of children and one count of possessing indecent images of children.  The plea resulted in a sentence of two years and eight months in prison.

Border Force officers identified the mannequin as an obscene childlike doll from Hong Kong when it was in transit.  Dobson was then arrested at his home.  He later admitted to  downloading child abuse images and movies online.


The question is how the police defined “child-like” dolls for the purpose of importation.

In this country, we have had a long debate over criminal charges for virtual child porn where no child was actually involved in the production.

Notably, the UK warns about indecent images but does not define them at this site:

Indecent or obscene books, magazines, films, videotapes, DVDs, computer software and other articles containing obscene images. Indecent photographs of children under 18. Photographs includes images on videotapes, DVDs, computer software and other articles.


This seems a criminal provision in need for a clearly defined standard.  What do you think?




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  1. n my view there is no victim so there is no crime. OKAY, the dude likes to play with dolls but that shouldn’t be a crime.

  2. @Roscoe P. Coltrane, June 26, 2017 at 8:31 AM

    “I’m curious how an inanimate object is given parallel legal protections with humans.”

    By the same tortured logic that gave us that sociopathic monster, corporations as persons, i.e., what the philosopher A.N. Whitehead called “the fallacy of misplaced concreteness.”

  3. As pathetic and perverted as it may seem, it’s a doll. Better to take out his perversions on a doll than a real human being. Jefferson stated as long as you don’t pick my pockets or break my leg, why should I care about what you do in the privacy of your own home. He didn’t harm a single soul on this planet, which is a lot more than what I can say for most militaries and police agencies around our world.

    As far as having child porn or images on his computer. A child was harmed in the making of the video and photographs. That’s another issue and he should get the slammer for that. Should I worry about having a vibrator?

  4. I find the headline interesting. ““English Man Sentenced To Jail For Importation Of Childlike Sex Doll”” But then we see they had more charges against the man. Would they have charged and jailed him if he had only imported a “Childlike Sex Doll”? I don’t know, but I doubt it. We complain of distorted headlines produced by the news media because the headline twist the truth.

  5. I’m not clear what led to the initial charge and search of his computer. Were the police monitoring the website he purchased the doll from?

  6. Quote:” As a result, he pleaded guilty to importing an indecent object, two counts of making indecent images of children and one count of possessing indecent images of children.”

    So were the images he made and possessed of the doll he purchased?
    Technically if the sole provenance of the doll represents sexual abuse of a minor couldn’t ANY images of the doll be considered unlawful?

  7. I’m still trying to figure out how you tell if a mannequin is a “child” and not a petite adult. What if the mannequin was made 18 years ago?

  8. There is something physiologically wrong in the brain with those into child porn. There are psychopaths; the condition has been determined physiological. This is no different. A wire or two have touched, perhaps the wire connecting sexual drive, there for the sake of procreation, all creatures have this drive; and a wire to another part of the brain, perhaps memory. It would seem that this condition would be extremely difficult if not impossible to contain through treatment; controlled but not successfully enough to allow the pervert to run around lose. So, at the very least, the pervert has been identified-that’s a good thing, incarcerated-somewhat short sighted but maybe he’ll serve some purpose as a deterrent. Perverts that could become child molesters should be tagged and watched. The issue here is not the rights of the pervert but the rights and protection of the children. If someone is broken then society has an obligation to address the ramifications in a preventative manner as well as an after the fact punishment manner.

    1. The appropriate treatment for those with such proclivities is castration not prison. They can have normal lives other than being prevented from hurting others in the future. The first instance of failure to control one’s body appropriately, indicates the need for the prescribed treatment..

    2. Do you feel that LBGQTDRS people need to be fixed too? Your argument could be used for that case. Or, do you just draw an arbitrary line?

      1. UPDATE: There is now an “I” (i).

        No I am not kidding. I= Intersex

        And to answer your question….yes LBGQTDRS +I do need to be fixed.

      2. And then there are those that just make a chain and attach any argument that comes to mind. Stick to the issue. My argument is specifically, the protection of children from broken perverted people, whatever gender or sexual proclivity. Two consenting adults can do what they wish. A society that does not protect its children from this sort of behavior, religious perversion, physical abuse of any kind, is wanting.

  9. The doll would be impossible to get an age from and cannot be cross-examined. I would throw out the original search warrant.

  10. Well this is going to be unpopular.
    First of all that doll represents an Asian woman or young adult, which many men are attracted to (Asian marriage mail order brides). So I am assuming, hopefully these companies are not actually producing little children Porn dolls.
    Second, Satan and his demons, do not care what mankind lusts over be it: multiple partners, same sex, children, animals or even shoes. Just as long as they are in REBELLION to our Creator, and HIS desires for mankind.

  11. Maybe if depraved pervs had access to these “dollies” than they would be less likely to act out their impulses on real kids. Make them available to ministers, priests, immams, boy scout leaders, coaches, etc. who prey on the young innocents.

    1. I don’t know. Porn viewers sort of start off with straight sex, and then they have to keep going further and further and weirder and weirder to get their jollies. I think that is how some guys get into kiddie porn to begin with. Because their Bukakke Fest Vol. 78, just doesn’t do the trick anymore, so they need something even more nasty to arouse them.

      Sooo, I wonder if after a while the guys with the dolls would need the real thing to satisfy their gross urges??? Are there any studies???

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. squeek, not all porn viewers veer off into the weird stuff. Just like all people who smoke pot don’t become meth/heroin abusers. This guy is 49 so if he was gonna go full tier in molestation I think he would have done so already. Guy has a problem but is trying to deal with it as best he can (there is no cure for pedophelia) so I think a dollie would (might?) have kept him contained and satisfied.

        There was a working class mall next to my village in Germany which had a porn store called the “Intim Vagin” yah you can do the translation. At any rate, couples would go there to shop for various things and some men would disappear behind the thick velvet curtains. Although I was curious I never entered the place but it seemed to me to an okay outlet for men to get their rocks off. And I noticed their mates never seemed perturbed when they met up later.

        so i think such spaces are okay –

        Film you might enjoy: “A Woman in Flames”

        1. I wiki’d A Woman in Flames. Since I am a total Ice Queen, that is probably not for me. Although clobbering men would probably be fun. I have a friend who does that part time, just for the money, for like 3 clients she kept from her college days. She says that even that is beginning to totally disgust her, and I look for her to quit in the next year or so. It’s not like she needs the money anymore. She has a good job now, and she is gaining a little weight, sooo the outfits are getting a little tight on her, she says.

          For me, my last boyfriend was my LAST boyfriend. I am much happier by myself. The only thing that scares me is if my biological clock will go off in few years and make me nutz or something. Outside of that, I am pretty safely ensconced in my single life.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. Squeek, I loved that film – a total tragedy as she lost herself when she played with the dark side even after she met a guy who truly loved her. Brutal for sure — typically Deutsch.

            But as far as you – you are still very young. I was single for many years and certainly not looking after numerous bad relationships – I used to have a post card of a person playing the piano and the caption was “better alone than poorly accompanied” and that was my motto. I met my husband while not looking and we are celebrating our 14 years together. I was too old to have a child by that time — and honestly I don’t know if I would have been a good parent with all my anxieties and control issues.

            If you do want to be a mum I’m sure you’ll find a way.

        2. “squeek, not all porn viewers veer off into the weird stuff. Just like all people who smoke pot don’t become meth/heroin abusers.”

          And yet your first comment contains this…

          “Make them available to ministers, priests, immams, boy scout leaders, coaches, etc.”

          So I guess everyone from this group are molesters. Why didn’t you include female teachers? They all go after teenage boys, right? Really hard to take you seriously.

          1. Jim, No not everyone in that group is a molester – but a certain percentage are – working with kids in a position of authority allows them access. And yes, I should have included teachers.

    2. That is a credible question asked in some criminal justice and social service circles. There was a study on this question but I don’t remember the name or source. As you can imagine this is a highly controversial and contentious idea but in the grand scheme of things I believe it was worth researching.

      One suggestion for sex offender parolees who collected child porn in the past could be supplied with computer generated child pornography, not derived from actual children filmed. It could “satisfy” that need by the offender and in theory cut the profitability of the child pornography peddlers and studios. However, another side of the issue can maintain a causal relationship between viewing large amounts of child pornography and eventual acts of child rape.

      My experience, and in consulting with numerous sources in the field leads me to believe that in large part predatory child molesters are usually never “cured” of their pathology and re-offense is an eventuality if he / she is ever released back into society. So in the case of where a high risk sex offender is to be released into the public, a question remains is that if providing them with sex toys such as dolls appearing as children and the counterfeit child pornography might lessen the probability to reoffend, given that they otherwise will reoffend is a difficult choice to make. Studying this problem by trial and error in controlled tests might almost seem impossible considering if it is determined that an offender was provided with a doll and later molested a child, a lawsuit certainly could be filed against the state on behalf of the victim. I don’t know if a government is willing to take such a liability considering it is safer and easier from their point of view to just convince a judge to impose an indefinite civil commitment of the offender after release from prison.

      1. Darren, thanks for your insightful post – so many questions that we can’t resolve — I guess my thinking was that given this guy hadn’t been arrested for assaulting a child – had limited his proclivities to online porn maybe the “dollie” would have been a sufficient surrogate. I don’t know – it’s hard for me to understand these people but I know they have always been around. And in my own family there was a terrible situation where the father (a minister) was molesting kids. There are no easy answers.

  12. Unless the labeling indicated such, how is probable cause established as to this doll depicting a minor? Is there an age of consent for mannequins?

  13. Does anyone know of there is an exclusionary rule analogue in the UK?

  14. Re the doll, sanctions against China is the only solution. But we’re too economically dependent on them, so they do anything they want. But seriously, I’m a lot more upset that they’re still boiling dogs alive for their culinary delights. I’m a lot more upset that the Africans are slaughtering rhinos and elephants for the Chinese market. There’s also a mass slaughter of giraffes, I don’t know if that has any connection to the Chinese market.

  15. The sentence is not correct. Corporal punishment is in order. Cut off his things. Make him display the porn at his mom’s house on her birthday. Mail his things to Swamp East Russia.

  16. He downloaded images and movies of child abuse. What that abuse likely entailed is horrific. Glad he was arrested on that count.

    I do not believe in the arrest or conviction of people for virtual porn, because no human being was harmed. So on that count I think the doll is disgusting, and I have concerns that virtual porn and dolls may encourage pedophiles to harm actual vulnerable children. But I would not agree with his arrest for that one particular count.

    Otherwise, good riddance to bad rubbish. Was his total sentence 2 years and 8 months, or did the pedophilia child abuse photos and videos add to that? The sentence seems too long for the doll, but way too short for someone downloading images of the rape of children for gratification. There are some people who should just be locked away. Call it a dangerous mental illness if you need to, but lock them away and keep our kids safe.

  17. Rather than prison a requirement for sufficient mental health counseling.

    1. Are you actually recommending Reparative Therapy for perverts??? Because if so, I like it! I am happy to see that you also believe that unwanted impulses, attractions, and urges can be treated in a therapeutic setting.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

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