Four Arrested In Vicious New Orleans Attack

1498655930616The New Orleans police have arrested the men responsible for a shocking assault in the French Quarter.  Two tourists from Boston were viciously attacked and robbed — a crime captured on videotape.  James Curran and Tim Byrne were attacked from behind and Byrne is in critical condition.

The two men were attending the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Four suspects are now under arrest Rashaad Piper, 20, Nicholas Polgowski, 18, DeJuan Paul, 21, and Joshua Simmons, 18.  Paul also faces drug charges.

While the four men were charged with second-degree robbery, the case may become a prosecution for homicide given the status of one of the victims.

§64.1.  First degree robbery

A.  First degree robbery is the taking of anything of value belonging to another from the person of another, or that is in the immediate control of another, by use of force or intimidation, when the offender leads the victim to reasonably believe he is armed with a dangerous weapon.

This is the type of crime that warrants a maximum sentence given the utter lack of concern for the lives of the victims.  These are individuals who would seem imminent and ongoing threats to society.

As shown below, second degree robbery can result in a 40 year sentence with a minimum of 3 years:

§64.4.  Second degree robbery

A.(1)  Second degree robbery is the taking of anything of value belonging to another from the person of another or that is in the immediate control of another when the offender intentionally inflicts serious bodily injury.

(2)  For purposes of this Section, “serious bodily injury” means bodily injury which involves unconsciousness, extreme physical pain or protracted and obvious disfigurement, or protracted loss or impairment of the function of a bodily member, organ, or mental faculty, or a substantial risk of death.

B.  Whoever commits the crime of second degree robbery shall be imprisoned at hard labor for not less than three years and for not more than forty years.

Presumably, additional charges will be added for assault etc.


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  1. Professor Turley is going to lose his ‘good liberal status’, if he keeps posting ‘hate facts’ such as those in this story.

    For you liberals out there, I recommend that you tell your black mugger, that you are a good liberal and I promise they will immediately stop.

  2. Looks to me like the mugging took place because the youths wanted money and the skin color of those they assaulted was immaterial. Key point is what happened after the targets went down, Did the assailants continue to beat on them (race being the issue) or did they go for whatever was in their pockets (money being the issue)?

    1. Key point is what happened after the targets went down, Did the assailants continue to beat on them (race being the issue) or did they go for whatever was in their pockets (money being the issue)?

      Yeah, that’s what’s really important here

  3. Black racism is probably stronger than white racism today. Blacks attack two whites. Ah, but somehow that’s not racism. I too was attacked in Louisiana, beaten and robbed by three blacks. I’m white. The incident occurred in Baton Rouge… and I could not get The Advocate to publish an account of the attack. I was teaching at the time at an all black university, Grambling State. Perhaps if the three blacks had managed to kill me, The Advocate might have reported on the RACIST incident.

    1. Sad thing is, the number of aggravated assaults in Baton Rouge bounces around a set point of 1,430 a year (and it’s a reasonable wager there’s another 140 or so in the tract development around Baton Rouge). They’d be publishing four stories in the local section every day. The Chamber of Commerce booster caucus would be giving the publisher a hard time about that. Must be upbeat!

    2. One of my cousins just finished school in Baton Rouge. She was here for Easter, and was telling me about her teaching experiences, and how she wanted to “inspire” young blacks.. Sooo, being me, I said, “Oh, so you’re trying to get them to act like white people! I am so proud of you!”

      So, she goes into the poor black people, never got a chance, all the oppression they went thru, and “you’re a racist!” spiel. Which is weird because she grew up in a good, conservative home. To which I replied, well maybe if they quit popping out 75% illegitimate children then they could overcome it all. She gives me more of the same nonsense, and sooo I ask her how many illegitimate kids she had. She says “none, and you know that.” So I ask “Why not? You’re having sex aren’t you? At 22 1/2, if you were black you would have 3 or 4 by this time, wouldn’t you?” She says, “I take my birth control pill every day!”

      That’s when I had her. I asked her why black girls couldn’t take their pill everyday. They get them for free. What, did she think black girls just aren’t as smart as us white girls??? And if so, isn’t she really the racist? After that, we had a productive talk, because she came to the realization that she was excusing behavior by blacks that she would never excuse for whites.

      Which I did that because I didn’t want to see her falling off into some weird world where she felt safe being around large numbers of blacks. Because just like you found out at Grambling, it ain’t safe.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  4. Jose Haversham – it is amazing that one person can have the power to run people off 2 blogs all by himself. Sounds more like transference to me.

  5. Shocking video? Unfortunately not. All too commonplace, sad to say.

    But the individuals involved in these heinous crimes were simply Leftists who were “redistributing the wealth” in accordance with Leftist objectives. Leftists, in fact, question, “why should the Government be the only one to redistribute wealth?”

    And, of course, the Leftist Media, Leftist Corporations, and Leftist celebrities encourage Leftists to physically attack anyone who opposes their Leftist interests, which naturally includes the redistributing the wealth of non-Leftists.

    The Leftists have no problem with depictions of violence against non-Leftists, so why should they object to actual violence? Well, the fact is–for all their hypocrisy–they don’t.

    That’s why you won’t see the Leftist celebrities coming out against crimes like these. JT is at first an “exception.” But that’s just a facade underscoring his hypocrisy.

    I’m suprised that JT isn’t arguing that the pedestrians in this video did not “have it coming to them.” Perhaps he could still find a way to blame Trump again for this violence, “arguing” that Trump brings out the worst in people. But JT has no problem with celebrities voicing their wish for Leftist violence against non-Leftists. In fact, he approves of it. Certainly, Jim Carey, Madonna, Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep, Kathy Griffin, Johnny Depp, and those pseudo-Shakespearian frauds in Central Park, et al., loudly agree with JT, and JT would never condemn them for it, under the phony shield of “free speech.”

    JT, of course, sees no cause-and-effect between the Mass Media’s actual (and subliminal) messages constantly bombarding the public that violence by Leftists is a good thing and corresponding rise in actual violent crimes. But if there were ultraviolent images of JT and his family getting attacked, why then, he might wake up from his Leftist slumber.

  6. There should be a black out of all advertising anywhere near this video.
    One blank page with the assualt content only.
    I got a Nissan bug on the version I watched. Truly sick.

  7. This just in from “Crazy Abe” Lincoln:

    “If all earthly power were given me,” said Lincoln in a speech delivered in Peoria, Illinois, on October 16, 1854, “I should not know what to do, as to the existing institution [of slavery]. My first impulse would be to free all the slaves, and send them to Liberia, to their own native land.” “…he asked whether freed blacks should be made “politically and socially our equals?” “My own feelings will not admit of this,” he said, “and [even] if mine would, we well know that those of the great mass of white people will not … We can not, then, make them equals.”

    And this from the American Founders:


    And the Founders’ Naturalization Acts of 1790, 1795 and 1802:

    “…any Alien being a free white person,…may be admitted to become a citizen…”

    What part of “The United States of America” did you folks miss?

  8. Seems under charged.

    This scenario frustrates me on so many levels. These 4 guys look young and healthy. They’ve got their whole life ahead of them and they are throwing it away with both hands. Here we have 4 men who were raised to be thieves, put violent hands on someone to rob them, and to make decisions that will put them in a cage, possibly as a revolving door if they are slow learners. And for God’s sake, these guys were Unitarians, the same detonation that one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Gaskell, belonged to. They are all about peace and unity and equality and let’s all get along and sing happy songs together. ( And they were left bleeding on the ground for the change in their wallet?

    My thoughts and prayers are with the victims especially the man fighting for his life, and with their families. I’m so sorry for what they are going through.

    NOLA lives on tourism. I am surprised that they did not throw the book and a pencil cup and maybe a gavel at these guys. If violence drives tourism away, it hurts the entire city and by extension the state. The Big Easy can get rowdy at night with all the drinking, puking, and partying, but I have never once felt unsafe there. Heck, I’ve always been too relaxed and sated with all the fantastic food and Zydeco to be concerned about anything other than getting my fingers anywhere near the alligator infested water in Louisiana.

  9. chris marker – what you don’t seem to understand is that we are all black, so we cannot be racist. You defeated your main premise.

  10. OK, sooo I googled DeJuan Paul, and pastor and New Orleans, and found this:

    One of the two men jailed in connection to a French Quarter robbery and beating of a pair of Boston-area visitors confided in a pastor at a Desire neighborhood church about his role in the attack before surrendering to New Orleans police, authorities said.

    A warrant for the arrest of Dejuan Paul, 21, says that about noon Monday (June 26), Paul “turned himself in to a local church” on Louisa Street, where he told a pastor “he was an active participant” in Saturday night’s robbery. He did so after seeing himself on surveillance footage showing the robbery that NOPD released Sunday night.

    I did not see anything about DeJuan “repenting” or anything, and it appears that he only “confided” in the pastor after the surveillance footage come out.

    Similarly, at the link we find:

    [Joshua] Simmons, who was booked early Tuesday, had been staying at the Covenant House, a shelter for homeless youth, at the time of the robbery, [Asst. D.A.] Henn said in court. Covenant House Executive Director Jim Kelly said three of the four men accused in the robbery, including Paul and Simmons, were staying at the Covenant House.

    After seeing himself on the surveillance video, Henn said, citing Simmons’ arrest warrant, Simmons told a Covenant House staff member about his involvement in the robbery. The admission to the Covenant House staff member led to his arrest.

    “He was apologetic. We prayed with him then we called the police and they came out. They were very professional and they escorted him off,” Kelly said of Simmons’ admission.

    So there, we have some indication of remorse, but once again it is only after the thug saw himself on a surveillance video, and probably knew the jig was up. I hope there is some real remorse, but my GUESS is that it will be more post de facto fear-of-the-consequences driven, than any real softening of the heart.

    Which, I do believe is possible, as with Willie Rideau, for example. But that takes time.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  11. Ensure that birth control and abortion are available for all unwanted pregnancies.

        1. Isn’t eugenics cute?

          The Freakonomics thesis was lame. It could never account for regional or temporal variations in the decline in crime. (Also, Steve Sailer pointed out that the decline in criminal behavior was concentrated in exactly the wrong set of birth cohorts). IIRC, critics of the thesis have identified computational errors in their work that, when corrected, make a dog’s breakfast of their thesis. (Not up on the controversy, though).

  12. Well, let me throw some gasoline on the fire and pose the following question: Just why are these young black men committing these crimes? Genetic inferiority? Boredom? Lack of any reasonable prospects for employment? Peer pressure? TV shows?

    1. It would greatly benefit all of us to figure out the answer to that question. My personal belief is that it is rooted in hopelessness, as in, these guys have no hope in their hearts and minds. They don’t even believe they will live for very long, so what does it matter what they do? I think effectively bringing the Gospel to them would help a lot – give them a loving, higher power to lean on and perhaps draw hope from.

      But I don’t know. It’s a good question.

    2. I tend to agree with Larry Elder and other Black conservatives that the root problem is single black mothers. As a group, they are ignorant, belligerent, irresponsible, and lack basic morals. They act on impulse, hence the descriptor of “chimping out” when you hear them in a brawl. But these are the people who are raising most young black men.

      Tommy Sotomayor explains some of that, here:

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  13. I read somewhere that the guys on the ground were Unitarians, there for a conference, and one of them, at least, is gay. Ironically, the UUA is very pro-Black Lives Matter. (Trying to keep from snickering, here. titter, titter, bwahumpf.) Here is an image from the Racial Justice Page of their website:

    You can read more of their silly dribble here:

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

      1. It was a serious religious body in the 19th century. Even 50 years ago in this country it might have qualified as such. Elliot Richardson was a Unitarian. Wm. Howard Taft was a Unitarian. John Adams was a Unitarian in his last years. Now its just an appendix to the wreckage which is mainline protestantism.

      2. Unity has its headquarters outside KC. They have a very nice conference center. i attended a 3 day seminar when I was a Vista Volunteer sponsored by AA. Taught us how to deal w/ alcoholics. It was edifying for a 22 year old, wet behind the ears, dude.

    1. You are a stupid bitch. It’s funny that Unitarians, who aren’t racist, were allegedly attacked by black perpetrators? What’s funny about this? It wouldn’t have been funny if the perps were white? Is that what you are saying? Because of this incident, everyone should be racist, like you, you morally bankrupt moron. One of the victims might die, but this is funny to you, someone who is so stupid that you don’t know that the word is “drivel”?

      1. It’s funny that Unitarians, who aren’t racist, were allegedly attacked by black perpetrators?

        No, it’s ironic, in a wretched sort of way, that people affiliated with a silly organization which promotes social fiction are badly injured in the course of receiving a dose of social reality. Hope they recover and have time to reflect. (That original sin is real and has implications for the common life).

        1. “a dose of social reality”? What is this exactly–please tell me. Is “social reality” that all blacks are thugs and thieves? Is that what you are saying? “Social fiction”? What’s this in your little prejudiced world? Are you and the dumbass with bleached hair saying that these victims deserved to be injured by black people because their belief that racism is wrong? Is that what you are saying? Well, both of you bitches better wake up to the reality that the world is changing. It’s no longer black v. white. Most intelligent people decry racism, in any form.

          1. “a dose of social reality”? What is this exactly–please tell me.

            In this case, it’s a violent mugging, of which there are about 300,000 in the United States every year and about 1,000 within New Orleans Parish, La.

            Is that what you are saying? “Social fiction”?

            The typical metropolitan region in this country has a slum population of somewhat north of 100,000 and a grand total of 1 or 2 police killings in a typical year. Very few are questionable. You know that’s true because the sorosphere / Crump-Julison agitprop machine scrapes and scrapes and comes up with dubious cases like that of Freddie Gray and Michael Brown.

            Are you and the dumbass with bleached hair

            Rod Stewart might have had bleached hair when he was my age. Then again, he might not have. Never been the fashion among men of a certain age.

          2. Natacha:
            I suppose the “reality” (according to FBI crime figures) is that African-American young males comprise about 6% of the population and commit about 50% of the total murders. Their victims are usually other African-Americans but there is racial crossover. No other population segment approaches this figure (nor could it given the near 50% number) and the reasons are not clear but likely involve illegitimacy, poverty, glorification of thug culture in music and cultural features of all three.

          3. Social reality is that 76% of blacks are born to unwed mothers, and the higher is this rate the worse are the outcomes for all children, especially male black children, and the worse are societal outcomes.

            The higher the rate of child birth to two wedded parents who both finished HS, the less is the rate of poverty, period, end, full stop.

            Social reality is that three things conspire to destroy black lives: LBJ’s alleged so-called “Great Society,” birth control and abortion which diminish the likelihood of non-sexual intimacy and focuses all intimacy exclusively below the belt line, and the sexual revolution which glorifies non-marital sex above and beyond marital sex, and glorifies women jumping from one bed to the other, and charges the bills the father would have paid to society in the form of housing, medical care, clothes, food, drugs, etc, etc, etc.

            The less financially wealthy are such women, the more do their children and society suffer, male black children born to poor families suffering the worst of all. For unknown reason, male black children seem to suffer more without their genetic father’s discipline more than other races. It’s interesting that the fact that blacks obviously have higher ratio of muscle mass is celebrated, but the down sides of being black are kept hidden in a closet because of one reason: they prove the utter failure of modern social engineering since The Great Society.

            IMO, only two POTUS top LBJ for list of all-time worst POTUS: Wilson for ushering in the meme “the more democracy spreads around the world the more peace comes to the world,” and Truman who gave the world Israel, the most hated nation on earth, well, maybe tied with the USA for being Israel’s eternal protector, contrary to G. Washington’s forbidding of permanent foreign relationships in his Farewell Address.

            1. If you want to address the crime problem, hire and deploy cops. If you want to address the disorder in the schools, sequester the troublemakers and turn them over to detention centers run by the sheriff’s department. If you want to address welfare dependency, replace a clutch of current programs (TANF, SNAP, LIHEAP, Section 8, public housing) with a negative income tax. If you want people to get their stupid lives sorted out and get married before popping babies….well, there’s no public policy which can help you there.

                    1. Would you have believed that if you had not seen it??? But you better look out, because a lot of really good debaters become lawyers! And one day, you may meet one of these guys in a courtroom! (And you won’t have a translator on hand. 🙂 )

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                  1. was it a speed-speaking competition? I couldn’t understand a single word, and I was afraid they were going to suffocate.

                    1. I came across that when I was searching “chimp out” videos on youtube. I thought that it couldn’t be for real, that some wag had just put that together as a racist-y joke. So I re-searched under African American debate champions, and Lo! and Behold! it was for real! You could have bowled me over with a bowling ball!

                      There are other articles about this, and I will link you below. But it seems to me like the judges are just pandering to blacks so they won’t be accused of running the equivalent of the White Oscars. Oh, the crap that goes on behind the scenes in Academia! I suppose that Twerking will become a new Debate tactic. . .


                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

        2. I agree. It’s not funny, and they didn’t deserve to be hurt, but it is ironic. And sad.

          Instead of the far Left protesting the fact that a disproportionate number of crimes are perpetrated by young, healthy black males with their entire live ahead of them, it would be more productive, as mespo pointed out, to find out the causative factors and fight them. There are too many young black men cooling their heels in cages in jail, not because they were framed, but because they committed crimes. It’s not right. And there are many reasons for it. I particularly liked the book by Pearl Cleague that I’ve mentioned before, I wish I had a Red Dress that deals with the hopelessness and intense peer pressure to ruin their lives. And then there are the irrefutable risk factors of single mother hood. I’ve said it before so I’ll just sum up: single motherhood has a very high risk factor for lifelong poverty, and the kids to live in poverty, bad neighborhoods, do drugs, do crime, join gangs, go to jail, or get shot or otherwise murdered. So when 75 to 95% of births in some African American enclaves (not all of them, of course, but there are those pockets), then an extraordinary number of their offspring will have no life. They will do drugs, crime, and time. And too many of them go to the funeral home before they’ve ever had a single gray hair. It’s not right. It’s a waste of life, spirit, and opportunity. And I hope we can turn this tide around. I’m not sure what to do about it. But that’s no way for kids to grow up.

      2. If Mary Tyler Moore can laugh about Chuckles the Clown, dressing up as Peter Peanut. and then getting shelled by a rogue elephant, then I guess I can snicker at some “Let’s End the Mass Incarceration of Black Men” Unitarians getting mugged, and the crap beaten out of them, by some of those same black men.

        The sad thing, that even after these two Unitarian clowns recover, there is still a better than 50% chance they will still choose to live in some sort of Unreal Universe, where they will keep on spouting off the same inane dribble.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

    2. It would appear that every time a black person commits a crime, the “closet racists” always seem to mention Black Lives Matter as is these abhorrent criminals are members of BLM.

      A white guy was just arrested for child molestation, let’s make a reference to the Republican party.

      Yea, that seems fair, right?

      1. It would appear that every time a black person commits a crime, the “closet racists” always seem to mention Black Lives Matter as is these abhorrent criminals are members of BLM.

        Neither closet racists or anyone else is obligated to contend with the voices in your head.

        A white guy was just arrested for child molestation, let’s make a reference to the Republican party. Yea, that seems fair, right?

        You might try sobering up and quit with the non sequiturs.

    3. New Orleans, creating conservatives from liberal tourists one crime at a time.

      1. I hope, but as delusional as some of the Liberals are, it may be that when they recover, they will blame themselves, for culturally appropriating the street or something.

        I hate to be that cynical, but say la vie! La vie. (I never knew why the French would ask somebody to say “la vie”, when they just said it themselves. But whatever. When in Paris.)

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

  14. Prayers for Mr. Byrnes.

    I guess I wonder what sort of reflection Unitarians can muster concerning events like this.

    The robbery rate in New Orleans is 3x the national mean and the homicide rate is more than 10x the national mean. That’s what you get when you don’t staff your police force properly or make use of best practices in patrolling neighborhoods. Louisiana IIRC has invested a great deal in punishment and incapacitation with its ample prison census, but neglects the importance of certainty and celerity of punishment. It does not have to be this way.

  15. The four mutts should get at the very least twenty years before any chance of parole and be judiciously scrutinized, verified, analyzed, before being authorized to be out in public again. If they don’t pass muster come the end of the mandatory twenty, keep them locked up. It doesn’t really matter what legal technicality one uses. The protection of society here is glaringly evident, as the first priority. When you perform as these idiots have, you lose your freedoms, rights, etc as described wherever and whenever.

    1. Sure because young people who make bad mistakes never change. The reason the police found these 4 is because one of the young men felt so bad he went to his Pastor. The Pastor urged him to turn himself in . The Pastor accompanied the young man and his information helped police find the other suspects. So Issacbasonkavich, Your prejudgement is exactly what is not needed or helpful .

      1. Right. A man is struggling for his very life, where the doctors don’t know if he will live or die, and you want to pin a medal on the a$$ of some grease stain, responsible for that man’s tenuous grasp on life, all because he had a scintilla of humanity and came clean with his pastor? Why, we should award the animal a bronze star!

        1. It is possible to have remorse and seek to make amends. That says something positive about the young man that you can’t deny. His assistance was valuable in solving the crime and taking three goons off the street. That’s admirable too. He’ll pay severely for his crime and he knew that when he turned himself in to police. That’s called maturity. bam bam, you paint with too much black and white. Gray is a good color, too.

          1. Don’t worry about what color it is with which I choose to paint. Be more concerned with the color of the world, as it now appears for the members of the family, now, standing vigil as a loved one has been beaten, to within inches of his life. I wonder what colors they perceive right now? Any guesses? If you wish to paint the world, with bright colors, using unicorns and daffodils, whereby you perceive that this worthless dirt stain of humanity suddenly and inexplicably found a heart and a soul, by speaking to his pastor about his crime, emanating out of some kind of conscience, I will paint the world of realists, which would allow you to see the self-serving purpose of this confessional. The self-serving purpose of being the one to give up his friends so that he could fare better in the long run. The self-serving purpose of being so f’ing frightened, after the release of the surveillance, which could identify him, that he would spend his life in prison. Very black paint, indeed. I’d be willing to use some grey if there was any evidence, whatsoever, that this saint tried to prevent this savage attack. Tried to talk his fellow thugs out of this rampage. Until then, you keep dreaming of unicorns; just don’t do it in the streets of New Orleans. It could prove deadly.

              1. You remind me of a landlord with whom my parents had the unfortunate plight of dealing. My parents rented a factory, on the second floor of an old industrialbuilding. The roof, which was located right above the second floor factory, would leak any time that there was a heavy rain. For years–yes, years–my parents asked, implored, that the landlord, who was located on the first floor of this industrial building, fix the roof. The requests usually resulted in the landlord having someone incompetent patch the roof, as opposed to correctly fixing the problem. The flat roof needed to be completely re-done. One day, however, as the landlord was sitting at his desk, eating a bowl of soup, a large piece of plaster fell from the ceiling, onto his head and into his bowl of soup. The water, obviously, had permeated the floor of the second story, above his desk, causing the incident. The next day, a repair crew put on an entirely new roof. I get it. Some of us need to have plaster, fall from the ceiling and into our bowl of soup, to truly comprehend what others are experiencing. You are one of them. How’s the soup?

                1. It seem you’re exactly like your parents who prefer to complain in an egotistical effort to be “right” and thereby risk disaster rather than fix the roof themselves and take a credit on the rent. Of course, that takes some imagination and out-of-box thinking which to those in the black and white world is impossible to fathom.

                  1. On your very best day, you couldn’t hope or dream to be half as honest, half as genuine or half as conscientious as my parents were on their very worst day. This has nothing to do with ego, although an egomaniac, such as yourself, would easily claim that ego was involved. Not all people are driven to the same degree by an inflated ego such as yours. My parents–far too patient and understanding–were trying to get a self-centered, uninvolved, unconcerned individual, who happened to be their landlord, to fulfill his duties as per the lease. Too nice? Too kind? Too patient? Too forgiving? Yes, yes, yes and yes. They were decent and respectable people, a concept, obviously, foreign to you. The mere fact that they chose not to resort to self-help speaks volumes as to their characters and doesn’t speak to an inflated ego, however, I wouldn’t expect for you, the ultimate egomaniac, to get that concept any more than you grasp the gravity of the situation with the hoodlums that robbed and beat the two men. Very, very typical. Like I said, you will only grasp the seriousness of the situation when something similar happens to you or a loved one, not unlike the landlord needing to have the ceiling fall on him and into his soup bowl. By the way, isn’t that soup getting cold?

                    1. It’s fun here in your head, bam bam. A tad lonely but fun. Your parents were suckers for paying full rent on a dilapidated building. Deal with it.

                    2. Anything to attempt to distract from the reprehensible and soulless b@stard that defines you. Make some more excuses for the dirt bags who beat and robbed innocent people who were simply walking down the street. Tell us, oh great one, how the world is mostly grey, without clear lines as to wrong and right. Get a f’ng clue.

                    3. No one’s excusing anything, merely saying humans can make egregious mistakes and still be capability of remorse and eventual salvation. That you can’t accept that fact which is the basis of most Western thought and spirituality is an insight into,your soul. Read Crime and Punishment, the Hebrew Bible or any number of texts about human frailty and get an insight into the human condition cause right now you sound like Archie Bunker.

      2. The reason the police found these 4

        Which is marginally relevant with regard to one of them and irrelevant with regard to the other three. (Even if an irritated neighbor of theirs would not have recognized them on the video and turned them in).

          1. It’s relevant to the question of his sentence, not to any other question.

      3. The concept is the same. However, the guy who feels bad and gets a reduced sentence rationalizes how? Oh, I received mercy so I will be merciful, or man, I just juked the system. Prison time is first to protect the society from the danger by taking the danger out of society, second to protect the society from the danger by illustrating the penalty-deference, then a protected society can focus on the danger. There is a degree of inherent hatred, anger, and/or other sociopathic or psychopathic stuff going on in instances like this. If these mutts spending twenty years in prison reduces crime with or without people getting killed or maimed, then that will be their contribution to society. Of course overlaid on that is the circumstance that this is a Saul that will become Paul etc…..

      4. Did DeJuan Paul “repent” after talking to his pastor, or did he “repent” after his picture was run on television??? Because a lot of people turn themselves in once the jig is up, on advice of their lawyer for different reasons. Like, not having the police come to grab them, and getting shot. Or, to have something positive to say during the sentencing phase.

        I would be interested in any links to the “pastor” story.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

  16. Thank goodness! How frightening!! Any updates on the victims? It seems there is so much going on that we forget to check on them yet move to a new story.

    1. Yeah, it’s the right and Trump that is receiving all the mindless bias and vitriol, unfairly. If we could only get rid of the left, snowflakes, progressives, etc. This world would be a better place. Whoaaaaaaa. I hope I am not in your vicinity and you happen to be off your meds. “Well, I was in fear for my life, because I just knew he was a friend of Obama.” OK, then, here’s your gun back and you are free to go.

      1. Your unhinged comment–one, of just multiple unhinged and bizarre comments, routinely spewed on this site–is quite indicative of exactly who it is that is off his meds. I just used a quote that your savior, Obama, once said, himself, and used it in this situation. I know that it’s the end of the month and your government supplied psychotropic meds have either run low or run completely out, but get a grip, issacnewton. Your psychosis is showing. Again.

        1. He was identifying with the victim not the perpetrator…The killer probably could have been your brother.

          1. My brother is a sexagenarian federal civil servant who looks rather like Homer Simpson, so, no.

          2. The perpetrators were black, so he only identifies with them. The white victims, who had it coming to them, are deserving of what they get, according to you and your brother, issac.

              1. I don’t think this crime was necessarily racially motivated. These kinds of perps are pretty savage and violent to all races, particularly to other blacks. I suspect they hit these white guys just because of the opportunity. Plus, how many black guys on the street have enough money or credit cards on them to justify robbing them???

                But the typical Liberal sympathy with perps is quite often racially motivated, as you can see from all the various excuses given to excuse their bad behavior.

                Squeeky Fromm
                Girl Reporter

                1. . Plus, how many black guys on the street have enough money or credit cards on them to justify robbing them???

                  Nothing ‘justifies’ robbing them. Some robberies are more profitable than others.

                  Per capita personal income among American blacks is similar in real terms to the mean of Mediterranean Europe and to the mean of Britain outside of greater London. About a quarter of the black population has above-the-median incomes and occupational status.

                  Robbery is a crime the frequency of which varies wildly over the metropolitan tapestry. Just who do you think lives in slum neighborhoods which have so many robberies?

              2. The completely unnecessary, over-the-top brutality. This went way beyond robbery. Four black thugs against two Unitarians, they likely would have handed over their wallets and cell phones on demand. The vicious beating that left one man clinging for his life was the result of pure, unmitigated, unrestrained hate.

                1. Careful, TIN. By stating the most evident, you will likely be called prejudiced and hateful, at the very least. We are only supposed to rant, rave, march in the streets, loot businesses and burn entire neighborhoods when it is a white individual is accused of harming someone who happens to be black, regardless of wjether or not is was justified. The reverse, when whites are viciously attacked by blacks, is inconsequential. The Thought Police are on their way to have a chat with you.

                2. I agree. The aggravated assault was for sport. Might have included race-hatred as well. People who make a sport of savagely assaulting strangers a propos of nothing-in-particular aren’t likely to have refined sensibilities.

      2. “Time to go to K-Mart for some new underwear…definitely K-Mart.”

      1. The smiley face was for bam bam’s Obama’s son comment.

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