Report: Saudi Arabia Remains Top Sponsor Of Islamic Extremists in Great Britain

Recently, President Donald Trump took credit for the move against Qatar as a sponsor or funder of Islamic extremism while again reaffirming support for Saudi Arabia, Qatar’s main critic.  It was a curious moment since the ties between Saudi Arabia and terrorist groups, including the 9-11 hijackers, is well established.  Now, a report from a respected think tank in England details how Saudi Arabia is the leading sponsor of Islamic extremism in Great Britain.  The Henry Jackson Society, a foreign affairs think-tank, has demanded an official inquiry about the “clear and growing link” between Saudi Arabia and other Arab allies and Islamist organisations, hate preachers and Jihadist groups promoting violence.  The British government has buried a  Home Office report into the existence and influence of Jihadist organisations, commissioned by former Prime Minister David Cameron in 2015.

It is well known that Saudi money funds the extremist Wahhabi ideology in many of these groups.  Indeed, groups like ISIS follow such extremist Sunni beliefs as do groups like Al Qaeda.

Of the Arab countries actively supporting extremists, Saudi Arabia is the number one sponsor even after the connections were established to the 9-11 hijackers and Al Qaeda terrorists.

Nevertheless, we have the odd image of Saudi Arabia and other countries blockading and isolating Qatar.  It may be true that Qatari money is supporting extremists but Saudi Arabia is hardly in a position to point fingers in light of this and other reports.

downloadThe recent attacks in London involved Khuram Butt  who was featured in a chilling documentary on Islamic extremists in England. It shows not just the hate of Islamic extremists of democracy but how they attract followers with seething resentment for Western values and life.

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  1. The more I read the less impressed I become with the Way of Mohammed.

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  3. There is something fishy in the oil industry and it could involve the embedded fourth estate .

    We buy oil from Saud Arabia which allows them to ‘fund’ whoever they want.

    We just in the last semi decade opened up new discoveries of major oil strikes and were told we had more oil than Saudi Arabia. Both SW Texas

    Another one up near the Canadian Borderl.

    We export oil

    But we are told we must keep importing oil as the strikes are the wrong kind or …..something. It’s appropriate to end with Demo style gobbledegookology.

    Well gas in some areas is done to $2.00 gallon or near abouts although most stated are working on an increase in fuel tax and so is the federal government.

    Explain to me how all that good news and the bad adds up to a need to import oil from Saudi Arabia or for that matter anybody. anywhere?

    This one is perplexing. Took a day or two to figure out the phony balanced budget claim from the Clinton years which still applies no matter how many times the left chants the mantra . But this oil from Saudi stinks of one method of foreign affairs. Hillary? Kerry? Pay and Play? Cui Bono.

    We imported from Venezuela and supported that crap government they have I know I helped move the product to Hess Oil for one. Are we importing from Iran as well?

    The answers to this one ought to range from it’s the Presidents fault (must have been Obama or maybe Bush) to why are we drilling for and selling oil in the US what about the ecology?

    Perhaps something useful will arise?

    1. By the way fuel at the turn of the century was ninety seven cents a gallon and a hamburger at Mickey Dee was 25 cents for a mini and under a dollar full size.

  4. If only we could reduce the usage of the thick pools of sludge under the Arabian peninsula to industrial lubricants instead of fuel, the existing wealth would be quickly squandered and the peninsula would revert to meaningless dunes of sand for all of eternity.

  5. In light of what Fightings going on between both Major Political Parties our ENTIRE freedom loving AMERICA ‘ FACE WHOLE NEW REALITY ‘ especially how the DEFRAUDINGS goingon on our country’s soil and these both Major Political Parties are sleeping in FOOL’S PARADISE & knew nothing since how long these DEFRAUDINGS goingon on?. Oh yes it’s Hon’ble SUPREME COURT’S ‘MORAL’ obligation to act on to most priority with ‘unbias’. I am in full Confidential’ that the Hon’ble SUPREME COURTfirmly maintains ETHICAL BOUNDRIES and STANDARDS in interest of both JUSTICE & NATION in all fairness.

  6. Saudi Arabia is threatened by ISIS, because they want a global caliphate. Global. Which means that ISIS would love to one day overthrow the monarchy of the UAE, and all those spoiled, pampered little Princes would be out on the street. The UAE is violently anti-Semitic. Jared and Ivanka were the first Jews to set foot in the country in I don’t know how long. It’s literally illegal. They support Hamas and other terrorism against Israel, and they support terrorism that would Islamify the rest of the world, but they won’t support terrorism that would overthrow their own monarchy.

    Zakat, or charity, is a religious obligation. And in many Middle Eastern countries, that takes the form of giving to the jihadis “fighting the good fight.” The Saudis are enormously wealthy, and so have great scope for carnage with how too many of them choose to fulfill their religious obligation for Zakat. They sure aren’t going to be donating to any women’s shelters for women who leave abusive husbands.

    We have long taken a Machiavellian approach to the Saudis. We coveted the rare access to the hostile ME that they afford. We have the Riyadh Air Force Base, considered vital to any American operations in the Middle East. The Saudi royals enjoy vacationing here in hedonist glory, and then they return to their own country and pretend to be paragons of virtue. They maintain their power and position through access to cutting edge military technology. We have sold them an air missile defense system decades ago that was state of the art. So we have a mutually exploitative relationship.

    One of the ironies about Riyadh Air Force Base is that even though it is illegal for any Jew to obtain a tourist visa to Saudi Arabia, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Atheist, and all over religious affiliations serve in our military. Granted, they have to hide their worship so as not to offend the violent Saudi guardians of Islam, but they are there, Symbols Hidden Under Uniforms.

    “The rules have disturbed some American soldiers and sailors, who say they resent that any prohibitions have been put on their religious freedom, especially in a country that they are now being asked to defend with their lives.

    “Saudi Arabia invited us to come here, and I believe we should be able to practice our religion openly, however we choose,” said Specialist Smiley Wilson, a 20-year-old soldier from Philadelphia who is part of a chemical-warfare decontamination squad in the Army’s 82d Airborne Division. “Why can’t I wear a cross around my neck and show it if I want to?””

    Oh, Smiley, you silly goose! You can’t wear your cross because you’ll be killed off base! You have freedom of religion as a US soldier in the UAE as long as no Saudis see it or hear it. Even on base it all has to be very hush hush.

    You know, I dream of the day when our energy technology will advance and make oil obsolete. When clean energy will be cheaper than oil so that there will be no incentive to give the UAE any money. And when our military technology will improve so that we do not need a geographically close strategic access to the ME.

      1. Actually, DSS, an Israeli passport is denied entry. If you are Jewish, but have a passport from another country, such as the UK, and keep quiet about it, who is to know?

        1. “Top of the restricted list of travellers into Saudi Arabia remain citizens of Israel but people of Jewish faith from other countries are also restricted. All visitors to Saudi must declare their religion – those declaring ‘Jewish’ or ‘none’ will usually be refused a visa.

          Any evidence of travel to and from Israel will result in refusal of entry into Saudi. If you have any evidence of travel to Israel in your passport and intend to travel to Saudi Arabia in the future use a brand-new passport for your Saudi visa application.”

    1. We have long taken a Machiavellian approach to the Saudis.

      That’s pretty much the foundational approach with any country.

  7. The EU is a state sponsor of terrorism bringing in the number of Muslims hooligans and terrorists into their member states. We didn’t see that report.

    1. You have a very confused notion of the meaning of “state sponsored”…

      1. Maude Gonne – the EU sees itself as a state and is forcing its members to take terrorists and thugs.

      2. What’s confusing . They imported every one of those terrorists or alowed those born in EU to return for racicalized advanced training without monitioring them not to mention every one of the rapes. That is state sponsored terrorism but probably not to a sexist supporter of victimizing women that voted for the number one victimizers in the USA AKA Bubba Cute Butt and Hillary Clinton Nothing confusing about that. it’s also sponsored by the lame stream left stream media and pro women victimizers like Maddow.

        Straight up, hands down pure sexism daring to claim the opposite. Not to mention child murder.

        You should be ashamed of yourself except the left has no morals, values, standards and does what they are told to do in the Big Collective by their ruling class programmers.

        But that statement shows a clear bent attitude to a very sick foreign ideology.

  8. We need an ItShay List. This tent head state should be at the top.

      1. Prove it. Never mind repeating crap is part of being The Collective Clone parroting The Party Crap of the Day.

  9. It was a curious moment since the ties between Saudi Arabia and terrorist groups, including the 9-11 hijackers,

    Yes, they were Saudi citizens. Omar Mateen was an American citizen. You’ve evidently lost in your own mind the distinction between ‘resident’ and ‘government agent’. (Or you’re a lawyer who cannot resist forensic scamming around).

    Did you read the report, or even the executive summary?

    “In the UK, this funding has primarily taken the form of endowments to mosques and Islamic educational institutions, which have apparently, in turn, played host to Islamist extremist preachers and the distribution of extremist literature. Influence has also been exerted through the training of British Muslim religious leaders in Saudi Arabia, as well as the use of Saudi textbooks in a number of the UK’s independent Islamic schools.”

    This is only marginally different than what the U.S. Information Agency and the National Endowment for Democracy do. It’s rather less hostile and disruptive than the Soviet Union’s finance of Communist parties. The broad mass of the British public is impervious to this sort of agitprop. If you’re concerned about the effect on immigrant populations (which are bombarded with British mass entertainment, btw), you can address that problem as follows:

    1. Expel seditious characters (see the Mo’ Toons imam).

    2. Cut settler immigration to 0.125% of the extant population per annum (about 80,000 persons per year); vigorously hunt down, punish, and deport illegal aliens.

    3. Care for refugees in camps proximate to their point of origin with a view to their eventual repatriation. Admit a very few to your country and only those active in the political life of their country of origin.

    4. Limit the issuance of settlers’ and educational visas to persons who have passed an English proficiency test and a background check.

    5. Maintain a list of persons (with what biometric data you can compile) to be refused entry at all times. Check it every time.

    6. Refuse applications for settlers’ and educational visas to aspirants from problem countries bar in three circumstances: the applicants are a married couple with children, and all will be traveling; the applicants are a well-established married couple in middle age or old age, and will be traveling together; the applicant derives from a cultural minority within the country in question. “Problem countries” would mean Arab countries and some adjacent (Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, perhaps Mali, perhaps Nigeria).

    7. Do not grant public benefits to those entering on educational visas bar scholarships, emergency medical care, and the aid of a public defender or legal aid lawyers. Limit the extension of public benefits to settler immigrants to those who have worked and paid taxes for certain periods of time. You’d have access to a public defender or legal aid lawyer on entry; a school voucher or school berth for your children after x years of f/t work, a health service card after x+a years, access to unemployment compensation after x + b years, etc. You would have to put in 12 years of f/t labor to be considered the equivalent of native British.

    8. Without regard to whether someone is a native or a settler, limit cash transfer programs to (1) the elderly, (2) the disabled, temporary benefits issued for workmen’s compensation, temporary benefits issued for unemployment compensation, and tax rebates issued as part of a negative income tax program. Limit all of these to parties (native or settler) who have worked and paid taxes for a certain period of time and, again, extend that probationary period for those who are not native British.

    9. Limit naturalization to those who have lived most of their natural life in Britain, and suspend a settler’s right of residency if they’re convicted of a crime. Serve your sentence, then go home for x months or years.

    Soi-disant libertarians often have an emotional and ideological commitment to open borders and are often much more motivated by cosmopolitanism than liberty, so will advocate none of the foregoing.

    Your problem is to be found in immigrant populations, and I submit to you it’s found in their dimensions, how they are screened, and how they are succored on arrival. If you import vicious imams and support them in public housing on cash doles, you’re asking for trouble. Quit asking for trouble.

    What happened to your ‘free speech’ shtick?

    1. You’re not playing fair!!! You’re just supposed to read the headline, and then react emotionally to it!

      But NOOOO! You have to be a spoil sport and go read the whole article and try to make sense out of it.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  10. The Saudi royal family IS the state in Saudi Arabia! Saudi Arabia is a state sponsor of terrism and extremism.

  11. Most of US policy is about the pot calling the kettle black, so it’s not surprising that one of its vassal states would use the same technique. Why not just face up to the fact that every group of people around the world includes some individuals who lust for and thrive on violence?

    1. In the USA they are called Democrats and before you poo poo poop that look up their record of starting wars and the death tolls since 1900. Or even since just after WWII. For that last one the ratio of US militry has been 18 in wars started by Democrats to ONE in wars started by Republicans.

      You ought to be ashamed of yourself for being a leftist Collective RoboClone and sucking up to your foreign ideologies ruling class .

  12. This is an important point, but a significant issue is state sponsored support in the case of Qatar vs individual support with SA. As for support for Wahhabi-ism, the original conquest of territory was made possible by Wahhab allies. They made a bargain with the devil in that case.

    1. the original conquest of territory was made possible by Wahhab allies.

      The political boundaries on the Arabian peninsula have been fixed since 1924 with two qualifications: the undefined boundaries in the Empty Quarter and the Neutral Zones were specified (no one had bothered previously because no one lives there) and north Yemen merged with south Yemen. None of these definitions incorporated any conquests.

    1. Oh yes let me say few words in fairness & honesty that we not only treat Saudi Arabia like Royalty but on otherhands USA ‘treat’ all other EVIL-DOERS like Royalty for this country itself be BADLY blamed. Of course it’s not good for any country in world to stands with Terrors & CRIMINALS under any circumstances. Got some very AMAZING news based on true facts of REALITIES but no ones troubling to see other side of MIRROR.. as both Major Political Parties Fightings with each others putting it’s interest FIRST and not country’s interest FIRST.

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