Is This Amelia Earhart?

170705-amelia-earhart-marshall-islands-1937-njs-921a_dc54c36fc9e07144008eb24d4b245ccf.nbcnews-fp-1200-800-1The search of Amelia Earhart is a mystery that seems to deepen by the year.  The latest intriguing twist is the photo above.  Marked “Jaluit Atoll,” the photo shows a short-haried woman wearing pants and sitting with her back to the camera.  Near her is a tall man resembling her co-pilot Fred Noonan.  The 1937 photo was taken on a dock in the Marshall Islands and is being cited as support for the theory that the two were captured alive and died in Japanese custody during World War II on the island of Saipan.


Earhart appears to have been blown off course, though some have suggested that she was on a spy mission for the United States.  The pictures do have tantalizing similarities, particularly in the short hair cut of the woman and features of the tall man.


The Japanese insist that they have no record of Earhart being in the custody of their forces.



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