Two South Carolina Teens Arrested After Posting Pictures Of Their Adventure in Water Park After Break In

4212559000000578-4669878-image-m-60_14993131365764212558C00000578-4669878-image-a-61_1499313146228We have two more felons undone by social media habits.  Logan Brooke Larrimore, 18, and Farren Marie Lane, 18,  decided to break into a South Carolina water park and then posted pictures on Snapchat of themselves enjoying the slides and Italian ices.  It did not take long for the police to track them down and they now  facing felony charges.

Larrimore and Lane are charged with third-degree burglary after they admitted to jumping the fence at Myrtle Beach Waves Water Park around 4am Saturday.  They also admitted to eating $8 worth of Italian ices.  The amount of the ill-gotten goods is trivial but they are being charged over the break in.  One of the people that they had on their Snapchat list turned them in.  

While I would expect leniency in sentencing for first offenders, the law actually allows for a ten year sentence:

(A) A person is guilty of burglary in the third degree if the person enters a building without consent and with intent to commit a crime therein.(B) Burglary in the third degree is a felony punishable by imprisonment for not more than five years for conviction on a first offense and for not more than ten years for conviction of a second offense according to the discretion of the Court.

That is pretty pricey for a couple of free slides and Italian ices.

44 thoughts on “Two South Carolina Teens Arrested After Posting Pictures Of Their Adventure in Water Park After Break In”

  1. Restitution, community service, and probation. Restitution is basic and should include court costs; community service to keep them too busy to get into trouble; probation to act as an impulse control until they grow up.

  2. If the business was an “attractive nuisance” then every business anyone might break into is also an attractive nuisance. An attractive nuissance is something potentially dangerous that draws CHILDREN to it, such as an unfenced pool or construction zone. These adult women were not children and the premises were not unlocked. If a gated water park is considered an attractive nuisance to adults, then any locked bank or store someone might rob should also be considered an attractive nuisance. It’s sitting there with valuable stuff in it. Who in his right mind could resist trying to get in and steal money or goods? It’s the owner’s fault for having such a place!

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