Trump Supporter Admits Writing Anti-Trump Graffiti On School To Frame Liberals

hc-west-hartford-vandalism-suspect-arrest-0701-20170630Meet Steven Marks, 32, a Trump supporter who decided that it was a brilliant idea to write anti-Trump slogans on the Morley Elementary School in West Hartford man to frame liberals.  He succeeded (with the help of the school security system) only in implicating himself.  

On June 19 , police released a 28-second surveillance video clip showing a bald, white man riding a bike to the school and then writing things on the walls. He was wearing a dark blue Boston Red Sox t-shirt with khaki shorts.  He wrote “Kill Trump”, “Left is the best”, “Bernie Sanders 2020” and “Death to Trump”.

Marks told police on June 19 he vandalized the property “out of ‘anger towards liberals and they are breaking major laws everyday and being disrespectful towards our government,'” according to the warrant for his arrest. He told police it was his hope that the vandalism would appear to have been done by the “Left”.

In the arrest warrant, West Hartford Police Officer Dante Ursini said Morley Elementary School Principal Ryan Cleary on June 16 said “students informed him that there were ‘swear’ words written on the playground equipment.”

Some of the writings said “Kill Trump”, “Left is the best”, “Bernie Sanders 2020” and “Death to Trump” and were written on the playground welcome sign, a tan piece of of playground equipment, a yellow concrete barrier pole, a playground bench and on a “Little Free Library” located on the playground.

Marks saw his photo in the news, called the police and later turned himself in on a warrant that charged him with third-degree criminal mischief and breach of peace, police said. He posted $500 bail. Police said when they went to his home to take his statement, he was compliant and respectful.

Marks reportedly confessed.  He said that he found a Sharpie marker in the playground and decided “to vandalize the school with what would seem to be liberal hate speech.”

He said that he regretted the decision and apologized for his “stupid actions”.

Given that he turned himself in and apologized, what do you think the sentence should be?

32 thoughts on “Trump Supporter Admits Writing Anti-Trump Graffiti On School To Frame Liberals”

  1. Only remarkable because it’s so rare for this side…liberals and SJWs do this all the time.

  2. Well, that was stupid. I hate this trend in manufactured victimhood.

  3. He should be required to clean the outhouses in rural areas in his state.

  4. First, what’s this guy doing hanging around an elementary school playground? Does he have kids who go there? If not, what is his fixation with messaging young children? If I were the DA I would keep this guy in my sites for quite a while. I mean, he writes political messages on playgrounds? Was he hoping to “befriend” a young conservative upset by the messages? idk, smh Something creepy this way comes!

  5. I think he should be required to clean up the markings, if they haven’t already. Then the low end of the sentence for vandalism, since he gave himself up and apologized.

  6. “Given that he turned himself in and apologized, what do you think the sentence should be?”
    Lower end of the sentencing score. He’ll probably get time served with a fine and probation (if he has no priors) plus restitution.

    1. 32 years old. Disgusting.
      This is why our country can still implode.
      How long does it take for the majority of millennials to grow up?
      Middle age? 40??

  7. Sentence him to six months working as an intern for CNN. If he misbehaves again he has to work for them for life.

  8. The first thing to be done is a psychological examination. The details are a bit strange.

      1. Nine Black people killed by a White supremacist while they prayed in a church.
        What was Scalise’ record on voter suppression, anti-worker legislation, association with White supremacists,….?

        1. Linda, What does your statement have to do with the discussion at hand?

          Scalise had a good record.

          Are you one of those lunatics that thought the attack on Scalise and the other Republicans was a good idea?

  9. I think his punishment should be that he personally re-paints the vandalized playground equipment at his own expense, and donate $500 to a non-political non-profit, such as St. Jude’s Childrens’ Hospital. The guy make a stupid, impulsive mistake, but he owned up to it, so there should be balanced consequences. Some level of punishment, balanced by something constructive.

  10. There’s no cure for a case of “stupid”, but it can be medicated!
    Sentence to 6 months in a state psychiatric institution to uncover any further psychopathology
    bordering on “stupid” and medicate it. This nut job obviously has some issues. The fact that he
    maliciously tried to frame socialists smacks of a malignant, right wing, neoconservative to me.
    Neoconservativism should be deemed a mental illness in the DSM V. The fact that it isn’t is a grave oversight on the part of the American Psychiatric Association. If this dude ain’t mentally ill in some egregious way, I’d be most surprised. Start with 6 months in a psychiatric institution and then extend it if necessary.

  11. What is a 32 year old guy doing hanging around an elementary school playground? The authorities are lucky that all he found was a Sharpie.

    1. Perhaps he couldn’t get a pass to the schools of higher learning with his sharpie being he was a Trump supporter?

      1. Legacy-admission colleges are protectors of wealth. About a year ago, the first page of the student intern site of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government featured an intern from the Heritage Foundation. And, the oligarch-funded DFER had two Harvard interns. Are the “prestigious” colleges making “passes” unobtainable to Trump supporters? Or, only to Trump supporters without money?
        Tech and Wall Street tyrants are plotting to replace the schools of the 90%, with a for-profit, digitalized product (but, not for their own kids). Z-berg, Gates and Pearson are investors in the largest seller of schools-in-a-box. I presume you will welcome the loss of economic multiplier effect in your community when local education dollars are sent to Silicon Valley moguls?
        The issue is no longer right vs. left. The nation is an oligarchy.

  12. What an idiot and he picks an elementary school to do this? Is he a Trump supporter because he says so or is it assumed? Idiots come from all political sides.

  13. And Donna Brazile admitted to illicitly relaying debate questions to Hillary

    while lying to cover-up her conspiracy.

    Washington Examiner –

    “Veteran Democratic operative Donna Brazile finally admitted that she used her former position as a CNN commentator to relay questions ahead of debates to Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primary.”

    1. LOL!!!

      On the bright side, Conservatives are finally learning to fight like Liberals! But it will take a while to get as good as this sort of silly nonsense as the Democrats who have been honing their skills for decades.

      I am just waiting for the day when us White girls can go loot a shoe store, and the Mayor tells the cops to let us have some space! Oh, I will have to build another closet! Oh, and the Liquor Stores! I will have Franzia White Zinfadel boxes stacked up enough to last a lifetime!

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. There is a jail cell with your name on it awaiting your presence.

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