27 thoughts on “Australian Man Fined For Trying To Move Fridge On Train”

  1. OK, so maybe this bloke deserves an Irish Poem. I mean the Transit Cops gave him a ticket, and booted him off the train. But you know how morbid I am, and a fridge. . . well. . . just read the poem.

    Crazy Eddy*???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was a bloke from Down Under,
    And his fridge – – – well I can’t help but wonder. . .
    What a great place to hide
    A Dead Sheila inside!
    Did the Transit Cop make a wee blunder???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    *FWIW, an “eddy” is defined as a “whirlpool”, and there was that guy who sold appliances. . . Oh, never mind.

      1. I know, but there are a lot of ESLs in the country, and “word plays” in English frustrate the beejesus out of them. I sort of got in the footnoting habit on one of my blogs, and it still crops up from time to time. One one blog, I usually had a word play caption on the picture, and then a hidden word play on the mouseover. Sooo, that was like two word plays per article, not counting the ones I sometimes had in the title, or in the article. I bout dang near footnoted myself to death.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

  2. A similar word made famouse by both the fuel industry and the remakes of the Battle Star Galactica series was fracking. So if you see a lump of coal ….frack it.

  3. Fridge not frig. In polite society frig is “frig1
    vulgar slang
    verb: frig; 3rd person present: frigs; past tense: frigged; past participle: frigged; gerund or present participle: frigging

    used as a euphemism for ‘f**k’.

    exclamation: frig or frig it

    expressing extreme anger, annoyance, or contempt.

    Professor I am truly shocked. Even in the infantry or the merchant marine did we use such lahguage.

    Having diverted the thread I shall not put it back on track. I was told My laptop or my brief case had to go in baggage as only one was allowed. I pointed at three women coming down the aisle each with a huge tote bag and much larger purse big enough to feed oats to a horse and said in my my polites voice. “Sexist.”

    Both of my bags stayed and I received a standing O from the other men on board.

  4. The dude never heard the word,
    ‘Freight Train’ ?
    He needed to call the freight number at the Train and arrange it before hand. 🙄

      1. Squeeky you have choces

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        2. Frottage Fromage … What does frottage mean anyway? … a different type of milk (cow, goat or sheep’s milk) or a different family of cheese.

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        and last or as far as I’m going to go but certainly not least

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    1. I see nothing wrong with the use of “frig,” although it’s misused here. “Frig” is a perfectly acceptable word in its bawdy context. And bawdy does not necessarily have negative connotations. The word “frig” appears many times in Frank Harris’s book “My Life and Loves.”

    2. Grammar Police – JT types slower than he thinks and does not edit. i have just learned to live with it. 😉

      1. Surely he has time to run his spell/grammar-checker? But, then, Ima dinosaur who often cannot understand what my grandchildren say, as they have invented a new language with which I am not familiar. My superlative English teacher, Mrs. White, would come back and get me were I to publish without editing. She had me read my writings backwards as that’s how all mistakes are discovered. Such errors can make one wonder if the fact-checking was done in a similarly haphazard fashion.

        1. Charles Aspinwall – WordPress has a spellchecker but it does not have a grammar checker. If he uses the wrong word but spells it right it doesn’t get picked up. When he gives us his articles they are spellchecked and grammar checked. 🙂

  5. This would be no big deal in NYC. Subway is overcrowded anyway.

  6. There was a fat woman as big as that frig who used to ride the train in DC. She sat in two seats which had no arm rest between them. You could not walk past her on the aisle. When she got off the train rocked. Her name was Little Sue. Her eyes were blue. Her shoes were big. She was not a pig.

  7. Just after college I lived in Manhattan for a few years.

    I did not care much for furniture in those days. So for a bed I bought a queen size block of foam. The store clerks were kind enough to fold it in half and tie it with cord.

    it was pretty easy to carry it to the subway and ride to the stop nearest to my building. I saved a bundle on cab fair – if I could have found a cab willing to transport a queen size foam mattress.

    I did not even occupy a seat the whole trip – what’s the problem.

    The butcher block I used for a desk top was a different story – I had to get a cab for that one, too heavy. But to this day, that was the most stable desk I ever had.

  8. This is common in New York subways. I once saw two men moving a large dresser onto a subway train.

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