Poll: Trump Would Still Beat Clinton

Hillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_Benghazidonald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedWe have previously discussed how the Democrats lost the last presidential election when the Democratic establishment pushed through the nomination of Hillary Clinton — the least popular Democrat ever to run for the White House.  There has been a concerted effort by Democratic members (who uniformly supported Clinton) to shift the blame to the Russians or Comey or others.  Clinton herself has a long list of people responsible with the notable exception of herself.  This includes her explanation (and her supporters) that it was not Clinton but self-hating, misogynistic women who could not vote for any woman for President.  Now another poll shows just how unpopular Clinton is.  Even with Trump showing record lows in polls as president, he would still beat Clinton.  This is consistent with other polls showing that voters continue to view Clinton in a highly negative light.


The latest Bloomberg poll shows that Clinton is viewed favorably by only 39 percent of Americans.  That is two points lower than Trump in the poll.

Before the establishment all but anointed Clinton as their candidate in the primary, polls clearly showed that the voters did not want an establishment figure so the DNC worked to guarantee the nomination to the ultimate establishment figure. However, it clearly goes deeper than that.  Even against one of the most unpopular figures in history (Trump was even worse at 63 percent unfavorability), Clinton could not even maintain a majority of women with favorability ratings.  I believe that voters are willing to elect a woman and I do not believe that the last election was decided by self-hating women. There was ample reason to vote against Clinton who was not just the ultimately establishment figure but was dragging a long chain of controversies stretching back to her time as the First Lady of Arkansas.

Nevertheless, DNC figures like Donna Brazile and Debbie Wasserman Schultz are working back into the mainstream as part of the Trump “resistance.”  Brazile, who lied to the media and even her employer CNN, is soon going to be on a book tour.  The Russian investigation has given the Democratic establishment a new lease on life as they try to deflect attention away from their concerted effort to guarantee Clinton the nomination.  Yet, these polls show that Clinton continues to be a polarizing figure with voter and that the Democrats may have done more to lose the election than Trump did to win it.

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  1. And just when I was getting so nicely accustomed to a lack of “Billary” in the news. She’s like Herpes – she’ll never go away.

    1. Why? Because she is a crook and totally dishonest.

      “revealing new incidents of Huma Abedin, deputy chief of staff to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, providing special State Department treatment to major donors to the Clinton Foundation and political campaigns.

      The heavily redacted documents from Abedin’s non-government account include an email from Hillary Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, to Abedin revealing that he acted as a go-between for a Clinton Foundation donor, Richard Park. And they reveal Clinton Foundation executive Doug Band instructing Abedin to “show love” to Clinton donor Andrew Liveris.

      The documents included six Clinton email exchanges not previously turned over to the State Department, bringing the known total to date to at least 439 emails that were not part of the 55,000 pages of emails that Clinton turned over to the State Department, and further contradicting a statement by Clinton that, “as far as she knew,” all of her government emails had been turned over to the State Department.”

      She deserves to be in jail and the Clinton Foundation should be shut down and removed from any Clinton influence.

    1. Actually more involved here.

      This could change overnight and she could receive s substantial bounce.

      It all depends on one critical item

      Just how well her Fall Line of Plus Sized pants suits do on their 1 August release.

  2. I voted for Hillary. Early and often. After all the media stuff about Trump, who would I vote for today? Trump.

    1. We can believe you did.

      Only morons vote early. Yep, nothing could change the day before an election

      Early voting should be illegal.

      Proper absentee voting and the day all polls open on election.

      P.S. And with a government issued photo ID too.

  3. And Sanders would have easily beaten Trump if he hadn’t been screwed over by the Democratic National Committee. Thanks to them, what you had was two corporate cronies battling it out; I’m not surprised Clinton lost. I think she would have been marginally better than Trump—and her cabinet WAY better than Trump’s, but sadly, we’ll never know for sure. What we do know is that Trump is a disaster.

    1. Define disaster? Love how Americans could endorse a devout socialist. Beating your girl HRC was the first feather.

      See if this helps you with the rest.

      🇺🇸 TRUMP 🇺🇸 2016 ✔
      🇺🇸 TRUMP 🇺🇸 2020
      🇺🇸 PENCE. 🇺🇸2024
      🇺🇸 PENCE. 🇺🇸2028
      🇺🇸 2032 🇺🇸 = 15 YEARS Zzz

      🇺🇸 SUPREME COURT 🇺🇸

      🇺🇸 GORSUCH 🇺🇸 ✔ 5-4
      🇺🇸 ?????? 🇺🇸 6-3
      🇺🇸 ??????🇺🇸 7-2


      Yep….Keep poking your sticks in the eyes of Americans and you’ll see.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. DNC has become the party of illegals, refugees, homeless, communists, socailists anf fascists.

    1. “The DNC has become…” none of whom count because party decisions are made by the hedge funds of DFER, the Walton and Gates-funded Center for American Progress and tech tyrants like Z-berg.
      Your enemy is the two-party oligarchy.

    2. Well said.

      Like Obama bragging that we have 20 million more with health care.

      You mean 20 million grateful and expensive voters. Funny. Never translated into votes. They just took their freebies and ran. You got screwed Barry.

  5. Poll: Trump would beat Clinton (if they played Monopoly)

    Poll: Clinton would beat Trump (if they played Risk)

    Poll: Most people living on my block would love to drop-kick the noisy Chihuahua that lives on the corner from here to Kingdom Come.

    Which of the three polls is most important? Let’s take a poll to decide.

  6. Also at Trump Jr.’s meeting- a representative of the Agalarov family.

  7. We didn’t choose Trump. We chose NOT Hillary and I would choose it again and again if that’s what that steaming pile of a 99% already dead party (utterly divorced from it’s roots) wants to present us with as a choice (barf….) going forward.

    And the minute there is a viable different party, I’ll never look back. Dems are done. May they turn to stone.

    1. Right on BB – you speak for me and millions of other non partisan independents. Sick and tired of the corruption with no repercussions — and the unconcealed contempt Dims have for ordinary people. So let them hang at the Hamptons and Hollywood – while garnering donations from the cult. not getting our votes.

  8. Even if all the Poles voted for Hillary she would not beat Trump because there are few Poles who vote in America.

    1. 10 million ain’t chopped liver, but since they reside in Chicago and similar cities, you’re right: they could ALL vote for Hilz and it would not swing the election. Thank God (well, the Framers) for the Electoral College.

  9. What’s this continued obsession with Clinton? Just another distraction from Trump’s disastrous presidency. She’s a private citizen. Get over it

    1. Haven’t you heard? Going forward, if anything bad happens anywhere, it must be Hillary’s fault or Obama’s fault.

      1. Going forward, if anything bad happens anywhere, it must be Hillary’s fault or Obama’s fault.

        Not splitting hairs about who was in or out at any given time, that would make sense, especially given that until six months ago, they were at the head of the “still” most influential country in the world and had been, in influence if not in actual position, for at least the previous 8 years. Such blame would be unfair of course, but no where near as unfair as what they did to a trusting public, not to mention to countries such as Lybia and whole populations turned into refuges that had done them no harm, but wait…

        Trump will get his turn.

        1. Libya was a horrible mistake and was largely Clinton’s idea but Clinton has not held a cabinet position since Obama ended his first term. So how was she the head of state for the last 8 years since she only served for four years? Biden was VP and Kerry was Secretary of State and I don’t think her advice was welcomed by either of them.

          1. One thing you might try, is reading the comment, particularly the part about “Not splitting hairs about who was in or out at any given time”, or the one about, “in influence if not in actual position.”

            1. Doubt she had much influence after she left at the start of the second term as she and Obama were never that close.

              1. You are partly correct. Obama didn’t like Hillary (can you blame him?), but he was pragmatic enough to go with the flow when he had to. Note also that Kerry and Clinton move in the same social circles and have for years. Mostly however, Hillary retained the ability to make things happen behind the scenes and the players were often too powerful for Obama to thwart had he even wanted to.

                Other than splitting hairs about who was physically in the office talking to Obama on a daily basis, I can assure you that Hillary could take a queen size portion of the blame for a lot that went on in the second part of Obama’s administration even if it was no longer directly from the WH.

              2. >Doubt she had much influence….
                How would you know?
                Kerry neglected to fire Victoria Nuland, Geoffrey Pyatt, or any of the other Russia haters at State who aided and abetted the putsch in the Ukraine, which indicates he either agreed with that policy or didn’t want to rock the boat. What with Biden’s son having such a cushy job at Ukraine’s largest private gas firm and all.
                These individuals were also obviously completely on board with all of Clinton’s regime-change plans.
                They may change titles, but they don’t really go away; they embed themselves like ticks.


                1. They may change titles, but they don’t really go away; they embed themselves like ticks.[with Lyme disease]

                  Yes! It seems that Kerry was a little more sober than Hillary about escalating things she had started or getting involved with new ones, but after years and years of looking out for number one, he was in no way about to rock the boat.

                  1. >Looking out for number one.
                    You nailed it–Kerry sold out long ago. The guy couldn’t very well come across as a rabid regime-changer without tarnishing his post-Vietnam legacy of peace, which is basically all he has to stand on, IMO, contrived though it all was.

                    I grew up in AR when Bubba and the Borg Queen occupied the Guvnah’s Mansion; most people knew they were mean grifters. DeeCee pols toe the Clinton line to avoid the Redneck Mafia. Although how a backwater sex addict and his narcissist, coat-tail riding wife rose to power (and continue to wield it) are, IMO, an obvious case study for law schools and psych programs alike.

                2. CCS – re: “They may change titles, but they don’t really go away; they embed themselves like ticks.” Ugh! Excellent description of the establishment pols! =)

            2. BB – do you ever watch Niko House? I thought he did a great job calling out the fake progressives – TYT, Thom Hartman, etc.

              1. A fake progressive is a republican pretending to be a Bernie supporter. lol

              2. First time, Autumn, and as usual, good catch! Yes he does do a great job of it.

                1. BB – Niko is the person who contacted the Becks and got the DNC Fraud lawsuit rolling. He worked as Bernie organizer in NC during the primaries and realized that Hilbots were infiltrating the movement.

          2. frankly, quite right – HRC was Sec of State for four years – and very busy – Honduras, Ukraine, Syria, Russian re set, Clinton Foundation play for pay.

            Kerry upped the number of countries we bombed, but still did comparatively less damage

            1. Now Trump is breaking records concerning using excessive force in the mideast He is more like Hillary than he is like Obama with regards to hawkishness. His Secretary of state, oilman, Tillerson, seems to be out to lunch and has threatened to quit and why not since Jared Kushner is really running foreign policy.

          3. You are correct about Kerry, of course, but I can assure you that Hillary retained a strong influence among the power brokers in Washington. She still does.

              1. It would surprise you. Her influence is less visible, but deeper. Remember, she’s got a lot of money and there is plenty more where that came from (including foreign nations). For instance, while I would never claim that Trump’s insistence on Iran as our bad guy du jour was due to Hillary’s dislike of Iran, it wouldn’t be as far off the mark as it sounds.

    2. Overunder – Hillary has declared herself part of the Resistance. That puts her on the radar.

  10. He wouldnt just beat her. He would completely crush her today. Only the most oblivious ignorant Leftists think he would not win. He has picked UP more votes today. Many people who did not vote for him see whats going on and support him MORE now

    1. Who has he picked up more votes from? Probably all the newly employed coal miners and blue collar workers in the Midwest who have suddenly found employment since January? Oh wait.

  11. To funny JT, Your posts of lie, spin, distract,deflect, and repeat are getting so old. Well at least your republiborg collective will feel good, until some other bomb about Trump goes off.

  12. Trump beat Hillary then and would likely beat her again today. The Dems are deluded by their own press accounts.

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